Take My Breath Away

Chapter 301 - It's Up To You Now

"What do I want?" Debbie sneered. "If you keep protecting Megan, I'll abort your son." After saying that, she hung up and turned off her phone. There was a certain finality to it, as she held the power button down, saw the option to either restart or shut the phone down, and opted for the latter.

Carlos was frightened by her threat. He called her several times, but to no avail. Each time it went to voicemail. He got tired of hearing the robotic voice, so he called Emmett. "Find Debbie! She just left my office. By now, she may be on her way to the hospital where your girlfriend is!"

"Yes, Mr. Huo," Emmett answered despite his confusion. 'Find Debbie? Hospital?' he thought.

Carlos got in the driver's seat of his own car and started the engine. He headed for the hospital where Kasie was staying as a patient.

More than ten minutes later, his phone rang. It was Emmett, who panted, "Mr. Huo... bad news... Mrs. Huo asked a doctor to reserve an operating room!"

While speaking, he scampered up the stairs to the floor where the operating rooms were located. "She's in the operating room now!" he added.

Carlos closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he said in an icy tone, "Stop them at any cost. If something happens to my wife and son, no one in the hospital will live to see another day!"

Then he sped up and drove to the hospital at top speed. Barely missing some cars as he maneuvered through the streets, and hitting the street lights just right.

Sensing something was off, Emmett immediately contacted the director of the hospital. He was going to convince him to stop Debbie from aborting the baby.

Debbie, on the other hand, lay on the operating table, staring at the ceiling. The attending doctor, who had been forced to do this, hesitated and asked, "Mrs. Huo, does Mr. Huo know about this?" The doctor felt more than a little scared.

'The baby in Mrs. Huo's belly is a member of the Huo family. What if Mr. Huo knows nothing about the abortion? I can't take the consequences!' she thought.

Debbie stroked her flat belly and told her in a soft voice, "Doctor, don't worry. I won't abort my baby. I'm just doing this to teach someone a lesson." There was no way she'd go through with this.

She was just trying to frighten him and threaten him. She wanted him to choose between Megan and their baby.

When she heard that, the doctor heaved a sigh of relief and shook her head helplessly. 'I really don't get rich people.

Mrs. Huo is faking an abortion... to teach someone a lesson. Wow! First time for everything, I guess.'

Before Carlos got there, a group of doctors rushed into the operating room. They didn't even disinfect themselves before entering the room. The director of the obstetrics and gynecology department took the lead. She gasped and said anxiously, "Mrs. Huo, we can't abort your baby..." These doctors didn't want to know what Mr. Huo would do to them if the baby was aborted.

"Mrs. Huo, every baby is a gift from God. If you have any problem, please let us know. You don't have to abort it, right?" another doctor echoed.

"Mrs. Huo, a baby's like an angel. They're soft and adorable. You'll love it at first sight."

Debbie's heart softened at their words. She was extremely happy to have Carlos' baby, and couldn't stop herself imagining this child as it grew up.

But she didn't have long for her reverie, because a roar sounded from outside the operating room. "Open the door!"

It was Carlos! A happy surprise for Debbie. He actually came! She closed her eyes and told the attending doctor, "Hurry up! Pretend that you're going to carry out the procedure."

The doctors who had just entered lapsed into stunned silence. 'Pretend?'

When Carlos entered the room, the doctor held a scalpel to her belly, like she was about to make an incision. It gleamed evilly under the lights in the operating room. "Stop! No one lays a finger on my wife!" he thundered.

The moment he entered, the operating room felt like a refrigerator. His voice was bad enough, chilling them to the bone. The CEO's strong aura made the doctors shiver.

No doctor dared to move under Carlos' sharp gaze. He then walked past the doctors and stood at the side of the operating table. If looks could kill, everyone in that room would be dead.

He cast a cold glance at the doctor holding the scalpel. She was too frightened to hold it any longer, and it clattered to the floor.

With a gloomy expression on his face, Carlos ordered, "Get out!"

He was so intimidating that all the doctors wasted no time vacating the operating room and closed the door behind them. They silently prayed for Debbie's safety.

The couple were left alone in the operating room. They looked at each other wordlessly. Both of them were still trying to sort out their emotions.

Carlos stared at the woman, who still lay on the operating table. A myriad of feelings flooded his head and heart. He wasn't sure exactly how he felt. He was both angry and thrilled. In a soft voice, he told her, "Get off that table. He's also my son. You want to do something, ask me first."

"He's mine! He has nothing to do with you!" she retorted in a harsh voice as she held her belly.

"Can you get pregnant by yourself?"

Debbie was stunned for a while. Then she snapped, "He's not yours."

Her words amused Carlos. 'You said he was my son, and now you say someone else is his dad.'

He scooped her up in his arms. Debbie struggled, rather ineffectually pounding on his chest. She yelled, "Let me go! Why did you shoo the doctors away? I'll abort your son!"

"Then you'll have to operate on yourself. No doctor in Y City would touch my son," he said calmly.

When they left the operating room, Emmett was already standing at the door chatting with some doctors, who where extremely nervous, doubly so when they saw Carlos.

Carlos told Emmett, "We got the footage. We know who's at fault. It's up to you, now."

Emmett knew what his boss was getting at. Kasie was hurt, and he wouldn't let the person at fault off the hook. He hadn't expected it would be Megan.

But he needed the green light, and Carlos had just given him free reign. He wouldn't do a thing without his boss's say-so, especially since Carlos used to dote on Megan. Now, Emmet heaved a long sign of relief. "Yes, Mr. Huo," he answered in a grateful voice.

Debbie was also happy about Carlos' decision. She cradle his neck and gave him a kiss on his cheek. 'He loves me more than Megan,' she thought.

Carlos sighed in defeat. Debbie knew his sweet spots, and knew just what to do to make him give in.

In the elevator, Carlos cornered Debbie. Ignoring another couple's curious eyes, he asked her, "Why didn't you ask me to go the doctor with you?"

He didn't understand why she had gone to the hospital alone before coming to see him.

Debbie reached out and touched his chest. In a light voice, she said, "What if I wasn't pregnant? I didn't what to disappoint you."

Carlos smiled and kissed her on the forehead. She was devoted to him, and he to her.

"Hey, I've been in England for three months. Aren't you afraid the baby's not yours? Debbie asked in a whisper as she stood on tiptoe.

His grip on her waist became tighter. Debbie felt she was almost lifted in air.

"That had better be a joke!"

Debbie snorted, "Actually, he's not yours." She said that to piss him off.

"Then whose is he?" His tone was tinged with menace.

"He's...a handsome guy's." 'Carlos is a handsome guy,' she thought. 'Come on, get the hint.'

"What's his name?" he asked.

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