Sword Among Us

Chapter 949 - Ghost’s Domain

Chapter 949: Ghost’s Domain

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Moving between two worlds did cause Happy a certain degree of a headache.

But he did manage the problem of eating: while he ate on one side, the other side would be sleeping or be practicing his qi cultivation technique and body fortification in prison.

Over the day, the sick Happy cannot be considered to have improved very quickly. Instead, the healthy Happy in prison became stronger by leaps and bounds. After all, he relied on the resources in a branch prison to train his body fortification and qi cultivation, which allowed both to level up at amazing paces. But after two days, even if he did not activate his qi realm, it was now astronomically difficult for ten Inaction Realm fighters to make his Indestructible Body increase by 0.01 when they attacked him.

Even so, the results after one day were still shocking. Indestructible Body had reached the seventh realm, and his Tendon Changing Classic was now at the sixth realm.

His qi increased by more than ten points. His Affinity jumped by more than forty points. His Arm Strength, Body Movement, and Comprehension both increased by more than ten points.

And Silver Wolf also gave Happy a piece of good news.

In less than two days, Silver Wolf managed to drag out all four Wild Wolves who snuck into the Chinese server, and he also destroyed all the sects who worked with Wild Wolves.

The Wild Wolves who came to the Chinese server for further development died every time they came out of the city, and they were killed so many times that they nearly broke down.

At the American server, Wei Zhentian contacted multiple sects to kill Wild Wolves, and they completely extinguished the arrogance Wild Wolves had over the past two months.

But Wei Zhentian would not stop there. He distributed the list of names of the Wild Wolves who were not within his jurisdiction. The mercenaries who were part of Wild Wolves were originally hidden very well, but they were instantly struck with such a fierce blow that they were dumbfounded. Within two days, most of the members were purged, and the resources they had obtained during the early stage of the game were all used to buy Illusion Life and Death Pills.

The Prophet and Wild Wolves did not even know how the secret was leaked.


Meanwhile, after two days at the Mountain Villa of Ten Thousand Beasts, Happy obtained three hundred million taels of silver smoothly and quickly. He managed to buy Recondite Steel Heavy Sword, but it was now in his Universe Bag, because he cannot use it. He also obtained a third-echelon divine weapon.

At the same time, Hunter Clan also obtained quite the impressive wealth. Many of the members in Hunter Clan found that their conditions became better, and their presence changed drastically.

“Are we still farming today, Boss Happy?”

“No, it’s boring farming gold every day. I have more important things to do today, so let’s work together again on a later date.”

On this day, Happy finally decided to stop farming gold and look for a place to practice Indestructible Body, Great Demonic World Destruction Art, and Tendon Changing Classic.

He did not need to worry about the other Happy for the time being. With Silver Wolf, Little North, Thunderous Battle, Momo, Responsible Hero, and the others guarding the fort, the game will have absolutely no problem. As of current, he still had to place most of his attention and time on this world.

Once Indestructible World, Great Demonic World Destruction Art, and Tendon Changing Classic reached a profound realm, Happy believed that his qi will be enough for him to handle long fights, and by then, he should move to the next step of his plan.

“Is that so…?” Hunter Clan found the situation regrettable.

But they soon recovered.

“Well, we need to train as well. Boss Happy, where are you going? Why don’t we just go together?”

“Together?” Happy was stunned.

It was not as if he never had the experience of training with a few people, but he never had the experience of training with a whole group of people. He could not quite wrap his head around the idea for the moment.

‘Where in the world am I supposed to find so many enemy NPCs for these people to train?’

“This is a good suggestion.” Mu Qi clearly did not want the group to part ways with Happy so soon. He said hesitantly, “Boss Happy, I believe that you don’t know which place is suitable for grinding now, and which spots in those places are the most effective for grinding. Why don’t we go to a place and reserve it as our own for grinding purposes?”

“Reserving a spot?”

