Taming Master

Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Undefeated Swordsman Kaizar (3)

The trailer videos of the new update.

Those were driving a large effect.

This was because it wasn’t just the five major game broadcasting companies, but LB Company had sent out trailer videos from the point of views of different NPCs each for even in places like small internet broadcasting companies.

Thanks to that, the users selected different channels as they watched, and they were able to experience entertainment in their own way for each one.

The excitement could be felt even from looking at the hundreds of chatting rooms that were being created in the official community.

• Wow, this is my first time seeing such a large-scale war like this. It’s no joke.

• No kidding. The soldiers that seem to roughly look to be in the hundreds in numbers… However, I heard that the empire soldiers’ levels are also really high, whether in Kaimon Empire or Luspel Empire, is that true?

• Yes, it’s true. From what I know, the soldiers should all be at least over lv 120 as well. I’m carefully guessing that the officers or knights are probably even over lv 150…

• The words of the person above is right. I received an Empire Quest recently for the first time and carried it out, but the executive knight that gave me the Empire Quest then was about lv 170. Truly enormous.

• What, really? I’m really jealous of you, too. Empire Quest… I’m a loser that hasn’t even been able to hit lv 80 yet…

• My level is also only two digits. Haha I was just able to receive the Empire Quest early because I was a little lucky. Anyways, it’s tremendous. If a weak Warrior like me squeezed into there, it looks like I’ll be able to meet the black screen right away.

For this 2nd large-scale update, it wasn’t like the 1st large-scale update, where the method was to close the server at a specified time and proceed with it.

Along with the large-scale trailer videos, specific events will be invoked here and there, and while sending out those videos, Kailan as a whole will naturally go into its new state.

On top of that, it was a situation where the contents of the update weren’t announced beforehand.

Content related to the new update could only be found out by watching the trailer videos, so to say almost all of the Kailan users’ eyes were on the trailer videos wasn’t an exaggeration.

However, it wasn’t like the tons of videos that were recorded had evenly high views.

The videos where most of the users’ interests were on could be summarized to about three of them.

The first was a video with the start being the fog of the central continent clearing up, and Luspel Empire and Kaimon Empire leading their own punitive forces and passing through Sky Highlands for the full-scale war.

The second was a video of a siege warfare between a large army of Luspel Empire that had advanced into Kaimon Empire through the northern continent and the Kaimon defending army that was protecting Fort Yokram against them.

The last was a video filled with the naval battle between the two Empires happening in the Collon Sea that was south of the continent.

Like this, the views of the three videos were overwhelmingly higher in comparison to the other videos.

Especially, without consideration of the camp, the video of the naval war of Collon Sea, which showed the most liveliness and the fresh beauty of the video could be appreciated, recorded the highest views even amongst the three videos.

• Keuh, for real, where could the limit of virtual reality be? Take a look at that splashing water against the sides of the boat.

• Is that really important right now? That soldier just jumped into the sea and is even swimming.

• Wait a minute, but guys, where did Ian, who was fighting at Pascal Islands just a moment ago, go? I suddenly don’t see him in the video.

• You’re right, even just a moment ago, he was riding his Griffin as he flew around.

And inevitably, Ian couldn’t help but become a tremendous celebrity.

With the lv 50-range rookie league as the start, as his active role video in the territory war went public on YouCast, Ian, who began to quickly gain fame, completely became a celebrity with the Attack King event and the recent trailer videos.

Ian’s fame had expanded to the point he was no less than the named users that were within the top 20 of the Korean server ranking before he even realized.

Especially, amongst the Summoner users that frequented the official community, it was to the point you were a secret agent if you didn’t know about Ian.

• Where has our Ian’s Pin and Ly gone? I want to see them… The NPC that YTBC channel 1 is showing seems to have suddenly gone far off, as Ian has disappeared.

• Hey, go to channel 3. It’s practically a firsthand camera of Ian there.

• Hul, really? I should go there right away. Thank you.

Especially, because, in the opening part of this video, Ian’s every movement was all shot, and even each scene where Ian managed his Familiars was all spread out, users even learned about the names of Ian’s Familiars.

