Taming Master

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: (Bonus Story). Bukbuk’s day


In a dark cave deep under the Lake of the Abyss.

A turtle with an unusually big head swum out from it.

Buk- Buk

It was the Abyss Turtle, guardian of the Lake of the Abyss.

Today, it was going to go up to the Island and eat some Abyss Moss, a delicacy it loved to eat.

‘Buk! I must pay attention to find some soft moss that is chewy but also melts in the mouth, buk!’

It recalled the taste of the moss. It already had a joyous look as it crawled out of the water.

‘I will go farther today, buk.’

Even though it was lazy and didn’t like to move around, today, it decided to go on an adventure to find

more delicious food.

It was a cool turtle that loved adventures!

Buk- Buk-

The turtle started to crawl, making a weird bukbuk sound.

However, after crawling for a long time, it spotted someone coming toward it.

‘Buk? Ugly human, buk!’

It got a little tense, but it didn’t stop.

It didn’t think that anyone would be brave enough to fight the Abyss Turtle.

However, a while later, the human approached it and poked its shell with his staff.

‘Buk! How dare you touch me, buk!’

The turtle glared at the human and hid in its shell in a flash.

“What is this thing?”

The man looked dumbfounded and blankly stared at the turtle.

‘I am on my way to eat delicious moss, buk! Don’t bother me and go away, bukbuk!’

The turtle wished for the man to go away and complained quietly.

The man didn’t leave, instead, he used a strange spell.


A white light came out of his hand and reached the turtle.

It didn’t like that strange feeling.

‘Buk! Annoying, buk!’

The turtle refused the light which then scattered. The man muttered, surprised.

“What? This has never happened before!”

The turtle thought it would be good if the man would leave it alone.

Then, the man raised its staff and struck the turtle’s shell.


The turtle wasn’t hurt much, but it was very offended.

‘Buk! How dare you hit me!’

The man mumbled, confused, and repeatedly struck the shell.

“Did I strike too weakly?”

Pak- Pak- Pak-

However, the turtle could only feel some meaningless banging.

‘Annoying! Annoying, buk!’

The man got even more confused, “What is this?”

He then swung his staff again.


But nothing happened.

“What is this thing?” The man muttered again.

His wolf came near and tilted its head.


“Ly, try biting it.”

The wolf came to the turtle and bit its shell.


The turtle was outraged at this.

‘You’re making scratches on my shell, buk! Somebody take these guys away, bukbuk!!’

But the turtle’s shell was hard.

The wolf yelped because its teeth were hurt.

The man had tried enough, he could give up now. However, he suddenly crutched down in front of the


‘Why is he still here, buk!’

The turtle yearned for the chewy and soft Moss. But it couldn’t go out of its shell because of the weird

human. It made it angry.

Then, the human, who had been thinking something, suddenly stood up.

He took something out of his bag.

Sniff- Sniff, sniff-

Soon, a delicious smell reached the turtle’s nose.

‘Buk-? What is this smell, buk!’

The turtle looked out of its shell.

There was a round chunk piece of meat that it had never seen before.

“Turtle, this is really delicious. You will regret it if you don’t come out!”

The man started to tempt the turtle.

It thought hard.

‘It does look really delicious. Buk! It might taste even better than moss, buk!’

The turtle waited to eat the meat after the man went away.

But things didn’t go to plan, the man kept waiting.

‘Buk! I want it, buk!’

The turtle was feeling tormented.

It wanted to stretch its head out and bite a mouthful of that meat.

But he was worried that the human might attack it if it stretched its head out.

‘Buk! It’s so hard to resist! Bukbuk!’

But the delicious smell that he had never experienced for 20 years of its life was too much of a

temptation for a gluttonous turtle like it.

In the end, the turtle finally gave up and stretched its head out.

It glanced at the man.

He didn’t move, therefore, it opened its mouth.


The turtle was greatly shocked by the meatball.

‘This… this is! It tastes wonderful, buk!’

The meatball was even softer than the moss and it had spices that smelled like heaven.

The turtle devoured the meatball.

It had already forgotten about the human standing in front of it.

‘Ah, this is more delicious than king prawns, buk!’

The turtle finished the meatball.

It went back into its shell and enjoyed the aftertaste the meatball left in its mouth.

Just one piece was too small.

‘More… I want more, buk!’

Then, the man moved away a little and put down another meatball.

As soon as the turtle saw that from its shell, it lost all of its self-control.


The turtle stretched its head out.

Then, the man spoke to it.

“Turtle, you must come here to eat this.”

The turtle hurried to crawl to the meatball.

Buk- Buk- Buk-

‘Buk, it will taste so good, buk.’

The turtle was excited about eating one more meatball.

However, when it finally reached the meatball,

The man’s hand flew in.

And the turtle’s eyes widened.

The meatball was taken away right in front of its eyes!

It glared at the man, who only grinned.

“Come with me if you want to eat this.”

It was so childish and mean.

The turtle shook its shell.

Buk- Buk-!

‘That’s too mean, buk! Give me back my meatball, buk!’

It made a sound to protest, however, the man was not an easy opponent.

“Turtle, come with me. I will give you a lot of delicious things.”

It was tempted.

‘Buk? You have more of that delicious meat, buk?’

However, the turtle soon turned its head away.

The meatball tasted good, but it was the pride of the Lake of the Abyss, it could not allow itself to be

tempted so easily.

The man smiled and used the Capturing skill.


The white light came to the turtle again.

It instinctively knew that if it accepted that light, it would have to follow the man.

‘Buk… this is too tempting, buk.’

The turtle thought about accepting it for a second, but it then refused the light.

The man tried to negotiate again.

“Turtle, don’t you want to eat this?”

He picked up the meatball and shook it.

The turtle couldn’t help turning its head to look at it.

“You think you can find something more delicious than this on this barren land?” The man continued,

“I can give you even tastier things.”

Even tastier things!

The turtle’s eyes shook weakly.

Buk- Bukbuk-

The man was very persuasive.

‘I will never get another meatball if I don’t follow this ugly human, buk!’

Then, the man put his hand on his head to think.

He muttered, “Ha, I would be losing a lot,”

He took out two more meatballs.

At this, the turtle’s eyes widened.

“I will give you three meatballs right after you enter into a bond with me!”

The moment the turtle saw the three meatballs, it lost all of its self-control.

As if its crawling short legs suddenly became longer, it ran to stand in front of the man.

It raised its head toward the meatballs.

Buk- Bukbuk-!

‘Buk! Take me with you, buk! Give me meatballs, buk!’

The man used the skill again, smiling mischievously.


A light came out of his hand and it flew to the turtle. This time, it decided to accept that power.

Then, it was sucked into somewhere by the unknown power.

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