Terror Infinity

Chapter 1-1

Vol 11: Chapter 1-1.

Zheng killed two unlocked members of team Devil. He obtained 14000 points and 2 rank B rewards. However, team China ended with a negative 4 score so the it deducted 8000 points. Adding up with what he had left over from before, the points from killing zombies, and subtracting the cost of healing, he had about 8500 points at the end and two rank B rewards.

Zheng had God left the scar on his face during the healing. It didn’t look as obvious as the one on his clone, just a faint red line. He did it to remember everything, to revive his comrades, for revenge, and to never experience the same thing again. This scar would not disappear until he defeats team Devil!

“Resurrection requires the Book of Amun-Ra. However, it was left deep in the tomb in Hamunaptra. If I have to go back to get it, then I will need to hire a large number of locals to excavate the place. The same thing happened in The Mummy Returns, but it needed a huge amount of time.”

“Returning to the previous movie only takes 10 points for a day, but returning to anything further back costs 50 points a day and a rank D reward to unlock the movie. I don’t have to worry about the rewards but I don’t have enough points.”

Zheng sighed. He calculated the time needed. It would take two to three months to excavate the collapsed tomb. Which meant that he needed 5000 points to get the Book of Amun-Ra in addition to the points needed to revive his team.

The dimension was unusually quiet at this time. The usual scene of people eating and chatting on the platform was gone. However, those scenes still seemed to waver in front of him. He felt his heart tearing apart every time he imagined their faces.

Zheng told Lori the events in the movies for the first time. She was the only one he could talk to now. It was also to calm her down. She experienced an unimaginable fear when the girls of HongLu and ChengXiao created suddenly disappeared. So Zheng had to tell her what happened in the last movie. Though he didn’t say what happened to his clone. This was the secret between them.

To his surprise, Lori analyzed for him calmly. “You said there’s a less expensive method to revive? How?”

Zheng smiled. “You saw The Mummy right? In the movie, they can revive a person with the spell from the Book of the Dead, a person’s body and organs, and a human sacrifice. But we have tried, and there is no such spell in the Book of the Dead. So this book is just a weapon to us. The Book of Amun-Ra is probably the key to resurrection. Reviving at the altar needs the body, organs, 7000 points, and a rank B reward. So if we want to revive Heng, we can create his body without a mind, which takes 500 points. Then bring him into the altar and revive using the Book of Amun-Ra. This is the only method I can think of. Everyone has one chance to be revived.”

Lori said. “You have the rewards but not enough points. It takes 4-5000 points to dig up the Book of Amun-Ra. Furthermore, you have to prepare for the next movie. Do you really have to enter The Mummy at this time?”

Zheng nodded with determination. “Yes, I must go. There’s also something I want to verify. If my clone became so strong after just two movies, then what I am thinking may be true.”

Lori walked over to Zheng and stared at him. “Can you bring me into The Mummy? If you go out for anything risky, I will stay in a safe place and wait for you. Ok? I am scared of being in this dimension alone. There other girls were with me back then…”

Zheng sighed. He stared at this pretty yet young face, the face he loved the most. As long as she was by his side, his heart wouldn’t fall to darkness. He could imagine the reason his clone became the way he was, was because the light that kept him afloat had gone.

“Let’s go. We will enter The Mummy tomorrow!”

This was the second day after returning from Resident Evil. He spent a whole day searching through the exchange system and organize what weapons he could exchange. Due to the lack of points, exchanged weapons that required higher rewards and lower points.

He didn’t sleep with Lori for the night. He sat in the platform doing some calculations until Lori came out from the room. He gave her an apologetic smile.

“Do you have work so hard? I have never seen you like this.” Lori sat down next to him while cuddling onto a pillow. It seemed like she couldn’t sleep either.

Zheng nodded. “Yes. I have to. I realized how much we are lacking after the battle with team Devil. To be specific, we are lacking the systematic knowledge of Xuan. Even though HongLu was smart but he was not specialized in battle strategies and survival. A horror movie requires too much knowledge, one important aspect is transportation.”

“The movies can be separated into two categories, happening in a confined space and large open space. You must have a transportation tool for large space movies. I have checked the Sky Stick from the exchange system. It costs 4500 points and a rank B reward, able to carry one ton, has 12 air to ground missiles, 5000 rounds of machine gun ammunition, a flame thrower, and lighting capability. It’s a great all around tool and can reach up to 1,000 km per hour.”

He then took out the hoverboard he obtained from team Devil. “This one was worse in contrast. It only contains 8 air to ground missiles, no machine gun, no flame thrower, and only has a speed of 700 km per hour. This is probably gear manufactured by clone Xuan. After reviving everyone, we need to equip each person with one. Team Devil actually appeared very far from us in Resident Evil. If we had something like this, we could have…” Zheng sighed.

Lori gripped his hand. Then Zheng laughed. “I learned a lot about this world from team Devil. First is the resurrection. Secondly is what I have to confirm in The Mummy this time, and third is completing missions in the movies proactively and not just the main mission forced on by God. Thanks to my clone, I will try my best to do it in the next movie.”

Lori smiled. “You changed a lot. You wouldn’t be able to think of these things before. And you looked more handsome.”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “This isn’t due to me changing. I entered the third stage to simulate Xuan to analyze and organize the information. He will be the first one I have to revive. I need the support from his knowledge and the weapons and tools he can manufacture to complete optional missions.”

He then looked at his laptop. “Aside from transportation tools, we never thought about heavy firearms. We should have at least some form of heavy firearms.”

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