Taming Master

Chapter 61

Chapter 61: (2). Second Evolution -2

Ian logged on to Kailan again. After an hour of riding Ly, he arrived at the Forcal Mountains.

“Ha, I haven’t been here for a while.”

Forcal Mountains was the hunting ground preferred by wide-range users like Archers and Sorcerers.

‘I used to hunt easily here before resetting…’

Forcal Mountains was very steep and had many rocks.

If wide-range attackers got a good spot, a few tankers and some healers they would hunt there easily.

However, it wasn’t a good place to hunt by controlling many pets.

Luckily, Ian had a plan.

‘The place of the Forcal Bandits will do well.’

The Forcal Bandits was more like a dungeon on a field.

The bandits were about Lv. 68~72.

They were smart human type monster AIs who moved in packs, so they were hard to handle.

Therefore, a few users preferred to fight them, but Ian had a better plan.

‘If I use the valley behind their base, it would be the best place to play solo for now.’

There was a narrow valley behind the base of the bandits.

Ian was going to lure them in there and fight.

‘I will make Ly and Big Guy block the entrance of the valley and fire arrows from afar.’

However, it had been at least two months since he hunted there, so he needed to check the area


“Ly, that way.”


Ian could move fast in a rugged terrain on Ly’s back.

As long as he could manage to not fall, Ly would jump and move fast.

Thanks to Ly, Ian arrived at the valley soon. He studied it and smiled with satisfaction.

‘It seems possible enough.’

The valley was a little wider than he remembered, but there was still a way.

Ian came up with a good idea and nodded.

Now, he needed to lure in the bandits.

Ian summoned Big Guy to carry out his plan.

“Big Guy, summon!”


Big Guy was summoned with a loud sound. Ian gave it an order, “Big Guy, go over there and push

that rock this way.”

Big Guy nodded.

There was a rock almost as big as Big Guy where Ian pointed at.

Big Guy went to the rock and struggled to push it into the valley.

‘I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to move it, but it’s all good.’

Then he turned to Ly, “Ly, you see that guards over there?”


Ly could understand Ian as well as a human. It nodded.

Ian continued to explain his plan.

“Move quietly and go near them without getting noticed. I will then shoot arrows to Paralyze them.”

After he started to use the bow, the Lightning Spheres skill was formed at the tip of his arrow.

When he used the knuckles, two Lightning spheres were formed in each hand, but now only one was


However, Ian was still happy. Its shooting range and accuracy rate had increased beyond comparison.

Ly started to approach the guards carefully.

Ian watched Ly as it was slowly approaching the bandits. At the same time, he calculated the best


‘I must hit them both with one arrow to maximize the probability of Paralyzing.’

He had raised the Lightning Spheres’ Proficiency, so now the probability was at 20% of Paralyzing.

However, that wasn’t high enough.

If he could hit them both with one arrow, at least one of them would be Paralyzed with a 36% of


He needed to increase that probability as much as possible.

Moreover, he could use the skill again when the Paralyzing effect occurred, so hitting as many as

possible with one arrow was more important than anything.


Ian found a good spot and pulled his bow.

“Lightning Spheres!”

With that, lightning formed at the arrowhead.

Ian took aim carefully.

He wasn’t an Archer, so there wasn’t a thing like Accuracy Rate Increase.

He had to hit using only his ability.

Ian glanced at Ly.

The moment he saw Ly getting near the guards, he let go.


The arrow left Ian’s bow and was embedded in one of the guard’s back.


  • You hit the enemy with the Lightning Spheres skill. You inflicted 1479 damages to the Bandit Guard.

Ian hoped the four divided electricity spheres to hit the guard next to the one he had hit.

And, as he had calculated, the next guard was hit.

Zip- Zap-!

-The multiplied Lightning Spheres inflicted 527 additional damage to the Bandit Guard.

The Paralyzed effect was applied.

  • Bandit Guard is on Paralyzed mode.
  • Bandit Guard slows down by 30%. He receives 50% additional damage to Lightning type attacks.
  • Lightning Spheres’ cooldown time has been reset.


This was the best scenario.

Once the cooldown time of the skill was reset, another Lightning Spheres was formed at Ian’s


Ian didn’t hesitate to aim at the other guard who wasn’t Paralyzed and let go.


He had hoped for the Paralyzing effect to work again, but he was hoping for too much.

