Taming Master

Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Pascal Islands (2)


The refreshing sound of water being cleaved through was heard.

The sea that connected with the south of Colonar Continent was called ‘Collon Sea’.

And right now, in the middle of Collon Sea, three ships floated above the waters.

Originally, they were warships that had sails with the Luspel Empire’s symbol drawn largely on it, but right now, the three galleon ships were camouflaging as merchant ships.

Amongst them, a man sat on the deck of the lead galleon ship with a drained, pale face.

“Euh… Euhh…”

It was none other than Ian.

Ian’s face was completely drained of colour because of his extreme seasickness.

Bbookbbook, who approached his side, mocked Ian.

Bbook- Bboo-bbook-!

“What, dude… Hyung doesn’t even have enough energy to get mad right now, so go away for now.”

As Ian waved his hand around as if he couldn’t be bothered, Bbookbbook wore a prim expression as he glared at Ian.


“You’re fine now because I just summoned you, but in a bit, you’ll probably feel seasick, too.”

Despite Ian’s curse, Bbookbbook wore an arrogant expression as if he was saying that there was no way he would feel seasick as a sea turtle.


While looking at Bbookbbook, who crawled around the deck here and there out of excitement, Ian let out a deep sigh.

‘No, why the hell does this crazy game even have seasickness implemented in it?’

Just in case, Ian called over a crewmember that was standing at the stern.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, Baron.”

“By any chance, do you have something like medication for seasickness?”

Even as he asked, Ian didn’t have high expectations.

‘There’s no way that there would be such a thing.’

However, didn’t the crewmember nod his head?

“Ah, yes, of course, we have some. Please give me one moment.”

“Th, thank you.”

Ian’s complexion slightly brightened.

However, the moment he checked what the crewmember had brought back, the colour in his face couldn’t help but turn blue again.

‘Isn’t this… Ginger?’

Ginger was medication for seasickness that sailors traditionally used since long ago in order to avoid seasickness.

However, to Ian, who had the appetite of an elementary school student, ginger was no different from poison.

While looking at Ian, whose complexion had gotten worse, the crewmember asked with a worried expression.

“Baron, are you alright?”

“Do, don’t worry, and be off on your way.”

For now, he did receive the ginger, but as Ian wasn’t mentally prepared yet, he sent back the crewmember and fell into agony.

‘Should… I eat this, or not?’

However, just then.


A large wave crashed into the ship, and the ship sloshed around.

In an instant, Ian felt a vomit rise up from deep within his body.

‘I’m in trouble!’

Throwing up on the deck, especially as a baron, was something he couldn’t do.

With all the strength he could muster, Ian ran to the washroom.

And after retching a little, he felt his seasickness calm down a bit.

‘Whew, to have my first seasickness in Kailan, who would have thought…’

And as he came up to the deck, he saw the captain, Laurent, standing outside.

“Captain, how much longer do we have to go now?”

“Ah, Baron. We’re almost there now. About half a day more, and we should be there.”

At the words half a day, Ian despaired again.

‘Do I… need to eat the ginger at least?’

In the end, Ian chewed on the ginger he received from the crewmember and sat around the middle of the hull of the ship, where it wobbled the least.

However, crawling over with a sallow face, Bbookbbook, who played on the deck excitedly earlier, caught Ian’s eyes.

Ian smirked.

‘You did crawl around out of excitement…’

While looking at Bbookbbook, who approached Ian’s side with a drained expression, for some odd reason, Ian grew energetic(?).





“I’m also tired…”

* * *

The three galleon ships were able to arrive in the vicinity of the Pascal Islands in half a day.

However, carrying onwards from his seasickness, a new difficulty found its way towards Ian.

“You’re telling me I have to go alone from here on out?”

“Not alone, as the maximum amount of people that can get on that infiltration transport ship is five, so you can take four more people.”


Ian grumbled to himself.

‘I was hoping I would get a bus[1] just like the Griffin Hatching Quest…’

Remembering Hellaim’s Knights, who wiped monsters that were over lv 150 in the Wasteland, Ian licked his lips.

‘Firstly, I need to take Celia, so there are three remaining spots…’

Ian first picked Paulean.

This was because, excluding Captain Laurent, there was no crewmember aboard the ship that had a higher level than Paulean.

And Ian’s gaze turned towards Laurent, but Laurent shook his head.

“Not me, Baron. I have other work I need to do here.”


Excluding Laurent, as the rest of the crewmembers were around the lv 130-140 range, Ian selected two crewmembers that looked the most intimidating(?) amongst the members he could see and got into the infiltration transport ship.

‘There’s no way that they aren’t fighters when they look like that.’

That was Ian’s basis for selecting his crewmembers.

“Here, this is a map of the Pascal Islands.”

Laurent, who handed over the map, explained the Pascal Islands in detail.

And fortunately, the exact location of the Pascal Prison was marked on the map.

“But, Captain, what do I do after I save the prisoners? I won’t be able to bring back the prisoners in this small transport ship, no?”

Ian’s question was very reasonable.

Laurent nodded his head as he replied.

“Of course. After you’ve released as many of the prisoners that are locked away somewhere within the prison, you just need to shoot this flare up into the air.”

Ian received an item that looked like a small mechanical crossbow from Laurent.

• You have obtained item ‘Laurent’s Flare’.

And Laurent’s words continued.

“Once the signal goes up, I will go to pick you up.”

“Ah, understood.”

Ian, who had an approximate idea of how this quest will proceed now, nodded his head and had the boat depart.

While looking at Ian, who grew farther away, Laurent slightly bowed his head.

