Taming Master

Chapter 144

Chapter 144: In the Middle of the Scramble of the Holy Grail (1)

“This, this…!”

With a devastated expression, Hoonie stared at Kaizar.

Holdream had turned into an ashy colour as he scattered in the air.

And the Crown of Holdream which floated up towards Kaizar…

Hoonie couldn’t believe the condition message that popped in front of his eyes at all.

• The Crown of Holdream has selected ‘Undefeated Swordsman Kaizar’.

At the one line-long message that made all of his efforts up until now into foam, Hoonie cried out.

“Euaah! My quest… My quest, though…!”

Separate from that, Kaizar, who received the Crown of Holdream before he realized, wore a satisfied expression as he looked at the crown.

“Keuh, the item has an eye for people.”

And Kaizar turned his head towards Ian.

“Did you see, Lord guy? I am this great.”


With a dumbfounded expression, Ian stared back and forth at Kaizar and Hoonie.

How this situation went, even Ian didn’t really understand.

‘This… Is it right to be happy?’

He felt even more sorry at Hoonie’s expression that looked like he would cry any moment now.

And Hoonie, who didn’t know that Kaizar was Ian’s retainer, couldn’t do anything else but swear at the development side of Kailan.

‘Damn it. This is toying with the users. This is user insulting! I need to call LB Sports and complain.’

However, Hoonie knew well that even if he did that, nothing would change.

With a devastated expression, Hoonie mumbled.

“What the hell! How can it be so twisted like this?”

But that didn’t mean that he could even conceive the idea of charging at Kaizar and taking the crown.

This was because he hadn’t forgotten that imposing figure that knocked down Death Knight Ballam in just a couple of attacks.

With a pitiful expression, Ian spoke to Hoonie.

“Yo, what should we do with this?”


“This is an uncontrollable force.”

Hoonie glared at Ian.

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

“No, well, not a fight.”

Hoonie found Ian detestable, but because it wasn’t like a situation where he could say anything to Ian, he couldn’t do anything else but swallow his anger internally.

Since it was a situation that was completely unrelated to Ian’s will.

However, just then, Ballam opened his mouth.

• Hoonie, there is another way to accomplish the duty of the Immortal.

Along with those words, Hoonie’s gaze automatically turned.

“What, what is it?”

Ballam’s words were the same as a ray of light in pitch-black darkness to Hoonie.

Ballam spoke while slightly staring at Kaizar.

• For 100 days from now, you must stay near the owner of the crown and obtain the dark energy that leaks out into the wooden plaque.

And Ballam pointed to the wooden skull plaque that was in Hoonie’s hands.

• Fortunately, because the seal of darkness on the crown has been released, the dark energy that was saved up will continuously flow out. It takes about twenty days to gather all of that.

At those words, Hoonie’s expression slightly brightened.

If he could just successfully complete the quest, losing one artifact was nothing.

A duration of twenty days was quite long, but since the ‘Power of the Immortal’ was a charming ability, that much time wasn’t a waste.

“What a relief…”

However, just then, an indifferent voice was heard from behind them.

“Who decided that? Don’t even appear briefly near me, weird child.”

The owner of the voice was none other than Kaizar.

Hoonie’s face turned pale again.

“No, exactly why? I’m just saying that I’ll obtain the dark energy that pours out!”

Kaizar waved his hand as he replied.

“Kanjihoonie, you…”

Everybody’s gaze focused on Kaizar’s mouth.

And at his words that followed, Hoonie despaired.

“Are too unlikeable.”


Kaizar’s words were firm.

On top of that, because his words were to his liking(?), he couldn’t even rebut, and Hoonie was at a loss for words.

Out of shock, Hoonie stuttered.

“Un, unlikeable, you say! To the next sovereign of darkness that will continue the Power of the Immortal…!”

Kaizar shook his head.

“As expected, you’re weird.”


Ian barely held back the laughter that was about to come out of his mouth, and spoke to Kaizar.

For some reason, he wanted to help that poor child brat.


“What, Lord guy.”

“Don’t be like that and help him out once.”

As Ian unexpectedly stood on his side, Hoonie’s complexion slightly brightened.

However, Kaizar’s expression was still lukewarm.

“Why do you say so?”

“Him, if you get to know him, he’s a poor kid. Look, just from looking at how he talks, he doesn’t seem like a normal kid.”

Kaizar slightly gazed at Hoonie.

And as if he was saying he understood, he nodded his head.

“There is some truth to your words.”

While looking at the two people that treated him like a weird person, Hoonie was infuriated, but he couldn’t express it.

Since the most important thing to him right now was the quest.

“Yo, child brat.”

At Kaizar’s calling, Hoonie reflexively replied.


“If you accept my proposal, then I will consider it.”

Hoonie quickly asked.

“Proposal? What is it?”

And Kaizar’s words continued.

“You just need to become my subordinate from now on. Since I can’t shove around the Lord guy, I need one person to shove around.”


Out of humiliation(?), Hoonie’s fist shook.

“A person you can shove around, you say…!”

Kaizar opened his mouth again.


The gazes of Hoonie and Ballam, as well as Ian, were on Kaizar’s mouth.

“If you become stronger than me, I will give you freedom. How about it? If you are the heir of the Immortal, then shouldn’t you have at least that much audacity?”

The gazes of Hoonie and Kaizar collided in the air.

And at this unpredictable development of the situation, Ian wore an excited expression.

