Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 565 - Re-enacting a Play by Chiung Yao

Chapter 565: Re-enacting a Play by Chiung Yao

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Zhang Ke was very obviously excited at seeing Ling Tianya, who hadn’t been seen in a long time. She had originally believed that she would be on maternity leave and would not come today. Yet, here she was.

Aware that Ling Tianya was now carrying another person within her, the crew members took extra care of her. It wasn’t as if they could ignore her since she was carrying the heir of the Ruan Family in her stomach. If anything happened to the baby, even the lives of all of the crew members wouldn’t be enough to make amends.

Ling Tianya watched everyone anxiously tend to her and said, “Don’t be anxious. It’s only a pregnancy. There’s no need to pamper me so much.”

Knowing that Ling Tianya had arrived, Guo Zhiqian, who had finished his work the day before, anxiously rushed over and, seeing Ling Tianya, reached out for a hug.

His attempts at affection went wrong. The one he hugged wasn’t Ling Tianya, but Small One, whose face was cold.

Small One looked at Guo Zhiqian with a fake smile. “Mr. Gu’s hobby is quite unusual~”

Guo Zhiqian’s face immediately turned gray. He released his arms and quickly retreated far away, looking at Ling Tianya resentfully. “Little Yaya, ever since you got married, you have changed. You have become even more cold-hearted!”

Seeing Guo Zhiqian denouncing her as a traitor, Ling Tianya’s face darkened, “Please, Guo Zhiqian, how am I cold? How am I heartless?”

“How are you not cold? How are you not heartless?”

Everyone was lost for words. Were Composer Ling and Film Emperor Guo reenacting a scene from Chiung Yao’s play?

Small One’s face was cold. “Mr. Gu, the young madame. is currently pregnant, so control your emotions and don’t scare our young master.” Small One was calling the child in Ling Tianya’s stomach the young master.

When Guo Zhiqian heard this, his eyes lit up and he sat beside Ling Tianya. “Small Yaya, let’s agree on things first. If I can’t have you, then I want your child!”

Ling Tianya’s eyes widened and she looked at Guo Zhiqian in astonishment, one hand wrapped around her stomach. “Guo Zhiqian, are you a pedophile?”

“Small Yaya. Watch what are you saying! If that becomes a rumor, then I won’t be able to stay in the entertainment industry anymore!” Guo Zhiqian said, his face dark.

“Then why did you say that you want my child?”

Guo Zhiqian rolled his eyes and pointed at Ling Tianya’s stomach. “I want to be the child’s godfather. In the future, I want to be the godfather of all of your children. Then, I will gather all of the children and go against their biological father!”

Ling Tianya was initially lost for words. “Guo Zhiqian, is it really right for you to be like this?” she eventually said.

Ruan Zeyan was leaning over his desk on the top floor of the Yuan Teng Corporation. He suddenly felt a slight chill.

He called over Du Gang. “Where is Tianya?”

“Today is the final day of filming of Hunting Allure. Young madame went to the set.”

“En.” Ruan Zeyan nodded and his attention returned to the documents in his hands.

After Yi Tian filmed the last scene, the filming of Hunting Allure was officially finished. The entire crew erupted in cheers and applause. The making of this film had been bumpy but finally, it had been completed.

Yi Tian heard that Gu Zhiqian had arrived and went looking for him. She found Gu Zhiqian sitting beside Ling Tianya, the two of them happily chatting and laughing.

The woman’s face darkened and jealousy brewed in her heart. Ling Tianya was already married and pregnant and yet, Senior Gu was still all over her. This woman really was the reincarnation of a vixen.

Yi Tian composed herself and then walked towards Ling Tianya and Gu Zhiqian. Before she reached them, she was halted by Small One.

Yi Tian halted, a little uncomfortable when she saw Small One. “Small One, what are you doing? It isn’t often that Screenwriter Ling comes to the set. I want to speak to her.”

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