Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Xiao Shi

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It is said that in addition to Dawn’s elites, there were Ares College seniors participating too. This was a great opportunity.

But why would she invite those two guys?

“Well, I look forward to your attendance. I will send you the invitation later.”

Yue Jing’s and Ye Zisu’s attitudes were surprisingly good today. It was the first time Yan Xiaosu was in such close proximity with the person he admired; this made him so happy he had long forgotten his own surname.

“Boss, tell me, what were my chances?”

Wang Zheng shrugged. The two girls were devilish, so Yan Xiaosu would not even be able to keep his bones if he fell into their grasps. But what could he say?

Miracles could happen, and perhaps he would be lucky.

In the distance, Yue Jing and Ye Zisu were also laughing very happily. “Those two fools must be very happy and very surprised.”

“When that day comes, they will be even more surprised!” Yue Jing said coldly.

She heard from Ye Zisu how Wang Zheng was totally unfazed after their run-in, and because of her high self-esteem, she needed to let the idiot know the meaning of what was unattainable!

It was a sin for a lazy toad to lust over the meat of a swan. And it was even more of a sin for a lazy toad to ignore a swan!

The classroom basically turned into a tea party with everyone talking about their dreams and the future, and those who knew what they wanted to do were in high spirits. Yan Xiaosu could finally sleep quickly and smoothly without the teachers stopping him. Wang Zheng, on the other hand, was still pondering about his future.

Military college was out of the question because his genes did not even make the entrance requirement. He could only wait for the public enlistment drive of the military three months from now and thus, surviving these three months would be his priority. Now that he had pretty much graduated, apart from waiting to receive his diploma, it was high time to consider the future.

Wang Zhang opened his Skylink. There were many job vacancies nearby, but most of them required work experience, a minimum age of 20, and academic qualifications higher than middle school. Wang Zheng felt slightly depressed. Will he have to starve to death?

After school, Wang Zheng began his job hunt, but he found the search awkward. He was not good enough for a high post but too proud to take a low one. However, Together Duck Restaurant’s opening for back kitchen workers could do.

Standing in front of the restaurant, Wang Zheng adjusted his look and put on a smile, a kind and sincere smile. A menial job shouldn’t need technical skills.

Just as he was about to open the door, the door opened on its own. Were they so accommodating?

A figure came rushing towards Wang Zheng, and he dodged it almost instinctively.

“Help, baddies are chasing me!”

A pair of white jade hands suddenly grabbed the arms of Wang Zheng. Her cap was slightly raised, revealing a dirty little face.

Alas, it was a chance meeting.

Two waiters in black suits came rushing behind her, one of them bursting in foul language. “You little bastard, since you dared to eat the Tyrannical King’s Meal, you are courting death if you don’t pay up! Pay up, or we’ll beat the both of you.”

Truthfully, Wang Zheng really wanted to just forget about this situation and leave. But somehow, those pitiful eyes instantly made him soft-hearted. He was not sure how Bonehead would judge him if he saw this.

“How much money does she owe?” Wang Zheng asked concisely. A meal here should only cost ten dollars or so. Why would violence be necessary?

“Very well, 530 dollars. I’ll give you a discount, so 500 dollars will do.”

“Don’t pull my leg. This place only costs 100 or so at most!” Wang Zheng said in shock.

“Nonsense, this girl came in and ordered every dish!”

Student Wang learned a new lesson: don’t play the hero if you’re broke!

“I only have 300 dollars on me. Take it, or let’s have the cops settle this.”

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders like a hoodlum. “Or you could give me a beating too.”

Although he was feeling slightly depressed, not going all the way was not Wang Zheng’s style.

Both waiters were stunned for a moment, then they gazed at Wang Zheng’s 300 dollars and grabbed it. “You two little bastards, scram!”

A punch came towards Wang Zheng.


The waiter immediately clutched his hand and jumped backwards. Wang Zheng touched his own face and instantly took back a note from the 300 dollars. “One shot for a hundred, but if you’re not satisfied, you can try again.”

If anyone slaps you on the left cheek, turn to them the other cheek. A hundred dollars was enough to last a few days.

Both waiters looked at each other. One’s hand was already swollen. They then looked fiercely at Wang Zheng and ran away.

Wang Zheng shrugged helplessly. Looks like he could not apply at this place anymore. Why was it so hard to find a job this year?

The girl followed him.

Wang Zheng stopped and turned around. The girl stopped as well and raised her head, showing those pitiful eyes again.

D**n, Wang Zheng was just about to roar in anger, but he swallowed it. This dirty girl’s eyes had a strange kind of power.

“Classmate, we are both the world’s scum, so there’s no need to thank me and no need to follow me. Honestly, I am a pauper, and that was everything I had to my name. My next meal is not certain either. I may just need to have the ‘King Meal’ like you did.”

Wang Zheng turned to leave after saying that. He had to find a job, and this was no joking matter. Even King Kong would turn to soft candy without food.

However, the girl followed him again.

“Little girl, if you keep following me I will have to punch you!”

The dirty girl in front of him actually looked about his age. She was wearing obviously unsuitable sportswear, and her pitiful expression made her look a little younger.

In that moment, the girl’s tears started falling. Wang Zheng had lost himself in the moment, and he felt really ashamed about it. How could he raise his voice at a girl?

