Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Rainbow Across the Sky

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Rainbow was a rather cocky individual. Everyone could understand why; the opponent was about to be crushed in front of overwhelming power.

Dominating noobs was his aim. Right in front of him lay yet another target. He was about to be famous.

His only worry was that after seeing his loadout, Skeleton would be scared away.

The viewers were currently awaiting Skeleton to leave the game entirely. Could it be that Skeleton was lagging and did not see his opponent?

Wang Zheng’s interface was not lagging behind. However, he was reading the enemy’s mech’s specifications. He had only ever heard of the Condor mech and not the Tempest Condor. He had also never heard of this Luoluo Tracking system. After reading the description, he accepted the match.

This tracking system was used to improve one’s long ranged accuracy. However, in reality, it was quite complicated to operate and was quite expensive. Hence only the best pilots would use such a system.

The discussion forum had erupted in excitement. Many people had only known of Skeleton through Lin Huiyin’s MV. It was not important if he was famous or not. They were as excited as those who had watched Skeleton’s previous battles.

Wargod No. 1, Mech Power Level: 20

Tempest Condor (Luoluo “A” Class Tracking System Equipped), Mech Power Level: 70 + 10

This was an absolutely crushing technical advantage.

The basic mecha, like the Demon Wolf and the Beast, had a power level of approximately 40. It was still barely acceptable. However, in this case, the difference was 4 times!

Regardless of the player, this difference was just too stark.

If Skeleton could win… no, even the audience members could not imagine any way which Skeleton could win.

“Only if Little Red Noob was too arrogant and handicapped himself!”

“This fellow is about to be steamrolled. He has upgraded his mech to the peak of what is possible. Even if you take a step back, how could he possibly make a mistake and lose?”

“I have exchanged blows with him before. It was absolutely wretched. I’d even suspect two people were controlling the mech at the same time; he was just that good. Furthermore, his mech is so good that even if he made an error in judgment, he would still win!”


Rainbow was also watching the discussion forums and laughing heartily. “What a load of bullsh*t. I myself am an expert from the SWAT team. We no longer live in the stone age. Those with skill and money are the unshakeable ones! Hahahah!”

The SWAT team had a break today. Who would have known that he would have met such a big “fish” the moment he queued for a game? He would finish him in one gulp, and this would be something he could brag about for months to come.

Battlefield Map: Norton Star.

This was the favorite map of commando units. A basic mech would have difficulty operating in this terrain. However, an elite mech would perform even better.

What was also important was Norton Star’s tall and lofty vegetation. It was especially suited for sudden combat. Once the enemy was located, firing off a large burst of lasers would definitely secure the win if the opponent did not react in time.

Little Red Sister had chose this map without any shame to leverage his strengths. He guessed that the opponent would not reject his choice.

Indeed Skeleton did not choose to change the map.

The discussion forum exploded into greater furor.

“Little Red Noob has absolutely no morals!”

“Little Red Noob, do you even have b*lls?!”

“Little Red Noob has no limit to his shame! However, this brother approves! Go forth! Crush him! Show him the strength of the rich!”

Young Deer was commentating from the side. “It looks as though many people are supporters of Rainbow. After looking at the discussion forum, everyone should know that Rainbow not only has superior equipment, he also possesses his signature move, the Rainbow Sky Streak! I wonder if we will have the opportunity to see it.”

“Ah. Someone asked if I would eat another milk carton and even asked if I would drink milk from my mum in the event Skeleton wins. I am a professional commentator and have a high level of integrity. You should not be targeting me. Saying which, even if I win, it’s not as if Skeleton would eat a milk carton. This just isn’t fair!”

Young Deer spoke in a deemphasizing fashion. After so long, he had become immune to such insults. Having a high level of integrity came with a price.

At this point, in dormitory 007, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were extremely excited. Someone had come to offer himself as a sacrifice. The normally restrained Chen Xiu was completely unrestrained at this point. How would the enemy be crushed? He had absolutely no idea, but he knew that there would definitely be a way.

However, not everyone was as naive and blind as those kids. Most of the audience members mulled over possible scenarios that could happen. However, even after analysis, they could not come up with any good ideas. All that was left was to watch the battle.

Norton Star’s Covered Battlefield

The Wargod No. 1 and Tempest Condor faced the setting sun. The effect of 5 times gravity was very obvious. Those who were weak at controlling their mechs would definitely move in a very embarrassing fashion. Those without a high-end mech would never chose to compete in such a battlefield.

Wargod No. 1’s actions had also been affected greatly. However, the effect on the Tempest Condor was quite minimal.

The number of viewers continued to rise and it broke previous records without any surprise. The administrators continued to watch the numbers rise in anxiousness.

As professionals, even they wondered how such a situation could be reversed.

“What a mess. This fellow must be sick. How could he use a Wargod No. 1 to challenge a Tempest Condor? There are so many viewers. F*ck. Isn’t he trying to cheat my money?”

It has to be said that there were many viewers who were going with the flow. So long as there were many viewers, they would tune into the livestream. Only after tuning in would they realise that this was not the battle they had expected. It would be a one sided crushing!

“Hello, friends. Those who have just graduated from kindergarten, please have a good look!”

Regardless of whether he won or lost, this would not be a battle that would end quickly!

However, life was full of wonderful surprises. This was what it meant to live. All of the little kids were shocked.

