Sword Among Us

Chapter 714 - Sword Tomb Plate

Chapter 714: Sword Tomb Plate

“You lost.”

Happy pulled his sword back and stood straight while he stared at the mysterious masked man in black, whose gaze was dark and whose temperament had changed. There was also a solemn look on his face. It was the first time Happy met such a difficult opponent. His strength was probably just slightly below that of One Emperor.

Even though this person did not give him the pressure, threatening feeling, or make him have the will to fight with his full power against the God of Death, he still managed to successfully stir up his blood!

The black-robed man was pretty good!

Besides, Happy could tell that he should have practiced Life and Death Realm’s Heaven’s Leg Breaker. When his sword struck him, he did not even change his martial art. He only used a few methods Happy had never seen before to get himself out of trouble. There was a high possibility he had understood those methods on his own.

After a period of time, he would definitely have a place of his own in the game.

“That’s right, I lost.”

He wiped at the red wound on his chest. Gradually, the frown on his face vanished and he looked at Happy again. “There are indeed a few people who are worthy of me becoming serious in this game.”

“You praise me too much.”

“Don’t worry. I will honor my promise from before and not stop you. Right now, I only have one question.” The mysterious man in black narrowed his eyes.

Happy smiled faintly. “Go on.”

“How long has it been since you joined the game?”

“Eleven months.”

“You’re not considered to be among the earliest batch…” the mysterious man in black mumbled before he suddenly smiled. “But it has been fewer than three months since I joined, and the level of my Heaven’s Leg Breaker is also very low…”

Right when he said those words, the people inside and beyond the port could not help but suck in a breath!

Three months, and he managed to achieve this much!

The people from Class One Hall and Towering Palace might have heard the mysterious man in black say it earlier, but now that they thought about it in detail, it was indeed impossible to level Life and Death Realm martial arts to a very high degree within just three months. Some of the players who ranked among the top of Phoenix and Dragon Ranks remained quiet and said nothing.

“What do you want to prove?”

“Heh, I just hope that I will be able to fight against you again after some time!” the mysterious man in black answered boldly and heroically.

Happy rejected him immediately, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“You don’t dare to?”

“It’s not that I don’t dare to, but there’s no need for it.” He stopped talking for a moment before looking into the person’s eyes. “Sir, what is your occupation in real life? You’ve practiced martial arts before, right?”

“What do you mean?” The mysterious man in black frowned slightly. “Since you know this clearly, why is there a need to say it? Besides, aren’t you the same?”

“Me?” Happy smiled. “I’m just a normal employee in a small company. I’ve never practiced martial arts before, and I’m just a normal person. One of us has the advantage of time, and the other has the advantage of having a foundation in martial arts. Sir, if you want a challenge, there are plenty of heroes in the world, but I don’t have the time to entertain you.”

“You don’t know martial arts? That’s impossible! Your use and control over hidden force is better than mine. How can you not be a martial artist as well?! You’re lying!” The mysterious man spoke rather quickly.

Losing to a martial artist and losing to a normal player were two different concepts to him.

He could accept the former, but he could not accept the latter!

“There’s nothing impossible. I’m indeed just a normal person. Sir, if you have so much free time, you can look for other people to spar.”

Once Happy finished speaking, he turned around and left.

He had a rather good impression of the mysterious man in black, but he could understand some of the underlying meaning behind the words the man just said.

The person mentioned that he had just played the game for three months because he wanted to deliver a shock and increase his status as well as get rid of the negative influence of him losing the battle.

He had to have his reasons for doing this!

Regardless of what was involved in it, Happy did not want to be part of it.


When black-robed man saw Happy turn around without hesitation to jump on the boat, his eyes sparkled with anger.

He actually lost to a normal player…

Over the three months since he entered the game, he had managed to win against Mystical and Life and Death Realm martial artists an unknown number of times with a lower qi realm compared to them. Up to this point, he had never lost before.

He did not expect that after he had prepared everything for one final battle that would show off his skills before he built his sect, something like this would happen.

He had been prepared to rip off the person’s veil, but in the end, he did not manage to.

Under the influence of his loss, the mysterious man in black cast his gaze on the four remaining transportation boats with the treasure chests.

The blow dealt to him by the man in black’s words was very great!

If all that the man in black said were true, the elders in his clan might be right about the game: it was helpful for practicing and understanding martial arts.

If that were really true, he would have to act based on the rules of the game and obey them as well.

The abilities which he had been proud of had actually been destroyed! The confidence he had over the past three months was demolished in one fight as well.

He had to reconsider everything.

He had to rethink cheering happily after he won the battles in the game, had to rethink the matter about him building his own sect, and also his subsequent development.

He had to rethink his future and plan in detail once more.

The mysterious man in black did not stop the masked man in black from leaving anymore. He stood stunned on the spot, and he, along with the people from Towering Palace, Class One Hall, and the other factions, only watched as the man in black untied the other hawser, slowly set the transportation boat sailing, and gradually left the port. He sailed the boat into the distance under the illumination of the rising sun.

After a long time had passed, the mysterious man in black and the people from Towering Palace as well as Class One Hall cast their gazes on the four remaining transportation boats.

Everyone’s eyes burned with resolution!


Half an hour after Happy left with the transportation boat, he arrived near the island the Murong Clan grand elder had mentioned.

He sank the boat and left.

While still dressed in a black shirt and pants, Happy moved to an unmanned pleasure boat that had stopped by the side, and it slowly set sail.

He finished the quest smoothly!


Happy walked to the deck leisurely and finally took off the veil that had been covering his face while facing the boundless river. He exhaled.

Fortunately, the two top-class sects had been intimidated by the mysterious man in black, which was why not much trouble had been created, or else, with his own power alone, he would have needed to put in a considerable amount of effort to seize a transportation boat at the port from a group of great martial artists.

He completed the quest without any danger even though he had been terrified by it!

He did not have to worry about the overbeating grand elder destroying one of his ultimate techniques.

However, Happy raised his hand and touched the black and exquisite sword shaped plate in his hands. There was surprise in his eyes.

Sword Tomb Plate!

This item was something he found on the table in the pleasure boat once he completed the quest. There was a piece of paper under the plate, and it was left behind by the grand elder for him. It seemed like the uniquely shaped plate was his reward for the quest.

It was a very strange item.

[Sword Tomb Plate:

[When it is necessary, you can enter the Murong Clan’s sword tomb and obtain detailed information about this plate.]

“Damn it, is it a chain quest?”

After Happy thought about things for a while, an anguished look appeared on his face.

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