Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rubik’s Cube

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In all of mankind’s history, there has never been a shortage of great scientists that could change the world. Newton’s law of gravity, Einstein’s theory of relativity, Mark Hughe’s anti-matter drive, and Higg’s god particle. Furthermore, with Lauren Lee’s Theory of Curved Travel, mankind advanced a large step forward towards their dreams. When they finally entered the realm of interstellar travel, exploration and interstellar colonization became mankind’s most important desire.

Within the last three hundred years, there have been cyclical periods of war and peace. At the end of it, the Milky Way Alliance was formed and mankind entered a new era. The Galileo Science Space Station was the Milky Way Alliance’s S-ranked research station. It was also the place that was closest to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. The scientists inside were currently spearheading research into the theory of parallel dimensions.

“Doctor, the government has rejected our request for funding and it looks like we have to stop our research on the Rubik’s Cube.” In the research station, scientists were currently crowding around an old man. Although he looked extremely old, he was full of spirit and vigor; even his silver hair seemed to shine. After hearing the news, the old man began to scold loudly, “Those pigs only think about money. Science is king, it is the greatest, it’s universal! How can you compare it with money?!”

Even the youngest of the scientists surrounding him was in his fifties. None of them knew whether they should laugh or cry; they felt extremely helpless. The last twenty years of research had not brought in any results, so their situation was inevitable. Twenty years ago, a relatively unknown scientist in the field of space-time, Alan Tucker, released a paper that discussed the theory of parallel dimensions. At that point in time, it did not arouse much interest because although mankind’s technology was very advanced, the existence of parallel dimensions was considered too far-fetched. However, an external group financed Alan Tucker’s research. After organizing an exploration team, they proceeded to retrieve the mysterious Rubik’s Cube from the core of the Milky Way Galaxy.

News of this sent shockwaves around the entire Milky Way Alliance. Alan Tucker had been hailed as the fifth person to change the course of mankind and was celebrated in the entire Milky Way Alliance. However, after twenty years, his research had not advanced a single step. Other than proving that the Rubik’s Cube was extremely hard, there was nothing special about it. They were not able to reverse engineer any magical technology from it, and there were even rumors saying that this was just a scam by Alan Tucker and the external group. Due to all of this, the research station was to be shut down, all of the information they acquired would be sealed, and the scientists would be split up. Even Alan Tucker would be subject to the Milky Way Alliance’s tribunal.

Alan calmly stared at the soldiers’ barbaric actions with a wry smile hanging on his lips. Science, especially grand science, what was twenty years to it?

“Doctor, you can’t wander around!” a soldier said as he obstructed Alan Tucker.

The old man raised his eyebrow in disdain. “This old one wants to go to the toilet. What, do you expect me to grow wings and fly away?” The soldier was shocked at his words and then eventually relented. This man in front of him was the most famous person in the Milky Way Alliance for the last twenty years. Several minutes later, the alarms in the research station started blaring and then a space shuttle flew off. The soldiers who immediately jumped into action were blocked by a group of scientists. The soldiers did not want to hurt innocent people, and they especially didn’t want to be responsible for injuring these elite scientists of the Milky Way Alliance. During this commotion, the small space shuttle’s hull flashed before entering subspace.

“A group of hairless rabbits wants to catch this old man?” Alan Tucker pressed a button. Ten seconds later, he entered curved flight. The entire space station was in a mess. One warship after another started to fly off like flies without heads in random directions. They had underestimated the lengths to which this group of scientists was willing to go…

The Milky Way Alliance spent ten years searching for a trace of Alan Tucker, but they did not manage to yield any results. As there were numerous violent storms in the vicinity of the Galileo star field, the probability of a small space shuttle being able to escape from the area was extremely small, so the Alliance gave up on the search. Furthermore, this issue was not publicized, so everyone gradually forgot about it.

In a faraway solar system floated mankind’s original home, Earth. Interstellar travel had caused Earth’s environment to change. Although it was not the most advanced place in the Milky Way Alliance, it maintained quite a high standard.

At a beautiful manmade lakeside lied two youths, both of them holding a beer bottle in each hand. The area around them was littered with numerous beer bottles. One of them was very honest-looking with a square face and large ears. Around his neck was a limited edition rose-colored chain which shined brightly. It was so expensive that it could feed a normal family for half a year. The other youth was very ordinary-looking. However, he had a smile that was unforgettable and indescribable.

“Boss, all roads lead to Rome and heroes all started from their roots. What does military school count for anyways? All you need to do is say the word and the two of us will go roam the galaxy dominating everyone!” said the honest-looking youth as he jumped up. He was holding the beer bottle in his right hand up to his face and was talking into it like it was a microphone. Wang Zheng, who was sitting at the side, raised his leg to give him a kick. “Dominate my fart. If I can’t take this setback, how can I continue to live? I don’t need you to console me!”

The Asia Region’s Ares College was one of Earth’s three great military colleges. It was where ace commanders and mech pilots gathered. However, not long ago, the two of them had received their genetic test scores. Yan Xiaosu achieved a 68 while Wang Zheng got a pitiful 28.

