Sword Among Us

Chapter 447 - Master Yuan Hui

Chapter 447: Master Yuan Hui

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Zhao Min came back!

This news spread through Eternal Peace County.

When the players in Eternal Peace County learned that piece of news, they also came to know that the Xuanming Elders came back to Eternal Peace County as well.

The three elites from Ruyang mansion and Bitter Hall rained down slaughter at the sacred land of Buddhists. They aided Divine Arrow Eight Heroes, whom Zhao Min led, and hundreds of Yuan Dynasty soldiers to kill hundreds of players.

Eternal Peace Temple instantly changed from a sacred land to train and farm items into a forbidden land in countless players’ hearts.


“Zhao Min is here, and the Inaction Realm fighters all appeared. Brother Happy, looks like the quest at Eternal Peace Temple is about to start.”

Red Dust had returned to Eternal Peace County and waited for Happy in a restaurant within the city. He stayed there until Happy managed to escape.

“I followed the great fighters from Shaolin Temple here. Brother Happy, you can order the Emei Sect disciples, but I do wonder what’s the situation of the other great sects.”

“It’s a pity that you can’t order the NPCs in the sects, or else, once we’ve gathered together the great fighters from the two sects, we would be able to do something.” Happy poured some wine for himself.

The elites from the six sects had actually gathered outside Eternal Peace City.

Happy keenly sensed that the quest was different from the original plot!

Within it, Zhang Wuji was the one who led the people from Ming Cult to save the elites from the six great system-allocated sects, but it seemed like Happy’s interference and Mistress Annihilation’s action of entrusting Emei Sect to him had caused unexpected changes in the plot.

The elites from the six great system-allocated sects became involved with the quest, and they reached Eternal Peace Temple before Zhang Wuji and the others!

Over the past few days, Happy had visited Eternal Peace Temple late at night a few times in hopes of triggering a different main quest, but a pity for him, there were no signs of any quest being triggered.

“Happy, now that the situation has changed, if we visit Eternal Peace Temple tonight and search for the elites from the six sects, do you think we will get something unexpected?” Red Dust suddenly suggested with sparkling eyes.

“You’re right.” Happy thought about it for a while, then sucked in a deep breath and nodded.

“But Zhao Min is personally guarding Eternal Peace Temple right now, so defense over there is incredibly tight. If we go to scout out the situation, it’ll be very difficult for us to avoid the six elites’ eyes and ears. Even I will have trouble surviving in the hands of two Inaction Realm fighters. I’ll go and search for Mistress Hui Xin and see whether there is a quest.”

After saying that, Happy stood up, and Red Dust understood what he meant. He nodded solemnly.

It was indeed too risky!

Provoking six elites for a quest that might not exist was just suicide.

Once Happy bade farewell to Red Dust, he rushed back to Intelligent Heart Temple while the sky was still bright.

Before he got close to it though, Happy noticed that the atmosphere was strange.

There were many horse tracks along the way, and once he entered the forest, he saw, from the distance, Yuan Dynasty soldiers surrounding the entrance of Intelligent Heart Temple so tightly not a fly could escape. Leader Hui Xin of Intelligent Heart Temple had two nuns with her while she anxiously spoke with the Yuan Dynasty soldiers.

Happy stopped outside the Yuan Dynasty soldiers’ sight. He surveyed the area from afar, and when he found a familiar face in the crowd, his heart instantly trembled with shock!

The leader of the Yuan Dynasty soldiers was coincidentally the one among the two Xuanming Elders who had fought against Happy before—Lu Zhangke!


“Hmph, you old nun, you’d best accept our grace while we’re still offering it. Be a good girl and hand over those people from Emei Sect, or else, don’t blame me for burning down your temple!”

Lu Zhangke had a ghastly look on his eyes. It was clear that he had searched through the temple, but did not manage to find the Emei Sect disciples, and he was now threatening Hui Xin.

