Taming Master

Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Entry into the Devildom (1)

Finally, the large-scale update day that had the new content called the ‘Devildom’ in it came.

In preparations for the update, Kailan’s server was abnormally shut down for a whole day, and thanks to that, Ian was even able to enjoy a date with Harin for the first time in a while.

And just in time, it was the very day of the update.

With a determined expression, Ian sat on the couch and was looking at the clock.

Tick- Tock-.

Next to Ian, Harin sat with her arm linked in his.

As Harin also didn’t really have any plans either, she decided to game with Ian in the extra capsule that was in his home.

While looking at Ian, who just waited for the opening time, Harin complained.

“Do you like the game that much?”

In an instant, a drop of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead and down his spine.

“Huh? That, well…”

Ian was nervous.

He was seized with the ominous premonition that Harin would ask ‘do you like me more or the game?’.

‘If she asks that , how should I respond?’

To Ian, it was a harder dilemma than ‘do you like mom or dad more?’.

Fortunately, however, Harin didn’t ask that.

“Oh my. You love it to death, seriously.”

While looking at Harin, who shook her head, Ian let out a sigh of relief.

It fortunately seemed like she wasn’t upset.

Ian used this interval to bring over a notebook that was on his desk, and he began to teach Harin.

“Harin, I investigated the content related to cooking in the Devildom and gathered it together, so you just need to follow this and go through the quests. Understood?”

Harin listened intently to Ian’s explanation as she nodded her head with a serious expression.

While looking at Harin, who was now moving at almost the same speed, Ian wore a satisfied smile.

‘There probably isn’t any other girlfriend like this…’

While thinking of Yoohyun, who was called over all the time by his girlfriend’s summoning in the middle of guild hunts, Ian felt deeply grateful(?) towards Harin.

“Anyways, Harin. Once you complete all of the quests here and receive the Devildom Quest, send me a message right away. Got it?”

“Yup! Got it.”

“Up until then, I’ll be gathering up as much information as I can inside the Devildom.”


And shortly after it was time for the Kailan server to open up, and Ian immediately went inside the capsule and sat down.

‘I should go to Iriel straight away first.’

Ian was in high spirits as he logged onto Kailan.

Right now, at this moment, there was probably no other user that would be able to go into the Devildom.

Since as soon as he went and spoke to Iriel, the entry portal would open up for him instantly.

* * *

Hoonie and Canoel were in the middle of diligently proceeding through the Hero Quest after finding Oakley in the northern continent.

“Canoel hyung, now if we just go around one or two more places, that’s it, right?”

“Yeah, I’m actually seeing the end now. Whew.”

Canoel patted Hoonie’s back as he passed on his genuine gratitude.

“Hoonie, if it weren’t for you, I seriously wouldn’t have even been able to think about doing this quest. To think I would be able to obtain one of the ancient hidden classes when there’s only thirteen of them in each server thanks to you.”

At his words, Hoonie shook his head as he replied.

“What are you talking about? I also obtained the quest to enter the Devildom thanks to you. I obtained a generous amount of rewards, too. On top of that I was able to properly test out the Power of Immortal that I just newly gained.”

Although it was a warm scene, Hoonie was not just saying empty words either.

While helping Canoel with his Dragon Tamer Class-Changing Quest, he had received the quest that was a clue to entering the Devildom.

‘Huehue, to think that I would have obtained this quest so luckily. There probably isn’t another person that will be entering the Devildom as early as me, right?’

However, just then, when Hoonie was having such feel-good thoughts internally…

A system message popped up largely in red in front of the eyes of all the users that were logged onto Kailan.

• Summoner user ‘Ian’ has succeeded in being the first to enter the Devildom.

Of course, as soon as he read that, Hoonie’s expression turned rotten.

“What, what the hell?”

On the other hand, Canoel mumbled with an expression full of admiration.

“Wow, as expected, Ian hyung, he’s amazing. He went into the Devildom within 3 minutes since the server opened.”


Hoonie felt the wall that he wasn’t able to overcome today either as he couldn’t help but feel gloomy.

* * *

• You have succeeded in being the first to enter the ‘Devildom’ amongst all of the users.

• You have obtained 300 thousand Fame.

• You have obtained the title ‘Prophet of the Devildom’.

• For a week, you will obtain double all EXP and goods.

• For 24 hours, the drop rate of items that are Heroic-rank or higher will increase by 50%.

• You have permanently obtained 2% ‘Resistance Magic’ stat.

• You have permanently obtained 1500 ‘Devil Energy’ stat.

• You have permanently obtained 5% ‘Devil Energy Activation Rate’ stat.

• Due to the heavy concentration of Devil Energy, all of your stats have been decreased by 30%.

• Due to the heavy concentration of Devil Energy, your movement speed has been reduced by 20%.

• (Reduced stats will be recovered little by little over the span of 24 hours.)

While looking at the system messages that endlessly popped up, Ian wore a pleased smile.

It wasn’t like all of the system messages had just positive aspects to them, but still, because generally, there were a lot of rewards that had incredible merits, he couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

‘As expected, the first discoverer’s reward for a dimension is tremendous to the point it’s incomparable to dungeons or fields.’

Ian, who saw the system messages, felt his drive grow rapidly.

‘Since my Resistance Magic has additionally increased by 2%, is it now at 7%? This is really sweet as well.’

While checking each and every one of the system messages, Ian discovered a stat that he saw for the first time.

“Huh? What do the Devil Energy and Devil Energy Activation Rate stats do?”

