Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: MMA Club

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This Physics Department guy was just too much. Who the hell did he think he was?

Wang Zheng ignored the insults from the Math students, as he was absorbed into solving the equation. Although the math problem was tricky and deviated from what he was used to, it was still within his capabilities. Besides, the deviation was only very slight. Wang Zheng preferred to finish what he had started.

After spending an hour on the problem, Wang Zheng had more or less completed it. He exhaled in relief as he checked the time. Sh*t! It was already 2 PM! This activity had taken up so much of his time! Wang Zheng quickly rushed out of the math classroom and ran towards Xiao Fei’s office.

As Wang Zheng left, the Math Department students were left absolutely speechless, their eyes wide in shock. Some of them were muttering curses under their breath while others were even making rude gestures.

Wang Zheng walked away, leaving behind him a deathly silent classroom.

After finishing his task, Wang Zheng had no more trouble from Xiao Fei. She was very busy and did not have time to constantly fuss over her protégé. She simply reminded him to attend her classes punctuality.

After his ordeal with Xiao Fei, Wang Zheng went for a quick lunch before heading over to the MMA club. In a regular school, such clubs would typically be less popular than other more conventional clubs. However, as this was a military school, the MMA club was one of the three largest and most popular clubs.

As a result, the space allocated to the MMA club was extremely large. The school had even allocated a special area to the club, specifically for sparring purposes. The club’s facilities were truly lavish and extravagant.

“Hello, who might you be looking for?” a pretty girl asked.

“Hi Miss, I’m here to join the MMA club. Student Meng Tian recommended that I sign up.”

It was expected that polite individuals were treated better, and the pretty girl was happy at the way Wang Zheng had addressed her. “You’re really good with words ; ) The Vice President is here, just follow this corridor to the end and make a right turn. They are currently in training.”

Wang Zheng politely nodded his head before following the pretty girl’s directions. Before long, he could hear muffled sounds of grunting, and he felt restless with anticipation.

He emerged from the corridor into a wide open training area. There were over 10 students energetically sparring with one another. Meng Tian was one of these students. Wang Zheng watched as she elegantly smashed her sparring partner back with a single kick. It was truly a sight to behold.

Although her sparring partner was wearing rubber guards, she yelped in pain as both of her arms went numb.

There were both male and female members in the MMA club, and Wang Zheng was surprised to find that a third of the members were female. Traditionally, women did not pursue such aggressive sports, but it seemed as if the women of today were more proactive in learning how to protect themselves.

What Wang Zheng was most concerned about was what the training facilities provided. A quick scan of the area showed a complete set of training equipment. But Wang Zheng was even more impressed by the gravity room[1]. There was a sign next to the door that warned people against entering the gravity room while it was in use. F*ck, this was too extravagant!

Conventional training methods could no longer satisfy Wang Zheng. As such, having a gravity room at his disposal was absolutely wonderful news.

When Meng Tian saw Wang Zheng, she immediately walked over to greet him. “I told you, didn’t I?” she said, pride evident in her speech.

Wang Zheng did not hesitate in giving his response. “This is great! I would love to join the MMA club!”

“Meng Tian, who is this b*stard? He can’t be from the Mecha Department, right? I’ve never seen him around before.” An obnoxious-looking guy commented as he strode over to join the conversation.

Actually, this guy was staring daggers at Wang Zheng. He did not like how Meng Tian had chosen to approach Wang Zheng, and judging from her body language, it appeared that she was giving him preferential treatment!

“Wang Zheng is from the Physics Department,” Meng Tian replied. “Student Wang, this is Senior Guan Tao from the Mecha Department. He is also a Vice President of the MMA club.”

Guan Tao gave a smile and extended his hand. “Ah! So, you’re the Wang Zheng that Xiao Tian has been talking about! I am Guan Tao, Vice President of the MMA club and also Vice Captain of the Dragon God Corps.”

Wang Zheng returned the handshake. “Our school still employs mercenary soldiers?” he asked.

“Yes, in CT. The Dragon God Corps is considered to be the best team in the Asian Region. Our team Captain is Ma Xiao, who is also the MMA club’s President.”

Guan Tao smiled cheerfully at Wang Zheng before suddenly flexing his muscles to tighten his grip on their handshake. Yet Wang Zheng’s expression did not change. He nonchalantly replied, “It is an honor to meet you, Senior Guan Tao.”

Meng Tian laughed. Wang Zheng had never even heard of Guan Tao or Ma Xiao before; what honor was there in him meeting them?

Guan Tao saw that Wang Zheng did not even flinch at his deathly tight handshake. It was impressive that while Wang Zheng’s build was not particularly large, his grip strength was still quite monstrous! But Guan Tao still did not back down from attempting to scare his junior. “Xiao Tian, you know the club rules. As Wang Zheng is not from the Mecha Department, he has to pass a test before he can enter the MMA club.”

