Taming Master

Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Magical Beast, Rakyel (2)

At the unexpected words, Ian was incredibly flustered.

“They’re a magnificent material for magical beast reconstruction… Is what you’re saying?”

• That’s right. And the Rakyel is such a rare breed that if you do not catch it now, there’s no way of knowing when you will meet one again.


Ian’s face changed into a greedy expression.

‘Euh… This would be such a waste if I lost the opportunity, what am I supposed to do?’

However, no matter how much he wanted to catch it, it wasn’t a situation where current Ian could capture magical beasts.

In addition to not knowing what kind of mechanism reconstruction proceeded with yet, he didn’t even know what kind of meaning the ingredient called Rakyel had, but just from Cervian’s words alone, he could sense how important of a monster it was.

‘Ha… You were supposed to have appeared after I obtained dual classes, why exactly have you appeared now?’

Magical beasts were Familiars that you could fundamentally only handle if you had the blood of a Half-Devil and had the dual-class, the Devil Summoner.

However, Ian couldn’t give up easily.


The Rakyel flapped its large wings as it slowly got up.

And Ian, who met eyes with this giant monster, quickly checked its information.

‘I can’t see anything specific, but for it to be a high-ranking magical beast at lv 320…’

Ian tightened his grip on his Judgment of the Spirit King.

“Cervian, by any chance, are there any weak points or anything like that for that thing?”

At Ian’s question, Cervian immediately responded.

• It’s a monster that doesn’t have anything like a weak point really, but there’s something that you must be careful of.

“What is that?”

After Ian sent Bbakbbak and Karceus to the front and bought himself some time, he listened attentively to Cervian’s words.

• Whenever 15% of the Rakyel’s maximum Vitality is consumed, its feathers burn up.

“Please speak a little faster! The battle has started now!”

At Ian’s urgency, Cervian immediately continued his explanation.

• Its feathers will burn for about 5 minutes, but while its feathers burn, the Rakyel will be immune to all magical attacks. And while it burns a blue flame, it will be immune to physical attacks.

“Does the colour of the flames change back and forth?”

• That I don’t exactly know either. However, I think it is random.

Ian, who heard up to this point, charged towards the Rakyel without delay.

‘To face a high-ranking, lv 320 Familiar, a certain amount of sacrifice is unavoidable.’

Up until now at least he had been maintaining his fighting power perfectly without losing even one retainer or Familiar, but he didn’t think that was possible while facing a lv 320 monster as well.

‘By trying to fight without any sacrifices, we might end up getting annihilated instead.’

Ian began to calmly control his Familiars and retainers.

‘And that monster, I can’t just kill it off.’

Ian still hadn’t given up on the impossible task of ‘capturing’ the Rakyel.

* * *

“Whew, have I finally entered the Devildom?”

There was a man with a long English longbow hanging on his back.

The man, who was wearing white leather armour, was looking around Zone 128 of the Devildom in front of the entry portal.

His identity was none other than Samuel Jin.

He, the Guild Master of the Oaklan Guild, had succeeded in entering the Devildom now, when quite a long time had passed since the large-scale update had opened up.

Being someone in the top 10 of the overall rankings, this was an incredibly shameful result.

However, he had enough reason for this.

‘Although most of the rankings had escaped to the Devildom, I had no idea that Kaimon would be that strong.’

The west end of the central continent.

The defensive front line of the Luspel Empire that continuously wavered had tied down Samuel Jin by his feet up until now.

At first it seemed that the tactic of organizing groups and taking turns defending was quite effective, but in the end, a crack formed and Samuel Jin, who had the most on the line, had no choice but to continue to support the defense.

‘Whew, I am a little late, but if I move on a tight schedule, I should be able to make up some of the difference that’s been made.’

Samuel Jin was incredibly disgusted with Martin, who had completely ignored the defensive front line and stepped foot into the Devildom on his own.

‘Martin, as expected, is too sly to continuously go in the same boat as him.’

It seemed he didn’t know that he could also be seen in the same light as that from Martin’s perspective, as Samuel Jin ground his teeth while he slowly walked.

‘Let’s quickly obtain dual classes first. It seems like there’s no one that has obtained that yet, so I will receive it quickly.’

Samuel Jin’s out-of-the-blue spirit showed.

However, to be honest, because information related to dual classes was basically nonexistent, it could be considered something like ‘brute courage’.

The Rakyel was strong.

Fitting of its ‘high-ranking magical beast’ title.

It even showed stats that were beyond that as it made Ian struggle.

‘Why is this crazy birdbrain so strong?’

On top of it having an outrageous level of 320, as its Devil Energy leaped around due to the Chaos Stone, its destructive power was truly astronomical.

“Damn it, its wings are starting to burn again! Fall back for now!”

At Ian’s shout, his Familiars and retainers immediately took a step back.

The flame that was emitted from the Rakyel’s wings didn’t just give the Rakyel immunity, but as it also temporarily dealt AoE damage, they just needed to dodge it first.

And by a whisker’s difference, the Rakyel’s wings emitted a blue flame as it began to burn up.


Ian, who checked the colour of the fire that burned up, made a face.

‘Ugh, why is it a blue flame again?’

The difficulty level of the battle itself was hellishly hard, but especially when this thing let out a blue flame, it was a situation where they truly couldn’t do anything else but suffer helplessly.

