Terror Infinity

Chapter 10-1

The power of magic stunned everyone aside from Gandalf, both the players and movie characters included. So it seemed like the players weren’t the only ones who hadn’t seen much, such powerful magic was rare to even the natives. This power was beyond what a living being should be able to obtain. It belonged to the forces of nature.

There was a long pause before Boromir yelled. “We must leave this place. If Saruman weren’t to summon another attack of this caliber, there’s no way for us to survive. We follow the path ahead to the Gap of Rohan. Then pass through West Emnet to my city. We will be safe there.”

Aragorn disagreed. “No. Rohan is too close to Isengard. His magic can reach us in this distance. He could even send his orc army out. We can’t go through the Gap of Rohan.”

Gimli said. “If there’s no way up, then take the path down. I have told you many times to go through Moria. The territory belongs to my cousin, Balin. We can pass it safely. I swear.”

Gandalf was breathing heavily. He slowly turned to the gorup. “That magic takes a long time to prepare and consumes a large quantity of energy stones. He can’t use it again in a short period of time. However, it wouldn’t take long if we stay here like this. You decide, Frodo. Which path are we going to take?”

They were carrying the Hobbits on their backs. The Hobbits were shivering from the cold. They had the weakest bodies and it looked like they couldn’t withstand this cold much longer. Frodo looked at them then opened his mouth with great difficulty. “We go through Moria.”

No one objected to the decision of the wielder of the One Ring. Zheng wanted to bring them over one by one with the Nightmare. But after seeing the magic, he couldn’t be certain that Saruman wouldn’t strike them again. He had less than 50% chance of surviving without Gandalf’s barrier.

Everyone quickly backed down from the snowy mountain and they finally let out a sigh of relief. The stress from that environment was heavy. No one was able to relax with Saruman waiting to use his magic on the side.

There was a short path leading from Caradhras to Moria. This path would take them a few days. So in these few days, their minds were extremely focused. They had to avoid being detected by the crows and be prepared for the possible incoming magic despite Gandalf reaffirming them there was no more to come for now. They group arrived at Moria, the lowest point of the valley. Next to the cliff was a pool. Those who remembered the plot knew of the Watcher in the wateer. This beast would force the Fellowship into the Door of Durin then it would destroy the door.

Gungnir went near Zheng and said. “This will be the first battle in our agreement. The Watcher is certain to contain an energy stone. According to our agreement, whoever kills the beast gets the energy stone and rewards. Okay?”

Zheng nodded. “Alright then. We will both attack as soon as the beast shows itself. But also keep an eye on safety of the rest of the members.”

Gungnir said. “Yes. That’s why I looked to you for cooperation. My powers tend to spread out to our teams. You can more readily protect them since you are a close range fighter. No one else worth working with me with the power of Ice Age.”

Zheng simply smiled in response. Everyone would think their own abilities were the best. His Explosion and Destruction weren’t weak either. He didn’t bother trying to explain. “I am curious. Even if Ice Age is powerful, how do you fight normally when you don’t use energy stones?”

Gungnir laughed. “You are underestimating me. I am a high level Devil Fruit user, especially the most expensive Logia type. It is said that on the fifth stage, I will be able to control all the forces of ice in the world. I could possible freeze a continent at that time with the unlimited amount of energy. Anyway, let’s give our best in this fight.”

Zheng shrugged. He followed at the back of the group. They walked toward the wall.

Gandalf was examining the wall. “Ithildin. This is an enchanted metal that only appears in moonlight or starlight. It will also react to certain words.” As he was speaking, the cloud cleared up and moonlight shone to the ground.

A trace of silver light in the shape of a door appeared on the wall. There were dozens of special rune words inscribed on the door.

Gandalf let out sigh of relief. He pointed his staff at the silver door and read the words. “Ennyn Durin Aran Moria. Pedo mellon a Minno. Im Narvi hain echant. Celebrimbor o Eregion tethant. I thiw hin.”

A Hobbit asked. “What do you suppose that mean?”

Gandalf smiled. “If you’re a friend, you speak the password and the doors will open.”

His staff remained pointing at the wall and he spoke in an unfamiliar language. However, nothing happened after his words.

Gandalf was surprised. Then he chanted another spell. And again, the door remained shut. He seemed rather annoyed. He walked to the wall and pushed it while muttering to himself. “I once knew every spell in all the tongues of Elves… Men… and Orcs.”

The Hobbit asked again. “What are you going to do, then?”

“Knock your head against these doors, Peregrin Took! And if that does not shatter them, and I am allowed a little peace from foolish questions, I will try to find the opening words.” He went into a rage and yelled. Then he sat by the wall.

The veterans of course knew the plot and the password. It was simply the word friend in the tongue of the elves. Someone from team Northern Ice Land said. “It seems like a riddle. Just speak friend and it will let you enter.” He was about to say it but Gungnir grabbed him.

Gungnir said. “Don’t disrupt Gandalf. Let nature take its course. Let nature take its course!” He stressed his last line and shut that person up. The other veterans also didn’t say anything. They would eventually enter the door anyway.

Time passed slowly. Gandalf couldn’t solve the password. The rest of the group sat on the rocks to rest. The Hobbits were the only ones busy. Three of them were searching for things on the ground. They found a long tree branch then attached a string and worms. They were planning to fish in the pool.

After they cast the bait into the pool, Aragorn came to stop them. “Do not distrub the water. The three of you stay still.”

Merry shook his head and said. “We only have rations. Why don’t we try to fish for a better meal? What can be there in the water? Mermaids?”

He didn’t notice a tentacle swept across the surface of the water. Everyone only saw a shadow. Merry was excited. “See, a big fish! No one had been to this place in such a long time. There’s definitely lots of big fish inside. Just you wait for your meals.”

“Maybe we are the meal.” Aragorn drew his sword. A few seconds later, several tentacles exposed themselves. An octopus like beast appeared in front of them. The beast was over fifty meters in length, much bigger than shown in the movie.

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