Taming Master

Chapter 79

Chapter 79: (6). Ancient Pet -3 (End of Part 3)

“What… is all this?”

Griffer was shocked at seeing the pieces of Soul Stones which Ian poured on his desk.

Ian smiled at seeing that, “Well, as you can see…”

Griffer was right at being shocked.

The quest was about gathering the pieces of only one Soul Stone.

However, Ian had brought more than 50 whole Souls Stones, plus many other pieces.

In total there were hundreds of pieces.

There was a simple reason why Ian had gathered so many Soul Stones.

He had worked hard to get the Halican’s Soul Stone, however, as he had to wait after for another

Halican to appear after killing one, he had hunted all the monsters he saw while he waited.

“This… this many…”

Griffer was dumbfounded, but he soon smiled widely, “You have done much more than I asked…

there was a reason why Orkley sent you to me!”

A few system messages announced the end of the quest.

  • You finished the Reviving the Ancient Monster quest.
  • Clear Level: SSS
  • You gained 20457500 EP.

Ian widely grinned at seeing that he got 30% of the EP necessary for the next level-up. The amount of

EP needed for each level-up had greatly increased as he got close to Lv.100.

‘Ha, it was worth all that trouble!’

Griffer also smiled at seeing Ian’s happiness.

“Follow me. Let us revive the Soul Stones you have brought.”

“Great!” He was already excited to get the ancient reward as the quest’s reward.

‘It would be great if I could get a Halican.’

He had killed it easily at the end, but it was still a Lv.103 Hero rank monster.

It was so powerful that Ian had almost died to it many times when he fought it at first.

‘Its fighting style would be similar to Ly’s and its battle stats proportion would be something between

Ly’s and Rakes.’

Griffer took the dreamy Ian to the deepest part of his laboratory.

There was a huge complicated magic machine.

“Now, shall we begin?”

Griffer started to put the pieces together to make the Soul Stones.

Then, he carefully picked up one completed Soul Stone and put it in the machine.

Ian glanced at the Soul Stone’s information and muttered quietly, ‘That’s Clopsys’ Soul Stone.’

The ancient monster that had bothered Ian with its high Defense Force.

Ian wondered what the revived monster would look like, as it used to be a soul. He looked at Griffer as

he worked.


Griffer activated the device which started to hum and glow in blue.

“Oh…” Without realizing it, Ian exclaimed.

The Soul Stone in the middle of the machine started to float up in the air.

The light in the machine started to be absorbed by the Soul Stone.

Next, the Soul Stone also started to blow in blue and change shape.

“Now, what are you?”

With great expectation, Griffer watched the light as it took the shape of a large monster.

A while later…

The blue light faded and a large Clopsys appeared in front of them.

“It worked! It worked!”

Touched, Griffer stroke the Clopsys while Ian checked the system messages.

  • You have succeeded in reviving the ancient monster Clopsys.
  • You succeeded in reviving an ancient monster(Regular rank). Your Reputation increases by 500.
  • From now on, Clopsys monsters will appear in the Kolonar Continent.

‘Oh! The monster will appear in the fields when revived!’

Ian felt proud of himself.

‘A new monster appeared in the Kolonar Continent thanks to me… it sure feels good.’

Griffer continued to work.

  • You have succeeded in reviving the ancient monster Rakainu.
  • You have succeeded in reviving the ancient monster Pellis.

There were quite a lot of monsters of the same species but, as there were so many Soul Stones, in

total 15 new monsters appeared in the Kolonar Continent.

After reviving various monsters from Regular rank to Unique rank, Ian got 50,000 more Reputation.

‘Raising Reputation has never been so easy…’

Ian felt strange when checking his Reputation, it was almost 500,000.

‘The reputation system is a privilege for users who excel.’

Ian could understand why the ranked users of old classes had an insanely high Reputation.

Soon, as the last reviving started, Ian looked back at the Soul Stone in the machine.


He could never forget that.

He had spent 3~4 days to get the seventh piece of Halican’s Soul Stone.

He could even recognize a piece’s number just by looking at its shape because he had carried them

for so long.


The revived Halican appeared in front of Ian and Griffer.

  • You have succeeded in reviving the ancient monster Halican.
  • You have succeeded in reviving an ancient monster(Hero rank). Your Reputation increases by


  • From now on, Halican monsters will appear in the Kolonar Continent.

As a ghost, Halican used to be a cool tiger but, after being revived, it looked even cooler.

‘Ka! It’s even a white tiger!’

To describe it shortly, Halican was a huge tiger with snow-white fur and red stripes.

“Oh… Halican. I never thought I would get to see this legendary creature!”

