Taming Master

Chapter 277 - Rise in the Status 2

Chapter 277: Rise in the Status 2

To raise the status of the Citizen Value in the Mauryan Empire, there was a need to erase the current identity he possessed.

From the very beginning, this was a story that didn’t seem to be easy.

It was because the map of the Southern Island Buju with the Mauryan Empire was a location that was mainly composed of high-level quests, and the time needed to clear them was way too short.

The amount of citizen value needed to raise one’s rank twice wasn’t a small number. And Citizen value wasn’t something that could be easily stacked.

And hunting became harder, much harder than before.

“Master, after hunting for half a day how much citizen value did we manage to raise.”

“Uhm. Just a second.”

Ian confirmed the accumulated points for the citizen value, and he sighed.

“A little over 170 points.”

Kaizar who was in front of them spoke after sighing.

“We are ruined. How will we manage to upgrade the status with just a few days in our hands, Lord?”

To become a Vaisya from the Sudra, Ian needed to gather 1000 citizen points.

And with the work that he had done, Ian thought that it would’ve been enough.

Although he didn’t manage to get more than 170 points, he would be able to slowly adapt and the hunting rate would eventually increase, and in a matter of 2-3 days, Ian thought that he could manage to rise to Vaisya.

However, the problem was that he needed to rise to Kshatriya by collecting citizen points.

‘Seriously? 5000 points.’

The number of points needed to upgrade to Kshatriya from the Vaisya class needed 5000 citizen value points.

And this was an amount that Ian couldn’t reach, no matter how hard he tried.

Ian touched his chin and asked Kaka.

“Kaka, How is this possible?”

In response to Ian’s question, Kaka replied with an impatient look.

“Why is it not possible master? We can surely do it.”

Ian opened his eyes wider and asked once again.

“What? Speak out quickly. You also know that we are short in time.”

Kaka responded to this.

“Master, why do you always go for a single monster? Hunt them down with a party.”


“If you hunt down monsters with a party the exp will be low because of sharing, but the amount of citizen value you can get will be proportionate to the exp that will be gained from the monsters.”


The main reason why Ian chose to hunt down single monsters was because the experience sharing system would be inefficient for a summoner’s experience—acquisition .system.

The experience that would be gained by the party would also be split between the familiars, so party hunting couldn’t be done.

But the situation was different now.

If one killed a lot of monsters from a party, one would get all the citizen value. The stronger one was, the faster the speed of getting a citizen value would be.

The one thing that couldn’t be shared was the citizen value points when a whole party was hunting for it.

That was probably because the familiars of Ian would all get the same citizen value that Ian would get.

But there was one problem.

“So, Kaka. How am I supposed to do a party hunt here? There needs to be someone on the map for a party hunt to be possible.”

Kaka put an incomprehensible expression because of Ian’s question.

“Master, your head didn’t suddenly get rotten right?”


“Didn’t you get that dimensional magic power charger from Gripper?”


“Didn’t it respond the last time when you put the bead near the charger?”

Ian had a blank expression.

It was because Ian had completely forgotten about the Dimensional Beads.

“Ah… that one?”

The dimensional bead wasn’t a device that moved a person to a needed location.

Once Ian opened it, the item could open a portal for a duration of 2 minutes wherever he wanted.

And opening the portal meant that the other users could use the portal too and that Ian could pull in any number of other users for 2 minutes.

So the last thing that needed to be checked was if the magical power that was needed for the dimensional portal to open was there or not.

“It took 10 minutes to fill 1 point the last time… would it have been completely charged?”

If 1 point could be filled in 10 minutes, then 150 points could be filled per day.

With 1000 points it would be able to open a portal through the dimensions. And with a week or so, the points would be roughly near the mark to use the portal.

Ian was in a hurry to check the number of magic points in the Dimensional Bead.

[Dimensional Beads/Charge amount – 957/1000 (95.7%)]


Ian immediately calculated the time that that was needed until it became completely charged.

‘It will be fully charged in about 8 hours.’

Ian had thought that luck was on his side when he took out the Dimensional Bead, so now Ian began to recall all the other things that he brought along.

‘In my current situation, I won’t be able to bring in a lot of guild members since they are all in the midst of a full-scale war. So I will have to bring in a few efficient members only.’

And an intermediate level user would not be of any help in this toxic environment since the average level in the Southern Island was around 300.

And the first person that came into Ian’s mind was…

‘Remir, will surely be of great help.’

Remir was the most impressive of all.

* * *

[Ian: Hello, Remir. Have you been doing well?]

In the Dimensional War of the Central Continent.

Remir who was busy casting magic in the middle of the battlefield—where there were Asmodians and high-level monsters—was a bit flustered as she almost canceled the spell she was casting because of a single-line message.

‘What’s up with this useless message?’

As soon as she saw the name Ian, Remir felt a rush of subtle feelings.