Hoonie closed both of his eyes while he was submerged in his thoughts.

‘Ha, what should I do with this?’

Hoonie slightly opened his eyes and slyly stared at Kaizar.

‘If I obtain the Power of the Immortal, will I be able to beat him?’

Hoonie didn’t know what Kaizar’s exact level was.

Because Ian put all settings on private, the levels of all of Ian’s retainers, including Kaizar, were not revealed.

He could only guess Kaizar’s strength with just the fighting power he saw from the outside.

‘Alright. No matter how high his level is, would it be over 200? The levels of NPCs don’t go up easily, so if I just have the Power of the Immortal, then I should be able to catch up soon.’

Just like Hoonie thought, unless it was a special circumstance, the levels of NPCs never went up.

However, the problem was that Kaizar wasn’t a normal NPC.

Kaizar was Ian’s retainer, and he was still continuing to grow.

Conclusively, Kaizar’s level was at 247.

The problem was that it was much higher than the level that Hoonie was thinking of to the point it was incomparable.

The mouth of Hoonie, who didn’t know of these facts, slowly opened his mouth.

“Alright! I’ll do it.”

Kaizar stared at Hoonie with a bleary look.


“Yeah. However, keep your promise.”

“What promise are you talking about?”

“If I beat you, then this contract will nullify.”

At Hoonie’s words, Kaizar smirked.

“Of course. I, Kaizar, am a man of my word. Trust me.”

And as Hoonie nodded his head, Kaizar opened his hand towards Hoonie.

At that, Hoonie stared at Kaizar with nervous eyes, and surprisingly, a message window popped up in front of Hoonie’s eyes.


• Master and Servant Contract

Undefeated Swordsman Kaizar wants to appoint you as his subordinate.

If you accept, you will become the subordinate of Undefeated Swordsman Kaizar, and until you meet the conditions, you cannot cancel the contract.

Requirement: Victory against Kaizar in a 1:1 battle.

*If you violate an order, Kaizar may attack you.

*If Kaizar destroys the contract before you meet the requirements, your Fame will decrease by 100 thousand.

Will you accept the contract?

And Ian, who was watching that scene from the side, looked at Kaizar with surprised eyes.

‘NPCs that have become retainers could give quests, too?’

Ian wasn’t able to know what kind of message window popped up in front of Hoonie’s eyes, but the effect that was floating above Hoonie’s head was definitely the same one that popped up when one received a quest.

Ian pitied Hoonie even more.

‘No way… It’s not like he’ll accept, right? It’s just called a conditional contract, but with a condition like that, it’s alright to see it as a life-long contract.’

However, he had no intentions of stopping him.

This was because, even from Ian’s stance, he thought that it was the same as him gaining another subordinate that he could shove around.

‘Since the more subordinates there are, the better. And that guy is quite useful as well.’

And just like Ian was anticipating, Hoonie accepted Kaizar’s proposal.

“Alright, I will accept.”

While looking at Hoonie, who was still shaking his tightly held fist, Herz, who was standing next to him, whispered to Ian.

“Yo, isn’t he in big trouble?”

Ian nodded his head.

“That’s right. It’s become serious.”

Fiolan, who was nearby, also added on.

“That kid, I feel bad for him. A little later, when he realizes the reality, he might even delete his character.”

Even Bbookbbook, who came down by Ian’s feet, shook his head.

Bbook- Bboo-bbook-.

Even Bbookbbook looked at Hoonie with a pitiful expression.

In Bbookbbook’s eyes, his vicious owner Ian, who was cheap with meatballs, and Kaizar looked the same for some odd reason.

However, no matter what people nearby thought, Hoonie burned up his fighting spirit.

“I will raise my skills quickly to the point that I will be able to beat you, you arrogant guy, and then challenge you. You won’t avoid me then, right?”

Of course, the thing that returned to Hoonie, was Kaizar’s sneer.

“Fix your words first, kid. To be talking so rudely to your master like that.”

Ian, who heard Kaizar’s words, was dumbfounded.

‘What? When he’s a retainer guy that calls his Lord a Lord guy!’

Separate from Ian’s thoughts, Hoonie let out a deep sigh as he nodded his head.

“Understood, Master.”

“Your words are short.”


While grabbing his staff from the ground, Hoonie was swallowing his pent-up anger.

“Keuk. For me, the next sovereign of darkness to be in such a state!”

And Ballam comforted him.

• It was a choice that couldn’t be helped for the revival of the Immortal, Hoonie. You will be able to overcome this hardship then.

On the other hand, Ian, who heard the two people’s conversation, wore an aghast expression.

‘Huh, really, how could anyone be like that?’

In no time, Hoonie had moved into this situation and role.

Ian shook his head and slowly moved his feet.

There were complications, but either way, since they succeeded in killing Holdream, they needed to secure the treasures of Holdream.

‘Behind that door, the artifacts will probably be piled there, right?’

Excluding the Holy Grail, they would need to divide the items evenly, but even considering that, Ian didn’t doubt that he would be able to obtain an incredible reward.

“The Holy Grail is probably inside there, right?”

At Ian’s question, Hellaim nodded his head.

“Probably so, no?”

Holding the doorknob, strength went into Ian’s hand, and the steel door that was firmly shut creaked and began to slowly open.

[1] In Korean, there was a difference between the two ‘understood’, with the first one being informal and the second being formal.

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