Taming Master

Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Ly’s Performance (3)

Just like the word giant, the hero of Forlan had a body that boasted an incredible presence.

Violent in desperation, the last boss of the dungeon swung around his club.

Bang- Bang-!

However, because Pin, Ly and Halli, with Ian on his back, all had incredible Agility, the slow body of the giant couldn’t help but continue to cut through the air.

“Fiolan, are you almost done casting?”

“Yes, 5 seconds!”

The moment that Fiolan’s magic bursts out this time, Ian also planned on firing off all of the Inherent Abilities of his Familiars at once and finish the dungeon attack.

Ian counted to himself.

‘4… 3… 2…’

And as soon as both hands of Fiolan, who was casting magic, shone a bright blue, Ian jumped off from Halli’s back and yelled.


As he did so, the Familiars that were already prepared, altogether charged towards the giant.

Of course, the giant didn’t stay still, and in order to counterattack, it twisted its body, and Ian’s eyes shone sharply.

‘As expected, just as I predicted…!’

Ian quickly shouted towards Ddukdae.

“Ddukdae, take that one!”


Because he had Ddukdae stand in the back for a bit instead of tanking for this moment, Ddukdae’s Vitality was completely full.

And no matter how strong the counterattack of the giant was, Ddukdae had enough endurance to withstand two to three hits.

While looking at the club of the giant that flew towards him, Ddukdae crossed his two arms and got into a defense stance.

And in order to not get pushed back, he spread one leg out backwards.


An impact sound that was loud enough to make the whole dungeon vibrate rang out.

• Familiar ‘Ddukdae’ has received critical damage.

• Familiar ‘Ddukdae’s Vitality has been reduced by 19,789.

For a single blow that was dealt with all the strength of a dungeon boss, it wasn’t a light amount of damage, but for Ian, who had experienced outrageous attacks during his fight with Orvil, it was laughable.

‘What the hell, he could have fought him after taking a couple of hits before.’

Ian was diligently putting in each and every movement of the giant, as well as each and every attack pattern, into his head.

It was a process that was required in order to cut down the record time, but above all, it was a process that was absolutely necessary in order to write out a perfect attack for the Attack King event.

‘That’s right. In that situation a moment ago, if Ddukdae took about two hits, we would have been able to deal a lot more damage. If we did that, then we would have cut down the time about 20 more seconds.’

As he checked the time thoroughly, Ian checked the Vitality gauge of the giant.

After using all of the magic that she could use, Fiolan, who was discharged, approached Ian.

“Whew, I’ve now done everything that I could. It should be over now, right?”

“Yes. Probably.”

And just like the two people’s conversation, the Vitality gauge of the giant was worn out and only a sliver remained.

It seemed that Ian’s Familiars also noticed that, as they began to pour out attacks even more violently.


• Familiar ‘Ly’ has dealt critical damage to the ‘Forgotten Hero of Forlan’.

• The ‘Forgotten Hero of Forlan’s Vitality has been reduced by 25,798.

With Ly’s single blow, which lodged in properly, as the last, the Forlan giant’s massive figure slowly began to collapse.


• You have killed the ‘Forgotten Hero of Forlan’.

Ian and Fiolan quickly moved towards the elapsed time.

• 00:19:35

It was indeed a phenomenal record.

An exclamation flowed out of Fiolan’s mouth.

“Kya! To have finished the Forlan dungeon in 20 minutes!”

Ian likewise was pleased.

“No kidding. I knew that we could cut down a lot of the time, but I had no idea that it was possible to cut down close to 30%.”

Considering that the 2nd place record is about 30 minutes, it was easily recognizable how incredible the two people’s record was.

Ian’s gaze turned towards the collapsing giant.

Once that giant’s body completely turned into powder and crumbled onto the floor, the dungeon clear result window would pop up now.

Ian and Fiolan had eyes full of anticipation.

This was because, although it was already certain that it was an S-clear rank, the better their results, the better the reward in proportion to it even if they received an S-rank.

And the information window that the two people waited for popped up along with a notification sound.


*Grave of the Forlan Hero.

Time Limit – 00:50:00

Clear Time – 00:19:35

Clear Rank – SS

Obtained EXP – 20,112,000

Obtained Gold – 273,122 gold

Obtained Item – Piece of the Forlan Hero’s Armor *20

Fiolan was an obvious, but a broad smile hung even from Ian’s mouth.