“Sorry, little … cough … my name is Wang Zheng, what’s yours?” Suddenly, Wang Zheng realised that the girl was about his age and was not someone he should call “little girl.”

While crying, the girl said, “I don’t know. I can’t remember anything.”

Wang Zheng felt a little dizzy. Not only did he not find a job, he actually found a burden.

Wang Zheng brought “Xiao Shi” back home. Xiao Shi was the nickname Wang Zheng gave her, a homonym for amnesia. Fortunately, there was some food left at home. Wang Zheng rummaged through and after almost overturning his entire house, he finally found 80 more dollars. He now had 180 dollars. The day was not too bad.

Xiao Shi became peaceful upon reaching Wang Zheng’s house. She was clearly not as frightened as she was before.

“Xiao Shi, go wash up. I’ll prepare a little something to eat.” He had to say, this little girl had an odour that would even disappoint the hippies.

After a day of struggle, the sky had turned dark. Wang Zheng was famished right now.

Instant noodles and cola made for a pretty good meal.

The sound of running water in the bathroom stopped and then Xiao Shi emerged from it, casually wearing Wang Zheng’s t-shirt. “Sorry, I could only find this.”

“Wear anything. Tomorrow I’ll bring you … …”

Forgiveness was Student Wang’s strength, but he lost his concentration for a brief moment. Incredible. It seemed like a change of luck to randomly pick up a little fairy.

She had long, lavender, gently-curled hair, yet he was not sure how it was done. It looked rather natural. Her skin was like white jade, smooth and shiny. Frankly, Wang Zheng had never seen a girl this pretty. Most importantly, this girl had a pair of star-like eyes, clear as crystal. Ye Zisu was a sweet potato compared to her and her aura. Her body just exuded a sense of freshness.

“Incredible, Xiao Shi is so pretty. She could probably fetch a good price!” Wang Zheng tugged at his finger.

Xiao Shi was shocked. “Brother Zheng, don’t sell me! I have strength! I can do a lot of work.”

“I am just kidding.” Wang Zheng found himself feeling mean, bullying a girl with amnesia.

At this time, Wang Zheng noticed that Xiao Shi was only wearing his shirt, which barely covered her buttocks. Those slender and straight legs were truly a work of art.

From top to bottom, every part of her was perfect. This type of person simply shouldn’t exist.

F**k, this girl suddenly didn’t seem so small anymore.

“Do I look weird like this?” Xiao Shi tugged downwards at the t-shirt. This action had an even stronger effect on Wang Zheng’s impulses.

“Cough, cough. Xiao Shi, tomorrow I’ll bring you to the Skylink Public Service System to find out who you are and then send you home. Just stay here for tonight.”

Wang Zheng focused his attention on his noodles. D**n it, those two years of training his determination were gone in a moment.

“Thanks, Brother.”

Xiao Shi’s voice was also beautiful and gentle, as if it could pass straight through the heart.

Wang Zheng finished his noodles swiftly and cleanly and burped without a care for his image. Life was to eat, drink, and sleep. It was enjoyable. Wang Zheng was someone who faced his difficulties with a calm mindset.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa, you sleep inside.” Wang Zheng tossed his shoes aside and stretched his legs out comfortably. Sleeping was a very blissful activity to him.

While he was in the Rubik’s Cube, even sleeping was a nightmare. A simple life now felt like heaven in comparison.

About three seconds later, Xiao Shi heard Wang Zheng’s snores. Whoa …

Wang Zheng’s room was not messy at all, but only because there weren’t many things. Lying in bed, Xiao Shi suddenly saw a glimmer of hope. The snores outside were really carefree. Xiao Shi could not help but smile a little. Such a fool really existed.

Although this sleep was on an uncomfortable bed, Xiao Shi was in good spirits.

When morning broke, Wang Zheng went out for morning exercises. Bonehead once said that in order to become a super fighter, one has to train the internal and external. Gongfa was internal strength, muscles and endurance were external strength. Both aspects had to work in harmony to achieve an optimal effect, so physical fitness needed to be maintained. Yesterday’s sleep was very satisfying, and the house now felt more homely with the sudden addition of a girl.

Not long after bringing the breakfast in, the doorbell started ringing frantically. “Boss, open the door!”

Opening the door, Yan Xiaosu looked completely fine. “Not bad, still in one piece. Your dad let you off so easily?” Wang Zheng ridiculed.

“Shit, my buttocks are already flowering. But with Tall-Rich-Handsome’s gift of the gab, I managed to survive the storm!”

“Oh, what reason did you give this time?” Wang Zheng was rather curious. Yan Xiaosu was quite good at persuasion.

“It was for the birthday of the goddess, of course! I said that we can’t forget the Yan family’s standing. We are, after all, of some standing.”

Yan Xiaosu held his belly and laughed. “Boss is the best. Attending the birthday of a daughter of a politician was his weakness! I’ve done ample preparation this time. Obtaining Ye Zisu will set me for life. Isn’t it about time you found a target? Machines can’t be wives, and we’re about to graduate. You’re still a virgin, too. That’s embarrassing!”

“Brother Zheng, is there a guest?” A crisp voice arose. Wang Zheng had totally forgotten.

At this moment, Yan Xiaosu was stunned, drooling uncontrollably as he gazed at Xiao Shi.

Student Yan held Wang Zheng’s hands passionately. “Brother, please introduce this beauty in front of my eyes to your beloved little brother. She is … ?”

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