Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Minor Test

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Luo Yun sighed. Just by observing Masasi and Carl, one could see the standards from which they came from. They were on a whole different level.

“For today, your training will be to stand at attention until the sun rises.”

Suddenly, six spotlights turned on, their bright lights dazzling everyone. This was the beginning of the first day of military training.

Speaking from the perspective of the military college students, this was the start of a hellish journey.

Five hours later, there were only seven individuals who could maintain the appropriate posture without moving.

They were none other than Wang Zheng, Masasi, Carl, Xie Yuxin, Zhang Shan, Ye Zisu, and Meng Tian.

Disappointment could be seen in Luo Yun and his fellow colleagues’ eyes. This standard was just too low. This sort of trial could not be considered significant, and yet there were only a few individuals left.

Furthermore, for those who were made to run 10 kilometers, one after another collapsed! In fact, it was considered decent if those individuals could accomplish the task by walking!

Ye Zisu looked at Meng Tian, and Meng Tian returned the glance. They were the two most welcomed female students. Meng Tian was from the Officer’s Department, and her whole family was part of the military. She was 180cm tall with a perfect figure. She did not expect that Ye Zisu could continue to persevere.

“The seven of you aren’t bad. Today’s training officially begins now. I will be in charge of you seven. Now, go and run 10 kilometers as fast as you can,” said Luo Yun. The other three instructors were in charge of the rest of the students.

When the rest of the students heard him, they were delighted. Sometimes, the greatest happiness came from another’s misfortune. These seven individuals were too dazzling, and that led the rest of the students to feel quite smug. After standing, they still had to run 10 kilometers!

Luo Yun started the timer, and with a bang, the seven individuals rushed forward.

Surprisingly, the fastest was Meng Tian.

There was no need to ask why; Meng Tian possessed “A” grade genetics. As such, she did not feel much strain in running.

Carl gave a smirk. “Masasi, there’s no point in taking this leisurely. Let’s race.”

“Up to you,” replied Masasi calmly. Such was his personality.

As they were speaking, a shadow lanced across, overtaking them. Zhang Shan stared blankly at the guy in front of him. F*ck, how could this guy be so fast!?

Wang Zheng had no choice but to be the fastest. He had to be exceptional in his military training if he wanted to enter the Mecha Department. His reason to excel was completely different from the rest of these people.

Carl naturally did not forget about Wang Zheng. He immediately rushed to catch up. However, 10 kilometers was neither particularly short nor particularly long, so rushing from the start was unsustainable.

Carl roared and he rushed towards Wang Zheng to catch up. Masasi, with the same wry smile on his face, looked nonchalant, but he too clearly increased his pace. Only Xie Yuxin had a bitter smile on his face. Wang Zheng was on dangerous ground here.

10 minutes later, everyone on the field was shocked.

Wang Zheng’s speed did not show any indication of slowing. Luo Yun stared at the timer… what in the world!?

What kind of speed was this?

Although Wang Zheng had completed almost half of the 10 kilometers, his speed had not decreased!

Right behind Wang Zheng could be seen two individuals, Masasi and Carl, who were fervently chasing after him. Although the distance between them was only several tens of meters, Carl cursed and swore. Even if he used his ass to think, it didn’t make any sense! How could this bastard be running so fast?

The distance between the lead group and the rest had increased significantly. Speed was never Zhang Shan’s forte, thus Meng Tian was in fourth place with Xie Yuxin, Ye Zisu, and Zhang Shan right behind in that order.

Many people were surprised at Ye Zisu’s speed, but not Wang Zheng. He knew that she was one that often trained her body.

However, that bastard Wang Zheng was just too fast. Soon, the entire field was watching them speechlessly, whether it was those who were standing, lying down, or segregated from the rest of the students. Everyone could feel in their hearts how this training exercise had become an intense competition.

After half the distance had been completed, the body would usually be overcome with fatigue. The more one rushed at the beginning, the stronger the effects of fatigue. This was not something that could be overcome with mere willpower; this was a physical constraint!

Carl laughed mysteriously, following which he rushed forward explosively, unexpectedly increasing his running pace. There were no weaklings on Mars! He rushed towards Wang Zheng with larger and larger strides.

Although he was panting heavily, Masasi also increased his pace silently. Seeing Carl sprinting was like watching a tank! He was absolutely ferocious. However, Masasi was different; he had a certain grace to his running as he caught up to Wang Zheng.

At this point in time, Wang Zheng had also unexpectedly increased his pace to almost inhuman levels. Originally, he had only wanted to be first. Yet who would have thought that those two fellows would chase after him so viciously? If he wanted special treatment, he needed to have the results to show it. Otherwise, it would also cause problems for the principal. Hence, if this was the case, he just had to run a little bit faster…


Smoke and dust was kicked up from the floor. Wang Zheng’s blood started to pump faster, and his feet looked as though he was flying. What fatigue? In a breath’s time he had once again increased the distance between him and the two who had almost caught up!

16 Minutes later…

Wang Zheng had finished the 10 kilometer run.

The entire field was silent. Was this guy a human? What kind of speed and persistence did he have!?

Luo Yun couldn’t believe his eyes. However, he would not lose his composure in front of a group of rookies. F**k, this was a new record in the entire capital’s military academies!

“Reporting to instructor. I have completed the assigned task,” said Wang Zheng respectfully.

Luo Yun nodded his head in satisfaction. This bastard not only had ability, his attitude was excellent, especially the feeling he exuded. He felt like a true soldier, a soldier that had undergone training for a long time.

Wang Zheng had been trained by Bonehead. Thus, he had cultivated many habits from that period of time and did not feel that he was different from anyone else.