Happy cannot help but feel his heart thumping loudly at the thought. With a burning gaze, he swept his gaze over his friends’ faces. “If we go and reserve a place for our own with our abilities, chances are high that we’ll suffer a party wipe.”

Someone laughed. “Haha! Boss Happy, you’re wrong in that regard. If we go to a high-grade training ground called Ghost’s Domain, you’ll find that there are plenty of trap masters who will reserving various places in that area. The area over there is incredibly perilous, and the area is large. There are also plenty of enemy NPCs. Our vision will be limited, but we just need to place a plate at the perimeter of our spot and make a few continuous traps, and no one will usually dare get close to our spot.”

“That’s right. There are plenty of enemy NPCs over there, but it’s a little difficult trying to get inside, and while there are a lot of enemy NPCs over there, they don’t drop any items. All of them are basically tough Inaction Realm scorpions, spiders, venomous insects, and other creatures. Sometimes, elites at the beginning stage of Myth Realm will also appear, and to us, that is the best grinding spot.”

“Ghost’s Domain…” Happy committed the name to memory.

In truth, he saw this name mentioned multiple times on the forum, but he never had a direct and clear understanding of the place. But since Hunter Clan recommended it so much, he believed that he will truly have no worries whatsoever training over there.

“How many enemy NPCs will respawn in a region?”

When they saw that Happy seemed to be tempted, Mu Qi and his brothers were all excited.

“Hmm… usually, there will be seven to eight of them. And if you’re talking about those supreme grade enemy NPCs, around three to four of them will respawn in one go.”

With Happy going with them, it will be incredibly safe for them to enter Ghost’s Domain. In fact, if they were lucky, they will not come out of the grinding session entirely without any rewards whatsoever. As long as they ran into elite mobs, they will absolutely have the chance to obtain valuable martial art manuals and good equipment.

“That little?” Happy found himself a little speechless.

There were already seventeen people in Hunter Clan alone…

If one spot only had seven to eight enemy NPCs, that was only about enough for himself to train.

But Hunter Clan began chattering to explain things to him.

“Boss Happy, you don’t understand. The enemy mobs in there are really difficult to handle. One scorpion alone requires almost half a day to kill, and it also attacks very quickly. Even if a few people fight against it, the EXP they gain will still be enough. Spiders have the ability to lay eggs, and it will give birth to a cluster of spiders once every five minutes. All of them are at Inaction Realm, and as long as we hold back the mother by taking turns, we’ll be able to train our body fortification and martial arts very quickly. But venomous insects are a little more troublesome. Their venom reduces speed, and they’re the creatures players hate the most. They also happen to be the creatures players refuse to touch the most.”

“That’s right, our party has gone there twice, but we never managed to reserve more than four enemy NPCs, that’s why we don’t dare to go further inside. Boss Happy, if you think it’s not enough, we can reserve a big spot, and there’ll be seven to eight enemy NPCs inside.”

“It’s that good?”

Happy found himself a little tempted after recovering from his shock.

If it were truly as they said, then this Ghost’s Domain was indeed a matchless training ground. It was an excellent training ground that can provide for countless people, and it was just perfect for him to push all three of his martial arts to a profound state.

“We’re absolutely certain that it is. Boss Happy, if you’ve made your decision, we will immediately take action. Ghost’s Domain isn’t far from here, and we only need to travel two hours to reach that place.”

“Yup. There are actually multiple entrances to Ghost’s Domain, but the closest entrance to us isn’t that far away.”


“Fu Tianqiong, that bastard… He might be good, but he pays too much attention into enjoying his life and being in the limelight. Before his Origin Hybrid reached Grandmaster Realm, he rushed over to boast about himself, and this time, he suffered a setback. If he listened to me and worked harder so that he pushed Origin Hybrid to Grandmaster Realm, he will definitely not end up in this state.”