Ian immediately opened the information window.

And he checked the two stats that had newly formed next to the character information.

Because one could see an explanation on all of the stats when they opened up the detailed information, it was in order to check the roles of the specific stats.

• Devil Energy

A fixed amount of damage will be given with all attacks that a user deals onto an enemy with a consistent chance. Unrelated to the Defensive Power and Resistance of the victim, damage will be applied exactly as the numerical value shown, and the chance is decided based on the ‘Devil Energy Activation Rate’.

It is possible to obtain the relevant stat through quests or the additional options of items.

(It is not applied to the attacks of Familiars and retainers.)

• Devil Energy Activation Rate

It defines the chance of Devil Energy being activated during a hit.

Devil Energy Activation Rate can be increased to the maximum 100%, and it is possible to obtain the stat through quests or the additional options of items.

After seeing the explanation on Devil Energy and Devil Energy Activation Rate, Ian was slightly disappointed.

“It is an incredible stat, but it’s a stat that’s unfavourable to Summoners.”

As for Ian, because the portion of his personal participation in battle had increased after he became a Selamus Warrior, he was still able to make good use of it, but for normal Summoners, it was indeed a pie in the sky.

‘As it’s a stat that’s more advantageous the faster your attack speed is… It’s the best stat for Warriors or Archers that have been raised prioritizing attack speed.’

Ian, who finished his inspection on the new stats and buffs that he obtained, began to move hurriedly.

‘I can’t be wasting EXP buff time at the least.’

It would be best if he could immediately proceed with the quest, but currently that was impossible.

‘Since my Resistance Magic is not 99% anymore…’

Even the lv 200-range Lakoums, which he knocked out like flies just a week ago, had now become powerful monsters that he needed to face with all of his fighting power.

Ian summoned his Familiars altogether.


By fortifying his equipment up to the 5th fortification, the Leadership option that was attached to the items also increased by 1.5 times.

Thanks to that, with Karceus summoned, Ian was able to also summon Ly and Pin, and even Bbakbbak.

‘If I just raise my level up a little more, I should be able to summon Halli as well.’

Ian suddenly felt sorry towards Bbookbbook.

Because Bbookbbook’s effectiveness in battle dropped in comparison to the Leadership required in order to summon him, it had been an incredibly long time since he had summoned him.

‘Sorry, Bbookbbook. This hyung will raise his Leadership a ton and summon you.’

Ian, who completed all preparations for battle, checked the Zone number of the map that the portal had opened to.

And the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

‘Alright, it’s the map that I ran around until I was tired of it last week.’

Ian had memorized all of the attack patterns of most of the low-rank magical beasts.

Of course, he needed to be much more careful than when he had the cheat stat that was 99% Resistance Magic, but he was confident that he would be able to hunt any low-rank magical beasts that were within the 200-230 level range without much difficulty.


• Did you call, owner?

“Shall we go and hunt like crazy for the first time in a while?”

• Grr, sounds good, owner!

At Ian’s words, Ly smiled brightly.

And with a satisfied expression, Ian stroked Ly’s mane.

Karceus and Bbakbbak watched that scene with horror-struck expressions.

• Karceus, I think we’re in big trouble.

At Bbakbbak’s mumbling, Karceus nodded his head with a depressed expression.

• I know. I think the owner dude is revved up again.

• What do we do? I think we won’t be able to rest for at least a week.

Karceus’s expression became even gloomier.

• I’m jealous of Bbookbbook.

• Same. I want to rest.

At Bbakbbak’s words, Karceus glared at him.

• Still, at least you’ve basically rested for the past couple weeks. You’re talking high and mighty for someone who’s been summoned for the first time in a real long time. I’m constantly the 1st one to get summoned, so I have to work.

At that Bbakbbak turned his head as if he didn’t know what he was talking about.

• Normally, if you work after having not worked for a while, there’s a saying that you don’t want to do it even more. You can say it’s a similar logic to the ‘Monday blues’.

• What are the Monday blues?

• The owner dude’s girlfriend told me, but apparently, humans rest on Saturday and Sunday. So, on Monday, the next day after they’ve rested, they don’t want to work even more, and apparently that’s called the Monday blues.

Karceus nodded his head.

• If it’s the owner dude’s girlfriend… Is it Harin? Now that I think about it, here is a point to it. Even if I was a human, I feel like that would be the case for me, too.

Bbakbbak, the turtle with the Monday blues, looked up to the sky with a lonely expression.

• The sky of the Devildom is a truly sad red shade.

• Keu…

Ian, who was listening to the two’s conversation, spoke with a dumbfounded expression.

“Isn’t hunting fun? To call this work.”

Karceus and Bbakbbak wore even more dumbfounded expressions.

• Have you gone mad, owner?

• Ha… Monday blues is a truly difficult illness to handle.

Ian shook his head as he stroked Ly’s head.

“You guys need to take Ly as an example. Look at our Ly. He enjoys hunting.”

At that, Bbakbbak recited one line with an even sadder expression.

• Ly… Our poor Ly has caught an illness called the ‘workaholic’.


Like that, the momentary tussle ended, and Ian’s party began to move in order to hunt the magical beasts.

‘For now, we’re only going to breathe as we hunt for a week! I’m going to hit lv 180 before the buffs end no matter what.’

At the frightful promise that he would raise his level up by a whopping 5 levels within a week, Karceus and Bbakbbak dragged their heavy bodies and followed behind Ian.

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