Taming Master

Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Ian, as well as the Supreme Beings (3)

“Magic Spheres!”

Magic Spheres rode down Ian’s staff and continuously shot out.

Pung- Pu-pung-!

As Halli’s attack also went through on top of that, the guy’s Vitality also dropped over 20 thousand in an instant.


Ian, who had poured out all of his Spirit Magic in an instant, took a step back.

Thanks to the Spirit Magic that was restored through Magic Spheres, his Spirit Magic filled up to about half shortly afterwards, but it was to prevent the opponent from counterattacking.

And the mystery man, who got out of the short stunned state of 1 second, glared at Ian with a sharp gaze.

“Surprising. Truly surprising.”

At those words, Ian curtly replied.

“What is?”

“The fact that a Summoner can be this strong.”


The Summoner was a class that was created much later in comparison to the pre-existing classes.

To be honest, the fact that Ian had reached over lv 120 as a Summoner class itself was nonsensical, and because Ian’s fighting power was higher than a lv 120’s, the shock that the man felt was much bigger.

On top of that, wasn’t the Summoner the class that was the weakest in PvP even amongst the new classes?

“However, since I as well am not a case that grew from normal common sense… So, in that sense, do I need to think that it’s a possibility for a Summoner to show this much fighting power?”

Ian slightly frowned.

This was because, of course, he was strong, but he thought that it wasn’t to the point that he could praise himself like that.

‘For a guy who would have already experienced a game over if I just had Ly and Pin has a lot to say… What? Not common sense?’

Ian got back into stance again.

His Vitality had dropped below half, so his gauge was blinking, but that was the same for the opponent as well.

“Get over yourself, and let’s finish this quickly. The path that this hyung has to go is a little busy.”

At those words, the mystery man burst out into laughter with a twisted expression.

“Huhu, get over myself, huh… It is you that seems to be misunderstanding something.”


“The opponent that is in front of you right now. That is not me.”

At the unexpected words of the mystery man, Ian’s eyebrows knitted together.

“What are you talking about?”

And the mystery man’s words continued.

“The thing that you are facing is just my ghost.”


“Speaking of which, how unfortunate. I thought that I could easily take care of one laughable Summoner with just my ghost… It looks like this have to be the end for today. I have a quest that I was proceeding with as well, you see.”

It was only then that Ian felt something was weird.

“Come to think of it, the guy’s whole body was constantly shining a dark red light.’

At first, as he thought it was because of a skill or buff effect, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, but after hearing the words that it was a ghost and looking at it again, he started to see weird points.

At that point, the mystery man’s sword suddenly swung towards Ian.


Swords were quickly shot out.

However, Ian, who remained alert, leisurely avoided the attack of the mystery man.

Ian frowned.


At Ian’s accusation, he smirked.

“I would have been disappointed if you were hit.”

And the form of the mystery man began to grow more and more faint.

“It’s disappointing, but we’ll end it off here today.”

Ian’s expression wrinkled.

“He just does everything as he likes.”

Ian, who was planning on killing his opponent and pick up the dropped items since the situation was like this anyways, felt as if he wasted his time as he watched the disappearing ghost.

“Huhu… Thanks to you, it was fun. It looks like I’ll see you again soon.”

As the mystery man’s body was completely erased from the air, Ian wore a dejected expression.

“Argh, if this was going to happen, then you shouldn’t have come at me from the beginning!”

As he wasted his time and depleted his Vitality for nothing, it was obvious in Ian’s perspective, that he was annoyed.

However, on the other hand, there was also a curiosity towards the opponent.

‘But what exactly is that guy? Since I can’t tell how much fighting power of the main body the ghost has…’

If the main body is much stronger than the ghost, then he couldn’t exclude the chance that it was the top-ranker of Kaimon Empire.

Since the force of the mystery man’s skill was that amazing, and his fighting sense was exceptional.

Either way, Ian moved hurriedly and ran towards the place that Kaizar was tied down.

He did gain an unexpected interference, but the quest was his first priority.


However, just then, the white-haired man, who had raised his head before Ian realized and was watching him, opened his mouth.

• The key is hanging behind that stone wall, kid.

And their gazes momentarily met.

At his piercing, blue eyes, Ian slightly flinched.

“A key?”

• That’s right. You’ll need that in order to release this.

As he spoke, the man shook the heavy lump of metal that handcuffed his hands.

• You’ll need to bring the key quickly. There’s no time.

Even if he didn’t say that, Ian was moving quickly.

This was because he already lost a lot of time with that guy whose identity was unknown and had no idea what was going on outside.


And as the large lock was released using the key that he brought over, the lump of metal dropped to the ground with a heavy sound.


The man repeatedly opened and closed both hands that had become free and mumbled with a low voice.

• Hmm… Has it been ten years…

Ian asked.

“Uhh, old man, how can I release the chain that’s tied around your waist?”

His two hands had become free, but there was still a metal chain wrapped around his waist.

After hearing Ian’s words, he smirked, and grasped the chain with both of his hands.


While looking at the man, who surprisingly crushed the chain with both hands and escaped out of it, Ian wore a flustered expression.

‘What, how can such a monster exist?’

The man, who approached a taken aback Ian, asked a question towards him.

• Kid, give me any weapon that you have. If it’s a sword, that’s the best.

Ian gulped loudly.

‘Isn’t this practically highway robbery?’

However, he couldn’t find the courage to talk back to the monster that crushed a metal chain with his bare hands.

“Just, just one second. I probably have one.”

