Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 828 - : You Look Better When You Cry

Chapter 828: You Look Better When You Cry

She knew they ate quickly because they wanted to ask about the incident.

“This is how men eat. Quickly. We’re not women. We don’t dillydally.” Ye Mo talked back, then he continued to devour his food.

Liu Duo’s jaw twitched.

He said that as though all women dillydally. Honestly, it depended on the individual.

They ate as though they had not had a decent meal in days. Very soon, all the food was cleared. Ye Ling and Li Wazi brought the cutlery to wash by the well.

The other three men called Liu Duo upstairs for a talk.

On the fourth floor, after hearing Liu Duo’s side of the story, Ye Mo really wanted to go back out there and give Ye Xuan another round of beatings!

“Little Duo, we’ll fetch Ran Er to and from school in the future. That, or Ling will come with you,” Ye Liu said sternly, devoid of his usual smiles and giggles.

He did not want this to happen a second time!

“Liu’s right!” Ye Mo furrowed his brows in agreement. “But, from now on, the kid’s going to school in town, so Liu and I will be in charge of taking him there and back. You don’t have to worry anymore!”

Liu Duo nodded. “Alright, I understand.”

The incident left her traumatized. If she had not gotten away then, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Ye Yang patted her on the head. His face was stoic as usual but his eyes were filled with self-blame and hurt. “Sorry.”

He felt it was their mistake for letting this happen. The four of them could not even protect their wife! How lame!

Their wife must have been very scared then. The moment she needed them the most and they could not be by her side. They had failed her.

“I should be the one saying sorry!” Ye Liu frowned as he blamed himself. “I had long suspected Ye Xuan could be harboring devious intentions, but I did not warn him in time. So what happened today was all my fault!”

He always thought Ye Xuan would not have to gall to do it, but it turned out today he finally did!

“It’s my fault!” Ye Mo also came forward to claim responsibility. “I should not have tolerated him from the get-go. I should not have allowed him to step into our house. If I had given him a good beating earlier on, we would not be in this mess!”

Liu Duo was moved to hear the three of them speak. But how could this incident be their fault?

It was impossible to guard against those with evil intentions. It was also impossible to guess what the bad guys were thinking about or when they would likely strike.

What they could take away from this experience was to be more careful next time, and that it was best not to go out alone.

“Alright, that’s enough. This isn’t any of your faults, so don’t blame yourself. I’m still in one piece, aren’t I?” Liu Duo forced a smile to console them.

Ye Mo did not buy that. “Wife, you look better when you cry!”


Liu Duo twitched her jaw again. If the man had nothing better to say, he should not say anything at all!

What did he mean she looked better when she cried?

She did not want them to keep blaming themselves. She did not want them to be bothered by this!

“Hmmph…It doesn’t matter if I’m smiling or crying, whatever the case I’ll always look better than you! Always pulling a resting bitch face like a retard.”

“Who’s a retard? Wife, don’t you believe I’ll strike you? How dare you say that about your husband?”

Ye Mo got mad that his wife would call him a retard to his face.

It ticked him off!

“Go on! Hit me then!” Liu Duo placed herself between Ye Yang and Ye Liu as she playfully replied to Ye Mo.

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