The two mecha began to move. The center of the map had an objective that had to be controlled. Whoever struck first would win the competition. Hence one could not hide. The two mecha knew the importance of taking the initiative. At this point, the strengths of the Tempest Condor were shown. On the minimap, the Tempest Condor began to move quicker and quicker.

Although the Wargod No. 1 was rushing along furiously and it was quite fast, the Tempest Condor had already arrived at the center of the map. However, he did not capture the objective. In such a scenario, the majority of individuals would instead set up an ambush and attack the opponent when he arrived. Directly capturing the objective would be quite difficult otherwise.

The Tempest Condor began to sneak around. As a SWAT officer, Rainbow enjoyed the use of high performing items. Only then could he use all his skills. However, it was a pity that everyone had only noticed his wealth.

It was preferable for him to find higher ground to ambush Skeleton. The vegetation was extremely thick and most people would not notice him hiding inside. However, against an expert like Skeleton, his concern was not to remain hidden but rather to have the first strike.

Rainbow quietly waited. The mech went into silent mode. His SWAT training was very strenuous. Thus, when he relaxed, he would usually take it easy. However, this was a different situation altogether.

It was exciting.

The Wargod No. 1, which was approaching at a high speed, suddenly slowed down. This was not the first time. Whenever he approached a dangerous location, Skeleton would examine the area carefully.

However, it was of no use. Everyone in the audience knew that the most dangerous point was just as he approached the objective.

The question was: who would be the one to set up the ambush first? Who would be the first one to strike?

Just before Rainbow started to lurk in the shadows, he had attacked the objective and captured it. This small advantage would inevitably spell the difference between victory and defeat.

This removed the opponent’s ability to stall for time. This would force Skeleton to attack him.

The Wargod No. 1 paused for a brief moment in silence before slowly launching into his plan. He started to advance in the direction of the objective.

The path he took was in Rainbow’s field of view. This was the path with the best view. Rainbow’s Tempest Condor began to patiently wait for the opportunity. The mech’s engine was rumbling at a low volume, allowing him to maintain his position of stealth. With the Wargod No. 1’s basic detection systems, the Tempest Condor was basically untraceable.

Even when stomping noobs, there was still a certain rhythm to it. Most importantly, one could not give the opponent any opportunity to react. Otherwise, it could bring disaster to themselves.

They had to be left untouched at the end of the crushing victory.

Although Rainbow had determined the path which Skeleton would take, he could not help but feel depressed. The opponent was moving extremely quickly, darting left and right. However, he would always be moving near a piece of cover which would allow him to take shelter from any shots fired at him.

However, Rainbow was extremely patient. At this point in time, if he were to strike too soon, it would reveal his position. An opportunity where Skeleton was exposed would come.

It definitely would!

Finally, Skeleton approached an area approximately 20 meters long and wide which possessed no cover. With Wargod No. 1’s top speed, it would cross the distance in merely a step or two. Yet the Wargod No. 1 was not even at top speed at the current moment.

Rainbow’s breathing gradually slowed down and the grip on his weapon tightened.

It was clear that Skeleton had also realized that this area was the most dangerous one yet. However, he also noticed that there was no time to take an alternate approach and hence hardened his resolve as he continued to move in that direction.

The Wargod No. 1 accelerated at this point, intending to rush across quickly.

“The Wargod No. 1 plans to cross this exposed area with sheer speed. However, the Tempest Condor has already made his preparations! Let the devastating array of lasers take his life!”

Said the clearly biased Young Deer. He had been waiting for this moment since the start.

Everyone’s eyes enlarged in anticipation of the moment. The Wargod No. 1 had rushed in. After merely two steps, the Tempest Condor had also rushed out. The Wargod No. 1 was completely exposed in his targeting sights.

At this point in time, the Wargod No. 1 leaned to the side, looking as though it was planning to withdraw. At this point, the laser rifle pointed towards the Tempest Condor.

“The sneaky snake has come out of hiding. It looks as though he was prepared for an ambush… However… Beautiful!!!”

The Tempest Condor was completely unaffected. The moment he had appeared, he did not attack. He had paused for a moment to ascertain the Wargod No. 1’s movements. They were extremely stable! Confident movements!

However, this Skeleton truly had underestimated him!

Once the Wargod No. 1 started to retreat and even raised his laser rifle, the Tempest Condor had already unleashed his attack.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Four streaks of light flashed out.

“Beautiful!!!” Young Deer screamed as he slapped his leg repeatedly. “Rainbow truly has amazing judgment. This is…”

This was not a wildly fired laser shot. With the Luoluo Tracking System, the lasers’ radiance turned into a perfectly geometrical figure as they arched towards the Wargod No. 1.

“This is… Salma’s Double Wave Killing Array! GOD!!!”

All of the viewers were shocked. Although it was executed with the help of the Luoluo Tracking system, this was still an extremely hard to execute military technique.

The hardest laser technique to dodge was the wave type. This was meant to counter dodging movements. The one who had invented the technique was Aslan’s Colonel Salma. Being able to execute a single wave array shot would be sufficient to dominate the entire newbie arena. However, what was fired was the Double Wave Array! It was definitely more than enough to murder Skeleton!

Young Deer screamed in excitement. Even if he ran to his grandma’s house to hide, he still would not be able to dodge this move!

Rainbow possessed exceptional equipment, was an expert, and even used an overpowered mech. There was no way Skeleton could survive.

Rainbow’s mouth curved into a smile. This was his technique. Rainbow Across the Sky

After learning such a skill, what was important was to have the judgment to utilize it.

All of the viewers were shocked.

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