Taming Master

Chapter 299: The Persistent Chaser – 2

Chapter 299: The Persistent Chaser – 2

The moment Ian made his appearance in the Dimensional War, it started a whole new phase.

However, this didn’t mean that the human users were completely able to turn over the tables.

Just by adding a bit of strength, it tilted the balance and made some alignment.

Although the human side of the camp was trying to restore their lost areas, and the momentum of the Asmodians was comparatively slow.

The community’s self-proclaimed game researchers continued to analyze the clash between Ian and Irahan—eventually found out that Ian’s victory was due to the anti-magic.

And due to that, the auction houses started to sell the anti-magic power.

Unless the option was too bad, any equipment with 4% or more of anti-magic was popular enough to be worth calling.

In addition, more than the anti-magic items, ‘piercing anti-magic’ items were super expensive.

– A certified 43% anti-magic. The Asmodians won’t bother coming.

– OMG, 43%, how to do that? Hmm.

– There was someone who went over 50%.

– Wow… I’m in the top 300 rankers and I have barely 25%… that’s a monstrous amount.

– But in front of Ian, I’m a commoner. Ian has around 60% according to the estimation.

– Haha… Ian is an exception in these topics.

The community had begun to actively pursue various aspects on the combination of some items.

In addition, many users were pleased that the balance between the Asmodians and the humans was now manageable.

The balance was in a way, perfect. And there were a lot of users who praised the LB company, which was the developer of Kailan.

However, the planning team of LB company was all tongue-tied.

* * *

“Before the opening of the main battle, the balance between the two sides has been settled?”

The planning team leader Kim In-cheon who was overlooking the planning team sheets stared at the screen with a distorted look.

On the screen, there was a balance presentation that his subordinates reported.

Na Ji-chan who presented the report nodded and replied,

“Yes. Team leader. Seeing the present aspect of the war, the human side is gradually pushing the Asmodians side. But since the humans aren’t that stronger, they are fighting in favorable camps. I think that once the matters are settled to a certain level, then the results will be definite.”

Kim In-cheon shook his head while holding it with his hands.

“Then what happens if that Ian guy opens his ‘Soldiers of the Earth’? What will happen?”

Na Ji-chan’s words continued.

“When the Soldiers of the Earth opens, maybe the Dimensional portals would be destroyed. In order to prevent the army of the King of Rings, there should be at least a few subordinates from the Devil King, and in the current plan, on the last wave, the Devil Kings will come from each gate.”

There was a moment of silence in the meeting room.

The people in the meeting room were all the people who were in the Kailan from its early days, so they were most understanding than anyone else.

They knew the seriousness of the situation.

Kim In-cheon was silent and thoughtless, so Na Ji-chan spoke.

“According to me, there is only one situation that could work in the situation, team leader.”

Kim In-cheon responded.

“Go on.”

Na Ji-chan had a low position in the team, but because his capabilities were recognized by everyone, so his remarks were influential and respected by the others.

Na Ji-chan opened his mouth.

“Using the system privileges, I’ll put in the Oracle from the temple of God’s.”

In the Kalian world, all the systems were designed to be run by AI.

So even if you are a developer, it wasn’t a good idea to create any artifacts in the existing worldview.

The addition of objects that don’t have much use, they have little consequence but any other additional intervention would have a powerful impact that could change the flow of the Dimensional war.

That would be because the relationship between the detailed algorithm would be destroyed.

So the thing that LB most commonly used was the ‘Oracle’.

The Oracle had the power to move the NPC’s and it would naturally interfere with the relations in the game.

Na Ji-chan continued.

“If we can move the Oracle to the Asmodian tribes who are currently in the Dimensional war as a courtesy, we can balance it.”

At those words, all the people in the conference room woahed!


“That is surely a good way.”

If they did that, they would certainly be able to empower the Asmodians and not overpower them.

The people of the planning team nodded at each other, and Na Ji-chan continued to speak.

“At this point, even if the Army of God’s is summoned, the Asmodians won’t be overpowered. And the Devil Princes of the 30th ranks will intervene.”

Kim In-cheon nodded.

“Certainly. It’s the best idea I’ve heard till now.”

“That is right. As far as the results are concerned, it is sure that the Asmodians have destroyed quite a few of the human world.”

Kim In-cheon held his chin with his hand and looked at Na Ji-chan.

“Sure. But there is a critical variable that the user Ian has…”

Na Ji-chan knew exactly what Kim was talking about.

Na Ji-chan nodded slightly with a sigh.

“Yeah. The Cintamani… using it to evolve his pet to an Abyss Dragon.”

Kim In-cheon nodded his head.

“How do you plan to do with that situation?”

Na Ji-chan spoke with a low voice.

“That… is up to the Dragon God Seikaito, sir.”


And the answer came from another source.

“The Dragon God Seikaito’s AI… we aren’t able to get hold of it…”

A man with round-rimmed glasses answered.

He was the man who had designed and planned the character of Dragon God ‘Seikaito’.

The man’s words continued.

“If Seikaito acknowledged the Cintamani given to Ian, then the Dimensional War would’ve been ended.”

“Process to stop it?”

The planner with glasses shook his head.

“There isn’t one.”


“That is because it is the main scenario. So I can’t interfere with it.”

