Sword Among Us

Chapter 28 - Preparations Complete

Chapter 28: Preparations Complete

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There was less than an hour until Black Wind Mountain’s ambush. Whirlwind Young Li’s due arrival allowed Happy to let out a breath of relief. He stood at the river bank and wrapped his fist in his palm as a salute.

During his three years in World of Martial Arts, Happy had developed a habit. He would unintentionally follow the practices of a true wandering martial artist, causing Eastern Green Gate and the others to feel excited. They quickly returned the salute respectfully, and at the same time, they felt a little flattered.

“Greetings, eldest senior brother!”

“Eldest senior brother!”

“Big Brother Happy!”

Their addresses were different, but Happy did not mind. He wrapped his fist in his palm and greeted them with a smile on his face.

Whirlwind Young Li had been worried that his eldest senior brother would dislike having so many people around him, but when he saw this, he instantly felt relieved. Then, he introduced the people to Happy while feeling extremely proud of himself.

“Eldest senior brother, these are the friends I made in the game. All of them want to bear witness to your elegance. This is Eastern Green Gate, it’s not Eastern Green Fate, but Gate, G-A-T-E—”

“Ahem.” Eastern Green Gate’s face turned red for a moment, which was something rarely seen. He wrapped his fist in his palm again as a greeting. “I’ve heard of the elegance of Murong Clan’s eldest senior brother, Blue-robed Noble Sword User for a long time. Now that we’ve met, you do live up to your name!”

“You praise me too much.”

Happy nodded and smiled.

“Azure Wolf, Qian Kunzi. These two are my coursemates. We’re still studying in university right now.” Whirlwind Young Li pointed at a young man who had some acne on his face, along with the man who stood beside him and was taller than him by a head.

“Eldest senior brother.”


The other two looked rather similar and were twins. The older of the two was called Xuan Kun, and the younger was known as Xuan Zhong. Their names and appearances made them look wild, like weeds in a field. Their voices were also abnormally loud.

“Hello, eldest senior brother!” the both of them yelled at the same time.

Happy waved at them with a smile.

“Let’s disembark. Come on.”

Azure Wolf had intentionally stayed a little behind the group when he got on the boat. He quietly knocked against Whirlwind Young Li’s elbow and whispered, “Young Li, bro, your eldest senior brother is so pleasant. I thought that the Blue-robed Noble Sword User would also look down on everyone, just like Murong Fu, but he’s actually very approachable.”

“That’s only natural!”

Whirlwind Young Li raised his chin smugly before he remembered his eldest senior brother’s rather easy task. He quickly got off the boat and walked over while he gathered all the lancet knives together.

“Eldest senior brother, the throwing knives you wanted.”

Happy took them without being modest, but he did not bring out any money. He put away the five sets of heavy lancet knives into his Universe Bag, and the six people were stunned when they saw this.

They put all their items into their bags, and since their bags could not change shape, it felt very heavy when they carried them over their backs. They would not have such an easy time like Happy.

The five sets of lancet knives had actually disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Eldest senior brother, what’s this treasure?” Whirlwind Young Li did not disappoint the others and seized the opportunity before the others to be a curious cat. He pointed at the tiny, inconspicuous bag hanging by Happy’s waist with an abnormal amount of surprise.

“A Universe Bag.”

Happy provided them an explanation with a smile, and the six were so envious that they were practically drooling with desire.

Whirlwind Young Li’s eyes lit up.

“By the way, are you also doing the storyline missions from Black Wind Mountain? I heard from Eastern Green Gate that this mission seems to be quite difficult. Do you need our help?”


Happy cast Eastern Green Gate an astonished glance, and he quickly said, “Brother Eastern Gate, may I know what part of the mission you completed?”

He had already taken note of Eastern Green Gate just then because not only was his attire a little similar to Happy’s own, but the way he held his sword and his temperament were also extraordinary. He should be quite powerful, but Happy did not expect that he had also triggered this storyline and mission.

If he had experience, it would be great. It would save Happy the time needed to explain the dangers of Black Wind Mountain and the situation in Water Revival Village.

However, he did not know that his question put Eastern Green Gate into a very awkward position that he could not get out of…

Eastern Green Gate smiled in embarrassment.