“Wow… Wow…!”

As Fiolan was deeply moved to the point she became speechless, Ian grinned as he opened his mouth.

“S-rank is for sure different, don’t you think?”

“That’s right. The EXP for an A-rank was around 13-14 million, but for it to be over 20 million just from going up a rank… The gold reward jumped by double.”

Ian nodded his head.

“No kidding. I’ve also completed a Forlan chest piece. Hu-hu…”

At Ian’s words, Fiolan, who also checked her inventory in case, wore a flustered expression.

“Huh? I’ve also completed one! What is this?”

And after checking the reward information window again, she nodded her head as she mumbled.

“Ah… There were 20 pieces.”

The number of pieces that were required for a complete product was a total of 40.

Since half the number of pieces that were required was given at once, they had unexpectedly completed it.

The corners of Fiolan’s mouth hung from either ear.

“Then, let’s try a little harder.”

At Ian’s words, Fiolan asked back as if she was wondering what he was talking about.

“Huh? Why try harder? It’s an S-rank.”

At that, Ian clicked his tongue and spoke jokingly.

“This, this, you’ve still got a long way to go, Fiolan.”

“For what?”

“Take a closer look at the reward window. Whether we are just an S-rank right now.”

And after checking the rank again, Fiolan’s eyes widened.

“Huh? You’re right. It wasn’t an S but a double S. Was there even such a rank?”

Ian smirked as he replied.

“Why are you asking me that? When it’s right in front of your eyes.”

“I see, that’s why the rewards jumped this much. I thought the reward was too big for just a one-rank difference.”

Ian’s words continued.

“So… The fact that there’s a double S rank, shouldn’t that mean that there’s also a triple S rank?”

At Ian’s unexpected words, she was astonished.

“No, is this record not even enough for you?”

At that, Ian wore a bashful expression as he replied.

“No, rather than it isn’t enough, I feel like it’s possible to cut down the time a little more…”

“Hmm, the cut for an S-rank was 25 minutes, and it seems the cut for a double S-rank is 20 minutes, then I think we need to clear in under 15 minutes in order to achieve triple S-rank…”

Fiolan’s gaze turned towards Ian.

“Will that be possible?”

“Well, I do see parts that we can cut down time for a little more… But we’ll need to try to know.”

For now, the two people, who finished organizing their rewards, came out of the dungeon.

And while checking their proud record that was engraved in the ranking list, they wore a satisfied expression.

However, just then.

Ian suddenly opened his mouth with a flustered voice.

“Ack, I didn’t even think of this… Fiolan, this is a serious matter!”

At Ian’s words, Fiolan, who was happily checking the rewards that came in once again, instinctively turned her head.

“Huh? What’s a serious matter?”

Ian’s words continued.

“It’s nothing else, but too much EXP came in from this…”


Fiolan, who didn’t understand what Ian was talking about, momentarily wore a confused expression.

However, she was soon able to figure out the meaning of Ian’s words as well.

“Ah… By any chance, is it because of your level?”

Ian nodded his head.

“Yes. I won’t level-up right away right now, but if we go for about three more rounds, I’ll be lv 121. It looks like I won’t be able to fill up all five times today…”

And Fiolan wore a taken aback expression.

This was because she totally wasn’t expecting for Ian’s level to already be that high.

“No, Ian, what have you done to be the same level as me already?”

“That, well, I’ve just gamed diligently…”

Ian shrugged his shoulders.

Fiolan shook her head as she opened her status window.

Because she was also lv 120, there was a need for her to check how much EXP she had left.

And shortly after, Fiolan, who checked her EXP, wore an even more sullen expression.


“What’s wrong?”

“If I… do one more run, I’ll level-up…”

At those words, Ian smirked.

“Good work, Fiolan. It looks like our next try will be our last attack at Forlan dungeon.”


Fiolan, who blew away over half of this honey-like chance, let out a deep sigh.

While looking at her as she did so, Ian added on.

“Well, if you want to run it again, go level-down once and come back.”

He meant for her to purposely go and die once and go down a level before coming back.

Fiolan went into a fit of rage and glared at Ian.

“If I level-down and rest a day before coming back, you probably would have leveled-up and wouldn’t be able to go in.”

Ian knew that, but as if he hadn’t thought of that, he wore a spunky expression as he made fun of Fiolan.

