Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 801 - That Cold Gaze Of His Was Unbearably Terrifying.

Chapter 801: That Cold Gaze Of His Was Unbearably Terrifying.

After Ye Yang poured the hot water into the bathtub, he glanced at Liu Duo before turning around and leaving. He helped close the door as he left.

Liu Duo then started to take off her clothes and started to bathe…

Ye Yang arrived underneath the roof and sat on the stool. He looked at his third brother and didn’t speak. He kept staring at him but his face still looked as paralyzed as it ever was. This made Ye Mo feel very uncomfortable all over his body for some reason.

“Yang, why are you looking at me like that?” Ye Mo asked, feeling puzzled.

He didn’t understand why his oldest brother was doing this. That cold gaze of his was unbearably terrifying.

Ye Ling glanced at Ye Yang and then at Ye Mo. He joked, “Mo, Yang thinks you are very handsome so he would naturally want to take a few more glances at you.”

When Ye Mo heard him, he felt like he almost choked on his own saliva.

How does Yang’s gaze look like he thinks I am handsome and he wants to have a few more glances at me?

“Yang, if you have something to say to me, can’t you just say it? Looking at me like that makes me very uncomfortable!” Ye Mo was upset and they looked at each other face to face.

He could not figure out what he’d done that made Yang angry?

Ye Yang’s mood was completely unaffected as he looked at his third brother who looked slightly similar to him. He opened his mouth slowly and said, “Mo, parents are forever parents. That fact does not change no matter what! You can ignore them but you cannot change how others choose to acknowledge them.”

He had heard Mo and Ling’s conversation just now and although he didn’t really agree with what Ye Mo said, he didn’t think that what he said was wrong.

He should not force his opinion on something onto someone else!

Ye Mo frowned when he heard him. Now he knew the reason why his oldest brother stared at him like that.

“Yang, they already agreed to break off relations back then and not to visit us. Now that our family has plenty, they start to see us as relatives and start visiting us. For what reason should we accept this? If we were still living in that old house, would these so-called father, mother, grandmother, and other relatives come to visit us at our old and run-down home?”

As he spoke, Ye Mo became so stirred up that he stood up and pointed outside the yard. His voice also unconsciously became considerably louder.

Ever since he was young, he’d hated people who would change how they acted depending on the situation to benefit themselves. When they were poor, they would stay far away. But now that they were rich, they all came fawning like they were close relatives!

Ye Yang looked at the agitated Ye Mo who looked like he was about to fight and said calmly with no change in his expression, “Why are you shouting?”

“Mo, don’t get so stirred up. If you have something to say just say it properly. Quickly take a seat.” Ye Ling pulled on his sleeve.

Ye Ling had quite a headache about this easily agitated Mo.

Liu Duo was bathing when she heard Ye Mo flipping out and couldn’t help but complain, What is that Little Brother Mo flipping out about again?

Ye Mo felt Yang’s cold gaze get even colder so he sat down once again, somewhat admitting defeat.

Ye Mo cleared his throat said, lowering his voice slightly, “Yang, I was a bit too aggressive just now when I spoke. Don’t take offense.”

“Yeah.” Ye Ling helped and went along with him. “Yang, Mo has an easily stirred-up personality. Don’t take it to heart.”

He would naturally also feel his oldest brother’s mood change. He appeared to be getting angry?

Although he always saw Ye Mo getting angry, seeing someone who was always cold like Ye Yang suddenly get angry made him felt more terrified.

Ye Yang looked at Ye Mo with that cold unchanging gaze of his, then glanced at Ye Ling and said unhurriedly, “Ling, did mother and father come to ask for any favors?”

All these years, no matter what he’d been met with, the reserved Ye Yang always spoke unhurriedly.

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