This was because, aside from the inherent abilities of a couple Familiars, Ian’s main force attack was all ‘physical’-type attacks.

While the wings of the Rakyel were wrapped in a blue flame, Ian couldn’t deal any damage to it.

“Damn it, concentrate on dodging the most! Just Pin and Karceus make little diversions as you deal damage!”

Right now, Ian’s party overflowed with physical-type dealers.

Because that was the case, it was a situation where Karceus had polymorphed into his human form.

Since when he was in his human form, he could take on the role of quite an amazing Magician.


Pin’s Crush skill and Karceus’s magic swamped the Rakyel, but the Rakyel didn’t even blink its eyes as it continuously attacked Bbakbbak and Ddukdae.

‘It’s probably addicted to the drug called the Chaos Stone, which is why it is showing such movements.’

The attacks of the Rakyel, who seemed to not care at all about defending or protecting itself, continued.

Ian continued to gnaw at the Rakyel’s Vitality little by little.

‘It should slowly start to be time for this hellish flame to die down…’

With sharp eyes, Ian checked the Vitality gauge of the Rakyel once.

The Vitality gauge of the Rakyel had finally dropped below the halfway point.

‘Whew, that hellish Vitality gauge bar is finally blinking.’

Ian pulled together his scattered mind and he began to focus on the battle even more.

This was because, although he was on his way to almost achieving his goal, this was not an opponent that he could be careless about even until the very last moment.


The Rakyel spread open its giant beak as it let out a horrible shriek towards the air.

And as it did so, for a moment, a ton of system messages popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.

• High-ranking Magical Beast ‘Rakyel’ has cast its inherent ability, ‘Cry of Darkness’.

• Your Vitality has decreased by 26,849.

• Due to the Devil Energy of the High-ranking Magical Beast ‘Rakyel’, you have received an additional 10,500 fixed damage.

• Familiar ‘Ly’s Vitality has been decreased by 29,847.

• Familiar ‘Bbakbbak’s Vitality has been decreased by 12,983.

For an AoE attack that didn’t have that long of a cooldown time in comparison to other skills, the amount of damage it dealt was outrageous.

Ian clenched his teeth as he began to cast the recovery skills in order.

“Priests, start by filling up the Vitalities of the dudes that are receiving damage at the front first! Celia, continue to just recover Bbakbbak’s Vitality.”

“Yes, Lord! But Ddukdae doesn’t have much Vitality left either… Should I just save Bbakbbak first for now?”

It hurt Ian’s heart(?), but he nodded his head without hesitation.

“Do that. Since it’s most important that we save our definite fighting powers first!”


Eventually, at the Rakyel’s continued attacks, Ddukdae couldn’t help but have his Vitality completely exhausted, and Bbakbbak’s Vitality was also continuously being maintained at a near-death state.

“Kaizar, keep maintaining your Vitality while dodging around a little more! Its physical immunity will be released in about 30 seconds from now!”

“Got it, Lord guy. You hurry up and prepare yourself, too.”

“Prepare? Prepare for what?”

“I’m telling you to prepare to charge in with your spear in hand!”

Ian, who momentarily hesitated at Kaizar’s words, soon clenched his Judgment of the Spirit King and stood up.

‘That’s right, it could be a little dangerous, but I should personally go out myself. My hunting efficiency in the Devildom will cut by half if I was to throw away over half my Familiars and retainers and just remained alive alone.’

The high-ranking magical beast Rakyel whisked its burning wings here and there as it desperately struggled with Ian.

Likewise, as expected, Ian spent close to almost a quarter of a day as he was in the middle of his desperate battle with the Rakyel.

And finally, he was starting to see the end of this intense battle.


As the physical damage shield made up of blue flames cleared, Ian and Kaizar charged in as if they had been waiting for this.


And at Ly’s fierce attack that followed afterwards, the Vitality gauge of the Rakyel had dropped to the bottom.


The black bird Rakyel thrashed about in pain.

Just at that moment, when the battle was about to end with the Rakyel’s death like that, Ian suddenly pulled back his Familiars and retainers.

“Everybody fall back, now!”

It was a sudden shout that not one of them expected, but Ian’s Familiars and retainers quickly fell back.

• What’s wrong, owner?!

“No kidding. If we just push a little bit more like this, we would have been able to finish that monster-like thing.”

Towards Kaizar and Ly, who asked with a puzzled expression, Ian approached the Rakyel with big strides after responding shortly.

“That thing, I’m planning on capturing it alive.”

At the form of Ian, who responded with his teeth clenched, Cervian asked with a surprised expression this time.

• No, how are you going to tame a magical beast when you don’t even have the Pure Blood of the Devil in your hands yet?

However, Ian pretended to have not heard Cervian’s words as he lunged for the Rakyel on his own.

“Healers, focus all recovery skills onto me!”

“Yes, got it!”

“Understood, Lord!”

Ian slightly glanced at Bbakbbak, who had fallen back, as he followed through with a command.

“Celia, you recover Bbakbbak’s Vitality to the max, and Bbakbbak, you keep watching me, and if it looks dangerous, cast the Blessing of the Turtle Dragon skill onto me immediately, got it?”

Bbakbbak wore a slightly petrified expression, but he nodded his head as he carried out Ian’s command.

• Understood, owner. Be careful.

While watching the human that charged towards it alone, the Rakyel viciously cried out, and like that Ian’s reckless challenge began.

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