Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Thinking Of You

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Everyone returned to their own rooms. Wang Zheng was no exception and very quickly fell asleep.

In the dead of the night, the Rubik’s Cube in Wang Zheng’s chest suddenly began to glow. A faint beam of light shone out, and a wave band was emitted. The sound made was completely different from a normal one.

Weapons System Detected … Entering… Analysing…

Unknown Civilisation, Rank B. Determined to have value in analysis

Implementing Perfect Super Wargod Plan!

The base’s mainframe computer suddenly vaguely lit up for a brief moment, for barely a second before it went back to normal. This small anomaly did not catch anyone’s attention.

During the second day’s roll call, everyone had arrived except for Wang Zheng, who was late.

Zhuo Mu waved his hand. “No need to bother with him. The rest of you will continue with the special training.”

Meng Tian and Zhang Shan glanced at each other in surprise. They both understood Wang Zheng’s personality. How could he ever be late?

In his room, Wang Zheng was currently in a deep slumber. Even after he was awakened by the soldiers, he was still extremely dizzy. He could not continue with the training and was thus removed from the special training.

Wang Zheng felt extremely helpless. He did not know what was wrong with his body. What had the Rubik’s Cube done to him? It was as though it had sucked his energy and he had no strength left in his entire body.

He wanted to call out Skeleton for an explanation of the situation, but instead he chose to endure it. Poor Wang Zheng, who had been sent back to school, only wanted to sleep, and he spent each day in a half-awake state.

Yao Ailun was a nerd and Chen Xiu was a minor, so neither of them had any experience in taking care of others. However, Wang Zheng often felt someone placing a hot towel on his forehead and wiping off his sweat. When he opened his eyes, he saw Ye Zisu by his side.

“… Why am I in the females’ dormitory?”

“Brother Zheng, we are in our own dormitory, 007. Student Zisu has been taking care of you for the past two days. You have been in a daze the whole time. When we brought you for a checkup, they said that you had overexerted yourself. What did they do in the special training? Are they trying to mess your body up? We Physics Department students are not suited for such things!”

Chen Xiu said in a concerned tone. Just by looking at Zhang Shan’s body, one could see that it was fierce and unyielding. However, compared to him, Wang Zheng’s body did not seem to be suited for special training and thus he was afflicted with this problem.

Wang Zheng let out a bitter smile. He didn’t even have the chance to attempt the special training. Bitch, once he fully recovered he would definitely summon Bonehead and get him to explain himself.

Wang Zheng struggled to sit up, and his entire body throbbed with a dull ache. Ye Zisu immediately helped him up. “Ah, you! You don’t need to strain yourself. You won’t become fat just by eating an extra mouthful![1]”

“Thank you.” Other than that, Wang Zheng did not know what else to say.

Ye Zisu let out a slight smile. “Why are you being so polite to me? We are friends, and taking care of people is a girl’s natural ability.”


“When will I be able to get a friend like this?” Yao Ailun asked enviously.

“Older Sister Zisu, you’re extremely pretty. If I was Brother Zheng, I would definitely choose to chase you,” Chen Xiu naively and guiltlessly said.

Wang Zheng had no energy at all. If not, he would definitely have punched that bastard. He definitely said that on purpose.

Ye Zisu shook her head. “He already has someone he likes.”

Wang Zheng stared blankly at her. He did? How did he not even know himself?

However, looking at Ye Zisu’s gaze, Wang Zheng suddenly realized who she was referring to. He helplessly shrugged his shoulders; it was completely impossible to be together with her.

Xiao Shi was not actually Xiao Shi.


The door was kicked open, then a single individual rushed in energetically. It was Professor Xiao Fei.

“Wang Zheng, you little bastard! You dare to skip my class… Ah, what happened to you?”

Xiao Fei stared blankly at the pale-faced Wang Zheng. “I heard you were removed from the special training. How could Steel Leg Zhuo mess you up to this extent?!”

Wang Zheng hurriedly waved his hands. “It has nothing to do with Teacher Zhuo. My body just couldn’t handle it.”

