Taming Master

Chapter 82

Chapter 82: (1). Forest of Love -3

‘Shit! These monsters are all in pairs!’

The moment he realized that, he recalled the place’s name.

‘That’s what Forest of Love means… I would rather fight countless monsters…’

The loner, Ian, was tormented!

After 10 more minutes of ‘pain’, he reached the end of the path.

There was a giant tree waiting for Ian.


The tree was as big as Griffer’s Tower of Dimensions. Overwhelmed, Ian stood there for a while to

watch it.

But then, a voice called him.

“Are you the Ian who was sent by Griffer?”

The voice was clear and beautiful like a crystal bead rolling on a silver plate.

Ian looked at the direction of the voice.

“Umm… I am Ian…’

It was a very beautiful woman.

She was the most beautiful woman among the NPCs of Kailan Ian had met.

Ian looked at her ears.

‘Long, pointy ears… she must be an elf.’

Ian just found out that there were elves in Kailan.

No one knew that.

No elf had appeared in the Kolonar Continent.

‘Now that I think about it, the rings have the option that increases the Friendship with elves!’

Ian realized that the woman in front of him was Iriel. He quietly took out the ring from his inventory

and wore it.

For the quest, he had to befriend her.

The elf came to Ian, she then smiled and stretched out her hand, “Nice to meet you. I am Iriel.”

Ian grabbed her hand and slightly bowed, “Nice to meet you too, Iriel. I heard that you are a great


“A great Summoner? That would be an exaggeration. I am just the caretaker of this Forest of Love.”

Ian was about to ask about the quest right away, but then he stopped.

He recalled his questions on his way there, “But Iriel…”


“You see… I have met many monsters on my way here.”


“The monsters in the Forest of Love seemed to, kind of, avoid me. Why is that?”

Iriel flinched a little at this. However, her face said that she knew the reason.

Ian pressed her, “I’m just curious, that’s all.”

A while later, Ian got a shocking answer from her.

“That’s because… they couldn’t feel the energy of love from you.”

Ian’s eyes shook, “What?”

“Umm… to put it simply, you smell like a loner…”


Ian cried… while Bukbuk cried with him.

Norman Mountains were the biggest mountain range in the North Continent among those which had

been explored so far.

Deep in the mountain range, Harin was gathering something.

“Harin, how long will it take?” Kawin was complaining next to her.

Harin had just gotten over Lv.80. She couldn’t hunt on her own in the Norman Mountains where the

monsters were at Lv.100, therefore, Kawin came with her.

“Just wait a little longer. I’m almost done.”

Harin had come to get more cooking ingredients and Kawin was going to be her guard.

‘There are many ingredients that would raise the seasoning level.’

To level-up in Cooking, she needed the finest ingredients. Therefore, gathering and hunting, in more

dangerous hunting grounds, was necessary.

Harin had wanted to bring Ian but he had an urgent quest to complete so she couldn’t drag him with


“Oh… but why do you need so many ingredients? How much food are you going to make?”

Harin had been gathering ingredients for hours. Kawin couldn’t understand her.

“I have many dishes to cook.”

“Why? The buff effect from your dishes, for the guild members, will last for a while…”

Kawin was right at being confused.

In Kailan, the quality of the dish would start to drop after a week.

The taste and satiety wouldn’t change, however, its enhancing effects would decrease.

So, Harin didn’t need to make extra dishes if they were enough for the week, however, she was still

continuing to gather ingredients.

Moreover, she was gathering different ingredients to what she had gathered for the guild members’


“Is it because of Proficiency?”

Harin answered flatly, “It’s none of your business.”

“But I am guarding you like this. Don’t you think I deserve to know?” Kawin tried to look pitiable.

However, Harin didn’t even blink an eye, “You’re not here because you wanted it. It was your turn.

Stop moaning.”

The Lotus Guild was benefiting greatly from the buff effects from Harin’s dishes, so high-level

members took turns to help her gather ingredients.

Harin was right, it was Kawin’s turn. Therefore, he couldn’t talk back.

“You are too cold to me these days, Harin.”


