Taming Master

Chapter 53

Chapter 53: (6). Ian’s Great Performance -2

While Ian watched the first match, he couldn’t take his eyes off from the Assassin.

‘Wow, and it was only the first round of the preliminaries… that Assassin is great. There are many

unknown masters in Kailan. I should be careful.’

Ian was surprised to see the Assassin, but he shook his head when seeing his opponent, Flio.

‘It would be good for his mental health to quit Kailan… how could he swing his big sword when he

doesn’t even know where the invisible opponent is?’

The big sword was the slowest weapon of all and, when failing an attack, the risk was quite big.

Swinging a big sword without thinking in front of an Assassin, the symbol of surprise attacks, was


‘I am sorry for Herss and Clovan…’

Before he reset his character, he used to always mock Herss and Clovan for having a lame control

during their guild hunting.

However, compared to the Knight he had just seen, those two were masters…

However, this was just Ian’s evaluation. It wasn’t universal.

This is because normal players didn’t make detailed plans when playing.

Nevertheless, Ian evaluated all the users in his own perspective, so he was almost always


Ian watched a few more matches, then he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.

The matches were terrible.

‘Oh… my eyes… I hope they are not rotting…’

Ian turned his head away and murmured, ‘I wish I could buy a pair of eyes that didn’t see the

preliminaries of the Rookies’ League…’

Ian had never come to the Arena before.

Ian was a very prideful person when it comes to games, so he didn’t even think of participating in

such Leagues unless he was sure that he would excel.

Before he reset his character, when he was Lv. 50, his schedule didn’t fit with the Rookies’ League

and, when he was about Lv. 90, he needed to compete in Major League. However, he knew that he

didn’t have a chance against the top rankers, so he didn’t dare to participate.

‘It must be this bad because it is the Rookies’ League and the preliminaries.’

Ian hadn’t seen others fight much.

Apart from the regular guild hunting, he only played solo, so he didn’t get to see other users fight


Then, Ian’s name was announced.

  • The next match is ‘Ian’ against ‘Himenes’.
  • The two users, please quickly come down to the waiting room.

Ian heard it and slowly got up.

It was his turn. Finally.

Ian stood at the Arena and looked at his opponent.

He was a Dark Sorcerer.

Ian summoned Ly and Bukbuk, then prepared to fight.

Chirpy had been summoned as well. It was flying aimlessly around Ian.

The only pet Ian hadn’t summoned was Big Guy.

‘I will use him as my hidden card.’

However, loud cheers went up, that couldn’t even be compared with the former matches.


‘What-what? Do they recognize me?!’

Ian was about to feel good.

But then, he heard things that killed all of his expectations.

“It’s Himenes, the No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer!”

“Himenes, don’t show mercy to that Summoner!”

Ian stared at the Dark Sorcerer and clenched his fists.

He suddenly felt a childish jealousy rising inside him.

‘No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer?’

Ian wanted to shout, ‘I am the No. 1 ranked Summoner!’

He felt a fire in his stomach, although not as much as the time when he had to tell professor Lee Jinuk

that he had reset his character.

‘The Dark Sorcerer is nothing!’

Ian was confident that he could handle the No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer.

‘It would have been a problem if it were an Assassin, but there’s no reason for me to not be able to

handle a Dark Sorcerer.’

Ian started to recall all the information he had about the Dark Sorcerer.

‘I just have to be careful about Bone Prison and the wide-range diminishing skills. Skeleton Warriors

are not a problem and I heard that Dark Sorcerers cannot summon more than three Skeleton


Ian was going to go hard as soon as the match started.

Dark Sorcerer had weak Health, even weaker than the Sorcerer’s and Archer’s.

Ian was going to avoid all the obstacle skills like Bone Prison and wide-range curse skills and finish

the player before he summoned the Undead.

“Haha, you must be Ian. Nice to meet you.”

Himenes smiled arrogantly and stretched out his hand.

Or he just looked arrogant to Ian because he already hated him.

‘How can a human being look so… greasy?’

Ian didn’t like Himenes much, but he took his head and bowed lightly.

“Yes, Himenes.”

A system message was announced.

  • The match will begin in 5 seconds.

Ian gave an order to Ly.

“Ly, just go after that Dark Sorcerer as soon as it gets started, okay?”

Growl- Growl-

  • 5… 4… 3…

Ian knew that his opponent would think like that, too.

‘He will come after me.’

Like the Dark Sorcerer, the Summoner was a class that lost easily when the user was killed before the

pets could do anything.

