Taming Master

Chapter 239

Chapter 239: The Beginning of the Devildom War (1)

The Matonk Desert Zone was the field that was known as the widest field of the central continent.

Above the desert, which was so open to the point that the horizon could be seen, there were five dragons.

And it was a situation where the biggest and most strange-looking dragon was standing face-to-face with the remaining four dragons.

Next to that strange-looking dragon, a magician holding a jet-black staff was floating in the air.

Pitch-black smoke was rising up from his whole body, and a purple flame was circling around him.

He slowly spoke.

• Huhu, for four out of the five God Dragons to have appeared to stop this body, what a true honour.

That magician had an outer appearance that could be defined by the symbols[1] ‘evil’ and ‘devil’, while opposite of him, a magician on the back of the blue God Dragon wearing a white robe, who could be defined by the symbol ‘good’, was glaring at him.

• Exactly here today, this meaningless dimensional war will end.

At those words, the black magician smirked as he responded.

• Really…? The God Dragons are powerful, but in a state where the strength of all 5 of the gods is not gathered, do you think you’ll be able to stop Khalifa and these Balrogs, as well as ‘me’?

Just like the words of the black magician, beneath where he and the evil dragon stood floating, hundreds of legions of the Devildom were displaying an overwhelming battle.

However, the white magician looked calm.

• Huhu, who said that the power of all 5 of the great gods were not gathered?

And at the words of the white magician, the black magician wore an agitated expression for the first time.

• Hmm… What do you mean? I’ve definitely killed ‘Karceus’ personally with my own hands… You! What kind of bluff is this?

• Do you truly think I am bluffing?

As even this scene was played back through the video, the chatrooms of the users began to bubbled up again.

• What the hell? That Devil Magician just said ‘Karceus’, right?

• Hul, I also just heard it as that. As Karceus.

• Guys, why? What is Karceus for you to be like that?

• Keu, the fact that you don’t know Karceus. Karceus is the name of the giant black dragon that Ian has. That dragon that suddenly appeared at the end of the video on that famous Pyro Domain defensive battle and crushed the Kaimon Empire!

• Ah, really? That dragon’s name was Karceus?

• Yes, that’s right.

• Ooh, then, on top of Ian’s retainer, even his Familiar is appearing in this tremendous video right now?

• That’s exactly it.

The users were indeed immeasurably flustered.

How could the influence that one user had over a whole game be this big?

However, that wasn’t the end of their shock.

• Wait, guys, I just got goosebumps.

• Why? Why! What is it now?

• Based on the conversation content that came out of that video right now, they’re saying that amongst the five Great God Dragons, only four of the God Dragons appeared right now, no?

• Yes, that’s right, so?

• And seeing that the evil magician there has said that Karceus has been for sure killed…

• Huk, I understood everything just now!

• I’m just going to go change my underwear momentarily first.

• Keuaah, so what you’re saying is that Karceus, Ian’s Familiar, is the Dragon of War, the remaining God Dragon?

• Bingo, that’s exactly it.

• Ah… That’s why that had happened during the Pyro Defensive War!

• Hmm, what did?

• On the last day for the Pyro Domain, you know how Karceus appeared at the end?

• Yes, that happened.

• Back then, Kaizar and Karceus were connected through a pitch-black chain sort of like thing as they began to crazily massacre the soldiers of the Kaimon Empire.

• Right. It also seemed like the two activated some sort of buff…

• Analogizing it a little more, because Kaizar was the emissary of the God of War, and Karceus was the God Dragon of War, it’s possible to think that such a phenomenon occurred.

• Such…!

As the users started to see the story within the video, they began to become even more excited.

Even when you normally watch a video, doesn’t the video become twice as entertaining when you find things like hidden pieces?

Just like that, the fact that they had discovered a secret related to Ian, who was a user so famous to the point that there wasn’t a person that didn’t know about him in the Korean Server, was quite a big enjoyment for the users.

Despite all this, the story of the video was continuing to proceed.

The giant mouth of the evil dragon slowly opened as a baritone voice overflowing with an imposing feeling flowed out.

• There’s no need to fall for the words of those bluffers, Shyacan[2].

• I see, Khalifa. I feel like I’ve just pointlessly worried.

The corners of the mouth of the white magician slightly rolled upwards.

• Think however you please. Whether my words are the truth or not, the results will tell you.

The black magician called ‘Shyacan’ ground his teeth.

• Eu-deu-deuk… Alright, if that’s the case, prove it!

Shyacan raised his staff up high as he shouted.

• I commence the war! The whole army, forward! Let’s trample over all of those weak humans!

• Aaah-!

As soon as Shyacan’s words were over, the Devildom army simultaneously let out a vicious cry as they began to storm forward.

Starting from the magical beast ‘Balrog’, which was known as the most ferocious and powerful even amongst the Legendary-rank magical beasts, to highest-ranking magical beasts like the ‘Chaos Drake’, ‘Soul Eater’, etc., terrible magical beasts at the frontlines were beginning to rush forward towards the troops of the human world.

However, just then. A loud boom suddenly rang out throughout the sky.

Rumble- Bang- Bang-!

• What the hell? What is this suddenly…!

With a flustered voice, Shyacan looked up to the sky where the boom came from, and surprisingly, the sky, which was blue and clear, was noisily thundering.

Bang- Ba-ba-bang-!