Griffer was fascinated by it and so was Ian.

‘I want it!’

Griffer looked at Ian and spoke as if he heard him, “You have done so well, Ian. Thanks to you, this

old man could see the legendary monsters in the books for real.”

Ian replied with compliments that he really didn’t mean so he could get a better reward, “No, Griffer. I

was glad to go on special adventures thanks to you.”

Griffer stretched out his hand. Halican was then drawn to his hand and turned into a white Binding


Ian’s eyes widened.

‘He can do that?! Is it because he is an NPC?’

Griffer spoke again, “I have never seen such a great Summoner like you. So… I would like you to take

this child with you. Will you do that?”

That was what Ian had been waiting for!

As soon as Griffer finished talking, Ian quickly nodded, “Yes, Griffer!”

Griffer smiled and gave the Stone to Ian.

“Here, take it.”

  • You have obtained Halican’s Binding Stone.

Ian grinned widely. He then immediately opened Halican’s information window.


Level: 1

Type: Ancient Monster

Rank: Hero

Character: Violent

Evolution Impossible

Attack Force: 20

Defense Force: 10

Speed: 16

Intelligence: 5

Health: 376/376

Magic: 125/125

Unique Ability

  • Strike

Stuns the enemy for 1 second with a 10% probability when using a basic attack.

  • Wind Guardian

Speed increases counting the amount of Attack Force, Defense Force, and Intelligence put together

for 2 minutes.

(Cooldown time: 20 minutes)

  • Rage of the White Tiger

When Strike is activated and the enemy is stunned, all abnormal condition effects are deactivated and

moving speed increases by 50% for 10 seconds.

Monster that appeared in the ancient legend of Arnobil Empire.

Born with the wind, it has a nimble and brave nature.

It has white fur and red stripes. It is also called Blood Tiger because its red stripes resemble blood.

‘Huh… Lv.1?’

The level was written on the top, so Ian saw that first.

However, Ian wasn’t disappointed about the low level. Rather, his eyes were sparkling.

‘I will finally get to raise it according to the method I have come up with!’

For Ian, the most ideal way of raising a pet was to make the pet gain a level only when its Potential

was 100.

He had known that the pet’s stats would rise more when doing level-ups if its Potential is high.

It would not be possible with a monster that already had a high level when Ian got it, but it could be

applied to the Lv.1 Halican.

‘I will let it stay as Lv.1 until the Training skill raises its potential to 100.’

Ian checked the Halican’s current Potential.

‘Oh, it’s already 70.’

Ian decided to start right away and summoned Halican to use the Advanced Training on it.

“Halican, Summon!”

  • You summoned Halican for the first time. You can give it a name.

‘Oh, right. I have to think of another name…’

The painful naming time came again.

Ian thought for a while and gave it the name ‘Hali’ as it was easy to call.

“Hali, your name is Hali.”


It was a little ‘unexpected’, but Hali liked its name.

  • Hali likes its name.
  • Friendship with Hali increased. Hali’s Loyalty increased by 5.

Ian used the Advanced Training on Hali and continued to read the rest of the information.

‘How much strong his stats would be… I can only find out by raising it…’

He also loved all three Unique Abilities.

‘Now I have a Stun skill, although it’s just for a second.’

Activating the Stun skill at the right time could affect the battle by a lot.

If it is used at the exact moment the opponent uses a skill, it could cancel that skill.

Stopping the opponent from using a skill and canceling a skill were different.

In Kailan, a skill was counted as used the moment you did the motion to activate it, whether it was

canceled or not.

That meant the cooldown time would be applied.

With skills that had a long cooldown time, canceling with the Stun skill would be critical.

‘Good, I will raise it properly.’

Ian smiled with satisfaction.

He had somewhat expected that he would get a Hero rank ancient monster since he worked so hard

to gather the pieces of Halican’s Soul Stone.

But he had never thought that he would get a Lv.1 Hero rank monster.

‘I should take extreme care of him and raise his Potential. I must not summon him on any hunting

grounds or he might accidentally gain a level.’

It would require a lot of effort to raise it from a low level without being able to use it, but if it could

really grow up to Ian’s expectations, all that trouble would be worth it.

‘If I summon only Rake and Hali and slaughter some Lv.80s monsters, Hali would soon reach Lv.70…’

Ian had great hopes about Hali. Griffer then came to Ian.

“Haha, I guess as a Summoner, you are happy to get a great pet.”

“Yes. I think he is very cool, fitting for an ancient monster.”

Ian stroked Hali.

Griffer looked at him and reminded him of something he had forgotten.

“Then could you take out the God Dragon’s Soul Stone, our original goal?”

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