Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 1073 - It Might Be Dangerous On The Road

Chapter 1073: It Might Be Dangerous On The Road

“Mo, quickly tell me, where were you recently?” Ye Ling was very concerned about this.

He could guess in his heart that his third brother might’ve been kidnapped.

And so, Ye Mo repeated what he told Yang and Liu last night once again…

As Ye Ling listened to Ye Mo, he couldn’t believe that the educated Miss Wang who came from high birth was actually such a petty-minded and twisted individual.

She could actually commit such harmful acts against others.

At the same time, he also felt happy that Brother Ming didn’t marry her!

“Mo, are we going to just let this go?” Ye Ling frowned and said.

Although he was a gentle person, this really made him mad and he didn’t want to let it go just like that!

Ye Mo would naturally feel the same about this question and wouldn’t want to easily let it go.

However, with their status, it was not really realistic to find trouble with Wang Xiangyun. After all, she had her status.

“Let’s put this aside for now. Mr. Dongfang will take care of this for us!” Ye Mo said to placate him.

“Let’s prepare breakfast. Beloved, Yang, and Liu will be able to eat once they wake up later.”

After that, the two brothers prepared breakfast together… While they were doing it, Ye Ling would tell Ye Mo what had happened during the time he was away…

Although Ye Yang and Ye Liu hadn’t slept well for some time, they only woke up one hour later than usual.

When they came to the backyard to wash up, they saw Ling working hard as he prepared breakfast with Mo. This showed them that Ye Ling already knew everything.

And so, the brothers gathered together to discuss going back home.

“We will rest for two days and head back!” Ye Yang said slowly with his deep voice.

They had already been away for a long time so it was about time to head back. Otherwise, it might be dangerous on the road when their wife’s belly was bigger.

Ye Liu and Ye Ling both nodded to agree. “We will listen to Yang. It is about time to go back.”

However, Ye Mo didn’t quite agree. Although he wanted to go back home immediately, he was reluctant to leave like this.

“Let’s stay for another four or five days. I want to see how Mr. Dongfang will take care of that detestable Wang Xiangyun!”

The brothers also wanted to wait to see what would happen when they heard him. However, even if they knew the result, it didn’t seem like it would change anything.

After all, time could not be reversed and there would never be any do-overs.

Just as they were about to open their mouths to give opposing views, they heard their wife’s fierce voice sound out, “Mo is right. We will stay for a few more days!”

Because of Ye Mo’s return, the brothers forgot about the time while they were discussing returning back home. Liu Duo had tied her hair by herself after she woke up and when she was going to the backyard to wash up, she accidentally heard them talking.

Initially, when she heard Ye Mo’s voice, she was extremely happy, excited and was itching to run over immediately. However, she then heard that it was Wang Xiangyun who had kidnapped him and that it was because of her.

She was furious… very very very furious!

She angrily cursed Wang Xiangyun in her heart… She has a face that is even prettier than a flower but her heart is so petty and ugly!

At the same time, she also had the same thought as Ye Ling and the others and thought it was fortunate Dongfang Ming didn’t marry such an evil and disgusting woman!

When the four brothers heard their wife’s furious voice, they immediately looked towards her.

It was as if he hadn’t seen her in many springs and autumns. Ye Mo was an impressive looking, eight-foot-tall man, but when he saw her, his eyes couldn’t help but turn red and tears also started to flow out.

Beloved had always been petite and skinny but she had lost even more weight even though she was pregnant right now. Seeing this made him feel pain in his heart!

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