“Ah, that’s also true.”

Fiolan gave a sidelong scowl as she mumbled.

“So mean, really…”

* * *

After completing his maintenance before going back into the dungeon again, Ian thoroughly flipped back through his memory from just now and reflected on the battle.

‘If I do this at this part, then I feel like I’ll be able to reduce the time a little more… As for Ddukdae’s Abyss Hole, it would be better to use it beforehand here rather than saving it. Since I think in the third phase, it should be coverable to control the battlefield even without Abyss Hole, anyways.’

During that time, Fiolan returned to the Domain and brought back buff potions that could bump their stats up even by a little.

She also didn’t forget to visit Harin and bring back high-class dishes.

“Alright, everything’s ready. Ian. I think we’ve seriously done everything we can do to prepare.”

Ian nodded his head.

“Good work.”

“Speaking of which, it’s truly disappointing that we only have one chance.”

“It’s alright, since we just need to hit 15 minutes this time.”

The two people that went in for their last dungeon attack were resolutely determined that they would be able to obtain the result they wanted in the end.

The record that the two people gained was a truly close call.

• 00:14:58

With just 2 seconds remaining, they were able to achieve the 15-minute cut record that truly looked impossible.

And like the two people expected, on their rank, there was a triple S.

“Huff, huff, seriously good work, Fiolan.”

“Whew… No. What did I do… You did everything.”

As they were short on time at the end, in order to deal as much damage as they could no matter what, Ian and Fiolan attempted to personally attack the giant in a physical manner with the staffs that they were carrying.

The two people who both weren’t close-range classes from the beginning, in order to cover the section where there was a deal loss whenever they were short on mana or had a cooldown time for their skill, they had even brought out ignorant methods.

However, as a reward big enough for how much they suffered had followed through, the two people’s bodies were filled with satisfaction.

And they were also able to obtain an unexpected title.


• You have set a phenomenal record in the ‘Grave of the Forlan Hero’ dungeon.

• You have obtained the title, ‘One That Challenges the Limits’.

Ian seemed be excited, as an exclamation popped out of his mouth automatically.

“Oh yeah!”

And he immediately checked the option that was attached to the nickname.

*One That Challenges the Limits

Rank – Heroic

• The more you cut down your record in a Time Attack dungeon, the amount of EXP you additionally obtain will increase by 50%.

• The Fame that you obtain as the ranking reward of a Time Attack dungeon will increase by 50%.

• All class stats will increase by 15%.

And Ian liked the title that he obtained as a reward very much.

Fiolan, who checked the title, opened her mouth.

“It’s called the ‘One That Challenges the Limit’. I think it’s truly a title with a name that suits your challenging spirit.”

At those words, Ian grinned.

“You think so? Huehue…”

“I don’t know who made it, but they really made the name well. That’s that, but from looking at the fact that we even obtained this kind of nickname means that there’s no higher rank above triple S, right?”

Ian nodded his head.

“That’s probably right. If there is a higher-rank than this, we would need to clear within 10 minutes, but maybe unless we can challenge it as a higher rank, I think it is impossible for a user below lv 120 to create a record higher than that.”

“Even 15 minutes right now was impossible enough, Ian…”

“Is, is that so?”

Ian wore an embarrassed expression as he scratched the back of his head.

Fiolan organized the rewards she obtained and asked Ian.

“Now you need to go do your remaining two runs, right, Ian?”

“I should.”

“Huehue, I should take a screenshot of this reward window and boast about it in the guild messenger chat room.”

At those words, Ian waved his hands as he stopped Fiolan.

“Don’t do that, please, Fiolan… Is there a reason for you to harass me so much again?”

“You’ll reach a level where you won’t be able to enter here after today anyways. It’s alright.”

“Ah… Still…”

After Ian, who had a comfortable tussle for a moment, sent Fiolan off, he called Herz.

And he momentarily logged out of Kailan and came out of the capsule.

‘Since what I need now is a detailed analysis for the attack.’

Now he had no lingering attachment towards the record.

If that was the case, even if it took a little longer to clear, it was more important to gather as much information as possible on the dungeon and analyze it.

Since that way he would be able to write a perfect attack.

“For now, shall we organize the information obtained from trying up until now.”

Ian’s eyes began to shine.

For some reason, Ian burned with an even stronger will than when he challenged for a 15-minute clear.

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