Leader Hui Xin would naturally not betray the Emei Sect disciples. She called out the name of Buddha and explained slowly and obediently, “Patron, this is a quiet land belonging to Buddha, and we have never taken part in the conflicts of the world of martial artists. We have also never provoked the imperial court’s soldiers.

“I simply cannot understand your words. Besides, you have already searched through the temple. My disciples and I are the only ones here. There is no one else around.”

“You aren’t telling?” When Lu Zhangke heard her words, he cackled coldly and seized one of the young nuns beside Hui Xin. He then looked at her with a perverted expression. “I’ve wandered about Western Region freely for decades, and I have countless maids-in-waiting. I have never rejected any form of the female body.

“Heh heh, your disciples look lovely and beautiful. Old nun, surely you can’t bear to see anything happen to them, do you?”

“You shameless pervert, let go of me!”


When the nuns saw that their companion had been dragged into the evil old man’s embrace, they instantly turned pale.

For the first time ever, anxiety and anger appeared on Hui Xin’s face.

“Amitabha, this is a quiet ground for Buddhists. We will not allow such an evil person like you to act as you please here!”

“Hmph, old nun, stop trying to lecture me. Tell me where the Emei Sect disciples are, and I will release your precious disciple, or else… Heh, I will take all of your disciples back to Eternal Peace Temple to warm my bed!”

Lu Zhangke was infamous for being a lecher. His semi-serious threat terrified Hui Xin and the young nuns so much that their faces turned completely pale.

“Amitabha!” The Yuan Dynasty soldiers had surrounded the temple and Leader Hui Xin knew that her disciples could not hope to break free, so she called out the name of Buddha, ready to destroy everything.

But her disciples were under the control of the Yuan Dynasty soldiers. Even though Hui Xin had the ability to kill herself and bring the others down, she could not bring herself to kill the disciples she had brought up herself. She gritted her teeth in exasperation while trembling.


At that moment, an unexpected voice calling out the name of Buddha was heard!

An old monk dressed in a yellow kasaya walked out from the forest. He seemed to be moving slowly, but he actually traveled very quickly and stopped behind the Yuan Dynasty soldiers. “You refuse to even spare votarists? Lu Zhangke, you are truly a person with no morals. Aren’t you afraid of being struck by karma? Aren’t you afraid of having your tongue ripped out and heart dug out when you die and go to hell?”

“Where did you come from, old monk?”

Lu Zhangke released the young nun in his hands and snorted coldly. There was a hostile look on his face when he turned toward the old monk.

“Are you a disciple of the Shaolin Temple?”

“Indeed.” The old man with a white beard nodded slowly. “Shaolin Temple was nearly destroyed by you lapdogs of the imperial court, but unfortunately for you, I survived. This time, I brought along a group of people with the same goals to seek justice from you. I also want to obtain something from you!”

When Lu Zhangke heard the monk acknowledging his identity, his expression changed, but he calmly delivered a palm strike.


The old monk’s expression did not change. His robes fluttered as if they were blown by a violent gust of wind, but his legs remained like pillars, and he did not move while calmly looking at his opponent.

Lu Zhangke sucked in a sharp breath, and a solemn expression appeared on his face. “I never asked for your Dharma name, master!”

“I do not have a Dharma name. I am but a humble warrior monk from Shaolin Temple…” Once the old monk said that, he continued on by saying, “I came here to advise you to not do something so perverse, and I am also here to ask you to give me something.”

Lu Zhangke already knew that the monk in front of him had unfathomable strength, which was why he asked in a dark voice, “What do you want?”

“The antidote for Ten Fragrant Tendon Weakening Powder,” the old monk answered.

When Lu Zhangke heard that, he chuckled coldly. “I see, so you want to save the people from the six great sects? Unfortunately for you, I don’t have the antidote with me.”

“Looks like I will have to defeat you before you are willing to tell me the truth, patron…”

Right after he finished speaking, the old monk opened his eyes, and his presence instantly changed drastically.

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