Ridiculousness, gladness, fear, foolishness, etc …

And somehow Remir managed to slip out of the battlefield to send a quick reply to Ian.

[Remir: It has been long, Ian. What are you up to now?]

Ian immediately replied.

[Ian: Oh, this isn’t something else, I just need your help Remir…]

Remir got more flustered.

No matter how hard she thought, it always seemed unlikely for Ian to be in need of one’s help.

[Remir: Help? With what?]

[Ian: I’m doing a little time-limited quest. This is a quest that can stop the invasion.]

[Remir: What? Can you explain it to me in detail?]

[Ian: What I mean is… if you finish the quest and get some items…]

Ian explained how he was doing the quest in detail to Remir.

He didn’t explain everything, but he explained important matters needed to understand and complete his quest; that was being able to avoid the monster invasion.

Remir knew immediately that this was why he had decided to leave the dimensional war—to help the others.

Remir—who was listening to the information being given to her—had an odd expression on her face.

‘Something… always felt strange from the very beginning when he didn’t stay much in the Dimensional War. So he was doing this huge quest all by himself.’

Remir’s curiosity was invoked.

[Remir: Um… I roughly understand what you meant. So how am I suppose to help you?]

[Ian: One thing…? You should hunt with me.]

[Remir: It is hard… right?]

[Ian: Yes. It is a bit tougher than the last… I guess?]

And the moment she checked the message.

Remir’s interest in the ongoing quest fell to the floor in a second all because of Ian.

‘How can this hunt be much harder than the last time? Is that even possible?’

Remir hadn’t replied back, and another message came back from Ian.

[Ian: On top of that, the experience points will be better than the last time. This field dungeon is piled up, and it is the first time someone had found it. You know that the buff is applied to a party member, right?]

Remir’s eyes began to waver.

Ian’s words sounded so inviting to Remir who was under so much stress since the moment she hit level 200.

[Remir: Uhm… Keu… can you give me some time to think?]

[Ian: You have seven hours to think it through… if you aren’t going to come let me know beforehand. At least three hours in advance, so that I can change my plan if you’ll not come.]

Remir fell into a dilemma.

From her point of view, Ian’s proposal was almost like the level of temptation from the devil himself.

However, considering the enormous experience and items that could be obtained, Remir’s brain began to work full time.

‘It will be a bit tough… I still have the opportunity to do a teamplay. And my control skills have improved a lot.’

Remir was trying to convince herself unintentionally.

‘The hunting was fun too. I’ll have to help Ian through this.’

Remir tilted her head and made a choice that she knew that she was going to regret.

[Remir: Okay, Ian. When and where am I supposed to come?]

[Ian: In exactly seven hours from now wait near the Pyro Dome castle.]

[Remir: Ah, Yep…]

Ian’s invitation was replied with a single word.

[Ian: Just log out and sleep for now. I also plan on doing that.]

[Remir: …]

Remir let out a sigh without being aware.


Remir escaped from the battle without any hesitation, and she logged out.

There weren’t many people who depended on her, probably because the Central Continent had a lot of strong users.

* * *

“Ah, what is this hyung doing scaring me so much?”

Kanji Hoonie was playing an active role in the dimensional war in the Northern Continent.

The northern continent was rapidly pushed down after Ian vacated it, and Herz begged Hoonie to enter and stop the fall of the Northern Continent.

However, as soon as he had received the message from Ian, Hoonie decided to transfer his position to the other rankers from the Lotus Guild and join Ian.

The content from the quest that Ian was doing was at least three times more interesting than the battles that were happening in the Continents.

“Balram, do you know anything about the Mauryan Empire?”

Death Knight Balram turned his head in the direction of Hoonie in response to his question.

“I’m not entirely sure. But I do remember that there was such a name among the names of the ancient empires.”

Balram was a death knight.

And Death Knights have a previous life.

Balram—who was the predecessor of an active human hero all along—drew out the memory of what he knew about the ancient empires.

“Oh… Hehe… isn’t it fun?”

Balram responded to Hoonie’s question.

“It seems interesting. The battle with the Asmodians had been fun too, but it is true that other humans are much less interesting when compared to Ian.”

Hoonie’s mouth twisted to a smile.

“If I hunt with Ian, I’m guaranteed to level up once or twice…”

He was willing to take along Kanoel, but with him missing, the front of the Northern continent would get much tighter, so he decided to let him stay on the front lines.

Ian also said that it was a good idea.

Kanoel always showed great abilities, and he had a remarkable rank.

“Seven more hours left. I need to get some sleep, Balram.”

Balram nodded in agreement to what Hoonie had said.

“I understand, Master.”

Hoonie felt relieved listening to Balram’s answer who disappeared into the air slowly.

Logged out.

And Ian started to invite one after another into the hell door thinking he could create a party with high efficiency.

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