A storm cloud that suddenly appeared from nowhere began to fill up the sky,


And on top of the hot desert, an unreasonable rain streak began to pour down.

And shortly after, the storm cloud split in the middle in the shape of a circle as a white ray of light came down through that spot.

The sky was completely covered in black by a storm cloud, and in the middle of it, there was a white ray of light that poured down.

At such a bizarre and mysterious scene, for a moment, everybody had fallen into a trance, and shortly after, an even more surprising situation occurred.


A blue dragon was leisurely riding that light as it came down.

The appearance of that dragon was a little different from the four God Dragons.

It had a long neck and a lean-looking head. It also had a pointy-looking promontory was perfectly covering its back.

It had an outer appearance that looked as though it was a mix of Hyeonmu[3]and Cheong-nyong[4], two of the Four Symbols of eastern mythology.

Towards Shyacan, who looked slightly taken aback, the man in white grinned.

• What do you think, are you able to realize now that it was not a bluff, Shyacan?

Shyacan gritted his teeth.

• It definitely wasn’t a bluff. I acknowledge that. However, even the Abyss Dragon won’t be able to fill the empty spot of Karceus, right? I know that the Abyss Dragon is powerful, but despite that, it’s not like that one can complete the power of the 5 Great Gods, no?

The white magician, ‘Solare’, pointed to the Abyss Dragon as he opened his mouth again.

• If it is the man that is riding on the back of the Abyss Dragon, I feel like he should be able to fill up that empty spot.

The exact moment that Solare’s words ended, the ‘Abyss Dragon’, who had flown over so that he was right in front of the God Dragons in no time, roared loudly.


And the man that was standing on his back jumped up into the air.

The man, ‘Kaizar’, shouted loudly.

• I will invoke the Pledge of the 5 Great Gods now!


And Shyacan wore a pale expression out of fright.

• Wha… What is this!

With Kaizar as the pivot, the four God Dragons began to spin around him.

As he did so, a white energy began to form on the greatsword that Kaizar was holding, and the white light that had formed on that greatsword shot out like chains and wrapped around the body of the four God Dragons.


With them as the centre, a loud resonant sound began to ring out.

• As the deputy of the God of War, Maress, I, Kaizar, will fulfill the pledge of the 5 Great Gods.

• As the deputy of the God of Darkness, Kades, I, Lugarix, will fulfill the pledge of the 5 Great Gods.

• As the deputy of the God of Wind, Miro, I, Norpis, will fulfill the pledge of the 5 Great Gods.

• As the deputy of the God of the Sun, Hellena, I, Ranohel, will fulfill the pledge of the 5 Great Gods.

• As the deputy of the God of the Earth, Sandyena, I, Milaika, will fulfill the pledge of the 5 Great Gods.

The white light of judgment, which was so blinding to the point that you could not open your eyes, fell upon the wide desert.


And in the spot where the light that had fallen disappeared from, the bodies of the tons of magical beasts and devils that were covering half of the desert began to burn away.

Solare, who saw that, raised his staff up high.

• Today, exactly in this spot, you will see the end of this long dimensional war!

* * *

Within the cries that filled the whole place, Kaka was moving quickly towards some place while holding a piece of yellowed parchment.

“Dream, if I wanted to leave from this dream, what was I supposed to do?”

Kaka was wrapped up in his thoughts.

He had the power of the night hag, but it was his first time invoking it.

Because that was the case, when it came to using the ability, he couldn’t help but be bad at it.

In order to leave this dream, he needed to remember the content on the abilities of the night hag that he saw in ancient books.

“Soon now, the owner dude will for sure wake up from this dream. If I do not leave this place before that happens…”

Kaka gripped the parchment in his hands tightly as he glared fiercely.

“Then this will just disappear.”

Kaka, who repeatedly agonized over this for a moment like that, seemed to have suddenly remembered something just in time as he flew up to the sky.

“That’s right, I just needed to go there!”

Kaka began to fly towards the place that he had seen when he first entered the dream.

He needed to arrive at that spot as quickly as possible.

* * *

Through Explorer ‘Lilson’, the one video popped up prominently in the official community called together an incredibly large butterfly effect.

This was because this video was a story that was over an hour long, and tons of information related to the Devildom was released within it.

There was an incredibly large and vast amount of information, but even amongst it, if just the most weighted ones were put together, it was like this.

  1. In order to stop the last monster wave of the Devildom, the power of all 5 Great Gods needed to be gathered in one spot.
  2. If the monster wave of the Devildom was not stopped, the central continent and the northern continent would become ‘Devildom-ized’.
  3. Also, as the ‘destructive devils’ got a hold of the authority of the Devildom, the Devildom continent that the users were enjoying up until now was a definite, but they wouldn’t be able to even enjoy the content of the central continent and the northern content for a while.

As the eyes of Ian, which had been closed, shot open, he mumbled with a low voice.

“That can’t happen.”

Ian smirked.

“When I’ve invested so much in the Pyro Domain, that is.”

One corner of Ian’s mouth curled upwards.

[1] Symbol meaning traditional Korean/Chinese lettering

[2] Pronounced similarly to ‘Shyakran’. I spelt it with a ‘c’ instead of a ‘k’ in hopes of preventing confusion.

[3] Hyeonmu = Black Tortoise; one of the four symbols of the oriental constellation

[4] Cheong-nyong = Azure Dragon; one of the four symbols of the oriental constellation

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