Taming Master

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: (2). The Snowy Mountains of Crupia -1

Malona was the only village that was near the North Continent.

It had been almost desolate before the update, but now, it was full of energy.

It was because of many expeditions that had gathered to explore the North Continent which had been

opened recently.

The Malona’s central square was full of people forming parties.

“Looking for someone who will explore the Gargoyle Tower! Knight of Lv. 80 or higher, please send

me a message”

“Forming a party to attack Mamus! We have 10 users of Lv. 90 or higher. Will leave right away when

two Priests and three long-range attackers join us!”

Ian arrived at Malona by using the travel gate. He was surprised to see so many people here.

‘I’ve heard that more and more expeditions are going to the North Continent… there are so many


But Ian wasn’t interested in getting a party, so he went straight to the Snowy Mountains of Crupia.

Besides, there was no one who would let a low-level user like Ian join their party.

‘I hope there aren’t too many people on the Mountains…’

If the Mountains of Crupia were so crowded like Malona, Ian’s plans would be disturbed greatly.

Ian summoned Ly.


Ian stroke Ly’s mane and lightly got on its back.

The Snowy Mountains of Crupia was far away, so he had to ride Ly to save time.

‘And Ly wouldn’t draw too much attention here.’

Among high-level users, there were many who had artifacts with pets that could be ridden.

Artifacts with pets that could be ridden on, but were not strong in a fight, were very expensive.

However, they were far less expensive than artifacts with monsters for battle.

Players who were part of attack parties rode on all kinds of monsters while they were on their way to

raid Mamus.

So, in the North Continent, riding Ly didn’t draw much attention.

“Ly, let’s go! That way!”

Ian had gotten used to riding Ly, so he could comfortably sit on him.

And thanks to that, Ly could run even faster now.

After about 30 minutes, Ian arrived at the Snowy Mountains of Crupia.

As Ian had hoped, there weren’t many people here.

‘What? Why is it so desolate here? There are only a few parties!’

Ian was a little surprised as he had thought there would be users everywhere as the new Continent

was hot these days.

But actually, the Snowy Mountains of Crupia was not a place people would be interested in.

That was because players who explored the North were at least at Lv. 80.

Users who would come to the Mountains of Crupia would be users looking for a Lv.50~60 hunting

ground, however, there were already many well-known hunting grounds at those levels.

Additionally, it was very cold on the Mountains of Crupia. Plus, it had just been opened, so there were

unknown monsters there.

Users didn’t have to take risks in coming here when there were so many good hunting grounds on the

warm South Continent.

But Ian wasn’t about to do that ordinary kind of hunting.

‘It’s a bit dangerous, but I would get great EP if I found a new dungeon…’

To players who found instant dungeon for the first time, great rewards were given: the EP and the

probability of getting an item doubled for 5 days.

Ian had come all the way to the new Continent for that.

Of course, ordinary users all knew about this.

But they didn’t take the risk because if they died while trying, their levels would degrade by 1 and get

a penalty of access limit for 24 hours.

The few parties on the Mountains would be users who had a strange gaming style like Ian.

“Well, all the better for me.”

Ian looked for a good place to battle.

He went in deep into the Mountains where there were no people.

Ian found a nice spot and summoned Big Guy.

“Big Guy, summon!”

The Golem was summoned with a white light.

‘Uh… but do I need to summon Bukbuk?’

It was clearly troublesome.

Clearly, Bukbuk wouldn’t be much of a help in fighting and gaining EP.

‘But he has the Evolution Possible option and he is a rare monster that had never been known. I

cannot give up on him.’

Ian was planning to raise him, make him evolve and finally use him. So, it would be better to raise its


‘1/3 of EP or 1/4 of EP. It wouldn’t make that big of a difference! I can hunt more. if he turns out to be

completely useless, I should use Bukbuk to lure in monsters.’

Insufficient EP can be filled with hunting.

Ian made up his mind and summoned Bukbuk.

“Bukbuk, summon!”


‘Why does he make that weird sound every time I summon it?’

Bukbuk looked around.

And it crawled to Ian as soon as it spotted him.


Buk- Bukbuk-

Ian’s eyes met Bukbuk’s.

And soon he realized what it wanted.

“Hu, wait a second.”

Ian took out meatball.

