Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 1045 - They Couldn’t Just Leave Without Notice, Right?

Chapter 1045: They Couldn’t Just Leave Without Notice, Right?

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He really couldn’t stand seeing Dongfang Ming’s face every day anymore and he was about to explode.

It was actually quite funny. Ever since Dongfang Ming found out at the wedding that Ye Mo gets jealous easily, he would always intentionally chat happily with Liu Duo every time they saw each other.

His mood would improve considerably when he saw Ye Mo holding in how upset he was.

When Liu Duo heard him, she actually thought about it this time. “Then let’s go back home the day after tomorrow. We will first go to say goodbye to Mr. Dongfang tomorrow.”

Their current relationship with Dongfang Ming had improved considerably so they would naturally say goodbye to him when they left the capital!

They couldn’t just leave without notice, right?

Ye Ling listened to their conversation quietly at the side. He didn’t give his opinion and just glanced back and forth at them with his gentle gaze.

Ye Yang and Ye Liu, on the other hand, were taken somewhere else to shop by Dongfang Ming…

Ye Mo was initially going to smile when he heard Liu Duo say they could go back home the day after tomorrow. However, when he heard her say they needed to say goodbye to Dongfang Ming, he immediately stopped the smile from appearing.

Ye Ling was observing both of them and when he saw how quickly Mo’s expression changed, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mo, why don’t you like Brother Ming? What did he do that made you dislike him?”

He couldn’t understand why Mo wouldn’t like the obviously outstanding Dongfang Ming. He treated them with such sincerity!

When Liu Duo heard him, he also looked at Ye Mo and wanted to listen to his reply.

These past few days, she had actually also noticed what Ye Ling brought up.

And so, both of them looked at him, waiting for him to answer. Ye Mo opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but just as the words reached his mouth, nothing came out.

He immediately stood up and said unclearly, “It’s not like he is a girl so why would I like him? Even if he were a girl, I’m not the sort of person who is fickle-minded!”

Ye Mo even spoke as he headed to the door, “Since we are going back the day after tomorrow, I need to buy a few books for the brat.”

He naturally wouldn’t tell Liu Duo his suspicion that Dongfang Ming fancied her. After all, he didn’t have concrete evidence to prove this!

It might cause some unnecessary problems if he suddenly said it.

Liu Duo and Ye Ling felt somewhat speechless when they heard what he said. What kind of answer was that?

Why would he mention being fickle-minded?

They initially wanted him to tell the truth but Ye Mo already opened the door and went out…

“Ling, I think Mo is just acting crazy! He always bad-mouths Mr. Dongfang. So childish and silly.” Liu Duo looked at Ye Ling and complained.

Ye Ling turned his gaze back and when he heard what she said, he nodded in agreement. “Mo might really be acting a bit too silly.”

As for childish? He didn’t think so.

After Ye Mo left the inn, he had a very clear place he wanted to go, so he went straight to the shop that sold ink and papers.

At the Mingyun Building…

Ever since Wang Xiangyun left Ming Yan’s wedding, she would just sit beside the window and stare blankly at the outside world every day.

Every time she saw Dongfang Ming come to the inn to visit Liu Duo and the others, she couldn’t help but turn her hands into fists. Her nails dug into her flesh but she didn’t even feel any pain.

While looking at the pedestrians on the street, she suddenly saw Ye Mo. Her gaze was unconsciously drawn to him and kept following him around.

Although the way Ye Mo was dressed didn’t particularly stand out, because of his height and his countenance, he still stood out quite a bit on the street.

Ye Mo and his brothers were as handsome as Brother Ming. The jealous Wang Xiangyun couldn’t understand why they were willing to love only Liu Duo.

She (Liu Duo) was completely unworthy!

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