Talisman Emperor

Epilogue 1 – The Door In The Outerealm (Part 2/3)

The Outerealm was huge and seemingly boundless.

The living beings of the entire three dimensions would probably be unable to imagine that there was actually such a ‘new world’ outside the world they lived in.

Ling Xinghun was constantly observing Dao Wushuang’s expression all along the way. He wasn’t stupid. Once he saw Dao Wushuang’s unusual actions upon entering the Outerealm, he instantly understood that her origins were definitely not simple!

However, the entire world was in Chen Xi’s control right now, and there was no place for him there anymore. Under such circumstances, Leng Xinghun had no choice but to obey her even if he was aware that her origins weren’t simple.

But he’d secretly become vigilant in his heart.

However, Leng Xinghun hadn’t imagined at all that Dao Wushuang had noticed all of it since the beginning, but she just couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to him.

Dao Wushuang’s concentration was all converged on rushing through and leaving as soon as possible!

The unexpected change in the Outerealm caused her to acutely sense a trace of danger, and it was like a shadow that couldn’t be eliminated from her heart.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Leng Xinghun wasn’t able to restrain himself any longer and said, “Where exactly are we going?”

Dao Wushuang frowned. She seemed to have thought of something and suddenly sighed. “The Outerealm isn’t safe now. So, we can only leave.”

Leave? Leng Xinghun was stunned. “Are we going to leave the Outerealm?”

Leng Xinghun was lost for the first time. He wasn’t able to imagine where else they could go beyond the three dimensions and Outerealm.

A wisp of recollection appeared in Dao Wushuang’s clear eyes as she said, “It doesn’t matter if I tell you now. There’s an ethereal door at the end of the Outerealm, and I… came from beyond that door.”

Leng Xinghun’s heart shook fiercely, and he was practically filled with disbelief. Only now did he realize that secrets of Dao Wushuang’s origins had completely exceeded his imagination.

She wasn’t from the three dimensions; she wasn’t from the Outerealm as well. She was from beyond the ethereal door!

Where does that door lead to?Why have I never heard of such a door?

Numerous questions surged into his heart, and it caused Leng Xinghun to be completely stunned on the spot.

Dao Wushuang didn’t explain further.

It wasn’t long before the number of floating continents in their field of vision became scarce, and then there wasn’t a single one of them left. Their fields of vision had become completely empty.


Dao Wushuang suddenly stopped moving, and her clear eyes that were enshrouded with a dim and cold glow swept towards the boundless expanse of space in the distance. However, it wasn’t long before she couldn’t help but frown.

“How could this be?” Dao Wushuang took a deep breath while strands of obscure and strange fluctuations of energy surrounded her. It was like she was deducing and searching for something, and her expression was indescribably divine and serious.

Leng Xinghun stood at the side, and he dared not disturb her. His fate was practically in her hands, so no matter how many questions he had or how puzzled he was, he could only obey her every order and dare not defy her at all.

“Why can’t I find it? Impossible! It’s a passageway that the sovereign of my clan created, so how could anyone in this world destroy it?” Dao Wushuang’s expression changed abruptly after quite a while passed, and it changed indeterminately. Her eyes were filled with surprise and bewilderment while the shadow of danger grew darker around her heart.

“Could that door have vanished?” Leng Xinghun spoke softly.

“Shut up!” Dao Wushuang berated while her expression was icy cold to the extreme. At this moment, she was like an ancient beast that was emanating a terrifying aura which simply seemed ready to swallow up her enemies.

Leng Xinghun’s face instantly became unsightly from being bluntly berated like that, but he forcefully restrained himself in the end and didn’t dare make a fuss about it with her.

“Shit! We have to leave right now!” Dao Wushuang pondered deeply with a frown on her face for quite some time before her expression suddenly changed. She seemed to have realized something. She immediately flicked her sleeve and emanated a wisp of resplendent light, and then intended to leave with Leng Xinghun.

However, a calm and indifferent voice suddenly resounded through this practically empty world. “Since you’ve come, then why leave in a hurry?”

A strand of indescribably terrifying aura of Order suddenly surged through this empty world while the voice resounded.

That aura surpassed Destiny. It made the world tremble, and while it seemed to be invisible and shapeless, it instantly caused both Dao Wushuang and Leng Xinghun’s figures to stiffen and dare not move at all.

At this moment, they felt like they were sealed within an invisible cage, and they would suffer lethal judgment and punishment regardless of where they fled to!

But merely an instant passed before Dao Wushuang suddenly gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. Terrifying divine radiance of the Dao surged out from within her body as she shouted in an obscure and grand tone!


The world here suddenly rippled while the energy of Order started to fall into disorder.

“This is the strength of the other civilization? It’s rather unique. Unfortunately, you aren’t the Sovereign of that civilization, so you’re still too weak.” As that calm and indifferent voice resounded, strands of clear and glistening Divine Chains of Order rained down from space, and they instantly crushed the energy Dao Wushuang emanated.


Her entire body trembled as she coughed up a mouthful of blood, and her face had become extremely pale. However, the terror in her heart was greater than all of that.

Because she’d figured out who it was now!

As for Leng Xinghun, he was like a single straw amidst a raging ocean when the battle occurred, and he wasn’t able to control himself at all. He’d been imprisoned on the spot since the beginning, and he was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. He didn’t even have the strength to struggle.

At this moment, the clear and glistening Divine Chains or Order densely covered the sky, and they emanated boundless clear and divine radiance that illuminated the world in their eternal brilliance.

A tall and extraordinary figure was standing above those Divine Chains or Order. He wore green clothes, had long hair that fluttered behind him, and a handsome and composed face. He seemed like the sovereign of all things as he stood there in a casual manner, and he emanated a dignified aura that made all things bow before him.

Chen Xi!

Dao Wushuang’s face turned livid while complicated emotions filled her heart. She felt bitter, disgruntled, and unwilling.

On the other hand, Leng Xinghun seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His face had warped and turned savage while his eyes had bulged from their sockets. It seemed like he still didn’t dare believe everything that he saw before him.

Indeed. How could he have imagined that he would still be unable to escape Chen Xi’s pursuit even after he’d fled to the end of the Outerealm?

“Actually, I should have guessed that you were behind all of this.” Dao Wushuang sighed lightly while a wisp of bitterness appeared on her livid face. “Only you possess such ability to completely wipe out the living beings throughout the entire Outerealm and even accomplish it without leaving behind a single trace.”

Chen Xi spoke indifferently. “You’re wrong. I didn’t kill those members of the Xeno-race, and I just hid them for now. In the end, some of them were once living beings from the three dimensions. Now that I’ve become the sovereign of this world, I naturally can’t allow them to wander about away from their own homes.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “As for those who don’t belong to the three dimensions. I won’t kill them as well. Because I might be able to gain even more information about the other civilizations through them.”

Dao Wushuang’s expression changed indeterminately for a while before she said, “You’ve figured out my identity?”

Chen Xi nodded. “I have.”

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