Kim In-cheon’s face frowned at this.

As he closed his eyes and thought, all the men in the room were intently waiting for his words.

Today’s meeting was put up to decide the strength of the planning team for the coming month.

After a while, Kim In-cheon opened his eyes and spoke.

“All of the planning team is forbidden from going home before 11 o’clock till the project A is done.”

At that moment everyone except for Na Ji-chan was feeling down.

* * *

Ian once again defeated Irahan overwhelmingly.

Ian thought that Irahan would be very frustrated, but he surprisingly came back to Ian.

“You, the fool who thinks that skills are everything. Today I’ll show and give you a bitter taste for the match.”

“Identifying the opponent and setting that option isn’t out of temptation, but it was a strategy, you idiot.”

Irahan had found out, an item that would go through the anti-magic.

Ian could feel it when he received the damage from Irahan.

‘It is almost 1.7 to 1.8 times more than the last time. This could be used against those with 20-25% of anti-magic.’

But Ian still had 50% more of the remaining anti-magic power.

Ian couldn’t have suffered the damage from Ian.

[You have succeeded in killing the Asmodian user ‘Irahan’.]

He had already died three times in the hands of Ian.

Irahan came back again.

“What again. Want to fight again?”

While Ian was surprised seeing him, Irahan wasn’t there to fight Ian.

“Woah, no way. I know that this isn’t the way, even I can know that.”

Ian was puzzled at this and asked,

“Then why did you come?”

“Apart from fighting with you, there are a lot of users who belong to my class, I don’t see any other human users who can take on me.”

Ian laughed and asked,

“You think I’ll leave you alone?”

“Of course not.”

Irahan smiled a little and looked into the advanced magic stones he had.

“If you’re looking for me to have fun, I can use this magic stone. And you won’t have a way to get into the Devildom realm, if I use this I will be safe.”

Ian was able to clearly read the thoughts of Irahan.

‘This jerk, he thought this all through when he offered the Chrysanthemum fragrance.’

Currently, no other users except for the Asmodian could enter the Devildom realm.

As the dimensional war began, all the doors leading to the Devildom realm were disappeared.

Only the mage class users of the Asmodians, are the ones who can go up and down the realms in the dimensional war.

Therefore, Irahan thought that even if the Chrysanthemum fragrance was in use, Ian couldn’t come over and kill him.

But to Ian, there was an item that Irahan didn’t know about.

‘Huhu, if he knows that I have a dimensional bead with me, he’ll probably faint.’

The dimensional bead that Ian possessed was an item which made it possible for Ian to move between realms if he visited it once previously.

That is to say, Ian could open the door to the Devildom realm.

Ian wielded his spear and spoke to Irahan.

“I killed you 3 times in three days. You have 27 days left before the Chrysanthemum is done, right? I’ll kill you exactly 26 times in the coming future. It is a little tough, but I’ll kill you the moment your death penalty ends.”

Irahan snapped at Ian.

“Try if you can.”

Having finished their conversation, Irahan went over to another battlefield leaving behind Ian, and Ian chased after him without wasting time.

‘If you plan those things… you at least need to talk politely.’

And that was the beginning of a terrible nightmare.

* * *

“Wait, wait!”

In the 100th division of Devildom.

Two people stood facing each other in an empty spot in front of the Gate of Fury.

One of them was a person who just connected after the death penalty, and the other one was Ian who arrived there to stop the other person.

“Why, it’s been a second since I came?”

Ian mischievously spoke while pointing his spear towards Irahan.

“Have any confidence for today?”

But the playful tone of Ian’s was irritating for Irahan.

It was the 3rd day already.

It has been three days since Ian went to Devildom to kill him.

Irahan died a total of six times.

Irahan who was of level 220, had then fallen to 210, thinking that made Irahan gloomy.

In addition, Ian had a great system in leveling.

Irahan who was feeling unfair spoke with anger,

“A few days from now, the dimension war will be done. Until then, a non-aggressive treaty… okay?”

But Ian wasn’t ready to accept such a stupid treaty.

“I’ll kill you once more and then think.”

Ian answered briefly and ran towards Irahan.


And so, Irahan died for the seventh time.

[You have succeeded in killing the Asmodian user ‘Irahan’.]

Ian murmured while dusting his armor.

“If I do this, he should be ready to give up.”

The reason Ian stubbornly attacked Irahan was because he was irritated with him, but the most important reason was to exclude a strong player like Irahan from the Dimensional War.

“Huh, if I manage to do this, I can go back now…?”

In fact, there was a variable in the dimensional beads of Ian’s.

Once used, it needed a specific time to regain the power it had used, so it couldn’t be used for a week.

So Ian killed the Asmodian then sat, and killed him again and waited for his appearance. But now he wanted to join the Dimensional War.

“If another 7 levels are cut, it would be troublesome to go back to the original level.”

Ian picked up the advanced philosopher’s stone from his inventory.

With the resurrection point saved, it was possible to go back there even if the dimensional portal wasn’t opened, with the advanced philosopher’s stone.

‘If things are a little settled, I’ll wait for a week and open the portal again… but for now, I need to go back.’

Ian used the stone and returned to the Pyro Domain.

It was three days before the end of the dimensional war.

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