Taming Master

Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Magical Beast, Rakyel (4)

‘Huhu, goal accomplished!’

Of course, Ian’s response was a positive.

This was because he wasn’t planning on summoning the Rakyel and use it in battle.

“I will accept it as a Familiar!”


Along with Ian’s response, the Rakyel’s giant body turned into a red light and gathered together in the air, and shortly after, it was sucked into Ian’s hand.

It was an incredibly bloody battle where Ian had fought the Rakyel alone for almost 10 hours.

In the end, Ian won, and he obtained what he wanted.

Cervian, who had continuously watched all of the situations unfold up until now, mumbled with a low voice.

• Ha, are you saying that the answer that I couldn’t find with even hundreds of years of research, you solved with violence…

At Cervian’s mumbling that somewhat had a blend of self-deprecation, Ian replied with a voice that showed his good mood.

“It had just been moved by my earnestness.”

Cervian’s wrinkled eye rim trembled.

• Earnestness… Earnestness, huh. Sure. You seriously did beat it up earnestly. If it was a normal bird instead of a high-ranking magical beast, it would have lost all of its feathers without a single one remaining.

However, while the two people shared an idle conversation, unexpected messages began to pop up in front of Ian’s eyes.

• You have succeeded in training a monster that was impossible for you to tame.

• You have satisfied the hidden class seal release condition.

• Your hidden class ‘Taming Master’ has evolved up by one stage.

• The tier of the ‘Taming Master’ class has evolved from tier 2 to tier 3.

• You have obtained a new hidden skill, ‘Communion I’.

• You have obtained a new hidden skill, ‘Sacrifice I’.

Ian, who saw that, stopped his conversation with Cervian and immediately read through the messages.

‘The tier of hidden classes evolve?’

The information that was in Ian’s head was being readjusted with the messages he just checked.

‘I was speculating that the Taming Master was at least a tier-3 hidden class.’

The reason why Ian had assumed that the tier of the Taming Master was tier 3 was simple.

The hidden class that Ian could have originally obtained, the ‘Dragon Tamer’, was known to be a tier-3 hidden class.

Even within the same tier, a ranking difference between the classes existed, so then, the Taming Master, which Oakley said was a higher-class than the Dragon Tamer, was calculated to at least be over tier 3.

‘Alright, then if we organize this, the concept of high-ranking classes that Oakley talked about, is it decided based on the standard of the maximum tier where evolution is possible?’

If it wasn’t this concept, the fact that the Taming Master, which was a tier-2 hidden class up until now, being a higher ranking class than the Dragon Tamer, which was fundamentally a tier-3 hidden class, didn’t make sense.

However, there was even less of a chance that Oakley stated false information to Ian.

‘I heard that Red Flame Magician Remir had evolved her class to the Monarch of the Red Flame through a specific class quest. However, in the case of the Taming Master, do you have to meet a specific condition instead of a quest in order for it to evolve? This is somehow really confusing.’

However, there was a part that Ian knew mistakenly.

The Red Flame Magician, which was the past hidden class of Remir, and the Monarch of the Red Flame, which was her current class, truthfully just had similar names, but they weren’t class evolutions of each other.

Remir had just newly class-changed to a high-ranking class through a quest.

If you wanted to obstinately find a correlation, it was just the fact that the condition to receive the quest to class-change into the Monarch of the Red Flame was to have the class called the Red Flame Magician.

However, Remir had understood this as that she had evolved into a higher-ranking class than her original one, and so that was why it had been widely known as that being the case.

There was no rule that there wasn’t another class like the Taming Master where it self-evolved its tier, but it was at least certain that it was the only one so far.

‘Firstly, I need to check the new skills that I obtained a little, and now I have a lot that I have to organize.’

As his hunting method could change depending on what the new hidden skills he obtained were, Ian hurriedly began to clean up the laboratory.

He wanted to quickly finish up Yankoun’s purification quest and Cervian’s quest, and check the new skills he obtained.

Ian turned his head towards Cervian.

“Cervian, where do I have left now?”

At Ian’s question, Cervian, who was blankly thinking about something else, was surprised as he replied.

• Where do you have left now, what do you mean by that?

“You asked me to wipe out all of the contaminated magical beasts that were in the laboratory. I’m asking so that I can sweep up the all of the remaining areas quickly.”

Cervian was astonished as he spoke.

• Ho, don’t you think you should rest a little?

“I’m alright. I want to rest after I’ve quickly finished this up.”

• Ho, is being young good… No, this is tremendous willpower that cannot be explained with the word youth.

Cervian, who was in awe at Ian’s infinite stamina, pointed out each and every one of the areas where the magical beasts were not wiped out yet.

And the retainers and Familiars of Ian, who had been sitting and resting comfortably while Ian fought desperately with the Rakyel, also couldn’t help but step foot into the world of hunting hell again now.

• Ugh… I liked watching the owner fight on his own.

• Whew, still, as we rested for quite a long time, I do feel energized.

They did grumble, but the Familiars began to move based on Ian’s commands without any particular complaints as well.

And the retainers that had a maximum sense of Loyalty to Ian due to his high Fame were obeying Ian’s commands exactly as he stated them without a murmur.

It was to the point that even Kaizar had a sense of Loyalty that was over 30 now.

“Alright, there’s not much left now! Let’s keep going strong a little longer!”

The retainers and Familiars moved along to Ian’s encouragement without flaws, and as about three or four more hours passed like that, the system message stating that they had killed all of the magical beasts that were in the laboratory finally popped up.


• You have succeeded in killing all of the contaminated magical beasts that were in the ‘Destroyed Laboratory of Cervian’. (375/375)

• You have achieved all the conditions of clearing the ‘Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy (Hidden) (Connected)’ quest.

