Sword Among Us

Chapter 1077 - Breakout, Return to the Frontier

Chapter 1077: Breakout, Return to the Frontier

Dozens of figures moved intersecting with each other in a moment, and they surrounded Happy in the middle while maintaining a distance with him.

Happy only cast an indifferent glance at them before he looked away and said coldly, “Class One Hall and Wild Wolves sent all their aces to deal with me alone? I’m really flattered that you mobilized all your forces for me!”

The elites were surrounded him were Class One Hall’s Luo Jing, Xie Lingyun, Monk With Thick Eyebrows, Barren Murderer, Shi Huasheng, and other top-class elites. There were also some who did not have Class One Hall’s emblem on their chests. They were led by Flame Wolf and Peach Blossom. Most of them had fair skin and blue eyes, and all of them wore full sets of fourth-echelon demon vessels. It was clear that they were Wild Wolves’ aces.

Perhaps even if Evil Emperor was at the peak of Inaction Realm, he would not be able to survive through this grand lineup.

But Happy did not seem to care. His indifferent attitude caused the people around him to frown. They felt as if they had been underestimated and humiliated.

The first to be unable to hold back his temper was Flame Wolf. His ruthless eyes were filled with brutality and killing intent as he stared at Happy. He smiled coldly. “I haven’t enjoyed my fullest while I was at Wind Assault Tower. This time, I’m going to tend to you using Lingchi.”

This man had not obtained any sort of enjoyment when he destroyed Happy’s bones. Later on, Happy had actually fought to a tie with Evil Emperor, and it made him even more hateful. He was also unable to accept it. This time, he had a chance to kill Happy, and there was no way he could suppress the excitement in his heart.

“With the likes of you?” Happy cast him a disdainful glance, and he snorted before he said, “You’re just an ant, and I can crush you with just a finger.”


“Evil Emperor, come out, if you don’t want them to die too horribly.” Happy did not give Flame Wolf the chance to explode. He fused his qi into his voice, and his voice traveled outward.

A few seconds later, Evil Emperor’s voice came over airily, just like he expected.

“I believe that I was standing very far away. How did you know I was nearby?”

“If you’re not here, these bugs wouldn’t dare provoke me, unless they think that Class One Hall and Wild Wolves have too many Illusion Life and Death Pills.” Happy’s mercilessly harsh words caused the top-class elites around him to have their expressions turn pale and red with rage. It was very interesting.

“You’re right. When we are at our level, even top-class elites will have a hard time gaining a numerical advantage over us.” Evil Emperor did not say anything to increase the morale in the people around him. Instead, he spoke as if he and Happy were the only ones in the world.

The people from Class One Hall and Wild Wolves frowned slightly, but they did not speak to interrupt Evil Emperor’s words.

“Enough with the crap. You didn’t bring this group over here to ambush me just to have a casual chat with me. Attack me. Let me see whether Class One Hall and Wild Wolves have the ability to make me die.” Happy said calmly, and during that moment, he drew Recondite Steel Heavy Sword while popping a medicinal pill into his mouth.

Origin Leopard Pill!

When he faced more than sixty top-class elites and Evil Emperor fighting against him, even Happy could not avoid going straight for the plan of breaking out of the encirclement at full force since the beginning.

Evil Emperor could tell that Happy’s action had quickly caused the people around him to be tense, and the air among them was filled with the scent of hostility. He quickly spoke, “Don’t be hasty. Happy, I came here with another goal in mind.”

“Give it up. I will not join Wild Wolves or Class One Hall.” Happy knew what Evil Emperor was planning, and he got rid of the final hope in him.

“Why must you be so stubborn? It’s just a game.” Evil Emperor shook his head in disappointment. “You should have seen from the duel this time that Wandering Know-it-all lost, Phantasmal Shadow lost, and even One Emperor lost. Now, it’s your turn?”

He stopped talking for a moment, Evil Emperor chuckled softly. “Did you actually think that you will have a chance to turn the tides? You should know that if you die, you will be sent into the imperial prison and be locked in there for at least one month. During that one month, it’s enough for Class One Hall to destroy all the forces resisting us.”

“I’ve always liked challenges.”

Before he finished speaking, he activated Wave-like Subtle Steps, and Happy used his actions to answer Evil Emperor’s question.


They were surrounded by top-class elites, and everyone kept a close eye on Happy’s actions. Right when Happy took action, he immediately brought upon him attacks from countless elites.

The first to react was Shi Huasheng. He opened his mouth and shouted, and an invisible sound wave exploded forth swiftly as if it had been accumulating for a long time in a bell. It instantly charged at the numerous multiple images that Happy created and destroyed them. He forced Happy to freeze for a moment, and he showed up before the people.

“Got you!”

Almost at the same time, Flame Wolf cackled loudly, and black flames rose on his body. An invisible hand violently captured Happy’s body.

But just when his power grabbed Happy, his expression changed.

“This is bad!”

A boiling true origin gushed out from Happy’s body, and it was like the magma from a volcano. Flame Wolf sensed that his qi quickly dissolved at the moment it touched Happy’s true origin aura, and half of his qi instantly evaporated. His face turned incredibly pale.

“Thinking of leaving?!”

Evil Emperor quickly noticed that Flame Wolf’s attack did not manage to trap Happy as per according to plan, and with one whoosh, he appeared above the battlefield.


A great mental pressure enveloped Happy.

Happy only slowed down a little when he faced Evil Emperor’s full powered mental pressure.