“Then, I pray for your success in battle, Baron.”

“Yes, well…”

* * *

Ian made the best use of his Familiars.

There were two Familiars that Ian could use on top of the ship as scouts.

One was Ian’s Familiar Pin, and the other was Celia’s Familiar, the Blue Wyvern.

“Pin, can you go higher up and guide us to a location that would be good enough to anchor the ship?”

At Ian’s command, Pin warbled before he flew up into the air.

And Paulean, who saw that, wore a surprised expression.

“No, Baron. By any chance, is that… The legendary Griffin?”

For an instant, Ian wore a stung expression as he nodded his head.

“Ah, yes, it is. I was able to obtain it by mere chance.”

At those words, Paulean nodded his head.

“As expected, so cool, the Griffin. I had the chance to see the Griffin that the King is raising from a distance, but that one wasn’t as big as that yet…”

Different from Ian’s Pin, the King’s Griffin was most likely raised sheltered within the comfortable environment of the imperial property.

Because of that, its growth would have been slowed.

Ian internally let out a sigh of relief.

‘If their sizes were even similar, I might have been misunderstood. I should be more careful of summoning Pin in front of NPCs that are affiliated with the empire.’

Either way, through the help of Pin and the Blue Wyvern, Ian’s party was able to arrive safely to the island that was marked on the map and anchor their ship.

The place that the party had landed was towards the back, on a shoreline with a dense forest.

“It must be over there, Lord.”

Celia, who had gotten off the boat first, spoke while pointing towards a large fortress that could be seen between the grass thickets.

And Ian, who saw that, wore a slightly dumbfounded expression.

‘I thought that it would be hidden so that it was hard to find, but it’s just out in the open.’

Continuing, a feeling of nervousness swept over him.

‘When it’s this easy, there’s always some sort of trap…’

Paulean, who got off the boat next, opened his mouth.

“Baron, I think cutting across this forest and going in through the back should work.”

Paulean pointed towards a part of the map with his finger as he continued speaking.

“Based on how the contours overlap inversely, if we go up this way, I think we’ll be able to go up the rampart easily.”

Ian admired Paulean’s intelligent AI(?) as he led the party and began to go up the forest.

* * *

The results of the Attack King event had come out.

And of course, the Lotus Guild overwhelmingly took 1st place.

The score for the Lotus Guild’s attack was a whopping perfect 500 points, and the score for the 2nd place’s attack was only about 260 points, so the score difference was almost double the amount.

Fiolan and Herz, who sat across from each other in the Domain Manor, received their prizes from the Attack King event with happy expressions.

This was because, of course, the capsules, which were the most important prizes of 1st place, were delivered directly to the addresses that were already received, but aside from that, the other prizes were sent to the manor of the relevant guild.

“Wow, 300 thousand Guild Fame and Mystery Boxes. This as well is quite terrific.”

At Fiolan’s words, Herz nodded his head.

“No kidding, I thought that it was one Mystery Box per person, but they give out two.”

“Yes, but one is an item box, while the other is a gold box…”

Herz opened up the information of the Mystery Box.

• Magical Mystery Box (Gold)

A box that holds an amount of gold anywhere between 100 gold~5 million gold.

Amount is unknown until opened.

And his face wrinkled.

“This is too much, no? Between 100 gold and 5 million gold… Isn’t this gap too big?”

At Herz’s grumbling, Fiolan grinned as she answered.

“There’s no way you’ll get 100 gold, right?”

“No, still, though…”

“The item box is even more ridiculous than that. A while ago, it looked like Carwin received bread from opening this.”

“He already opened it?”

“Yes, it seemed he immediately opened it as soon as he received it. Still, because he received 1.3 million gold from the gold box, he was happy.”

Herz gulped.

‘1.3 million gold… If I also got around just that much, then I would have no other wish.’

Herz pulled out the gold box from his inventory first.

“Fiolan. I will open it up first.”

“Okay, I’ll open mine after seeing you open yours.”

And Herz placed his shaking hand on top of the Mystery Box.


As he did so, a white light engulfed the Mystery Box and it floated into the air.

Fiolan and Herz’s eyes were fixated on the box.



• User ‘Herz’ has opened the ‘Magical Mystery Box’ and has obtained 1240 gold.

After seeing the system message, a horrible shriek popped out of Herz’s mouth.


Fiolan, who saw that, was nervous because it didn’t seem like it was some other person’s matter, but she still couldn’t stop the laughter that continuously slipped out of her mouth.

“Pu-hu-hut, Herz, you seriously have no luck. 1200 gold. How, amongst all the numbers between 100 and 5 million, you got a thousand two hundred…”

And continued, Fiolan opened her box.

Herz couldn’t help but despair even more.

• User ‘Fiolan’ has opened the ‘Magical Mystery Box’ and has obtained 3,974,505 gold.

This was because the amount of gold Fiolan obtained was thousands of time more than Herz’s at close to 4 million gold.

At the letdown, Herz collapsed onto the ground.


And Fiolan reassured Herz.

“Cheer up, Herz…”

However, there was no way that the reassurance of Fiolan, who received 4 million gold, would have an effect.

“Damn it, they need to change the salary system for the LB Sports game planners.”


“They need to make something like a Magical Kailan Salary Box and give their salary randomly.”


“Something like 20 thousand Won[2]~10 million Won[3]. They need to receive about 20 thousand Won as their salary in order to pull it together.

[1] bus = to get carried

[2] 20 thousand Won = ~$17.64 USD

[3] 10 million Won = ~$8822.50 USD

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