Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 908 - A Familiar Stranger (2)

Chapter 908: A Familiar Stranger (2)

As Zhang Ke spoke, she placed her house keys in Small One’s hand. “Take the soup over to the President first and then check up on my house. If it isn’t locked, then please lock it for me. Then, just give the key to your older brother. When I am discharged from the hospital, I will get it from him.”

Hearing Zhang Ke’s words, Small One felt that Big One and Zhang Ke were already on really good terms, so much so that they could give their house keys to each other.

Since his future sister-in-law needed help, Small One felt that he must help with this matter. He took Zhang Ke’s keys. “Don’t worry. I will definitely go and check up on it. Give me your address.”

Zhang Ke wrote her address on a small piece of paper. “Here you go. It’s really easy to find.”

Watching Zhang Ke write, Small One was surprised. “You’re a leftie? Everyone says that lefties are intelligent people. Since you are the young miss’s assistant, you must be very intelligent.”

The more Small One looked at Zhang Ke, the happier he was. His sister-in-law was an intelligent person and the young miss’s talented assistant. How great was that!

Small One was very happy and said to Zhang Ke, “Why don’t I take you to the hospital?”

Zhang Ke shook her head. “It’s alright. I drove here, and I can get back to the hospital by myself. Sending soup over to the President is an urgent matter. Soup tastes better when it’s hot. I’m worried about my house, so you should hurry.”

When Small One heard this, he blurted out, “En. Sister-in-law is right. I’ll head there straight away.”

Silence filled the room.

Small One felt so awkward that he wanted to remove his mouth. Zhang Ke and his elder brother hadn’t even done anything yet and he was already calling her sister-in-law. Would she be unhappy?

Then he looked at Zhang Ke. As expected, her expression was strange.

Small One’s mouth twitched. “Hehe. That was random. I’ll head off first. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely go check up on your house.”

Zhong Chuchu had finished packing the soup. She walked out and followed Small One.

Zhang Ke stood there. She turned around and looked at the door to the study which was closed and then at the large suitcase beside her.


She could not become his sister-in-law in this lifetime….

Zhang Ke lifted her head and headed outside, dragging the suitcase.

When she arrived at the door, the Ruan Family servants had already parked Zhang Ke’s car. Upon seeing Zhang Ke coming out with the suitcase, they wanted to help her but Zhang Ke refused their offers.

“I can do it myself.” As she spoke, Zhang Ke used her right arm to lift the suitcase and then used her right foot to support the bottom of it. She used her thigh to push the suitcase up and lightly place it into the trunk of the car.

At this time, Butler Zhong walked over just in time to witness this. The suitcase was probably quite heavy.

“What have you got in there, Assistant Zhang? It seems to be quite heavy,” Butler Zhong asked.

Zhang Ke had her back to Butler Zhong and she furrowed her eyebrows. By the time she turned around, she had a brilliant smile on her face, “Oh. These are some books that Teacher gave me. She was afraid that I’d be bored in the hospital and so she gave me quite a few to browse through.”

Butler Zhong nodded. “Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are reading paper books. Most people read on their phone or on their tablet.”

“Right. However, I’ve been with Teacher for a while now and have been influenced by her. Now, I only read paper books. As Teacher said, paper books have less of an impact on one’s eyes and allow for a sense of realism.”

After she was done speaking, Zhang Ke looked at her watch. “Aiya, Butler Zhong. I must head off. If I don’t leave, my doctor is going to flip.”

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