Tales of Herding Gods

Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839: The second story of Milo, ‘Are You a wizard?’?

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The yellow sheep that Xuanji was riding was the leader. The leader was running in front, and the sheep at the back flooded in like a tide, breaking up the alpacas.

The Wizards were furious, and the black figures in the flock flew up like bats under the night sky.


Wizards, to the people at the bottom of the World Tree, were a group of terrifying and strange existences.

They were the children of the gods at the top of the World Tree, the descendants of the gods. They had mastered a part of the abilities of the gods, which they called divine abilities.

They conveyed the will of the gods, worked for the gods, handled the daily affairs of the gods, and served the food and daily life of the gods.

At the same time, they also conveyed the anger of the gods!

Behind Xuanji, the sky was covered with dark clouds. It was the angry wizards who mobilized the power of the gods and gathered the dark clouds and lightning.

The Lightning fell from the sky like raindrops, venting the anger of the Wizards.

Xuanji controlled the yellow sheep to dodge the lightning strikes. After the thunderstorm, only three to five yellow sheep were left to run with the sheep. The other yellow sheep had been struck to death by the Lightning.

The sound of the wind rose. Xuanji looked back and saw the Wizards flying in the wind. This was definitely something that ordinary people could not do!

The Wizards chased after him. At the same time, the army of the upper world that was guarding the palace also came when they heard the news. One by one, the cavalrymen went straight for Xuanji and SUSU. Their shining golden armor was exceptionally dazzling under the sunlight.

They were the army that was guarding the palace to guard against the rebellion of the slaves who built the palace. Those who were qualified to guard the palace were the people of God and the descendants of God.

Although they did not possess the power of God like wizards, they were born with boundless strength!

From Afar, a golden rain of arrows shot towards Xuanji and SUSU. The Golden Arrows formed clouds and covered the sky!

Xuanji shouted and the yellow sheep turned around and rushed towards the world tree.

Suddenly, countless tender green vines drilled out from the soil in front of them and grew crazily, blocking their path to the tree.

This was a wizard’s divine ability.

The vines grew crazily around the yellow sheep and quickly surrounded them like a primitive forest.

The vines were like living creatures, like tentacles, agilely rolling towards them.

Susu cried out repeatedly, but Xuanji revealed a surprised expression. His fingers lightly touched the vines that were rolling towards him.

The moment he made contact with the vines, he suddenly felt something called “Dao”.

He sensed the ‘Dao’contained in the Wizard’s divine ability. This ‘Dao’was extremely crude and could even be said to be simple. However, such a simple ‘Dao’could actually burst out with such power, this made him somewhat puzzled.

“This is the divine ability, is this the power of God?”

He was somewhat at a loss. was the power of God so crude and simple?

This was only the simplest and shallowest explanation of the ‘Dao’.

He knew it too.

And he knew even more.

The moment he was in a daze, the vines had already wrapped around him and Su Su tightly. They tied them up and hung them up.

The yellow goat was also hung up. Its two legs were tied up tightly, and it was hung upside down.

Xuanji was still a little confused. He had always been a confused teenager, but his body’s reaction speed had always been faster than his brain’s reaction speed.

Before he could regain his senses, he had already displayed the so-called “Divine ability”that he had comprehended!

Or, what he displayed could not be called a divine ability at all.

He had only used the “Dao”that he had obtained from his understanding of objects, and used the vines to display it.

The wizards and the soldiers guarding the Myron Palace stopped. In front of them was a huge vine forest. The dense thorns covered a hundred acres of land. This was the wizard’s ability to control the plants.

“The woman who stole the god…”

The general guarding the Myron Palace shook his head and looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At this moment, the vine forest suddenly shook violently.

* whoosh *

The vines suddenly grew rapidly and were as thick as pythons. They were like thousands of tentacles, dancing in the sky!

The vines grew rapidly and spread in all directions. Soon, they surrounded the magi and the army, covering an area of up to a thousand acres!

The soldiers guarding the palace raised their heads and looked at this spectacular scene in a daze. In the sky, countless vines were dancing like Azure Dragons.

“Wizards!”The general hurriedly looked over.

The Wizards shook their heads. “We didn’t do it…”

The vines parted to the sides and the yellow sheep walked over. On the back of the sheep, Susu was still a little confused. He did not know why this happened, but he was much calmer. He rode the yellow sheep and walked in front of the Wizards.

“I want to marry this woman,”he said to the Wizards.

“You’re a Wizard?”

The face of the old wizard in the lead twitched. “There are wizards in the Lower World?”

He looked indignant, as if he had been insulted. “Which God did this?”

The other wizards also looked indignant and humiliated.

Xuanji did not know why they were indignant and humiliated. He said to himself, “I want this woman. Tell Milo that his woman belongs to me.”

“This is outrageous!”

The Wizards were furious and shouted, “The children of the gods of the upper world and the servants of the lower world are not tolerated by the heavens! How dare you try to steal Milo’s Woman!”

Milo was the supreme God, the ancestor of the gods, and the king of the gods. How dare he try to steal Milo’s woman!

The upper world could not tolerate the appearance of a Magus with a lowly bloodline in the lower world, much less allow this lowly bloodline Magus to snatch the supreme god Milo’s goddess!

The magi and generals attacked almost at the same time. However, in the next moment, all the Magi, including the generals, as well as the tens of thousands of soldiers guarding Milo Palace, were all bound tightly by the vines and could not move.

The Wizards wanted to summon the power of God, but the strange thing was that the power of God seemed to listen to the will of this lowly wizard.

The generals and soldiers wanted to use the power of their physical bodies to break free from the vines, but they could not. Even if they were the descendants of God, they could not resist the strange power of this lowly wizard.