‘It’s good that I got plenty of these from Harin.’

Ian had asked Harin to make more meatballs because Ly and Bukbuk loved them.

So, he had a lot of these meatballs.

Ian gave one to Ly.

Big Buy seemed incapable of eating food, probably because it was a Golem.

Bukbuk finished its meatball. It felt good and crawled to Big Guy.

It was glad to see Big Guy because they had been neighbors.

Ian smiled to see Bukbuk crawling around Big Guy’s feet.

“Big Guy, put him on your shoulder.”

Big Guy put Bukbuk on Bukbuk and glanced at it.

Ian laughed.

‘Bukbuk is very cute… I wonder what it would become after evolving.’

Ian then realized that he had one more thing to do before starting to hunt.

‘Ly’s Potential must have reached 20 by now.’

Ian was going to bestow a skill on Ly with the Pet Bestowing Skill which he had learned when he

reached Lv. 30.

‘Let’s check the skill’s information again first.’

He couldn’t recall it well as he had had no chance to use the skill.

Ian decided to read it once more before he used the skill.

[Pet Bestowing Skill]

Category: active skill

Skill Level: Lv.0

Proficiency: 0%

Cooldown Time: 24 hours

– Your pet will receive a random skill.

– 20 Potential points of the pet will be used when giving a skill. If you are going to bestow a new skill

to the pet, the first skill gained will be changed into the new skill.

– A higher level and proficiency of the skill will increase the probability of your pet receiving a high-

class skill.

‘Ha, I should have raised this skill’s Proficiency…’

Ian scowled himself for not thinking of this earlier.

He had made a serious mistake at not reading the skill’s information properly because Lukin

approached him right after he got the skill.

‘But how do I raise its Proficiency? Um… should I capture any monster with Potential, bestow a skill

on it, and release it once a day?’

He couldn’t waster his pets’ Potential so it would be better to capture new monsters with Potential and

bestow skills on them.

‘I can find monsters with Potential quickly with my Expert titles…’

He had the Wolf Expert title and Golem Expert title, so if he captured wolfs or golems whose names

shone in gold even faintly, they would have at least 20 Potential.

Ian made a plan and called Ly.

He had to bestow a skill on Ly first.

“Ly, come here.”

Growl- Growl-

Ian stroke Ly’s head and used the skill.

“Bestow skill!”

Then, Ly’s body glowed white for a moment and the light faded away.

– You used Pet Bestowing Skill on Ly.

– Ly’s Potential had decreased by 20.

– Your pet Ly received [Frenzy] skill.

With that, information about Ly’s new skill came up.


Category: active skill

Skill Rank: Rare

Cool Time: 3 hours

Attack Force and Speed increases by 30% for 15 minutes, Defense Force decreases by 30%.

Additionally, Attack Force increases by 30% when inflicting fatal damage to the enemy on Frenzy


A decent skill had been created.

The skill had options that could maximize Ly’s fighting style.

‘Its cooldown time is too long compared to its lasting time… but I will be able to make use of it for a

long time. Lucky me.’

It was very fortunate that the skill didn’t turn out to be useless.

Ian had spent 20 Potential to form it, so if it had been useless, it would slow down the other pets from

receiving a skill and evolving.

Ian stroke Ly’s mane and talked.

“Ly, you must use this skill when I tell you to, okay?”

Ly understood Ian’s commands almost perfectly now. It nodded.

Growl- Growl-

At the same time, Ian recalled the options of the knuckle he had bought.

‘With the knuckle’s unique Abilities, I can be on Frenzy, too. That is really cool!’

But Ian wondered how the skill’s cooldown time would be applied.

It would be great if the skill was activated without any cooldown time when being activated by an item,

but Ian knew well it would not work that way.

Ian finished thinking about the Frenzy skill and looked up to Big Guy.

‘I can use the Training skill on Big Guy now.’

Ian decided to use the Training Skill on Big Guy whose Potential was a little over 70.

He also wanted to make Bukbuk’s Potential reach 20 and let it at ‘last’ learn a skill, but Big Guy’s

evolution was more important.

Ly had gotten so strong after evolving.

“Now, it’s time for hunting!”

Ian put on the knuckle he had bought on auction an hour ago and grinned.

It was time to hunt.

Ian liked hunting without thinking as much as he liked studying and analyzing.

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