Taming Master

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: (3). Unknown Dungeon -4

“Big Guy, Ly, scatter to both sides!”

The Black Breath came out of the Chaos Drake’s mouth.

Ian quickly turned its back.

Kwang- Kwawkakwang-

With a large explosion, a few system messages appeared.

  • You have been attacked by the Chaos Drake’s Breath.
  • Your Health decreased by 1795.
  • Your pet Bukbuk received critical damage.
  • Bukbuk’s Health decreased by 578.

He defended himself using Bukbuk’s shell. Still, the Breath was spread wide and he received some


Although Bukbuk blocked most of the damage, he lost more than 1/3 of his Health.

‘Bukbuk’s Health decreased by 500!?’

Bukbuk was using its Enlarging skill, so to receive 500 as damage wasn’t a large amount.

However, Bukbuk had gotten 500 of damage despite its great Defense Force. It meant one proper

blow would kill Ian immediately.

‘If that thing was similar to Ghost Drakes, its Defense Force and Health must be weak…’

Ian gave orders to his pets.

He was going to do his best, whether he ended up being killed or not.

“Big Guy, Ice Wave! Ly, use Frenzy and attack from behind!!”

Ian lunged at the Drake in the front to make it focus on himself.

  • Aiming Weak Spot skill is activated. Target’s weak spots are shown. Accuracy rate increased by

19%. Fatal blow probability increased by 23.5%. Inflict 97% additional damage when attacking weak


Ian used all the skills he could and attacked the Drake.

Then, it swung its massive tail.


Big Guy couldn’t avoid it in time. The tail hit Big Guy with a huge sound. It received great damage.

  • Your pet Big Guy received fatal damage.
  • Big Guy’s Health decreased by 4782.


Ian was surprised.

The Chaos Drake was even stronger than what he had expected.

“This is crazy!! I know that’s a Lv. 70 boss monster, but this is way too much!’

One or two blows like that would kill Big Guy instantly.

‘I must dismiss Big Guy!’

The Chaos Drake was massive, so it was a little slow compared to its power.

Ian and Ly had high Speed so they could avoid its attacks, but Big Guy was way too slow to avoid it.

If Big Guy were to die in one or two blows, it wouldn’t be of much help. Ian made a decision and

dismissed Big Guy.

“Big Guy, dismiss!”

Big Guy turned into a white light and disappeared.

While Ian was dismissing Big Guy, Ly bit the Chaos Drake’s shoulder.

  • Your pet Ly inflicted critical damage to Chaos Drake!

A fatal blow was inflicted when attacking a weak spot.

Ly had worked the most with Ian’s Aiming Weak Spots skill. It never missed the highlighted weak


  • Chaos Drake’s Health decreased by 1776.

Ly’s Unique Ability, Bleeding, was activated.

  • Chaos Drake is on Bleeding mode. It receives 355 damages per second for 10 seconds.

That wasn’t the end.

Ly’s Frenzy skill had been activated, so its Attack Force increased additionally.

  • Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Chaos Drake. Ly’s Attack Force increases for 5 seconds!

Ly’s Attack Force was maximized for a moment thanks to the enhancing skills and the fatal blow

attack. It repeatedly attacked the Chaos Drake.

  • Chaos Drake’s Health decreased by 1352.
  • Chaos Drake’s Health decreased by 2087.

The Drake shrieked in a painful voice.


It had received more than 5000 of damage in an instant, but it countered fiercely.


With a heavy sound of the wind, the Drake swung its tail again. Ly managed to jump and avoid the


  • Your pet Ly hit the wall. Its Health decreased by 217.

Ly avoided the attack, but it hit the wall and rolled on the floor. The Drake saw this and moved to

attack again.

“Ly! Be careful!”

However, it looked like Ly wouldn’t be able to avoid the attack this time. The Drake continuously

attacked before Ly could even stand up.

A proper blow of the Drake would destroy all of Ly’s Health.

Ian wouldn’t let that happen.

“Twisting Space!!”

Ian yelled. The skill was activated as Ly and Ian changed places.

Ian put Bukbuk’s shell toward the Drake’s foot as it came to hit him.

Chaos’ Drake’s talons hit Bukbuk’s shell.

  • Your pet Bukbuk received critical damage.
  • Bukbuk’s Health decreased by 118.

‘Why is this dam Drake’s every attack a fatal blow!!’

Ian complained but, on the other hand, he was relieved to see that Bukbuk lost only 100 of its Health.

Bukbuk’s Defense Force was truly mighty.