Meng Tian nodded her head. “I agree. Wang Zheng, shall we spar for a bit?”

Guan Tao quickly stepped in, saying, “You don’t need to worry, I will spar with him! And besides, I am free for the afternoon.” He turned to Wang Zheng. “Student Wang, follow me to the sparring area! Do not worry, I will be gentle.”

Despite his beguiling words, Guan Tao had every intention of humiliating Wang Zheng! Everyone in the vicinity was watching them. Guan Tao was going to properly discipline this b*stard and make an example of him to the rest of the MMA club.

“Come, pick whatever weapon strikes your fancy! We have wooden swords, nunchucks, and a whole lot more.”

Guan Tao gestured towards a rack of weapons. With a competition about to start, the surrounding students halted their sparring and gathered around the Vice President and the new guy.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. “It would be better if we kept things simple.”

“Did this guy just offend Guan Tao?”

“He is such an idiot! Remember that one guy who flirted with Meng Tian? Guan Tao put him in the hospital!”

“I think the new guy is just unnecessarily stirring up trouble. Meng Tian doesn’t like this sort of guy. The Captain is a much better fit for her!”

“How would you know? Maybe Meng Tian likes this sort of guy.”

“Who does this chump think he is? Coming in here and making a scene?!”

“Who knows? Although, I do think newbies need to be taught a lesson! They need to know their place!”

Wang Zheng ignored the hushed whispers. He took off his shoes and stood on the sparring platform. Guan Tao was already waiting in front of him with a combat stance.

“Bring it!” Guan Tao beckoned with his hand. As a senior and a leader of the club, he had a reputation to uphold.

In front of such a large audience, Wang Zheng could not help but show off his skills. He slowly walked over to Guan Tao, and as he lifted his arm, he lashed out in a kick.


Guan Tao was knocked onto the floor. He lay there dazed, sprawled like a frog on its back.

Everyone was shocked. This was totally unexpected! Guan Tao was angry now, and he did a kip up to get back on his feet. This b*stard was too sneaky; he feinted with his arm and got a surprise attack in!

Little did he know that Wang Zheng was merely playing with him.

Guan Tao launched a flashy flying kick aimed at Wang Zheng’s head. Wang Zheng took a step forward and grabbed Guan Tao’s leg before throwing him aside.


Some people in the audience could not help but look away. This was embarrassing – a Vice President of the MMA club was being thrashed by a new member!

Guan Tao was thrown with such force that his head spun from the impact. All he could see were stars.

A few students hurriedly rushed over to support him, but Guan Tao angrily refused them. “You b*stard! You have signed your death warrant! I will make you wish you were never born!”

Wang Zheng shook his head helplessly. Throughout the entirety of the fight, Wang Zheng had treated his opponent with respect. Wang Zheng made sure to not destroy his opponent too easily, as that would not do well for the MMA club’s reputation. Wang Zheng did not know why Guan Tao was so keen on competing with him, but this aggression was clearly uncalled for! Wang Zheng’s patience was nearing its limits.

Guan Tao executed a roundhouse kick towards Wang Zheng’s head. If the opponent was a newbie, he or she would have been seriously injured and would require a prolonged visit to the hospital!


Wang Zheng’s left hand grasped Guan Tao’s ankle. With a bit of force, Guan Tao was caught in Wang Zheng’s body lock. Grunting with the exertion, Wang Zheng raised his opponent up and threw him directly into a wall.


Guan Tao was plastered onto the wall by the sheer force of the throw. Gradually, his body slid down the wall and he crumpled on the floor, white foam frothing out of his mouth.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. “The Vice President was too aggressive, so it took all I had just to dodge. I had to retaliate!”

It was obvious that the audience regarded him with fear and anger. After all, Wang Zheng did just stroll into their home ground and knock out their Vice President. But if Wang Zheng could not get these people to like him, he would just have to get them to fear him.

Student Wang was not one who was afraid of taking a stand. This MMA club had no right treating newcomers so aggressively!

Meng Tian observed the sparring match with a wry smile. It was said that when she smiled, the break in her icy demeanor was like the thawing of an icy winter into a warm, inviting spring.

“I knew you were experienced. Come. If you beat me, I will allow you to join the MMA club.”

“Can we not fight? I would rather not hit a lady.”

“Treat me like you would a guy. Trust me, if you don’t come at me seriously, you will regret it.”

Meng Tian’s directness made Wang Zheng smile. “If that’s the case, then I won’t be holding back. Please.” He motioned for her to step onto the sparring platform.

Meng Tian tightened her belt and tied her hair back. She struck a fighting pose and suddenly, a frightening aura could be felt emanating from her.

Wang Zheng was slightly taken back. Perhaps he had underestimated his dear classmate Meng Tian.