On top of that, Ly and Pin, who handled the lv 130-range soldiers almost like children as they showed their overwhelming fighting power, couldn’t help but be a big topic in the conversations amongst the Summoner users.

• Guys, but, you know, Ly amongst Ian’s Familiars. That’s the Blood-red Maned Wolf that appeared in the rookie league a long time ago that has evolved, right?

• It seems that everybody is guessing that’s the case… But we can’t be sure. Firstly, I’m seeing it as a negative. There’s no way that he could have evolved it into such a nonsensically strong Familiar from a normal wolf.

• I agree with the words of the person above. To be honest, I’m also raising a Blood-red Maned Wolf. I’m not boasting, but I raised to over lv 90 right now, and it’s a Familiar that I’m pouring my affection towards, but it still has no intentions of evolving. For it to be a Rare-rank even up to lv 90… I wonder if it’s really going to even evolve…

• Hul, your Blood-red Maned Wolf popped up as evolution possible? For me, as soon as I evolved it, it popped up as evolution impossible from a Rare-rank… TT

• Yes, it’s at least popped up as evolution possible for me. Though, the problem is that it has absolutely no intentions of evolving… If it had popped up as evolution impossible like you instead, then I would have changed after using it a little, but this is basically just false hope.

• Speaking of which, what level exactly could Ian be? He definitely looks to be over lv 110… Could it be possible that he’s close to lv 120?

• No-no, how could a Familiar already hit lv 120. No matter how high he is, wouldn’t he be at about 115?

• No, then how do you explain that fighting power? It’s to the point that it would be hard to believe even if you said a lv 130 was as strong as that.

• That… is true as well.

All sorts of assumptions towards Ian began to go rampant, and Ian, who was a deity in just the Summoner’s bulletin board for a while, was slowly becoming a topic between the users of other classes.

The effect of the trailer videos was that enormous.

On the other hand, Ian, who had absolutely no idea on this situation, was showing a battle that was basically similar to balancing on a tightrope, and was sweating hard.

The battle itself being so numerically disadvantageous and being a dogfight on top of that played its part. However, above anything else, they were fighting without rest for about four hours because of that.

“Current Proliferation!”

Za-zap- Za-za-zap-!

Ian’s Current Proliferation grazed by the soldiers of Kaimon Empire.

However, just then, an unexpected system message popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.

• Intermediate-rank Lightning Spirit ‘Jjaekee’s Summoning Duration Time has completely been used up so it has been withdrawn.

• From now on, Lightning-type spirit skills cannot be used.

“Hul, what the hell, all 9 hours have already passed by?”

The Summoning Duration Time of Jjaekee, an Intermediate-rank spirit, was about 9 hours.

The fact that Jjaekee has been withdrawn meant that 9 hours of combat that started from the prison had passed.

‘Ha, this is annoying… Do I need to slowly learn another skill besides Current Proliferation now?’

There was a reason why Ian didn’t learn a different attack skill besides Current Proliferation this whole time.

This was because he knew that he needed to use only one skill all the time to raise the skill’s Proficiency quickly, and bring out even more efficient DPS (Damage Per Second).

The result of that was the level of Current Proliferation was in the early phase of lv 9 right now.

Because he just had 1 level remaining until he hit the max level, which was lv 10, he hadn’t learned a different attack skill, but he felt that it was slowly getting to the point where he needed to consider a different attack skill.

‘But then again, its Proficiency is only going up as much as an eyelash now anyways… Since it’s not like the destructive power between lv 9 and lv 10 have that big of a difference, so I should look for a different skill as well.’

Until lv 90, new skills were formed by units of 30 levels.

However, after lv 100, in order to obtain new skills, a special quest needed to be cleared or new skill books must be gained through monsters.

Or, there was also the method of raising contributions towards their specific class tower and purchase skills in the tower with contributions.

‘But, first, after I escape here…’

The following connected quest was incredibly hard befitting of a double S-rank Difficulty Level.

