Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 711 - Things Of Pleasure, Naturally!

Chapter 711: Things Of Pleasure, Naturally!

Ye Yang looked at that charming look of hers when she had her eyes half-opened and there was an itch in his heart. He couldn’t hold it any longer, he needed to have her immediately.

However, he didn’t say anything nor lie down. He just kept staring at her and earnestly fanned her again and again and again…

In response, Liu Duo felt a bit gloomy. What was going on with Ye Yang?

He didn’t need to act like such a moral man towards her! Doing this made it seem like she didn’t have any charm.

It was as if Liu Duo received a shock and her vitality suddenly came to her. She sat up straight and put one hand around his neck and used the other hand to draw circles on his chest.

She intentionally acted like she didn’t understand and said, “Yang, didn’t you hear what I said? You aren’t acknowledging me! But we are so close today so that shouldn’t be the case. It’s not like you are deaf.”

Ye Yang listened to Liu Duo as she rebuked him indirectly for not doing what she told him to do. However, he still showed that same frozen face that was like an icy mountain that was thousands of years old. “Little Duo, are you able to fall asleep?”

Err… what did he mean by that?

Liu Duo blinked her big eyes and looked at him. She didn’t know why he’d said that.

It was as if Ye Yang understood what Liu Duo was thinking by looking at her eyes. He unhurriedly put the fan to the side and reached out with his hands to lift up Liu Duo’s pretty chin.

“Little Duo, if you can’t sleep then why don’t we do something else, okay?”


Liu Duo suddenly felt like she had not only failed at seducing him, but that she was actually the one that was being seduced instead. The way he said that last word was really really too goddamn attractive.

After she regained her senses, Liu Duo’s big eyes whirled around. It could be considered that the blockhead, Yang, had said what she wanted.

Liu Duo lightly patted the hand on her chin away, opened her legs so she could sit with a riding posture on his body, and played with her long hair. She pretended she didn’t understand and said, “What can we do on the bed?”

Ye Yang saw her doing this on purpose and he also sat up straight and put both his hands on Liu Duo’s small waist. He said to her, “Things of pleasure, naturally!”

As he spoke, he used a little bit of strength to make her get closer to his chest. He lowered his head and kissed Liu Duo’s small rosy cherry lips, not giving her any time to react at all.

It was as if he was punishing her for teasing him. Ye Yang attacked fiercely and rendered her powerless to resist…

After some time passed, Liu Duo felt like she was running slightly out of breath so she lifted her hands and pushed him. “Ya…Yang. Do you want to suffocate me?”

She realized when Ye Yang went crazy, he was even more ferocious than Ye Mo. They were all as ferocious as a tiger and each was more ferocious than the last!

When Ye Yang heard her, he stopped his attack on her cherry lips. He changed places and continued to kiss her ears and the back of her neck…

Liu Duo had a chance to take a breath and she took a deep breath of fresh air. Her weak body leaned against him and allowed him to take whatever he wanted.

Liu Duo just took a breath and she felt a hot object touching her butt. She moved her body slightly, rubbing it.

“Yang, you have something touching me. It’s so uncomfortable.”

She intentionally tried to get up and leave. This posture also made her feel turned on.

In response, Ye Yang would naturally not let her leave that easily. He seized her and made her continue sitting in that area. “Little Duo, that thing belongs to you and it will only make you feel pleasure.”

As he spoke, he would use some force from time to time to make his little brother raise up and tease her.


Liu Duo didn’t know why but she couldn’t help but laugh. Why did she feel like she was like a child who was being deceived?

She showed respect for his feelings and pretended to ask like a child, “Oh! Yang, why aren’t I feeling any pleasure but instead just feeling discomfort?”

He teased her but he didn’t give it to her. There was no way it wouldn’t feel unbearable.

When Ye Yang heard her, he immediately said beside her ear, “Relax, I will immediately make Little Duo feel pleasure.”

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