Taming Master

Chapter 598 - The Last Battle 5

Chapter 598: The Last Battle 5

The game of ‘God’s Board’ was being broadcasted live on the YTBC channel.

However, not all of the interested users were watching it through the YTBC channel.

On the contrary, the Ian user enthusiasts were enjoying the broadcast over the Internet rather than on the TV.

By connecting to the channel that was streaming the broadcast, a group of people was watching it.

And the same was happening overseas as well.

Users represented their own countries even overseas, which was why many users were watching the broadcast from the Internet.

The fans, who admired Ian’s plays and other rankers, were going crazy while watching the broadcasts.

That was because of Ian’s godly plays were.

Each step Ian took on the battlefield reached the hearts of the users who were watching it.

[Ian God must be the god of Kailan. If not, this wouldn’t be possible!]

[Oh oh… praise Ian God! They need to be defeated; we have God’s grace…]

[I need to reset my character tomorrow. Why am I using a stupid Magician class when I could be a Summoner?]

[Friend, I don’t think a level 25 magician should say those words.]

[Shut up. Anyway, I’ll stop trying to be a Wizard and change into a Summoner.]

[From what I see, Summoner is just a career, and the class looks like Ian…]

However, in those chats…

There were a few hate comments directed to Ian.

And their hate for Ian seemed to be a lot.

[Tch, that guy is irritating!]

[What did I say? I told you he was suspicious from the start. Huhu…]

[Bro, what are you even talking about? When did you even meet Ian?]

[I did. Maybe you too?]


[The 9th floor of Spirit Dojo. Do you remember the gatekeeper standing there?]

[Shit! Are you talking about the wailing wall on the 9th floor.]

[Yeah. I’m sure that’s him. That’s Ian.]

[Fuck! How many Hero scores have I lost because of him?]

[Phew… Kai hyung…! Just hit that guy and teach him a lesson will ya…!!]

But one way or another, he seemed to have gotten the attention of the whole world.

The final battle of God’s pieces was heading to a climax.

There wasn’t a single scene that could be considered as disappointing. What was happening was indeed the most beautiful battle ever.

And from that battle…

The person who would win would either be Ian or Kai.

The viewers who chatted constantly went silent.

They didn’t want to miss even a single second of the battle.

* * *

Ian and Kai were aiming for each other in the middle of the battlefield.

Breaking of the silence, Kai’s mouth opened.

“After all, this is happening, Ian.”

“What are you talking about?”


Bringing down the sword that was in his hand, Kai slowly walked toward Ian.

And with that, Kai’s words continued, “On the battlefield. You and I have become the battlers.”

However, Ian hadn’t responded to Kai’s statement.

He just smiled a little.

“Why are you smiling?”

At the question from Kai, Ian laughed a little and smiled once again.

Kai stood still for a second and was waiting for Ian’s answer.

Ian then said in a low voice, “You think it is just us two here on the battlefield?”

At the words of Ian, all of his summons began to appear slowly behind him.


After seeing that, Kai shook his head and said, “No, the summons are… well, they are a part of you.”


And once again on the silent field, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

The two began to approach each other.

They stopped at the same time.

“This will be the end, Ian. Do your best… but, I’ll take you down.”


Kai picked up the sword which he put down and aimed for Ian who was in front of him.

After seeing what Kai did, Ian smiled.

“I feel very sorry, but… it doesn’t seem like today’s your day.”


As Ian said those words, a white radiant glow began to emanate from his sword.

And as it emerged around Ian, like before, three swords floated around him.

After seeing the confident expression on Ian’s face, Kai couldn’t help but feel strange.

Kai acknowledged Ian’s greatness, who came this far into the battle, but he couldn’t understand what was the source of his confidence.

‘Why are you still so confident? You don’t even have that much vitality left.’

However, at that moment…

Kai didn’t want to drag the battle any longer.

Ian had already poured out a lot of his strength, and his vitality was almost exhausted. Kai didn’t want to give Ian any more time to recover or take cover.

“Ghost Step…!”

As soon as those words came out of Kai’s mouth, Kai’s shadow got sucked it.

The distance between him and Ian was enough for Kai to reach Ian.

Kai swung his sword with all his might.

No, he tried to swing it but…


Kai couldn’t.

Kai’s body couldn’t move.

“What is this…?”

As Kai was feeling flustered, a sound suddenly entered his ear.

[Dark Bondage…!]

Just as his sword was about to fall, he heard Hoonie’s voice.

Although it seemed to be a bit blunt and emotionless, it surely was Hoonie’s voice.

Kai was so flustered that he wasn’t able to recover from the shock; he then heard Ian’s voice.

“Today… I seem to have won.”


Ian’s form quickly split into three surrounding the area around Kai.

The nine swords that floated around Ian rushed toward Kai.

Slash- Slash-!

And with that…


The final battle of God’s pieces ended.

[The High General of the Devil camp ‘Kai’ received fatal damage!]

[The vitality of user ‘Kai’ has been exhausted.]

[User ‘Kai’ has been summoned outside the battlefield.]


The sky of the battlefield, which was covered with dark clouds, split into two, and white light started to rush in Ian’s direction.

[The Assault Captain of the Celestial army ‘Ian’ has won over the Devil army’s High General ‘Kai’.]

[Celestial army user ‘Ian’ has earned a kill point.]

[The Devil army has lost their army.]

[The battle is over since the High General lost.]

Ian raised his sword after checking the messages.

Additional system messages came in front of Ian that was only meant for him.

[You have accomplished the achievement ‘Legend Begins’.]

And that was Ian’s ‘First Step’ toward the world stage.

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