Taming Master

Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Half-Human, Half-Devil (1)

Ian, who pulled out the ‘Pure Blood of the Devil’ item, firstly checked the information of the item.

• Pure Blood of the Devil

Classification: Miscellaneous goods

Rank: Rare

Durability: 50/50

A pill that was made by refining the clean blood of a devil from a pure lineage with no blood from other species mixed in for a hundred years.

If another species swallows this pill, they will become ‘Half-Devil’ and will be able to use the abilities of the devils, and at one time, it also happened to be an item that was sold at an expensive price amongst tons of humans.

However, if a human, who lacks abilities, uses it, they will be able to obtain the abilities of a Half-Devil, but they will not be able to obtain the abilities of High-rank Devils.

This is because the moment they swallow the pill the spirit of the devil will test the size of their bowl.

If want to swallow the Pure Blood of the Devil and obtain the abilities of a Half-Devil, you must thoroughly prepare your heart.

With just one mistake, your Devil Rank may be a Low-rank Devil.

*Depending on the user’s Devil Rank of the Devildom that is lastly decided once the Devil’s Test is over, they will be able to obtain additional points for their Devil Energy and their Devil Energy Activation Rate stats.

*This is an item belonging to user ‘Ian’.

It cannot be transferred or sold to another user, and even if the character dies, it will not be dropped.

(Can be transferred only once initially.)

Amongst items classified as ‘Miscellaneous goods’, this was his first time seeing an item that had this much information, but Ian read each and every word thoroughly.

This was because, of all the content of the Devildom, this could possibly be the most important moment.

‘Hmm… I thought that it was an item that would allow me to immediately become Half-Human, Half-Devil if I just use it, but it’s more complicated than I thought. Should I have gotten a little more information from Yankoun?’

However, even if Ian asked Yankoun, there was no way that Yankoun would know about the process of becoming Half-Human, Half-Devil.

Since he was a devil from a pure lineage from the beginning.

Before Ian used the Pure Blood of the Devil, he checked his physical state first.

He didn’t have an exact idea as to what the Devil’s Test could be, but he thought that something like an imaginary battle would occur.

‘Hmm, we’re fully set for equipment, and all of the cooldown times for our skills are over as well. The Familiars are all in a state where they can be summoned immediately…’

Ian, who sat in the corner of the central plaza of the Devildom, gulped audibly while holding the Pure Blood of the Devil.

‘So, based on how it’s written in the item information, if I just do well in the Devil’s Test or whatever, is it possible for me to become the Devil King at once?’

With a determined expression, Ian used the Pure Blood of the Devil.

“Activate item!”

As he did so, a couple of system messages popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.

• You have successfully used the ‘Pure Blood of the Devil’ item.

• The pure blood of the devil has seized your whole body.

• Powerful Devil Energy has begun to engulf your whole body.

At the same time, Ian’s vision began to grow darker and darker.

• The Devil’s Test will begin.

Ian’s vision was completely engulfed in perfect darkness.

* * *

Shikar Desert.

The central continent, which was the name it was more well-known as than the name Shikar, looked like it was growing further away from the interests of many users including the community ever since the 3rd large-scale update.

Even most of the game media that was focused on the central continent had all turned their interest towards the Devildom, and over 70% of the posts that were being posted in the bulletin boards, including in the attack bulletin board, were also posts related to the Devildom.

By looking at just these circumstances, it seemed like the central continent was almost forgotten.

However, the reality inside of the game was different.

Shikar Continent was instead bustling with more users compared to before the Devildom was opened.

Due to the update of the Devildom, most of the top-ranking users moved their hunting grounds to the Devildom, but during that time, even more of the middle-low class users had leveled up and succeeded in entering the central continent.

Once they’re over lv 100, most users slowly move their bases to the central continent, and right now, in the Korean Kailan server, lv 100 was around the standard for the middle-class.

In other words, it meant that close to half of the users of the Korean Kailan server were settled in the central continent.

On top of that, the fact that the high-ranking users had escaped to the Devildom instead had a good effect, as the central continent, where the war wasn’t ending, had even turned into a peaceful state.

It meant that it had become an even better environment for normal users, who weren’t interested in the guild wars, to hunt.

To be honest, the central continent was in the middle of enjoying the greatest boom.

And the Pyro Domain, the largest domain that was positioned right in the middle of the continent, had grown so big to the point it was hard to cope with it now.

It’s domain rank still remained as a ‘Great Domain’, but even if they were to proclaim it as a ‘Dukedom’ right now, it had grown to the point that not one part was lacking, and all of the domain stats were over-qualified.

Following that, Fiolan, who was the Lord of the Pyro Domain, was so busy that she barely had time to eat.

Despite becoming a top-ranking user that was even over lv 170, she had no time to proceed with her Devildom-related quests, and had yet to even enter the Devildom.

“Ha… I am pleased when I see the Domain grow, but…”

Fiolan, who had come back from leading the public safety team and hunting for close to a quarter of a day, went limp in the Lord’s office and let out a deep sigh.

“I want to go to the Devildom as well…”

Whenever she saw the fortified items that were uploaded onto the item boasting bulletin board of the community, she was incredibly jealous.

However, her thirst for the new content couldn’t be helped.

Just when Fiolan was taking a momentary break while complaining about this and that, the door of the office opened up as someone entered.


Fiolan, who automatically turned her head at that, smiled brightly as she greeted ‘her’ warmly.

“Oh, Harin! You said you had some place you had to stop by, but you’re already back?”

Harin and Fiolan were always already on good terms, but recently, they had grown a lot closer.

