Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: You are truly not worthy of him!

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Xiao Shi was like the wind—she came and went in a hurry. But this did not change Wang Zheng’s life. He continued his routine of training and waited for his graduation certificate. He even found a part-time job at the Shangri-La Hotel. Working part-time while pursuing studies was the golden trademark of Dawn Middle School students, not to mention work of no technical content.

Xiao Shi did not contact him again. Well, they also had no means of contact. Besides, after such an incident, her family probably would not let her go out again.

Wang Zheng’s life was still very fulfilling. That incident brought out an amazing effect. His premonition in crisis was rather accurate; Bonehead also often said that he was simply born a warrior. His hand also recovered rather quickly. Having gone through Bonehead’s transformation, his body was definitely stronger than the average person’s.

If an ordinary person went through such training, they may have nightmares about it, but Wang Zheng even felt it in his bones. He was truly full of passion for battle, longing for the battlefield!

He opened his music player. It was currently playing the Milky Way Chart’s #1 song, NOTAFRAID. It was about strength, courage, and the passion of battle, Wang Zheng’s favourite song.

While Wang Zheng was busy exercising, Yan Xiaosu was not idle either. In preparation for his goddess’ birthday party on the weekend, Yan Xiaosu was chaotically busy. He prepared the clothes he was going to wear, bought a present, and consulted a stylist for a look. In Student Su’s words, he wanted to glitter before his goddess.

Regarding this, Wang Zheng reserved his opinion. If she liked him, it would not matter what kind of clothes he wore. On the other hand, if she didn’t like it …

Of course, it was not good to hurt others’ feelings, so Wang Zheng kept his thoughts to himself..

The weekend finally arrived amidst Student Yan Xiaosu’s anticipation. He did not even play CT in these past few days, which was a rare sight. Early in the morning, he drove his father’s new Milky Way Arrow Hover Car to find Wang Zheng. Yan Xiaosu had rattled on about his plan the entire day. It was evident that he was rather nervous.

At five in the afternoon, both of them arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel. Wang Zheng was a little surprised, but he also found it reasonable. This was the most luxurious hotel in Asia. It was said that there was a big shot staying here, and they had booked all the levels above 50. The birthday parties that were booked during their stay were all cancelled. Even the people who made prior reservations did not seem to mind this disruption. This was giving the Ye family a lot of face.

Yan Xiaosu specially wore insoles heels, allowing him to reach 1.7 meters in height. “Boss, is my tie crooked?”

“It’s very on point. Go!”

Yan Xiaosu hugged 99 blossoms of Milky Way Demon flowers and stepped onto the red carpet.

When they entered the banquet hall, it was already very lively. One could only spot Yue Jing and only Yue Jing could be seen in a glance. Yue Jing was wearing a white evening dress and a chic and elegant coral necklace on her white and slender neck. This night was hers; she was the princess here.

Ye Zisu, on the other hand, wore a sky blue evening gown. Although it was Yue Jing’s show, she had her own way of attracting attention.

By Yue Jing’s side was an imposing middle-aged man, the honourable Yue Long, one of the Asia Region’s true powerhouses. This banquet was not only attended by young people, friends and family of the Ye family were here too.

It was a real big scene.

At the banquet, some young people in evening attire were chatting. Whether they were boys or girls, everyone maintained their elegance and arrogance. Since they were qualified enough to attend, these were obviously not your average people.

Of course, there were exceptions too, and these were Yue Jing’s schoolmates. All of them were extremely envious; after all, attending such an event was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

Only death was equal for all humans. Although they attended the same middle school, everyone knew in their hearts that once they stepped out of it, everything would be different.

Ideals were fantastical while reality was harsh. If they could obtain this student’s friendship, who knows, they might just be able to get Yue Jing’s help in the future.

Today, Yue Jing came to receive praise.

When her gaze moved towards the door, Yue Jing smiled brightly and took the initiative to greet and welcome her guests as they walked in. This surprised the several young people surrounding her, so they followed her.

“Student Yue Jing, I wish you a happy birthday!” The articulate Yan Xiaosu actually stumbled, quickly gifting the flowers in his hand.

But Yue Jing did not receive the gift.

“Incredible. Ninety nine blossoms of Milky Way Demon Flowers. This is really expensive!”

“Haha, little sister Yue Jing, who is this? He is so old-fashioned. What era is it, still giving these kind of gifts.”

Yue Jing smiled, gesturing for her followers to take away the flowers. “Let me introduce him to everyone. This is Student Yan Xiaosu. The famous Little Fortune Star sanitary napkins that everyone should know is his family’s business.”

The people surrounding her were surprised for a moment, then they bursted out in laughter. “Little Jing, when did your standards drop so low? Even if you were approachable, someone of such low calibre would not even qualify to come!”

Yue Jing maintained a peaceful smile. “Schoolmates, if you’re here to participate, you are a guest. Beside him is Wang Zheng, an elite of Dawn who is very arrogant. His presence is giving me face. Normally, he would be too lazy to bother with me.”

The more congenial Yue Jing was, the more hurtful the words. Wang Zheng knew she was up to no good, but after all, they were still schoolmates. He did not expect Yue Jing would do this.

“Elite of Dawn? If you didn’t say so, I would have thought he was just a commoner. He is dressed so casually.”