Meng Tian immediately launched a flying kick at Wang Zheng. It was completely different from the flashy kick Guan Tao had executed. Meng Tian’s footwork was precise and fast. With her light and flexible body, Meng Tian flew through the air. Her kick seemed like a bolt of lightning.

She was definitely not a novice.

She was definitely an expert.

Wang Zheng stepped back as he took the force of her kick. Pressing her advantage, Meng Tian flashed out with kick after kick, demonstrating her experience with an array of advanced foot techniques. All around them, there were people shouting in excitement, screaming their support for the Vice President. It was clear that as a freshmen, Meng Tian did not become a VP solely based on her looks. Rather, it was her adept skills as a MMA fighter that truly kicked up a storm amongst the MMA club’s members and enabled her to win their support.

Meng Tian’s abilities far surpassed that of Guan Tao’s. To compare the two would be laughable. Guan Tao’s skills were completely amateurish, whereas Meng Tian’s were professional and elegant.

Meng Tian’s assault grew more savage and relentless. Wang Zheng could feel the wind sweeping across his face as her kicks flashed before his eyes. Being able to watch Meng Tian’s body execute these moves was truly a sight to behold. It was absolutely graceful and beautiful.

However, Meng Tian did not share his admiration and sentiment. Rather, she was agitated that Wang Zheng was not retaliating at all!

The surrounding MMA club members were screaming their support for the Vice President. Meng Tian’s assault was so vicious that her opponent could only retreat with his tail tucked away between his legs!

Meng Tian’s combo of attacks finally reached its peak, and the last kick lashed towards Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng retreated yet again; however, Meng Tian had already anticipated it. She intercepted his backpedaling with a lightning fast forward kick! Her move was fast, precise, and deadly.

All of a sudden, Wang Zheng’s unstable body posture transformed into a confident stance with no weaknesses. He deftly pulled her leg forward, forcing Meng Tian off balance. At the same time, he sidestepped and positioned himself beneath Meng Tian’s stomach region, right hand grasping her right knee and his left hand grabbing her arms.

With a slight grin, he said, “Student Meng Tian is just too amazing. I am only here to join the club. Does this match prove that I have the ability to join?”

Meng Tian realized that she was unable to escape from his grappling maneuver. She clenched her teeth in frustration; it was clear that Wang Zheng was giving her face. In this position, there was a number of moves Wang Zheng could perform that would put Meng Tian out of commission.

Meng Tian bit her lip and nodded her head, and only then did Wang Zheng release her leg. As he did so, he thought to himself that grabbing her thigh felt amazing.

“Wang Zheng will enter the MMA club. Does anyone have any objections?” Meng Tian announced.

The audience members looked at each other in dismay. This b*stard could crush Guan Tao, and he was skilled enough to suppress Meng Tian! Whoever fought him would get wrecked!

“Welcome to the club, Wang Zheng.”

Student Wang was beaming as he prepared to shake Meng Tian’s hand. “Thank you. I look forward to receiving your guidance, Madam Vice President.”

Meng Tian leaned in close to Wang Zheng and whispered, “I bet copping a feel felt nice. However, you won’t be so lucky next time!”

Student Wang’s face flushed red in embarrassment. F*ck! It was just for a brief moment! May God have mercy on his soul!

After Meng Tian finished her announcement, she did not bother Wang Zheng and instead went to take a shower. Once Meng Tian left, no one paid any more attention to the new member. Wang Zheng received a training uniform and excitedly put it on.

He was ecstatic to have such a large training area that was so well equipped! At Ares College, club activities were not held after 8 PM. As such, the whole place would be completely empty. If Wang Zheng were to use the training facilities at that time, he would basically have the whole place to himself! Once he obtained the keys from the administration, he would be able to use the facilities to his heart’s content!

Wang Zheng was not satisfied with his current physical condition. What he lacked was explosive strength. This was due to his environment and his genetics; there was never any opportunity to train for such a purpose. As such, Wang Zheng realized that there was plenty of room to improve his body’s explosive strength.

After he trained for the Leaning Landslide, his entire body’s explosive strength had made minute improvements. However, Wang Zheng felt that only having this sort of skill was not enough. Explosive strength for individual limbs was also necessary.

Wang Zheng was not worried about the accumulation of Battle Energy. But he was concerned about wanting to impress Skeleton at their next encounter. Wang Zheng was determined to not let Skeleton look down on the Wargods of Earth.

When he was a kid, Wang Zheng’s father would regale him all sorts of mystical stories. One of these stories talked about martial arts experts training their breathing cultivation techniques, which allowed them to run on walls and soar through the air. In the blink of an eye, these masters would annihilate their enemies with these mystical techniques.

[1] A place where gravity can be adjusted to increase the intensity of training. Think DBZ where you have Vegeta perpetually training in that 100x gravity area.

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