This was because most of the executive members of the guild had run off to the Devildom in order to enjoy the new content, while the remaining two were constantly together.

Harin nodded her head as she sat in the chair across from Fiolan.

“Yes, to be honest, Jinsung said that he sent something to me, so I was on my way back after going all the way to the plaza.”

The two eyes of Fiolan, who heard the unexpected name, grew slightly bigger.

“You mean Ian?”


This was because there was almost no cases where Ian, who had left to go do the Devildom-related quests before anybody else, had shown his face at the Pyro Domain after that.

“Hul, what did Ian send you? No, rather than that, what do you mean when you say he sent something to you? Did he at least send it through a delivery service?”

At Fiolan’s words, Harin smirked as she replied.

“No, he had sent a retainer.”

“I see.”

Fiolan, who nodded her head as if she finally understood, shook her head afterwards.

“I may forget what Ian looks like at this rate. He’s still our guild mascot, but Ian…”

Harin giggled as she mumbled.

“I see his face everyday, so I won’t forget…”

Harin seemed to be thinking about something, as both of her cheeks turned slightly red, and while looking at her, Fiolan’s face slightly puckered.

“I’m not jealous!”

“Hehe, I wasn’t really showing off.”

Fiolan let out a really deep sigh.

“Ha, this makes me so sad to the point I think I should find a man somewhere and start dating…”

Harin laughed as she replied.

“Amongst our guild members, is there no decent guy that you find satisfactory enough to your standards, Fiolan?”

At her words, a sigh escaped from Fiolan’s mouth again, who thought of a couple faces.

“Whew… I don’t know. Whatever will be, will be, I guess.”

Fiolan, who spread out her complaints for some time, turned her gaze towards Harin’s hands this time.

This was because Harin was struggling to pull something out of her inventory.

“Speaking of which, what is the stuff that Ian sent?”

“One second!”

And Fiolan, who saw the giant package that popped out from Harin’s inventory, blinked as she spoke.

“What is all this?”

Harin wore an embarrassed expression as she replied.

“I don’t really know what it is, but he said they were Magic Stones. Something about them being items that were required for item fortification… He said that he finished fortifying everything up to the 5th fortification, so he sent what he had leftover to use them with the guild members, but I don’t know how to use them, so I brought them to ask you.”


At Harin’s words, the Fiolan’s expression, which was sullen up until now, immediately brightened.

“They, they’re Magic Stones?!”

“Yes. He definitely said that they were Magic Stones, but… Let’s see here…”

Harin, who pulled out one of the dark-red stones that was inside the package, checked the information of the item before she nodded her head.

“Yep, Magic Stones. It’s written as ‘Lowest-grade Magic Stones’.”

Fiolan, who stood up from her spot and went next to Harin at once, cheered after she checked the information of the Magic Stone.

“Whooo! Ian is the best!”

Harin nodded her head next to her as she agreed.

“I don’t know what they are, but my boyfriend is the best…!”

Fiolan was a little bothered by the word ‘boyfriend’, but as she was in a good mood, she decided to overlook it.

“Speaking of which, Harin, it seems like you don’t go into the community at all, huh? How do you not know about Magic Stones?”

All of the Magic Stones that Ian sent through Harin were Lowest-grade Magic Stones, but currently, Magic Stones were an expensive item to the point that the market price for them is simply all up to the seller.

This was because the supply was still lacking quite a bit compared to the demand.

Even most of the users that had entered the Devildom had not been able to make all of their items reach the 5th fortification.

Fiolan was so excited that she explained the instructions(?) of the Magic Stones to Harin, and the two sat in the Lord’s office and began to fortify their items one by one.

* * *

The ‘Devil’s Test’ was incredibly simple.

Just like Ian expected, it tested the ‘fighting power’ of the user that absorbed the Pure Blood of the Devil.

In a sense, it was a similar feeling to the Test of the Selamus Warrior.

However, it wasn’t completely the same.

The fact that he needed to defeat the opponents that appeared one after another was the same, but different from the Test of the Selamus Warrior, where he needed to fight with all of his skills sealed, in the Devil’s Test he could use all of his skills and his Familiars.

Also, the opponents that appeared in the Devil’s Test were continuously devils that were the same level.

They were the same level as Ian at lv 188.

Bang- Ba-bang-!


• You have successfully defeated the 17th Devil.

• You have been given a 5-minute break.

• If you wish, even if the whole 5-minute break is not over, you may proceed to the next battle immediately.

Ian slightly checked on his remaining Vitality as well as the remaining Vitality of his Familiars.

‘Will they start to add strength now? Opponents that were the same level as me constantly appeared, but the difficulty level has gone up little by little for sure.’

Ian, who inhaled deeply, immediately proceeded to the next battle.

Ian and his Familiars’ Vitalities had been worn down by over half, but such things didn’t matter.

Since the moment a new opponent appeared, the Vitalities of Ian and all his Familiars filled up to the maximum again, and the cooldown times of all skills were reset.

“I’ll proceed with the next battle.”

• The 18th devil will appear.


Along with a low resonant sound, a sharp-looking devil appeared while ripping apart the space in front of Ian’s eyes.

Ian quickly checked the information of the devil that appeared, and his eyes slightly shone.

‘Finally… Is it a High-rank Devil?’

With a slightly more nervous expression, Ian put strength into the hand that he was holding his spear with.

‘I don’t know if it’s possible, but I want to at least meet a Noblesse.’

As Ian let out a fighting spirit, the devil that appeared let out a horrible shriek as it glared at Ian.

• Keuaaooh-!

And without a need to say who went first, the devil and Ian charged towards each other at the same time.

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