“Yeah. Origin Hybrid isn’t a simple body fortification. I’ve seen great monks use Origin Hybrid before. Once they activate it, the enemy had a hard time gaining his footing when he got close to the monk. It’s a seriously powerful body fortification.”

“This time, Fu Tianqiong fell right into Happy’s trap. Not only did he go against the hall master’s orders, he even destroyed Class One Hall’s dignity. I heard that the hall master is incredibly angry, and she demoted him on the spot. Now, we should call him a vice branch master.”

A group of Class One Hall elites trained in Ghost’s Domain while they discussed matters with each other.

“Branch Master He, you’re Fu Tianqiong’s good friend. You shouldn’t let him hear what you said.”

“It’s fine. Are we not allowed to talk about him when he made a mistake? I tried persuading him against it, but he refused to listen. This time, he made a fool of himself, and he can blame no one else but himself.”

He Yi pursed his lips. With a stable lower body, he moved in between a cluster of spiders, and all sorts of light shone occasionally from his body.

“But this accursed Moksha Realm body fortification is seriously hard to train. After level ninety, it’s as slow as a turtle. It has been five days, and I’ve only leveled it by one level. I’m almost at my wit’s end here. Fu Tianqiong has never been a very level-headed person. It’s no wonder why he left before he mastered it.”


“Didn’t the hall master say that we just need to remove our equipment and deactivate our qi realm if we want to level up quickly? We have to rely solely on our body fortification to withstand the attacks from the enemy NPCs, and it’s only then that we can level up quickly,” someone reminded He Yi from the side.

But He Yi soon mocked him, “I’m not mad. You want me to use my body fortification alone to withstand the attacks from a cluster of spiders

at Inaction Realm or at the peak of Inaction Realm. Just one round of attacks from them, and I’ll be forced to go away to meditate. It’s better to grind through it slowly. That way, I can also practice my Body Movement.”

Right when he finished speaking, a messenger pigeon suddenly descended from the sky and landed on He Yi’s shoulder.

“Hmm? Fu Tianqiong’s letter? That guy…”

When he opened the letter, He Yi’s expression instantly became interesting. He grinned at his friends beside him. “My friends, I have good news.”


The people who were training their body fortifications and other martial arts at different corners seemed to be at ease while they fought against their respective enemies. They turned their eyes at He Yi.

“Fu Tianqiong said that Happy entered Ghost’s Domain.”


Right when he finished speaking, half of the group stopped training. They dealt a fierce blow and cut down the spiders and scorpions in front of them.

“It should be real. Tianqiong has just been demoted, and he has been humiliated badly. He’s definitely displeased, and he wants us to regain Class One Hall’s dignity in his place.”

Someone asked, “What’s the hall master’s thoughts on this?”

“Even Fu Tianqiong has suffered a setback, and the hall master seems to have decided to regard this issue with some importance. She has decided to tacitly agree to our operation. Besides, the thoughts of our higher ups in this matter are very clear. We are not to allow Happy to be able to train normally.” He Yi crushed the letter, and a smile bloomed on his face. “Are we doing this or not?”

“Duh! Of course!”

“Haha! He actually came to Ghost’s Domain to train? He sure has guts. I think he’s actually ignoring Class One Hall here.”

Those people ended the fight and walked over with their eyes shining with excitement and anticipation.

“Tianqiong said that they should be at the entrance now. Let’s go, brothers, we’ll go and meet this ancient elite at the entrance. I’d like to see whether he really has superhuman powers and is truly that good.”

The group of people quickly moved through the fog and walked to the entrance with familiar ease.


“That’s Ghost Domain?”

From the distance, Happy noticed a mountain area surrounded by a layer of grayish-black miasma. He could only vaguely see the contour of the mountain range, and even though it was very near…

“Sure looks ghastly.”

“That’s right.”

“But it’s indeed a good place to train—”

While Mu Qi was talking, he suddenly heard Happy say, “Wait here for a while, I’ll go and get rid of a few people.”

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