“Ly, bite it!!”

While the Drake was focusing on Ian, Ly, which was behind the Drake now, lunged at its neck.

  • Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Chaos Drake!
  • Chaos Drake’s Health decreased by 2576.

It was a fatal blow again, however, the Drake still looked fine. It probably had more than half of its

Health left.

Then, the Drake’s tail came again.

This time, it was aimed at Ian.


Ian managed to turn his back on time and block the attack, but he was thrown to the wall because of

the strength. So, he had to roll on the floor.

  • You hit the wall. Your Health decreased by 521.

Ian closed his eyes tight.

The Lv.70 Hero rank monster was truly powerful.

‘Hu, I guess I cannot win this time. I didn’t want to die, but…’

He thought about the EP that would be lost with the Game Over and the 24-hour access limit penalty.

All the energy then drained out of his body.

‘But I have to save Ly.’

Ian stretched out his hand to dismiss Ly.

He knew he could inflict a little more damage to the Drake, but he didn’t want to be reckless and lose


Then, something amazing happened.

Ly repeatedly bit Chaos Drake’s neck.

  • Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Chaos Drake!
  • Chaos Drake’s injury has been hit. Damage increased by 36%.
  • Chaos Drake’s Health decreased by 3269.


Ian had never seen any system message like that.

‘Additional damage is given when attacking the injured part again! Why didn’t I know this till now?’

Actually, Ian couldn’t have known about it.

The additional damage wasn’t given by just attacking the same part again.

The system messages didn’t explain kindly, but that was an additional effect that was given only when

there was Bleeding, Ly’s Unique Ability.

Meanwhile, the Drake had received massive damage. Therefore, it screamed in pain.


Its name finally started to blink slowly.

It meant the Drake’s Health had gone down below 50%.

Nevertheless, Ian sighed.

It meant he had drained only half of the Drake’s Health.

He and his pets had inflicted him great damage, but it still had about half of its Health left.

Ian thought rationally.

He didn’t have time to recover his Health with First Aid and his body would get too heavy if the battle

continued for long. Then, he wouldn’t be able to avoid the Drake’s attacks.

“Ly, you’ve done well. Dismiss!”

Ian dismissed his pet.

He had to minimize the losses.

Ly disappeared in a white light.

Next, Ian ‘humbly’ accepted Game Over.

‘Uh… 1 level down and I wouldn’t be able to log in for 24 hours…’

Ian thought about the death penalties over and over.

To him, the 24-hour access limit was worse.

He would be wasting 1 day of his First Finder of Dungeon effect.

However, the moment Ian gave up-!

-Ooh… you are impressive.

The old man, who had been watching the battle, waved his staff in the air.

The Chaos Drake, which was about to attack Ian, turned into a white light and dissolved.

A few System messages came up.

  • You cleared the Dungeon of Chaos.
  • You gained 174320 EP.
  • You have leveled-up. You have reached Lv. 44.

Ian was dumbfounded.


At the same time, he nodded.

The Chaos Drake wasn’t put in the dungeon to be killed.

‘Anyway, I got such a small amount of EP. Less than 200,000, even with the First Finder effects…’

He did level-up, but it wasn’t because clearing the dungeon gave him a lot of EP. Instead, it was

because it was about time for him to level-up.

‘That amount of EP was worth for about 50 Ghost Drakes.’

Ian relaxed. He then plopped down on the floor. The old man slowly came to him.

He looked very excited.

  • Great! Great! You have fought so well against the Drake!

However, Ian looked at him with blank eyes and muttered.

“I am not great. I lost.”

  • No, no. That was a pet you couldn’t beat in the first place.

Ian didn’t know what to think.

‘What the…’

To Ian, it sounded like the old man was mocking him.

But whatever his thoughts were, the old man continued to talk.

  • What is your name?

Ian answered, “Jinsung… no, Ian.”

  • I see. Ian.

The old man stroked his beard.

  • Congratulations. You have passed my test.

Ian spoke bluntly.

“A test?”

The old man, Orkley, nodded.

  • Yes, a test.


  • Would you like to be taught by me?

Ian was startled at the unexpected offer and an even more startling message appeared.

[The Path of the Dragon Tamer]

Orkley, the legendary Dragon Tamer, was impressed by your Summoning skills.

He wants you to take the path of the Dragon Tamer.

Accept his offer and you can become ‘Dragon Tamer’.

Difficulty: —

Reward: Become a Summoner(Dragon Tamer)

  • Would you like to accept?

You will lose your current class when accepting the offer.

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