“Didn’t I already tell you before? You’re not meant for physical labor. So long as you focus on a single path, that is enough. You don’t need to take any detours.” Xiao Fei sighed.

Dear Student Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Xiao Fei then began to size up Ye Zisu. “Not bad. Is she your girlfriend? Tsk tsk, your standards aren’t bad.”

Ye Zisu stood up. “Hello Professor Xiao Fei. I am Ye Zisu, his high school classmate and his friend.”

This was not the first time that someone had misunderstood their relationship. Wang Zheng felt slightly embarrassed. “Haha, Professor, she is just a friend.”

“Oh? A friend? Zisu, this little fellow isn’t bad. You have to grab hold of him. In this day and age, 9 out of 10 guys are just weird. Go for him even if it doesn’t work out later.”

The three male students in the dormitory broke out into cold sweat. Professor Xiao Fei was truly too ruthless.

“All’s good. There’s someone taking care of you, so I will be taking my leave.”

Barely a few moments after Xiao Fei had left, Yan Xiaosu rushed in with a basket of fruits. Wang Zheng suddenly felt very fortunate. There were so many people who were concerned about him.

Ye Zisu did not care about the others’ teasing, and she helped Wang Zheng peel the fruits. The other three continued to engage in chatter and gossip with Wang Zheng.

The truth was that the vast majority of students had a very relaxed and happy lifestyle. None of them were as focused as Wang Zheng.

Everyone would have their own paths in the future and thus one should seek to enjoy their life in college. To attend classes, flirt with others, discuss hopes and dreams. This was the ideal college life.

Although Wang Zheng’s body had come out of the Rubik’s Cube, his spirit was still left inside it. All he could do was to dream of ways to improve himself. Honestly, it was bad to place himself under such pressure.

On the other hand, the special training was not going smoothly either. Zhang Shan and Ma Xiao both aimed for Meng Tian, and they were particularly active in training. Despite that, Meng Tian still treated them with disdain. A man had to be a winner.

To be frank, with Zhang Shan’s physique and reflexes, not going to the Mech Department could be considered a waste of talent. He and Wang Zheng’s situations were quite similar. However, due to the “stunts” that Wang Zheng had pulled off, it had forced him into the situation he was in right now. Steel Leg Zhuo did not care about one’s year in college; he aimed to use the special training’s results to determine the placings of the individuals, including the team leader’s position.

As a result, Ma Xiao was also forced to perform at 120%. Furthermore, he was a senior student, and if he were to be beaten by a junior, such an act would be truly humiliating. Truthfully speaking, he was under tremendous pressure. Merely competing with the bull-like Zhang Shang was already a headache. In addition, he had to deal with Masasi. What made things worse was that Masasi was extremely interested in contending for the position of team leader.

With regards to Wang Zheng, after being removed from the special training, he spent the entire day resting and had recovered almost 70 to 80% of his energy. As a result, he was just able to attend class. Despite that, he tried to summon Bonehead but unfortunately, he could get no reaction out of the Rubik’s Cube and thus he could only wait.

In the Sagittarius System, Lin Huiyin’s tour group had already finished their preparations. However, Huiyin had received an extremely strange piece of news.

Before a Princess undergoes her coming of age ceremony, she would be allowed one request. So long as the request was not too outrageous, the royal family would definitely attempt to fulfil the request to the best of their abilities. It could be considered a blessing from the King himself. However, her cousin, Aina, had chosen to waste her request on something trivial.

Aina very quickly realized that she could use this one special request to meet a certain someone. Huiyin wondered what kind of three headed, six-armed individual could possess such charisma in order to captivate her cousin.

Xiao Fei’s lesson was in the morning, and many students were in attendance. Wang Zheng found a nice seat and sat down. If he was unable to make it for the lesson, then so be it. Since he was here, he would definitely sit in the front row to prevent the Professor from flipping out.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were still concerned about Wang Zheng’s body, so the two of them were sitting on his left and right. “Brother Zheng, do you not want to rest for another day? You can ask for a day of leave from Professor Xiao.”

“I am not that weak. I am fine,” Wang Zheng replied as he laughed.