However, Ian had Bukbuk and the Twisting Space skill that could be used to escape in cases of


‘If I Paralyze the enemies with Lightning Spheres and use Big Guy’s Ice Wave, I should be able to

hold on.’

Ian made up his mind and got ready to sprint forward.

  • 2… 1… Begin!

‘Here I go!’

As soon as countdown ended, Ian and Ly ran toward Himenes.


Himenes had thought the early part of the battle would be a fight between pets and Undead, so he

was surprised at seeing Ian coming at him.

“Bone Prison!”

Bones came up from the ground.

However, Ian had anticipated it, so he could avoid the skill easily by seeing the dark energy forming

from the ground.

Ian moved much faster than Himenes had expected.

His stats were far greater than ordinary Lv. 50 users and his battle stats were mostly concentrated on

Speed, so he was as fast as most Assassins.

Ian was close to Himenes now. He focused on him.

  • Aiming Weak Spot skill is activated. The target’s weak spots are highlighted. Accuracy rate

increases by 20%, Fatal blow probability increases by 25%. Inflicts 110% additional damage when

attacking a weak spot.

Ly now knew what to do without even being ordered.

  • Your pet Ly uses the [Frenzy] skill.
  • Ly’s Attack Force and Speed increases by 30% for 15 minutes.
  • Ly’s Defense Force decreases by 30% for 15 minutes.

He had used the enhancing skills in advance.

Ian just needed to attack his startled opponent as planned.

“Stop him! Stop him, you stupid bones!” Himenes screamed.

The moment Ian reached Himenes, more than a dozen Skeletons were summoned in front of him.

“Big Guy, summon!”

Ian took out Big Guy.

Big Guy was slow, so Ian got as close as he could to Himenes before he summoned it.

If he had summoned Big Guy at the beginning, it would have been forced to watch from afar as Ly

and Ian fought.

Big Guy was summoned at the exact moment when the Skeletons stopped Ian.

“Ice Wave!!”

Big Guy used Ice Wave as soon as he was summoned, Ian then used the Lightning Spheres skill on

top of it as usual.

Kukung- Zip zip!

Because of Ice Wave and the Lightning Spheres that spread, five, six Skeletons were stuck in an



The crowd started to cheer here and there.

It had been less than 30 seconds since the match started and they were already fighting directly.

However, Himenes’s white face had gotten even paler.


The Skeletons could only stop Ian, Ly jumped off using Big Guy as a steppingstone and lunged right

at him.

Himenes, who had almost no physical battle ability, could not dodge or block Ly’s attack.

  • Your pet Ly inflicted critical damage to Himenes!

Ly attacked Himenes’s weak spot and a fatal blow was activated.

  • Himenes’s Health decreased by 2576.

Next, Ly’s Unique Ability, Bleeding, was activated. Moreover, because of the Frenzy skill, Ly’s Attack

Force was increased.

  • Himenes is on Bleeding mode. He receives 515 damages per second for 10 seconds.
  • Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to Himenes. Ly’s Attack Force increases additionally for 5


Doubled enhancing skills and a fatal blow.

Himenes was surprised.

‘That-that crazy wolf! How can the wolf of a Summoner who plays in the Rookies’ League inflict 3000

as damage?!’

Ly was so powerful, even more than a Lv. 70~80 Shadow Wolf.

Himenes’s Health and Defense Force was too small to endure Ly’s maximized Attack Force.

  • Himenes’s Health decreases by 3157.
  • Himenes’ Health decreases by 3381.

“Uh… uh!?’

Himenes was so surprised that he couldn’t even counter properly.

He couldn’t even activate Dark Shield, one of the Dark Sorcerer’s Unique Skills.

He lost more than 9000 Health in seconds and was displaced from the Arena before he could do


This would have not happened if he had used the Dark Shield that absorbed damaged according to

the Dark Sorcerer’s Magic.

  • The player Himenes’s Health is below 5%. He will be displaced from the Arena.
  • The player Ian wins the match.
  • He received double the score because it was a Perfect Game.

Next, the 20 Skeletons that had been summoned turned into dust.

The Arena was deadly quiet, just like when it had been during Limlong and Flio’s match.

No, people were even more shocked.

Himenes, the No. 1 ranked Dark Sorcerer, had been one of the powerful potential winners of this


“No… way…”

What had happened was so shocking that even the reporters in the game broadcasting stations

momentarily forgot to talk.

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