• Find ‘Cervian’ and talk to him.

It was only then that it seemed that Ian relaxed, as he plopped down into the chair that was in the corner of the laboratory.

Of course, without needing to go separately and find him, Cervian floated right next to Ian.

Ian’s head turned towards Cervian.

“Cervian, it seems that they’ve all been taken care of now.”

At Ian’s words, Cervian nodded his head as he replied with a pleased expression.

• Huhu, great job, Ian. Young man, you were an individual far more outstanding than what I expected. You have spite, as well as perseverance… I like you.

As Cervian’s words ended, the quest completion message popped up.


• You have successfully cleared the ‘Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy (Hidden) (Connected)’ quest.

• Clear Rank: SSS

• You have obtained 57,989,900 EXP.

• You have obtained 400 thousand Fame.

• Cervian has started to put great trust in you.

Ian needed to put in effort into maintaining his expression.

‘I thought that because I spent a lot of time battling the Rakyel, my clear rank would be about an A at best.’

The time that it took Ian to proceed through the quest was definitely quite longer than the standard time.

However, because Cervian constantly watched Ian’s battles while following him, and in that process also saw him succeed in capturing the Rakyel, he received an incredibly high execution grade.

Ian slightly bowed his head towards Cervian as he responded.

“Thank you for the excessive compliment. I, well… I just diligently knocked out the magical beasts, I guess.”

• You’ve suddenly become unfittingly modest.

At Cervian’s sharp comment, Ian slightly flinched, but he soon shook his head with a brazen expression.

“No way. I’m always like this.”

• …

Either way, the Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy quest was a hidden quest as well as connected one, so following that, a new quest window popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


• The Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy II (Hidden) (Connected)

Devil Summoner Cervian, the first Half-Devil Elf, has acknowledged your Leadership, which is the first qualification of a Summoner.

He is in awe at your fighting abilities, and will now begin the second test.

The second qualification that Cervian thinks a Summoner needs is the ability to tame Familiars.

After capturing at least three low-ranking magical beasts, return to Cervian.

Quest Difficulty Level: S

Quest Requirement: A user that has passed Cervian’s first test.

A user that is ‘Half-Human, Half-Devil’.

Time Limit: None

Reward: Chaos Stone x10, Low-ranking Magic Alchemy Stones x10

Will you accept the quest?

Ian, who read through the quest content, slightly frowned.

‘What the hell? The quest requirement is a user that is Half-Human, Half-Devil. If I want to continue to proceed through, then I need to go visit Yankoun first in the end, no?’

While wiping out all of the contaminated magical beasts of the laboratory, he naturally found the source where contaminated evil spirits came from.

Because that was the case, if he just went to the City of Rage now and looked for Yankoun, Ian could put the Pure Blood of the Devil into his hands and become Half-Human, Half-Devil.

‘Okay. Then for now, after I’ve slept, it looks like I’ll have to go to the City of Rage first. As I have a Premium Seal of the Devil, there probably won’t be a case where I’ll need to meet a chief gatekeeper even up to Zone 100, right?’

While Ian was having such thoughts, Cervian opened his mouth all of a suddenly.

• In order to test your qualifications a little more, I was originally going to give you a capturing assignment.


• I was going to give you an assignment where you were to capture low-rank magical beasts once you obtained the Pure Blood of the Devil and became Half-Devil.

Ian narrowed his eyes as he asked back.


• But as I have seen the scene of you capturing a Rakyel, which is a high-ranking magical beast, in a state where you haven’t even obtained the power of a Half-Human, Half-Devil, what meaning would this assignment have?


In front of the eyes of Ian, who was wearing a puzzled expression, a system message popped up again.

• You have successfully cleared the ‘Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy II (Hidden) (Connected)’ quest.

For a moment, he let out a “Eh?” noise before he even realized it himself.

• Clear Rank: SSS

• You have obtained 35,482,300 EXP.

• You have obtained 200 thousand Fame.

• You have obtained 10 of the ‘Chaos Stone’ item, and 10 of the ‘Low-ranking Magic Alchemy Stone’ item.

Ian felt like he was on cloud nine.

‘What the hell? I lucked out on this quest.’

He had cleared one of the connected quests just like that. Amongst the items that he obtained as a reward, he had no idea where the ‘Low-ranking Magic Alchemy Stones’ were used, but he decided to ask Cervian that later.

Since for now, in this situation, it was more important to figure out how the quest would proceed from now on.

“Cervian, then what do I need to do now?”

At Ian’s question, Cervian furrowed his brows as he replied.

• Are you really asking because you don’t know?


• Of course, you must obtain the Pure Blood of the Devil.


• If you return after obtaining the Pure Blood of the Devil and turning into a Half-Human, Half-Devil, I will give the next assignment to you. I have no idea how long it will take, but if it is you, Ian, you’ll probably obtain it within a couple months.

The statement ‘I think I could obtain it by tomorrow, though?’ almost reflexively popped out of Ian’s mouth but he held it back for now.

‘Well, since it’s not late even if I told him after obtaining it first.’

Cervian’s words continued.

• While you are obtaining the Pure Blood of the Devil, I will normalize this laboratory again.

“Didn’t you say that you couldn’t exert force because you’re in a spirit state?”

• Of course, that’s true.

“Then how…?”

• There’s a way for me to repair the laboratory even though I do not personally move.

As Cervian wagged his finger, a low-ranking devil suddenly popped out of the corner of the laboratory.

“Keu, long time, no see, owner.”

Towards Ian, who was looking back and forth at the devil and Cervian with a quizzical expression, Cervian shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.

• As you can see, I have an assistant here.

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