Masasi was the second to finish, with a time of 17 minutes. Carl was third with a time of about 18 minutes. Closely following behind were Meng Tian and Xie Yuxin. At the last moment, Zhang Shan had pushed forward with all the strength his breastfeeding self could muster and arrived at the end together with Ye Zisu. He was a guy, so if he was last, even if it came to running, it would have been embarrassing.

Even if he was last to arrive, his results would still be considering breathtaking. At least if he were to be compared with the rest of these rookies, this result would definitely be acceptable.

Luo Yun looked at the time and shouted, “Gather!”

After such a trial, the students were naturally very obedient and thus gathered quickly. Although their formation was not neat, their attitude had vastly improved.

“From today on, military training will be segregated into three categories: high, medium, and low levels. The total score will also take into account your age. Those who do not meet the standards will be expelled. Ares College is training future generations of War Gods! Not cowards! Hence, you better give me your 120% from now on. Following which, these three instructors, Sergeant Zhao Teng, Sergeant An Si, and Sergeant Huai Ensi, will drill you in troop formations! Begin!”

Following which, Luo Yun looked at the seven individuals and said, “You guys, follow me.”

Luo Yun could feel this group’s hearts palpitate intensely, yet they could still control themselves… Wait, why were there two individuals who were unaffected….?

Luo Yun turned around. Wang Zheng and Masasi, these two individuals were completely unaffected!

How could this be!?

“The seven of you have shown remarkable perseverance. Next we will test your explosive strength. Who will be first?”

Luo Yun was slightly curious. Of course Gu Te wanted to see how the students fared in every aspect. Apart from Masasi and Carl, the rest were not as weak as he had expected.

“I will go first!” Zhang Shan had been looking for an opportunity to showcase his talents. This was too humiliating. He was a slow runner, but physical strength was his strong point.

Ye Zisu looked at Meng Tian, but Meng Tian kept staring in Wang Zheng’s direction. She had never heard of him. Where in the world did he appear from?

“Instructor, must I use a fist or will anything do?” Zhang Shan asked as he removed his shirt, showcasing a body full of toned muscles.

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to see your strongest explosive strength!” Luo Yun waved his hand.

Zhang Shan moved back several steps. Suddenly, his footsteps sped up as he rushed towards the target, and with a ferocious roar, he executed a roundhouse kick at the strength testing machine.


416 lbs!

This amount of strength could’ve allowed him to be a wrestling champion a time long ago!

Zhang Shan retracted his foot slowly, his mouth drawn in a grimace. Although he was not in his peak condition, this should be enough to dispatch his opponents.

Luo Yun nodded his head. This Zhang Shan was an exercise nut.


Xie Yuxin could only produce 280 lbs of force, still lacking by a considerable amount when compared with Zhang Shan. However, such a result was not bad, as he was not an individual that focused on training his physical strength.

Carl gave Masasi a glance. “Let me give it a shot.”

At the strength testing machine, Carl took a deep breath, then his body lunged forward like a leaping tiger. His fist looked as though it emitted a red light and he struck directly at the strength testing machine.


528 lbs!

Ding Ding Ding…

Luo Yun was shocked. Someone this strong was rarely seen even amongst regular soldiers. No wonder Gu Te had specially tried to recruit him. Sometimes one couldn’t be unconvinced. In the Solar System, there were occasional competitions between military corps, and Mars and the Moon were always at the top; Earth’s soldiers could only ever be a side show.

This could be attributed to Mars’ and the Moon’s special environments.

Sometimes, people could only sigh in secret. Could it be that those left on Earth could only reminisce over the past?

“Comparing strength, you guys cannot compete with me!” Regardless of where he was, Carl was always arrogant.

“Next.” Although he sighed in his heart, his face did not betray any form of emotion. After all, Luo Yun was still a soldier of Earth.

“Ladies first.” Masasi smiled faintly with an inviting gesture.

Ye Zisu’s explosive strength was 130 lbs.

“Haha, you’re still a girl. Why don’t you be a secretary instead? War is a man’s game!”

Carl laughed. Mars was extremely patriarchal.

Meng Tian moved up and silently stood in front of the strength testing machine, coldly staring at Carl. Carl looked extremely interested at how Meng Tian would perform.


490 lbs!

Although she could not match Carl, Meng Tian was still a female. Furthermore, she did not look like a dinosaur rippling with muscles! At this point, Carl was extremely surprised.

Wang Zheng looked surprised as well. Meng Tian’s fist had been extremely profound. Although it looked like a single strike, it was actually three simultaneous strikes impacting at high speed. Luo Yun did not look surprised. It was Meng Tian after all.

What was most breathtaking was the fact that Meng Tian still looked extremely calm and collected!

Carl had stopped with his sarcastic comments, and he now saw Meng Tian in a new light. She was also another competitor to be subdued.

Luo Yun recorded the result and nodded his head. “Next.”

Masasi gave Wang Zheng a glance, but Wang Zheng gestured for him to go ahead first. Masasi then moved in front of the machine and like Zhang Shan did and took several steps back before exerting his full force. He was not quick and violent like Zhang Shan but rather fast like lightning!


535 lbs!

He looked as though he had executed it with ease. Carl couldn’t help but mutter under his breath. The previous summer vacation he had spared no effort in training bitterly. Yet he was still weaker than that bastard! He always lost to him by a slim margin; it was infuriating!

Masasi gave a smile as though he did not care. It could be seen that he had not exerted his full strength.

“Wang Zheng, just give it your best shot. Don’t hurt yourself, the recoil from this plaything is quite large,” said Xie Yuxin. He knew why Wang Zheng had put in so much effort. His grandpa had promised that if Wang Zheng displayed exceptional results in military training, this would be one reason he could use to convince the Mecha Department’s teachers. If not, things would be more difficult.

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