“Wang Zheng, I recommend you focus on physics. After that you can find a beautiful girl and get into a meaningful relationship with her. Enjoy the college student life! Why do you want to torture yourself? We are cultured individuals; we are not of the same breed as those barbarians. Ye Zisu treats you extremely well, she has no boyfriend, and her family is good to do! Even if you looked with a lantern, you would be unable to find one just like her! Don’t be ignorant of the blessings around you!”

Yao Ailun admonished. Frankly speaking, if any girl were to treat him as well as Ye Zisu treated Wang Zheng, he would definitely be unable to control himself.

“Yeah! Brother Zheng, I guess you don’t really like Meng Tian. Although Elder Sister Meng Tian has a fiery hot body, I think Ye Zisu is much gentler. Girls like her are the best!”

Chen Xiu said earnestly.

Wang Zheng could only bitterly smile. He wished he could beat the two of them to death. Perhaps he should put to rest those fantasies of his. What was done was done. He was merely an ordinary individual. Was it time to face reality?

At this point in time, the noisy classroom suddenly went completely silent. A girl walked into the classroom while simultaneously glancing around.

No one even so much as breathed. How could there be such a pretty girl?

Even good-looking celebrities could not be compared to her! Just looking into her eyes would cause one to become absolutely captivated. Her beautiful visage perfectly framed her dazzling eyes.

The classroom was surprisingly quiet as everyone stared at the foreign girl. She was definitely not from Ares College. Such a beautiful girl would definitely have been noticed the moment she stepped into the college grounds!

The girl looked as though she was looking for someone.

At this point in time, everyone hoped that the one she was looking for was themselves. Despite wearing simple clothes, it could be felt that she possessed an unattainable aura of grandeur.

The girl’s fist were clenched as though she was slightly nervous and anxious.

Student Yao stared blankly at her. “She is truly a goddess. Heavens, how could such a beautiful girl exist!?”

Chen Xiu, who was at the side, was similarly dazed. He was absolutely speechless. Even the self-pitying Student Wang raised his head and was similarly dazed. After shaking his head and rubbing his eyes, he exclaimed, “F*ck, am I hallucinating?”

Wang Zheng had already buried such thoughts into the depths of his heart. When she was around, he did not feel anything. Only after she left did he feel a sense of longing for her. However, the distance between the two of them was just too vast. Wang Zheng was a reasonable person and thus he chose to bury those thoughts.

Could it be that this sense of longing was a sickness?

At long last the girl seemed to have found the person she was looking for. Step by step, she approached the trio.

“Hello, fellow classmate, could you please swap seats with me?”

The girl asked when she stood in front of Yao Ailun. Dear Student Ailun could only nod his head like an airhead.

“Why are you here?” Wang Zheng foolishly asked. It seemed as though he was not hallucinating. A familiar impulse surged up from the depths of his heart.

Aina gave him a brilliant smile. “I missed you.”

Those three simple words seemed like thousands of words[2]. Wang Zheng grabbed Aina’s hand, and at this moment, Xiao Fei walked in. After seeing the sight in front of her, she too was shocked and could only cough dryly several times.

“This is Wang Shishi, she is an exchange student. I hope everyone can take care of her.”

Aina very naturally sat next to Wang Zheng. Their two gazes were interlocked, and it seemed as though nothing else mattered.

Below the table, the two had not let go of each other’s hands. Instead, they were holding even more tightly to one another.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were absolutely petrified. What kind of world were they living in!?

Professor Xiao Fei’s class was usually exceptionally engaging. However, the fact was that the entire class appeared distracted. Everyone frequently glanced at the girl sitting in the first row. It was as though her back was just as seductive as her front.

“How did your hair turn black?” Wang Zheng asked, with a silly expression on his face. It felt as though he was dreaming.

“I can’t reveal my true identity,” Aina replied as she lightly bit her lip, her heart pounding against her chest. The entire situation seemed as though he was in a dream. Yet the truth was that she was right in front of him yet again.

[1] Idiomatic expression meaning that taking a step back would not actually cause any harm.

[2] Idiomatic expression meaning that it was as though that a lot of things had been said.

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