“You are gathering this to make me something delicious, right?”


Harin just kept working.

Kawin pressed her, “Oh Harin, you are you not saying anything? I am the closest friend you have in

our guild, right?”


Harin didn’t answer again and Kawin became nervous.

‘Maybe she has already become closer to Ian or Herss because they all go to the same university!

No, it can’t be…’

Kawin and Harin had a long history.

They had been playing games together long before Kailan came out.

Kawin was also the biggest reason why Harin started to play Kailan.

They had known each other for so long.

So, he couldn’t bear the thought of Harin becoming gotten closer to Ian and Herss.

‘She has been taking care of Ian greatly. Does she like him?’

Kawin came up with a theory, but soon he shook his head.

‘She wouldn’t like that slow-witted nerd who plays the game all day. It’s not like Ian is very handsome.

Then, who is it?’

But then, Kawin suddenly recalled something.

‘Maybe, that turtle?’

Kawin tried to recall that month-old memory.

He remembered Harin being so happy when she gave a meatball to Bukbuk.

Kawin started to understand everything.

‘She must be fond of that turtle with the big head! That’s why she has been so nice to Ian!’

Kawin’s heart burned with jealousy.

‘I lost to a turtle that has a head as big as its shell… although it’s a little cute…’

No matter what was going on in Kawin’s mind, Harin just kept gathering ingredients.

“So, what should I do?”

Depressed, Ian asked Iriel.

Next to him, Bukbuk was also feeling sad.


Ian could relate to Bukbuk for the first time.

‘Bukbuk, I will get you a girlfriend.’

As its master, he felt it was his responsibility.

Regardless of that, Iriel started to talk about the quest, “What does Griffer want from me?”

Ian was still sad, but the quest was more important than the pain of being alone, so he dismissed his

feelings, “He wants me to learn how to make monsters breed from you.”

“Hmm… making monsters breed, I can certainly help you with that. However, could you tell me why

you need to learn that first?”

Ian told her about the quests he got from Griffer and how that went.

He also mentioned that Griffer wanted to breed the ancient monster.

When he finished, Iriel nodded.

She looked much happier, “For that reason, you do need my help.”

“Yes, Iriel.”

“You have done a wonderful thing, Ian.”

She was talking about reviving ancient monsters in Kolonar Continent.

She talked again, “I asked the reason first because… I feared my power might be misused.”


Iriel nodded, “If I give my powers to you, you will be able to make monsters breed. But you would also

be violating the law of nature.”

Ian couldn’t understand exactly what she meant. He waited for her to speak again

“All monsters can breed naturally in pairs. You must know that.”

“I do.”

“However, that process requires a long time. I can give you the power to shorten that time and



Shorten the breeding time.

That sounded quite ‘mysterious’, depending on who heard that. Ian’s cheeks turned red.

‘What-what? That stuff is too hard for me…’

Ian was confused. Therefore, Iriel continued to explain, “I feared that you might misuse the power to

breed monsters like livestock.”

Ian could understand that.

If people could make monsters breed, someone might really try to breed them in farms like livestock.

Ian nodded, “I… see. So, will you teach me that power?”

But there was no way he could get those powers so easily.

As expected, Iriel shook her head, “You are not yet worthy to learn that power.”

“I am not worthy?”

Iriel nodded, “You are a good Summoner, I can see that, but… you need to learn more about love.”

Iriel stuck another dagger at Ian’s heart.

Ian then saw a quest announcement.



Iriel, the caretaker of the Forest of Love and great elf Summoner, wants you to understand love better.

She has a wish that she has kept for long.

Her wish it to make the two fairies, the only ones who are not in a relationship in the Forest, to love

each other!

If you make them fall in love with each other and learn about love, Iriel will be glad to teach you about

her power.

Quest difficulty Level: —

Quest Limit: Only for users who has restored more than one male-female pair of Ancient Monsters’

Soul Stone during the Reviving the Ancient Monster quest. (Summoners only)

Time Limit: Doesn’t exist

Reward: Making Pets Breed skill(Summoners only)

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