But the instant decrease in speed was enough for the people around him.

When he slowed down, Happy was instantly surrounded by fourteen top-class elites. Their attacks came at him at lightning speed, surrounding him to the point that there was no gap in between the attacks.


During the critical moment, Happy did not hesitate and chose to clash head on against them!

Full Winds in Long Skies!

He swung Recondite Steel Heavy Sword!

Three blood red sword forces brought with them a brutal presence that charged forward with an indomitable spirit and a destructive presence. It crashed so violently into Flame Wolf and three other Wild Wolves that it was terrifying.


The main reason behind why Happy chose to use Wild Wolves as the key for him to break out of the encirclement because Wild Wolves never fought against him head on. Class One Hall suffered in his hands during the battle in Beijing, and they had a deep knowledge about how terrifying he was, but this was the first time this group of strong and arrogant people faced him.

Just as he expected, while three people chose to work together, it was clear that they did not have a lot of knowledge about Full Winds in Long Skies.

When they saw three sword forces manifesting in front of them, they naturally chose to take up one sword force each and negate the power in them.


Even though Evil Emperor managed to see through Happy’s scheme with just one glance, it was already too late for him to free up his hands to help them.


Three Wild Wolves elites coughed up blood because of the shock dealt on them when six sword forces that appeared out of nowhere crashed into him. They were sent flying into the distance, and they no longer got up to their feet. Only Flame Wolf alone moved away beforehand because he saw that the situation was bad, allowing him to save himself.

Happy’s attack was already at the level of an elite at the middle stage of Myth Realm. After he took a medicinal pill, his damage was infinitesimally close to a martial artist at the later stage of Myth Realm. His true origin aura could also defend him for a while to fight against Evil Emperor, who was at the peak of Inaction Realm. Hence, when he faced the damage from this group of Inaction Realm players, he did not have any trouble dealing with them, because their damage could not even reach the damage of martial artists at the beginning stage of Myth Realm.

If he attacked thrice, he could deliver nine sword forces. The Wild Wolves did not know about this, and they wasted their strength trying to block him, but in the end, Happy killed all three of them in one go.

Once a gap appeared in the encirclement, Happy faced the fierce attacks from the ten people behind him while he used Wave-like Subtle Steps with his sword forces to forcibly tear open a gap and rush out of the encirclement.

The group’s attacks landed on his true origin aura, but it was as if they were just scratching it.

His Wave-like Subtle Steps allowed him to easily widen the distance between them. When there was a distance between them, he still had half of his true origin aura left.

“Haha! Evil Emperor, you don’t have to send me off!”

When they heard Happy laugh maniacally without even turning his head around, Evil Emperor and the top-class elites from Class One Hall and Wild Wolves stopped. Their expressions were incredibly dark, and they watched Happy leave.

This was especially for Evil Emperor.

They should have this encirclement in the bag, but they did not expect that such a major accident would appear. Not only did Flame Wolf make a major blunder, three of his subordinates had also been instantly right when they went up against Happy.

“Bunch of trash.”

He cast a cold glance at the group behind him, and Evil Emperor went back without even turning his head back.

He already gained a clear view about Happy’s ability to fight continuously during Happy’s fight in Beijing. Even if he ran into martial artists at the peak of Myth Realm, he could fight against them for a few days and nights, and no victor could be decided. Even if Evil Emperor managed to catch up to him, he could do nothing about it, and if the others attacked blindly, they would just be marching to their own deaths.

Once Evil Emperor left, the group left behind looked at each other at a loss, and their expressions were unpleasant.

“We actually let him run away…”

“It’s a disgrace.”

“Don’t look at me. His true origin aura is very strange. I can’t bind him at all.” Flame Wolf used up most of his qi, and while he sat down cross-legged to recover his qi, he explained.

“Luo Jing, why didn’t you attack?”

Shi Huasheng’s accusatory question caused Luo Jing to frown. “Happy’s understanding toward hidden forces isn’t much weaker than mine, and he’s much more sensitive to hidden forces. I attacked him a few times in secret using hidden forces, and all of them missed.” When he said this, his tone changed. “We’ve failed in our ambush. Hurry up and send this news to the hall master. Happy might want to help Phantasmal Shadow in breaking out this time. We have to remind the hall master to make preparations early on. Let’s go.”

The others nodded.

Wild Wolves was never a part of Class One Hall, and this time, because of their oversight, Happy left. They even lost a few of their members because of it, making them incredibly displeased. They did not say anything about it and just watched Class One Hall leave. After that, many people looked at Flame Wolf.

“Flame Wolf, we humiliated ourselves by a large degree this time.”

“I didn’t expect that Thomas and the other two would die just like this. The leader will definitely be very disappointed with us right now. It’s best if we don’t go and talk to him, or else we’ll be inviting bad luck to ourselves.”

Flame Wolf had finished meditating, and he opened his eyes. When he saw his companions’ expressions, he knew that they were just making an excuse for themselves. “Beijing is the most prosperous place in the Chinese server, and there’s a pretty good place over there. It has both wine and women, and you’ll definitely love it.”

“Where is it? Take us over.”

The group had already decided to forget all about how they had suffered a setback just now. Right now, even the Chinese server had fallen into Wild Wolves’ hands, and practically the entire world was theirs. They did not care much about Happy, because he was only one person.

However, just when the group moved, they did not notice that a person who had his back turned to them and had been hiding in the forest behind them all this while opened his cold eyes swiftly.

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