“Eldest senior brother, I’m sorry that you have to listen to me make a fool of myself. When I triggered the storyline accidentally, I died while at the periphery of Black Wind Mountain. I did not manage to complete the mission. Um, what is this about parts? I thought we just had to save Xiu Niang?”

Happy instantly understood what he meant.

But it was not surprising either. Third Bandit Chief of Black Wind Mountain had extraordinary abilities, or at least, his abilities were extraordinary to the new players. If a veteran like him had to rack his brains to think of a plan to defeat him, Third Bandit Chief would be much harder to deal with for new players.

Happy told the others his mission status at once, and at the same time, he told them that he wished to receive their help.

“Oh goodness… You actually managed to kill Third Bandit Chief alone?!”

Whirlwind Young Li’s actions became exaggerated because of his excitement. His eyes were filled with sparkles that blatantly said “You’re so amazing!”

Happy was instantly embarrassed. He immediately put away his smile and voiced his thoughts.

“But the situation has become much more complicated and dangerous. To avoid Water Revival Village from running into danger, I intend to ambush the people from Black Wind Mountain while they are on their way! But if we do this, it’ll be incredibly dangerous! Brother Eastern Gate, could you come with me to attack them head on? The others, I hope that you can help me temporarily attract enemy fire.”

“No problem!”

“If worst comes to worst, we’ll just die once!”

“Eldest senior brother, since you made your request, we’ll definitely help you!”

Whirlwind Young Li’s friends seemed to be unexpectedly forthright and hot-blooded. All of them agreed to help without exception. They did not treat their lives as anything important.

Regardless of whether they knew that the loss for a new player’s death was insignificant, Happy was still very touched when they agreed to this matter without any hesitation even after he told them of the dangers.

“I won’t say anything else, but regardless of whether we succeed in this mission or not, I will throw a feast in Jade Gate Restaurant. We’ll not leave until we’re drunk!”

“Jade Gate Restaurant, the place where wine is super-duper expensive, and there are beautiful waitresses who will drink with us?” Whirlwind Young Li’s eyes shone with a light that only men would understand.

‘Hang on… I know it’s super-duper expensive, but what’s with having beautiful waitresses drink with us?’

Happy was taken aback for a moment.

But the other people had already responded at that moment.

“Alright, awesome!”

“Eldest senior brother!”

“Just tell us what you need us to do.”

Aside from Eastern Green Gate, the other people had abnormally excited faces. Happy had no idea whether it was because of him or because of Jade Gate Restaurant.

‘Oh, well. Who cares?’

When he saw how excited they were, Happy did not have the heart to ruin their mood. He brought the group to Water Revival Village.

“This is Water Revival Village.

“Black Wind Mountain is the mountain over there. There are only two paths from this place to there. I reckon that Black Wind Mountain’s forces are already heading over, but I don’t know the exact route they’re taking. That’s why I need you to help me confirm this matter.”

“This is easy, let me do it.” Whirlwind Young Li patted his chest and said, “My martial arts might not be able to compare to all of yours, but my body movements aren’t anything to be looked down upon. Scouting out information is as easy as pie.”

“Alright.” Happy nodded, then gave him a reminder. “Go to the mountainside to the north and find a place to hide yourself. If you see any activity, send a message through the messenger pigeon immediately! We’ll arrive as soon as possible! If they come from the south…” He turned his head around and looked at the tall young man. “Azure Wolf, please send me a messenger pigeon as well.”

Azure Wolf nodded without hesitation.

At that moment, Eastern Green Gate suddenly spoke. “What if Black Wind Mountain moves in two groups? What should we do then?”

“That’ll be even better.” Happy put on a smile that said he had been prepared for this since a long time ago. “I’d much rather that they split up and move in two groups! After all, there’s only one second bandit chief, and he can only stay in one group.

“Help me keep a lookout and see whether there is someone who stands out. If there isn’t anyone among them who is especially powerful, please lure them away. Try to stall for as long as possible. The longer you can stall, the better.”

“Got it.”

Whirlwind Young Li and Azure Wolf nodded in excitement and nervousness.

Who would have thought that half an hour ago they were still waiting for a local rascal who had yet to reach Gate Realm with another group of players in a tavern, while now they had to face off against a huge group of fearsome Black Wind Mountain Bandits…

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