Take My Breath Away

Chapter 1473 - Extra Story About Erma (Part Two)

However, this feeling of Erma's didn't last long. When dinner was about to end, Erica asked Stan, "Stan, so what do you think of Erma?"

Stan nodded and replied politely, "Auntie, Erma is not only beautiful, but also a very dignified young lady."

Erma stifled her satisfied smile in an act of modesty, but it was true that she was always respectful of her elders.

Adkins went straight to the point and asked, "But is Erma your type?"

Erma's eyes jumped to Stan almost immediately and while she failed to hide her expectations in her stare, her instincts told her that he was going to shake his head.

But she was wrong. Stan nodded his head again, but this time he stood up from his seat, hoping to reach everyone clearly. "Uncle, Aunt, I think Erma is an interesting girl to say the least. It is my honor and blessing to have such a wonderful opportunity marrying someone like her. You know how the people in my family are, everyone's always so serious and grumpy. I'll bet when Erma becomes a part of my family, she will bring nothing but joy and happiness to everyone. Later on, perhaps if we're lucky, she can bless me with a son and a daughter."

The smile on Erma's face froze. 'Wait. What? What did he just say? Didn't we have an agreement to part ways after this dinner?

Is this his idea of revenge for what I did to his car?' she wondered.

Stan's grandpa looked like he was on the same page as his grandson. He looked at Erma lovingly and said, "Matthew, you've done a great job raising Erma. She is sophisticated, well-educated and intelligent. If you don't mind, can we just agree to have her marry into the He family? I give you my word that we will treat her well."

Stan looked at his grandfather with gratitude and said, "Thank you, Grandpa. Uncle, Aunt, if you have no objections, I'd like to take Erma's hand in marriage."

Adkins looked at Stan with eyebrows raised in disbelief. When he first brought up the idea of introducing him to his sister, Stan blew him off with a single sentence—"I only have time for my work right now."

When Adkins spoke for his sister again, Stan replied, "How long do you think people like us can stay interested in one person?"

In fact, Adkins had almost given up on the idea of playing matchmaker, but he wanted to give it one last try before he called it quits. His desperation, however, wasn't because it would be hard to find a matching suitor for Erma, Adkins just thought that Stan was the perfect man for his sister in all aspects.

Adkins had little to no idea whether Stan was too embarrassed to turn him down again or not, but fortunately he managed to get his approval in the end.

After both Erma and Stan had met each other, it was very obvious that Stan was smitten by Erma.

Even Adkins could tell. Besides, how could anyone dislike Erma? The answer was no. No one could dislike the ever adorable Erma.

Tugging at his sleeve, Erma forced Stan to sit back in his seat and whispered, "Tell me the truth. Are you trying to screw me over because of some revenge?"

"Calm down. I'm not that petty,"

Stan said with a doting smile.

And just like that, the two of them got engaged.

One their first date, Erma tried to convince Stan by speaking ill of herself in hopes that the man would run away from her. "Listen to me! I am the little princess of my family and the apple of everyone's eye. Since you want to marry me, I think you should know that it takes more than five servants to take care of me.

I'm a clingy woman, so you'll have to get used to having me around all the time.

We both know our roles. Since I'm a woman and you're a man, I'll take care of all the money you make.

After the wedding, I will be the only woman allowed in your car. In fact, you might as well stick a label on the back that says 'Property of Erma Huo.'

I don't like carrots, mutton, pork, coriander and all Western food, so the chef at home must know how to cook Chinese food.

I won't..." She deliberately made it sound like a never-ending list so that Stan would lose his patience.

However, Stan nodded without once showing annoyance. "Okay, I can deal with all of that." 'What? Why is he being so nice?' Erma was stunned. She had no choice but to continue, "Also, I am not a big fan of being lonely. If you are busy every day and can't keep me company, I will cheat on you."

The man was still calm after hearing her words. "I know who you are. You don't have to come up with reasons for me to hate you. If you end up cheating on me one day, that too will be my shortcoming. It would mean that I haven't done enough. Anyway, right now, you just need to think about what kind of wedding you want, so that I can prepare everything down to the smallest detail." Erma sighed helplessly. All her efforts were in vain.

They were set to get married at the end of the year.

Erma once said that she would make Stan's bride up, and she did.

Yes, she made herself up.

Due to Stan's identity, the wedding ceremony wasn't too grand or superficial, but all the things used for the wedding were of the best quality available in the country.

With time and his actions, Stan proved that he was a kind and loving man.

During the time from the engagement to the wedding, apart from taking care of her needs, Stan also showed how much he respected Erma. They had only hugged and kissed each other, perhaps a handful of times, but that was it. When the opportunity of sleeping with her came, he respectfully said that he would wait until their wedding night.

Stan was a faithful man through and through. Ever since their engagement, Erma had never seen a rival in love or another woman in his life.

On the other hand, Erma's ex-boyfriends always kept texting her, regardless of whether she would reply or not.

One day, her ex-boyfriend, who happened to be a fitness coach, sent her a message saying, "I know you're married, but I'll still wait for you in the gym, to serve you."

When Stan saw the message, he looked up the chat records, only to find that most of the messages were sent by him and Erma only replied once, saying, "I'm getting married. Don't bother me with any messages from now on."

Clearly, the man was deliberately being persistent and continued to text her.

Without digging into her phone any further or even deleting the man's WeChat account, Stan put her phone back to the bedside and dialed a number. And ever since that night, Erma hadn't received any messages from the fitness coach again.

Sometimes, Erma could sense that Stan was a powerful man because of his ability to remain calm no matter what was thrown at him.

She had never seen Stan lose his temper, and he hardly ever showed a change in his facial expression. He always wore a smile on his face, no matter what happened or who he met.

Even if Erma made trouble for him on purpose, he would stroke her head and hold her in his arms. He would comfort her gently and coax her, "Honey, don't make trouble. I'll take you to sleep."

'Maybe he's just faking it! Maybe he doesn't really love me, ' she thought.

Her father was just as calm and steady as Stan, but his emotions would sway to the whim of her mother.

As time went by, Erma became more and more suspicious.

On one of Stan's business travels, she secretly packed her suitcase and followed him to the city where he was, hoping to spy on him from a distance.

But in less than ten minutes, his assistant appeared in front of her. "Mrs. He, Mr. He asked me to fetch you."

The thought that Stan not loving her for real only lasted until Erma got pregnant and gave birth to their baby.

A few days before her childbirth, Stan took a leave from his work so he could stay at home and take care of her. Whenever she'd get hungry, even if it was in the wee hours of the night, he would go downstairs and make her something to eat. One night, Erma needed to go to the bathroom desperately, but she didn't want to disturb Stan's sleep. She was too careless to notice the water on the floor of the bathroom and slipped.

When she was rushed to the hospital, half of her body, from the stomach down, was covered in blood.

When Erma opened her eyes in pain, the only thing she wanted to tell him was to look after her parents if she were to die because of this.

However, before she could say anything, the look of horror in Stan's face silenced her. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was holding her in his arms, sweating, and running towards the operating room.

After putting her on the bed, he grabbed the doctor by his collar and roared at him, "Do what you must to save her. Do you understand me?"

"Sir, to be honest with you, this doesn't look very good. If it comes to it, should we save her or the baby first?" the doctor asked.

Stan glanced at the doctor coldly and said, "Do you really need to ask me such a stupid question right now? Of course you're going to save my wife first!" Later on, he made the hospital authorities set a rule that no doctor would ever be allowed to ask the family members of a pregnant woman such a silly question. When faced with such a situation, no matter what the cost, they should have to rescue the adult first.

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