Taming Master

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: (4). Ian’s Achievement -5

Ian went to the entrance of the Trading Center where an NPC smiled brightly and said, “Contribution

Trading Center. How can I help you?”

It was a female NPC with long, pointy ears like those of an elf’s. She was beautiful. It made even Ian

feel happy, “Oh, I came to see the artifacts inside.”

“I see. Can I have your name? I will check your current Contribution point.”

Ian nodded, “It’s Ian.”

“Okay, Ian, please wait for a moment.”

The NPC entered something into the magic sphere floating in front of the entrance. She was surprised

and came back to Ian.

“Oh, you are the Pioneer!”

The NPC suddenly turned very friendly. Ian nodded, a little confused, “Eh… yes. How much is my


“Your Contribution is 5000, Pioneer.”

“Aha, I see.”

It was just as Ian remembered.

Actually, he hadn’t done anything to get more Contribution points after he received the 5000

Contribution by reaching Lv. 50, so it was only natural.

“Please come here, Ian. There are many artifacts and skill books you can get using your Contribution


“Okay, thank you.”

The NPC took Ian inside the Trading Center where she smiled and lightly bowed her head, “Ian, take

your time to look around and tell me when you find something you want.”

“Okay, I will.”

The NPC went back to her designated location while Ian started to see the items inside the Center.

Ian’s level was not high yet, so he could only see some of the items, but it was still a huge amount.

“No user has gotten an item from here so far.”

It had been less than two days since the Tower was built so there couldn’t be another user who had

any Contribution.

Class quests took some time, even the simplest ones required more than a day.

Ian picked up items one by one to check their options.

‘Oho, this is similar to the knuckle I just bought on auction!’

It was ‘Ancient Summoner’s Steel Sword’.

Its name, level limit and options were very similar to those of Ian’s knuckle.

Ian checked the necessary Contribution point written in front of the item.

‘Hum, 350 Contribution? This item’s value is 350 Contribution.’

About 200~400 Contribution was given when doing a B rank quest given at the Tower.

So, 350 Contribution wasn’t that big.

Ian suddenly recalled the ‘Dragon Tamer’s Feather Accessory’ which he was wearing right now.

‘Is there any item here that is just as good?’

Regardless of its option, the Dragon Tamer’s Feather Accessory was a Legend rank item.

Legend rank items were very rare. He had seen them only a few times before he reset his character

while he saw them only a couple of times at the Trading Center of the Tower of Archers.

‘I was about… Lv. 80 when I saw a Legend rank item at the Tower of Archers for the first time.’

The higher your level was, the more frequently you could see high-rank items at the Trading Center.

Ian thought once more that he needed to gain levels quickly.

He worked hard to examine the items in the Center, but they were only as good as each other.

It was only natural, as he was only Lv. 50.

“Hmm… I’m done here now…”

He had found a few good items, but it would be better to search the auction house to buy them.

He thought it would be wiser to save his Contribution points and trade them for better items later.

‘I should go to the next room.’

The next room was the room with the skill books.

He wanted to get at least one good skill book.

‘Let’s start with an Attack skill.’

Summoners had fewer Attack skills and Ian’s Taming Master class’ skills were mainly for Taming


As a result, Ian had no Attack skill.

Fighting by using pets he had raised well was fun, but participating in battles was just as fun, too.

So, Ian was thinking of buying an Attack skill.

“Veil of Fire? It sounds like a Sorcerer’s skill. Why is it here?”

He took it out and read about it.

[Veil of Fire]

Category: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv. 0

Skill Rank: Rare

Proficiency: 0%

Usage: 20 Spirit Magic

Cooldown Time: 3 minutes

Temporarily creates a Veil of Fire by summoning the fire spirit.

When blocking an enemy’s attack with the Veil, it will absorb 350% of the damage according to the

Summoning Magic and give back 200% of the Fire damage.

Required condition of learning: It can be learned only after learning the passive skill ‘Summoning

Spirit of Fire’.

Ian’s two eyes sparkled, “Oho, that is how Spirit Magic and Summoning Magic are used!”

He found out the usage of the two class stats he had gotten when he reached Lv. 50.

Summoning Magic determined the Attack Force of Attack Magic, and Spirit Magic was used to

activate skills.

It was like Sorcerers’ mana.

‘Let’s see. How high are my stats?’

Ian opened his statistics window to check the stats.

‘Summoning Magic is at 500 points while Spirit Magic is 100 points… hmm, so if I use this skill now, it

will absorb a maximum of 1750 damages, and give back 1000 as damage. I will be using 1/5 of the

Spirit Magic points I have.’

The skill was not bad.

However, considering its 3 minutes cooldown time, it wasn’t a great skill, either.

‘Shall I see other skills as well?’

Ian checked a few more skills.

After that, he soon reached a conclusion.

‘Summoner’s Attack Magic are mostly based on summoning spirits. It would be important to decide

which type of spirits to summon.’

Before he chose an Attack Magic, he needed to decide the element of the spirits he would summon

by using passive skills.

‘Fire and Ice are good too… but I find the Lightning element more appealing…’

Ian picked up the ‘Summoning Lightning Spirit’ skill and thought about it.

‘I think I should be able to find other pets that can use the other elements’ attacks’

Ian already had an Ice type pet: Big Guy.

As for elements like Fire and Earth, he could think of many monsters to Tame and use, however, he

couldn’t think of a Lightning type monster.

‘Let’s buy a Lightning type Attack Magic now.’