He remembered the Legendary-rank greatsword that he obtained from Orvil a while ago, but not only would he have regretted giving it, it was an account-bound item anyways.

Ian pulled out a Unique-rank greatsword from his inventory that appeared while he was hunting recently, and handed it over to him.

• Quite a decent sword if it’s like this.

And the man nodded his head before speaking to Ian.

• From hereon out, I will take care of it, so go out and rescue the other prisoners.

“Sorry, what…?”

Ian, who thought that he was going to be able to proceed with the quest a little easier now through to a strong NPC, wore a flustered expression as he stared at the man.

However, just then, an iron gate opposite to the stone wall that Ian came in from opened while making a loud noise.


And a man appeared.

He wore a fishy smile as he looked at the two people back and forth.

• Tsk, tsk. A rat snuck in.

Silver armour engraved with the symbol of Kaimon Empire.

And a greatsword that shone blue.

As the man wearing silver armour, Lacromyu, glared at Ian and raised his sword, the man, who had been standing still up until now, pulled out the sword that he received from Ian and blocked Lacromyu’s path.

• Your opponent is me, Lacromyu.

The man, Lacromyu, smirked at Kaizar’s words, and responded.

• It would be different if it was ten years ago, but do you think you’ll still be able to face me, Kaizar.

• Not ten, but even if a hundred years passed, you won’t be able to beat me, Lacromyu.


At the same time that the two people’s conversation progressed, a large echo strong enough to make all of the stone prison vibrate spread out with the two people as the centre of it, and Ian made the most of that chance and quickly escaped to outside of the stone prison.

‘I don’t really know what it is, but first, let’s rescue the rest of the prisoners and then think about it.’

And as Ian escaped to the outside of the stone prison, a system message alerting of the progress situation of the quest popped up.


• ‘Rescue the War Prisoners’ Quest

• Progress Rate – 1/77 (1.29%)

• Required Condition Achievement Rate – 1/2 (50.00%)

“Team Leader Lee, we need to start airing the trailer now, so get ready quickly!”

“Yes, we’re almost done setting up now. But, are we really going to send out what’s transferred from LB exactly as it is without any post-processing?”

“Where is the time to edit the video and stuff right now? Just send it out immediately as soon as it comes in. The viewers curious about the 2nd update will all gather at the channel that delivers it the quickest anyways.”

YTBC was the broadcasting company that had the highest stock price lately amongst the game-broadcasting channels.

This was the busiest day within the month for the staff in the broadcasting company.

This was because today was the day that they received the trailer from LB Sports for the 2nd large update of the game ‘Kailan’.

The interesting part was that usually in the case of trailer videos for games, it was normally that the cinematic video the game company personally produced was sent out, but the trailer video for this 2nd large update took a completely different method.

That method was that several different versions of videos filming the point of view of the NPCs within the game that were the centre of the 2nd update’s scenario will be broadcasted.

The videos that LB Sports was sending out to each broadcasting company were each all points of views of different NPCs, and as this was the first time for a method like this, the economic operators of the broadcasting company were also flustered.

“We’ll start sending it out in 20 seconds…!”

“Okay! Start the countdown!”

“13… 12… 11…”

* * *

• To think that the first Empire War in ten years would start with a naval battle. Isn’t your heart fluttering, Roster.

• It is, Admiral. I think the time has come for us to show our navy’s potential, which we’ve been polishing up since.

What looked to be easily about a dozen battleships filled the sea with black. And on the anchors of those battleships, the symbol of Kaimon Empire was stamped on.

• Roster, how many Luspel battleships did you say were coming close to the Pascal Islands?

• Three galleon ships, Admiral.

The commanding ship boasted an imposing splendor in the middle of a fleet as it split the waters.


The two people who stood on its deck shared a conversation with relaxed expressions.

The one that stood a little back and was receiving the words was Roster, the captain of the 1st fleet of Kaimon Empire, and the black-haired man that stood in front of him was Harwin, the Navy Admiral of Kaimon.

• Three galleon ships, huh… The reason why the guys, who were silent up until now, are moving is obvious.

• It’s most likely because of the oracle, no?


It was a fiery Friday evening.

Hansoo, who came to a chicken restaurant to celebrate not working over time for the first time in a while, let out an exclamation as he watched the TV that hung on the restaurant’s wall.

“Isn’t that Kailan? What video is that?”

To the friend who asked while he sat next to him, sipping his beer, Hansoo quickly responded.

“That’s right, it’s a Kailan video. It’s the YTBC channel. Apparently, they were going to broadcast the trailer video for this 2nd large update, so I think it’s that?”

Mingyu, who sat on the opposite side of them, turned his head at the two people’s conversation and stared at the TV.

“Keu, this looks like some sort of movie scene. Looking at that flag, it must be Kaimon Empire warships.”

Battleships of majestic splendor.

And while looking at the high-quality video of Kailan that implemented each and every minor detail of the battleships perfectly, they had completely forgotten to tear through their chicken and began to be immersed in the video.

“Are they planning on having a naval battle with Luspel Empire?”

“It looks like it… Err, I’m a Luspel citizen, but will that war outcome affect the normal users as well?”

“Probably not, no? If the balance is destroyed then the game will become boring… There’s no way that the game company would make it like that.”

The battleships within the screen gradually began to enter between the numerous islands, and soon after, they began to anchor down at one island.

And the battle that began.

Before they even realized, it wasn’t just them, but all of eyes of the people sitting in the chicken restaurant were glued to the TV.

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