The genetic test tests one’s genetic standards to filter the best talents. Eighty points allows one to become an “elite” human. These people will eventually become the best at everything they do. Sixty points was considered barely passing. If one wanted to study the core specialisations, one would have to have a score of seventy or above. Most specialisations required a minimum score of sixty. This was the way to efficiently allocate the Alliance’s resources. Ares College took three things into account when accepting students: genetic scores, reasoning tests, and an interview. However, on the glorious first step, Wang Zheng had already fallen to the very bottom.

Yan Xiaosu was also speechless when he found out that Wang Zheng only had a score of 28. In the last few years, he had not even heard of people with a score lower than forty. His score was no different from an animal’s!

“Boss, there must have been a problem with the machine. Why don’t you go for another test?” Yan Xiaosu said.

“It doesn’t matter. Military school isn’t my only choice.” Wang Zheng smiled self-deprecatingly. How could there be such a coincidence that he was the only one with a wrong score? He remembered the first time he saw an advertisement of a mech pilot of the Milky Way Alliance. Wang Zheng was mesmerized by the impressiveness of the mech, so he set that as his aim. However, reality did not even allow him to try out for this opportunity. Yan Xiaosu could not believe it. A genetic score of 28. Without even talking about military school, even the volunteer corps might not want him. This would completely end Wang Zheng’s dreams. However, no one could help him with this matter.

“Oh yes, I have something I need you to help me with!” Yan Xiaosu said, his face suddenly turning serious.

“Spit it out. You don’t have to pretend to be serious.”

Yan Xiaosu fished out a scented letter from his pocket. “Boss, I have always admired Yue Jing, and because we are going to graduate, I would like to confess to her!”

Wang Zheng sat up. “Fine, I will support you. Go! We men must sing the songs of conquest!”

“Boss, you know that I’m quite timid. I am asking you to send it on my behalf. We are brothers for life! The next half of my life is in your hands!” Yan Xiaosu clutched Wang Zheng’s hands tightly and looked at him innocently with his large, watery eyes.

Wang Zheng immediately wrenched his hands away.” Fine. Don’t make me sick. You always use this method to convince me!”

He was only sending a love letter. Wang Zheng didn’t really care about it though; he knew that Yan Xiaosu had changed the topic on purpose.

“Come, one more round. Let’s hope that I will be hugging a beautiful lady soon!” Yan Xiaosu shouted. The two of them drank violently, finishing the rest of the beer.

Looking at Wang Zheng’s back, Yan Xiaosu shook his head. Although he had scrutinized Wang Zheng’s examination situation, there was indeed no issue at all. F**k. What in the world was this?

Back in the dormitory, Wang Zheng sat down in a cross-legged position and began to adjust his breathing rhythm. This was something that had been passed down in his family, a treasure passed down for thousands of years. Even if he lost his job, he could still rely on the family’s skill to ear. It was an eight step breathing technique which he had learned when he was young. After repeating it so many times, it had become a habit. Although it didn’t seem to have any use, it helped him stay calm.

A giant poster was pasted on the wall. It was a picture of that glistening mech. Wang Zheng dreamed of piloting the mech; however, due to his genetic scores, now it seemed rather insulting.

Student Yan did not go home. He was likely playing “Wargod Covenant” again. It was a very popular mech piloting game. However, Wang Zheng did not understand why it was so popular, because he had no interest in it. He didn’t require such mental stimulation; what he needed was the realistic sensation of touch. The sound of mech warriors stomping across the ground. That would truly make him feel like a god!

In the future he would only be able to dream about it. Wang Zheng tore up the four-year-old poster and stared blankly at the ceiling. After some time, he picked up the shreds of the poster and slowly pasted it back together. Becoming a mech pilot was his only goal ever since he was young; if he lost sight of it, what else could he do?

Dawn Advanced Middle School was one of the most famous in the Asia Region. The campus was extremely beautiful in the morning, filled with vigour and the smell of youth. Wang Zheng was doing his morning exercises like nothing had happened. Waking up early allowed him to receive the most effect out of his training and at the same time it slowly made him gain confidence. Although this routine was no longer useful, it was hard to change the habits formed over many years.

However, he had to do something important today, so after finishing his training, Wang Zheng headed towards the school.

From afar, two girls walked over. One had a head of curly, golden hair and was wearing a yellow spaghetti strapped top and diamond earrings. From afar, she had the bearings of a princess. The girl on her side was wearing branded goods. Although Wang Zheng could not tell where they were from, Yan Xiaosu also loved branded goods. The logo alone gave the item value. The girls’ heads were raised as they walked hand in hand down the centre of the road. The two of them were bursting with the energy of youth, absolutely dazzling anyone who so much as looked at them.

Yue Jing and Ye Zisu were the two peerless beauties of Dawn Middle School. One’s father was a politician of the Asia Region while the other’s was the scion of a rich family. Although they were students, they often turned up on the news. In the eyes of normal students, they were celebrities.

Frankly speaking, although they were beautiful and pleasing to the eye, for some inexplicable reason, Wang Zheng did not feel anything towards these two girls. Yan Xiaosu always described him as frigid or said that he was immature. It’s important to know that Yan Xiaosu has already done ample research on this situation. It looked as though the two girls were treating the road like a fashion runway, and it attracted envious glares from the people around.

Wang Zheng then walked towards the two girls. The two girls, who seemed experienced with such a situation, slowed their steps.

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