Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Familiarity

Two hours had passed.

Zhou Moli and Lin Xinmeng still couldn’t ignite a fire.

Noticing Lu Yang’s situation, Lin Xinmeng looked at Zhou Moli, who was running out of patience, and she suggested, “Lu Yang and the others started a fire. Why don’t we borrow it from them?”

Zhou Moli looked at the fire that Lu Mingyu was surrounding and retracted his gaze. He asked with a bit of uncertainty, “Will they agree to it?”

“They will!” Lin Xinmeng nodded confidently before initiating small talk on her own. “Lu Yang and I were high school classmates, so we’re pretty close. I’m confident she won’t say no if I go.”

Zhou Moli was skeptical, but he responded gently, “All right, thank you for your hard work.”

“No, no. It’s not hard.”

Lin Xinmeng ran over to Lu Yang and Lu Mingyu in high spirits.

Wen Jian turned around and looked at the piece of wood that still had no sparks. “Why don’t we borrow some from them to light a fire?”

Qin Yitan gritted his teeth and retorted, “Absolutely not!”

“Then, when can we start a fire?” Wen Jian directly pointed out the source of their problem.

Qin Yitan’s tone instantly softened. “I don’t know.”

“Senior Lu, I’m Lin Xinmeng, and in the same team as Senior Zhou,” Lin Xinmeng replied.

Lu Mingyu was placing a piece of wood into the fire when he heard her voice. He looked up and saw Lin Xinmeng’s smiling face.

He had some impression of her.

Before the show started, she talked to him and even brought homemade desserts for everyone.

Lu Mingyu would still be quite courteous if the other party were a regular person. He simply replied, “Yes,” before moving on.

Lu Mingyu then threw the piece of wood into the fire.

Lin Xinmeng, who was standing at the side, felt embarrassed. She squeezed out a smile that she thought was very natural and harmonious. “Can I borrow your fire?”

Lu Mingyu’s hand holding the torch had yet to be raised when a clear voice came from behind him. “You can’t.”

Lu Yang rejected her without leaving any room for negotiation.

The corners of Lin Xinmeng’s lips froze. She looked at Lu Yang and said sadly, “Lu Yang, I’m just borrowing the torch for a while. I’ll return it to you soon.”

Lu Yang avoided her question and asked, “If I borrow your pot and return it to you after I’m done, would you agree?”

Her tone was friendly, but these words…

Lin Xinmeng choked, and her expression was grave.

It was obvious that she would not agree.

Lin Xinmeng replied, “The pot and fire aren’t the same. Furthermore. The pot is a reward for Senior Zhou’s hard work in throwing the dart. This…”

Her embarrassed look successfully spurred the netizens in front of the screen to hit their keyboards with passion.

“The pot is the first prize that Zhou Moli and Lin Xinmeng won. What right does Lu Yang have to win it?”

“Lin Xinmeng is right. Fire and pot can’t be compared at all! A fire can start a fire, but a pot can’t start a pot!”

“Lu Yang is too petty. They ought to be cooperative for this variety show. How petty!”

“She wants the pot? If you have the ability, go get first place yourself!”

Lu Yang utterly overlooked Lin Xinmeng’s sorrowful look before the kind Lu Mingyu could speak. She twisted the spectacle’s frame around by hooking it. The lens flashed and dimmed as a result of the sunlight being refracted.

“My brother got these glasses from throwing darts.”

Lu Mingyu was confused.

“I didn’t do anything! Oh. Yangyang must think that I missed the target on purpose! After all, I’m so perfect in her eyes!” he thought.

At this thought, Lu Mingyu lifted his chin at Lu Yang and gave her a look of approval.

No one knew him better than his sister.

Lin Xinmeng was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Bartering is the wisdom of mankind. What are you going to use to change the glasses?” Lu Yang asked.

If there were a first time for borrowing fire, there would be a second time, a third time… For the sake of her brother’s life, she had to cut off all contact between her brother and Lin Xinmeng.

“Why does she want to start a dispute when it’s just a matter of borrowing fire? It’s fine if she doesn’t want to lend it, but why did she claim that they had to work hard to obtain it? Don’t she find it embarrassing?”

“The commenter in front, don’t hate for the sake of hating! I think Lu Yang did the right thing. There’s a lack of resources, so bartering is the fairest way!”

“Yeah, don’t hide behind the internet and stand on the moral high ground to criticize others!”

Lin Xinmeng’s eyes drifted toward the fire, and then she looked at the nearby Zhou Moli, who was waiting for her to return with a fire. She bit her lower lip, feeling extremely embarrassed.

After a moment of silence, Lin Xinmeng decided to look for the system to make the decision.

Half a month ago, when she was reincarnated, she had unexpectedly received a system. This system was called the probability system. It would analyze which was the better choice according to her situation.

The more points Lin Xinmeng had, the more functions she could unlock.

Now that Lin Xinmeng could solve the multiple choice questions, she might even be able to solve the 800-word essay questions perfectly.

Lin Xinmeng spoke to the system in her mind. “System, help me take a look.”

“A) Reject Lu Yang and turn to Lu Mingyu for help.”

“B) Agree with Lu Yang, exchange glasses.”

“Which of these two options has a higher probability of obtaining fire?”

The system answered: “This analysis requires 20 points. Do you wish to redeem?”

Lin Xinmeng responded in her mind. “Yes.”

The system responded: “After data analysis, it is found that the probability of a successfully obtaining fire is 50%, and the probability of b successfully obtaining fire is 100%.”

Lin Xinmeng, “All right, I choose B!”

The system was currently thinking that there something was wrong with its host’s brain.

Wasn’t the answer obvious? She even had to waste points to exchange for it. The human brain was indeed unfathomable!

“All right, you wait here. I’ll discuss this with Senior Zhou.”

Lin Xinmeng’s brows were brimming with joy as she walked back.

Lu Mingyu turned his head. His fair forehead was stained with some dust. “Yangyang, if they want a fire, we can lend it to them. Shall we give them the glasses and continue drilling wood to start a fire?

Lu Mingyu glanced at Qin Yitan, who was still trying to start a fire. He was sweating, but he was unsuccessful in starting a fire.

This pair of glasses had good use.

“I have other methods. Your face is dirty.”

“Which part?”

Lu Mingyu wiped the left side of his face with his hand. His left face also became dirty.

He wiped the right side of his face with his hand, and it also became dirty.

Lu Yang was speechless. “Your entire face.”

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