It wasn’t like he couldn’t learn the other elements’ Spirit Summoning because he learned the Lightning

Spirit Summoning. Ian quickly made up his mind.

‘Hmm, I need to spend 500 Contribution points.’

Ian picked up the ‘Summoning Lightning Spirit’ skill book and started to go through it.

He soon also found a good Attack Skill.

[Lightning Spheres]

Category: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv. 0

Skill Rank: Hero

Proficiency: 0%

Usage: 15 Spirit Magic

Cooldown Time: 1 minute

Creates spheres of lightning in both hands by summoning the Lightning Spirit.

Throw the spheres at the enemy and they will inflict 250% of the used Summoning Magic. Then, they

will divide into four and start bouncing in different directions. If the sphere then his something, like an

enemy or something nearby it will start bouncing again and will disappear after 5 seconds.

The enemy who is hit by the spheres will be on ‘Paralyzed’ mode for 20 seconds with a 15% of


Required condition of learning: It can be learned only after learning the passive skill ‘Summoning

Lightning Spirit’.

Required activation condition: It can be activated after the Lightning Spirit has been summoned.

When ‘Paralyzed’ mode is activated, the skill’s cooldown time is reset.

The skill’s Attack Force itself was lower than other Hero rank Attack skills’, however, Ian liked the

Lightning Spheres the most.

‘Its Attack Force isn’t enough, but it isn’t my style to fight by mainly relying on Attack Force, so…’

He thought the skill would be very useful because it could inflict damage to multiple enemies and set

them on ‘Paralyzed’ mode.

Additionally, if he got lucky and the ‘Paralyzed’ mode, which had a 15% probability of activating, was

repeatedly activated, the skill’s cooldown time would be reset. He then could use the skill many times.

‘If I hit many enemies simultaneously, would I be able to keep using the skill?’

If he hit many enemies, at least one of them should activate the ‘Paralyzed’ effect.

If he got lucky and ‘Paralyzed’ mode was repeatedly activated, he would be able to use the skill 6

times in a row.

He couldn’t be sure, because he didn’t use that yet, but it definitely looked like a great skill.

‘It’s worth the Contribution points.’

The skill was worth 1200 Contribution points.

However, Ian picked it up without hesitating.

Ian went out with the two skill books. The NPC at the entrance came to him, smiling, “Oh, have you

finished, Ian?”

“Yes. I want these two.”

Ian gave her the skill books. The NPC looked at them for a while and said, “Hmm, let’s see. They are

worth 1700 Contribution points in total.”

Ian nodded, “Okay, I will use that.”

“You have chosen really good skills. Is there anything you want more?”

Ian wanted to save the 3300 Contribution he had left, so he had no more business there, “No, I will

come back later.”

“Okay. Please come back!”

Ian traded the 1700 Contribution points for two skill books and left the Tower of Summoners.

Then he immediately used the books to learn both skills.

  • You used a skill book to learn ‘Summoning Lightning Spirit’ skill.
  • You used a skill book to learn ‘Lightning Spheres’ skill.

With those two messages, a little spark formed in front of Ian’s eyes.

“Uh? What’s this?”

Ian looked with interest while a yellow spark gathered.

The spark became bigger and bigger until it formed a shape.


  • You summoned Lightning Spirit for the first time. You can give the Spirit a name.

Ian stared at the Lightning Spirit.

It was very cute. It looked a lot like a little sparrow.

“Umm… your name is…”

Ian tried to think of a name, but the summoned Spirit started to fly around and sing.

Chirp- Chirp-

At that moment, its name was decided.

“Chirpy, I should name you Chirpy.”

Ian liked names that were simple and easy to say.

Therefore, he named the Spirit after the sound it made.

  • Lightning Spirit’s name is Chirpy.

Ian was satisfied with his own naming sense. He then called Chirpy.

“Chirpy, come here.”

He stretched out his hand. The yellow, small bird that had been flying around aimlessly quickly came

and sat on Ian’s hand.

Chirp- Chirp-

Chirpy made sounds that were different from ordinary baby birds’, probably because of its sparks.

‘Is it saying zip- zip? Is it really a Lightning Spirit?’

Chirpy made a sound that was between a bird’s singing and lightning sparking. Ian smiled, “He

doesn’t require the Leadership stat.'”

That was what he liked the most.

Chirpy looked up at him with its twinkling eyes. Ian checked its information.

[Chirpy (Lightning Spirit)]

Spirit Power: 0/1000

Element: Lightning

Rank: Low

Duration Time when summoned: 375 minutes (cooldown time to re-summoning: 500 minutes)

It will evolve into a high rank Spirit when its Spirit Power reaches Max.

(Spirit Power increases when using Summoning Magic of Lightning element.)

The higher the Summoner’s Summoning Magic is, the longer the Duration Time of the Spirit becomes.

The information was quite simple.

Ian smiled sourly, ‘Then, he is no good in battles…’

Chirpy seemed to be useless in battles.

He hadn’t expected much because Chirpy was so small and cute. Still, he felt a little bitter.

‘No wonder he doesn’t require the Leadership stat… then Chirpy is just needed to use the

Summoning Magic of Lightning element.’

It was disappointing, but it was also promising.

Chirpy would evolve into a high rank Spirit when its Spirit Power reaches Max, so no one knew what

kind of abilities it would get in the future.

‘Starting with a strong one is all good, but the true fun lies in raising a weak one.’

Ian thought positively like that and moved, “Now, shall I go to meet the Emperor?”

Ian’s feet were light as he left the Square to meet the Emperor.

The Imperial Palace wasn’t far from Flinor Square.

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