Wang Zheng shrugged nonchalantly. This was him; there was no need to disguise himself.

New guests arrived very quickly, and no one bothered with the two anymore. Yan Xiaosu was very disappointed. Even a fool would know that they were here to be used as the butt of jokes.

Wang Zheng patted Xiaosu on the back. “Failure is the mother of success. We are already here anyway. We must eat our fill before we go back!”

Yan Xiaosu waved his fist fiercely. “Damn it! I will have my revenge some day. What’s wrong with Little Fortune Star, what’s wrong with sanitary napkins? Ladies can’t live without them!”

Wang Zheng gave him a thumbs up. Don’t tell me Student Yan Xiaosu’s dream was to sell sanitary napkins throughout the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

The two really did not belong here amongst the so-called high-class people. Yue Jing’s schoolmates were busy networking and staying in contact. Facing graduation, more friends meant more paths. Besides, to be able to be acquainted with such people was a pleasure in itself.

“Needless to say, even though I’ve been working here for a few days, this is my first eating the food here. It is really not bad.” Wang Zheng ate freely. There was no need to make things difficult for himself.

Yan Xiaosu, being a born optimist, ate happily too. “D**n it, those Milky Way Demon Flowers were really expensive. I will eat however much I can.”

The liveliness of the party was unimportant to the two. At this moment the lights dimmed. All of the beams of light gathered at center-stage where a three-meter-tall birthday cake appeared. Surrounding it erupted a birthday song, followed by a round of applause. Even the two of them in the corner were thrown up onto cloud nine.

Ye Zisu saw the two fellows in the corner eating without a care. They really didn’t understand Yue Jing; her temper was not to be let go of that easily.

“Jing Jing, make a wish. Everyone will help you realise it!” the people surrounding said.

Yue Long smiled and nodded. “Your uncles are all here today. Say it, we will make it come true.”

Yue Jing smiled. “Today I want to help someone fulfil their wish. Although he thinks I am superficial, we are school mates after all, right, Wang Zheng?”

Hearing her tone, everyone knew that something was about to happen. Everyone knew of her temper; they were just not sure which unfortunate fool was her target now.

With Yue Jing’s point, the lights immediately shone onto the corner. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu immediately became the centre of attention with no place to hide.

“Student Wang Zheng is an elite of Dawn Middle School. I wish that Ares College will give him an examination opportunity. After all, every Asian graduate should have this opportunity.”

A young person in white evening clothes stood up with a smile. “Little Jing, eveyone has a fair examination opportunity. As the chairman of Ares College’s Student Union, I can guarantee it!”

“Senior Wu Jin, I do believe you, but Wang Zheng’s gene score is only 28.”

Yue Jing said with a smile, but her eyes were full of pride. Everyone started discussing this at once. Was this person a pig?

Wu Jin was also surprised for a moment. The school had its standards. Not to mention 28, anyone with less than 68 would not qualify … 28, this caliber was unheard of; it was comparable to an animal.

Wang Zheng also did not expect that Yue Jing would do this. Truly, one would rather offend a villain than offend a woman. But such a matter had no lethality to him.

There was a hint of a casual sneer on Yue Jing’s mouth. She could not fathom Wang Zheng’s calm, self-righteous expression. A poor and useless fellow should have some self-awareness. She did not believe that she could not defeat his humble self-esteem!

On the side, Yan Xiaosu suddenly set his cup heavily onto the table. “Student Yue Jing, even if this is so, Wang Zheng also despises you. Actually, don’t you think we are rather compatible? Menstruation[1]and sanitary napkin, a match made in heaven. Together we can give birth to a Little Fortune Star[2].

Yan Xiaosu said very earnestly, to the point where his big eyes teared up.

Everyone was surprised for a moment. Yue Jing … menstruation, sanitary napkin?

At this moment, everyone laughed bitterly. Actually, everyone wanted not to laugh, but they could not hold it in anymore. This homonym was just too vulgar and funny.

Yue Jing’s face was livid. “He is no different from trash. Even if he gave me shoes, he would still not be worthy!”

“You are truly not suitable for him!”

A pleasant and natural voice resounded. Everyone’s eyes looked towards the door as a series of sky blue guards with a golden trident logo on their chests rushed in.

Amongst the shining guards emerged a girl from the centre. In this moment, even the stars paled in comparison to the girl. Her lavender hair was rolled up nobly, showing much elegance. Her skin was as white as jade, completely dazzling. Her beautiful face had every girl present wanting to hide, and it was coupled with beautiful, starry eyes like no others. This was the first princess of the Aslan Empire, Aina Aslan!

The most dazzling star in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Yue Long and company smiled respectfully and bowed. This was a show of huge respect.

The Aslan Empire was one of the nine permanent members of the Milky Way Alliance. It was also one of the top three powers of the alliance, known as the Elite Empire. Her Royal Highness had taken some time to visit the solar system, and the Asian region was the last stop. However, her schedule had changed slightly and her return was delayed. Who would have thought that someone of such great status would appear here? Although Yue Long was a member of the government, even he would not qualify to participate in such a meeting.

[1] It’s a pun. Yue Jing’s name is a homonym for menstruation.

[2] Another play on words. Little fortune star is the name of Xiaosu’s family’s napkins.

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