However, at least one of them was Paralyzed and slowed down, so Ian could still fight as he had


“Ly, bite the one that isn’t Paralyzed!”

Ian’s Aiming Weak Spot was activated and Ly immediately attacked.

Of course, Ian didn’t stand by.

Although the Lightning Spheres’ cooldown time hadn’t ended yet, he kept firing arrows.

Ping- Ping-!

  • You inflicted 765 damages to the Bandit Guard.
  • You inflicted 804 damages to the Bandit Guard.

One of the guards was killed in an instant by Ian and Ly’s repeated attack.

A Regular rank enemy whose level wasn’t high was easy to kill.

Next, the remaining guard panicked and shouted.

“Enemy! Enemy!!”

He picked up a club and beat a huge drum.

Boom- Boom-

‘Yes, yes!’

Ian let him beat the drum on purpose.

Then he gave an order to Ly, “Come here now!”


Ly turned back and ran to Ian while the guard started to chase it.

“Stop there, wolf!”

He spotted Ian and huffed as he ran, “Only cowards shoot arrows and hide!”

Ian provoked him more, “You don’t deserve to say that. You summoned all your friends because you

were afraid!”

The bandit’s face turned red, “You… you!”

Ian’s lips curled up, ‘Now, they will all come out!’

If they had been real humans, they would have never been fooled. However, they were just AIs that

weren’t very smart, so Ian’s plan worked perfectly.

Ian Paralyzed the guard using the Lightning Spheres. Its cooldown time had ended.

“Ly, let’s go to that place!”


Ian ran slowly so that the bandits wouldn’t miss him while he headed toward the valley.

He arrived there first and glanced up, Big Guy was still standing there.

“Big Guy, jump down here on my signal.”


Big Guy nodded as Ian added, “Don’t just jump down. You need to crush a few bandits as you jump,


Ian could have just made Big Guy stand in the valley, but he wanted to try something new when he


But then…

Chirp- Chirp-

Chirpy, that had been sitting on Ian’s head and watching Ian give orders, started to fly around Ian,

while Bukbuk came down from Ian’s back and complained at him.

Buk- Bukbuk-!

Ian looked at them. He was confused.

“What is wrong with them?”


Ian didn’t know, but Bukbuk and Chirpy were sad because they couldn’t play the main roles in this

‘cool’ operation!

They envied Big Guy who was about to appear like a hero.

“Bukbuk, stop talking and get on my back.”


As if it was sad, Bukbuk dropped its head. Ian decided to ignore that and put the pet on his back.

The bandits would be here soon. He didn’t have the time to play with Bukbuk.

A while later, he heard dozens of bandits coming.

“Big Guy, get ready.”

Big Guy got ready to jump down as soon as the bandits arrived at the valley.

“How dare you to challenge the Forcal Bandits!”

One of them appeared to be their leader. With him on the front, all bandits came into the valley.

However, their boss, the Bandit Boss, was not with them.

Therefore, Ian was relieved.


Ian got the perfect timing and yelled at Big Guy, “Jump!”

Boom- Boom-

Big Guy started to jump and, because of its weight, the entire valley started to shake.

Bam- Bam-!

With a large sound, Big Guy fell on the bandits.


The bandits screamed at the unexpected situation, while Ian was feeling good at seeing the battle

going as he had planned.

‘That’s it! Human must use their head!’

It was the best plan Ian made since he convinced Bukbuk with the ‘four meatballs in the morning and

three in the evening’ strategy. Ian was very proud of himself.

‘Yes. With this cramped space, I have a chance even if more bandits were to come!’

It was the time to enjoy the fight, “Ly, Frenzy!”

As Ian gave an order to Ly, Big Guy landed on the top of the bandits.


  • Your pet Big Guy inflicted 2340 damages to the Forcal Bandit!

Big Guy’s Attack Force wasn’t that high, but he had attacked by falling on the bandits so, because of

its weight, it still inflicted quite a lot of damage.


However, as Ian was feeling good about it, he saw another message.

  • You pet Big Guy received 2892 damages by falling from a high place.

Ian frowned immediately, ‘What? Well, that’s nothing!’

Big Guy received an even bigger damage than what he inflicted. However, Ian looked at its high

Health then decided that it was not something worth worrying about.

“Big Guy, Ice Wave!”


Big Guy used Ice Wave and its Slowdown effect was activated. The bandits started to panic.

Next, Ian used Lightning Spheres.

Piiing- Zip-!

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