Xuanji rode on the yellow goat and walked past them. Thunder rumbled in the sky, and bolts of lightning fell from the sky, but they did not hurt the wizards and soldiers at all.

“Don’t provoke us,”Xuanji threatened them.

The yellow goat carried Xuanji and Su Su and left. After a long while, the vines suddenly became like a weak python, relaxing their bodies. The magi and soldiers fell from the sky.

“We can’t let this matter rest!”

The Old Magus turned around and left. “The lowly people of the lower worlds can never have magi, and they can never have magi! If they appear, the rule of the upper world will be unstable. His strength is close to the strength of a great wizard! He must be dealt with! Follow me to the upper world to see the Great Wizard!”

The other Wizards left with him.


Xuanji had that strange dream again. In the dream, the hazy figure stepped through the endless disaster, and behind him was the magnificent scene of the universe opening up heaven and earth.

“Teacher,”the person said to him.

He still could not see the person, and he still could not answer.

He struggled hard, and the nightmare attacked, turning into countless faces that were chasing after him and susu. They were ferocious and terrifying, and there were black-robed wizards in those faces that appeared and disappeared.

The Wizards’figures became distorted, and they did not look like human figures.

Xuanji woke up from the nightmare. The sound of a bonfire could be heard. This was a dark cave. At the entrance of the cave, yellow sheep was guarding it, occasionally flapping its ears.

When he got used to the light in the cave, he finally remembered.

They had been chased by the Great Magi from the upper world. The Great Magi were very strong, and he was not their match. He had narrowly escaped death a few times.

They had experienced dozens of pursuits and encirclement, but in the end, they still returned to the world tree. His “Dao”had played a role in helping him shake off the pursuers and escape to this place.

After a moment, yellow goat at the entrance of the cave raised his head and saw su su carrying some wild fruits into the cave. When she saw that he had woken up, Su Su was very happy. This girl’s face was filled with a simple and beautiful smile.

Now, she was Xuanji’s wife.

Su Su put down the wild fruits. Xuanji looked at the girl who had become his wife in a daze and suddenly burst into tears.

Su Su panicked. “What’s wrong? is your wound hurting again?”

“I see that you are slowly aging.”

Xuanji choked with sobs. “I see that time has left traces on your body. I see that time has passed. In a few decades, you will die of old age on your sickbed.”

His cultivation was too profound. In just a few dozen days, his eyes were comparable to the eyes of a god, and he could even see a part of the future.

He did not see the truth of time and space until a woman called Ling arrived. Only then did he see through the truth of time and space.

Susu smiled. His little man was a little silly and cute.

“Everyone will age. The rulers of the upper world are the same. Even the wizards and the great wizards will age.”

Susu smiled. “Only gods won’t grow old.”

“But I won’t Grow Old.”

Xuanji opened his palm. The path he comprehended appeared on his palm like a world tree. There was only one type of path, but different interpretations formed different branches, leaves, and roots.

His path tree was still very weak, but it already had what a path tree should have.

Beside the bonfire, Su Su looked at the palm of her little lover. That Small World tree was dancing in her lover’s palm like a fairy in a dream, gently stretching its roots and branches.

She could not help but click her tongue in wonder.

She and Xuan Ji did not know how terrifying and terrifying Xuan Ji’s achievements over the past few days were.

Realms did not exist for Xuan Ji. After all, realms were created by later generations, and he had never walked in accordance with realms.

“When I comprehend the path, I won’t be old anymore.”

Xuanji controlled his world tree and erased all traces of time on his body. He saw that he was about to remain young forever, he suddenly became excited. “I definitely have a way to make you not age! “I can create a type of language, a language that can carry the words of the path and the language of the path. As long as you can learn it, you can be like me!”

Susu burst into laughter. “How can it be so easy? I’m not like you, I’m not a Magus.”

“I’m not a Magus either!”

It was not good to stay here for long. The Great Magi from the upper world were very powerful and were far from being comparable to the magi they had met previously.

They packed their luggage and immediately left.

Yellow goat carried them out of the valley and climbed up the mountain. Xuanji carried SUSU and looked ahead. They saw that they had gradually climbed to the highest peak of the World Tree’s lower world.

At this moment, they saw Milo’s head. When they reached the peak, they saw Milo’s full appearance and the magnificent Milo Palace.

This god, Milo, was higher than the bottom world they were in, higher than the highest peak of the bottom world, and even bigger. They really did not know when the people on the world tree would be able to build the Milo Palace.

In the distance, a dark mass of clouds flew over. Xuanji looked into the distance and immediately urged the yellow goat to go down the mountain.

That was the pursuit of the great wizards.

They had been fleeing in the lowest level of the world for several months, but the great wizards were still pursuing them relentlessly. However, the people of the lowest level of the world also learned that a young wizard who could contend with the ruler of the upper level of the world had appeared in the lowest level of the world.

He had stolen the woman of God.

That day, Xuanji and Susu came to a town. People had heard of their legends, so they surrounded them and looked at them curiously.

The two of them answered the people’s questions while they were shopping for food.

“I heard that you are the child of God.”

An old man asked, “The god of the upper world came down to earth and turned into a yellow sheep to carry your mother to the island. Then, you were born. Is that true?”

“It’s fake.”

Another woman asked, “Someone said that the god of the upper world turned into a swan and took away your mother’s scarf. Your mother chased after him and met a beautiful man. After that, you were born. Is that true?”

“It’s fake.”

“Someone said that your mother saw the footprints of a giant in the wild and got pregnant while walking in the footprints. So, you were born. Is that true?”



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