The content of the quest itself was quite simple, as he just needed to lead the three ships and return to Isreun Harbour, but if they accidentally got caught by the Kaimon Empire fleet, who were persistently following them and were continuously pouring out attacks, he wouldn’t be able to help but fail the quest just like that.

“Baron, there’s a Kaimon Empire flag to the front of the starboard!”

The shout of a crewmember from the deck could be heard.

Ian’s face immediately contorted.

“Ahoo, I don’t know about chasing us from the back, but how exactly did they appear from the front there? We headed out first.”

To Ian, who was grumbling to himself, Kaizar, who was next to him, scolded him.

“That, we went the wrong route as we continued to fight, while they cut across and came straight, so it makes sense.”

At those words, a sigh automatically escaped from Ian’s mouth.


Kaizar’s last harsh criticism lodged into Ian’s ear.

“Do some work, Lord guy!”

* * *

A clear sky with not one cloud.

Along with the greeting of Fall, the season of “high sky and plump horses”, the festival at Korea University also began.

And today was the first day of the festival.

The students of the virtual reality department were moving busily.

“Yoohyun, there’s a box of beer over there, right?”

“Yes, hyung[1]!”

“Come over here carrying that!”

For the duration of the festival, the virtual reality department decided to leave the lecture room open as a bar.

The opening time of the bar was 6 o’clock in the evening.

Because of that, the department students were all moving busily during the day.

“Mina, did you buy all of the bar snacks that I told you to buy earlier?”

“Yes, oppa[2]. I just took Sucheol and Miyoung with me and were just returning from the mart.”

“Good, good, alright!”

The one in charge of the VR department’s bar was the eldest hyung Sewon.

After rallying the male students and setting up the table, as well as covering up messy areas with a white tent, the form of a quite plausible bar began to appear.

“Yo, Yoohyun.”


“But why did this Jinsung say that he wasn’t coming out to the festival at all?”

The department bar was an event that the whole department was participating in, but participation itself wasn’t a requirement.

On top of that, because there were a lot of people that weren’t participating even aside from Jinsung, there wouldn’t really be a problem with him not coming out.

Since it was a system where the people who didn’t participate couldn’t receive their share of the profits earned from the bar, it wasn’t unfair either.

However, the people that weren’t participating were just not assisting with the bar preparations, but were already at the school and enjoying the festival, but as they saw nothing of Jinsung yet, Sewon had just asked.

“Hmm… I did already convince him, so he’ll probably come out tomorrow…”

“Tomorrow? What is tomorrow’s event again?”

“The E-sports competition against the departments. Amongst the game events there, from what I know, there’s five that Jinsung dug through like a cripple alone.”

Sewon was delighted.

“Ah, really? Then, can our department aim for a box of hard liquor this time?”

Sewon, who remembered the hard liquor that was the comprehensive prize for the winners of the E-sports competition, licked his lips.

“Probably? If Jinsung just comes out…”

“Well, if he said he’d come, then he probably will. He’s not a guy that doesn’t keep his promises, no?”

“That’s true.”

“But, he should have come out to school on a day like this and have some fun, that Jinsung is quite a nasty cripple.”

At those words, Yoohyun smirked.

“Did you just find that out?”

“Well, not just now… But what is he doing lately in Kailan? He hasn’t even appeared in the Manor much.”

The moment that Yoohyun was about to respond, Mina, who abruptly appeared from the back, opened her mouth instead.

“Oppa, do you not watch game channels lately?”

“Huh? What game channel?”

“Just any game channel. Whether it’s YTBC or ATN or…”

“What about it?”

And unknown words continued from Mina’s mouth.

“Jinsung is enhancing our department’s prestige lately.”

“Enhancing our department’s prestige? What’s that? It’s not even enhancing national prestige…”

While hearing the two people’s conversation, laughter suddenly flowed from Yoohyun’s mouth.

He understood the meaning of Mina’s words.

“It’s exactly as I said, oppa. He is raising the status of our department, Lord Ian!”

[1] Hyung = what a younger male calls his elder brother or a close, slightly older male

[2] Oppa = what a younger female calls her elder brother or a close, slightly older male

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