Supreme Uprising

Chapter 847 - Return To Mysterious Sky

Chapter 847: Return To Mysterious Sky

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The person that had designed this set of cultivation techniques hadn’t even mastered it. Thus, it was evident what the probability of successfully mastering these cultivation techniques was.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t care whether this set of techniques was complete or not. Deep down, he could even guess why the designer hadn’t been able to successfully master it.

The reason was simple. This person had seen through the extrinsic part of the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike and envisaged a really incredible idea to break down this cultivation technique. However, he had lacked the most core point of the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike Mystic Art.

The core of this mystic art only existed in the imparted memories of a Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. The designer of that technique had had no way of obtaining such a thing. However, the complete cultivation technique of the Sky Splitting Repetition Strike was in Luo Yunyang’s grasp.

“I am only interested in this. That’s it!” Luo Yunyang told Qing Yuelan as if he really didn’t mind.

Qing Yuelan felt as though an unprecedented pressure had struck her. Although she was a Heavenly Venerate that the Sacred Wyrm Tribe focused on nurturing, she too had expended a lot to get the chance to enter the Yuan Tian Mystic Realm.

In her opinion, choosing a mystic ability was an extravagant hope. She was still a lot of merit away from being able to freely choose a cultivation technique.

She would have to strive for at least a hundred years to gain this much merit.

Something she could only pine for in her dreams was actually treated as a game by Luo Yunyang. This made Qing Yuelan feel indignant, even though she was conscious of the gulf between herself and Luo Yunyang.

This Zongzi from Hong Meng Sacred Hall had made the tribe’s Patriarch give him a cultivation technique out of goodwill.

Although she had wanted to advise Luo Yunyang further earlier, her mood had now waned.

As Luo Yunyang took the manual, Qing Lanyue bade him farewell. “Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, I have some other matters to attend to, so we will part ways here.”

Luo Yunyang had a favorable impression of Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue, but that was all. He nodded at Heavenly Venerate Lan Yue and gestured. “This is farewell then.”

Luo Yunyang’s body disappeared with a flicker and left this space that contained many mystic arts of the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

Qing Yuelan watched the figure of Luo Yunyang leaving with some sadness. Given her Heavenly Venerate cultivation base and exceptionally good looks, even ninth-level Heavenly Venerates within the Sacred Wyrm Tribe would topple over for her.

Usually, people would watch reluctantly as she left first when it came to farewells. She had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would treat her as a passerby and bid her farewell so coldly.

This made her feel a little defeated.

Luo Yunyang didn’t care what Qing Yuelan was feeling. When his cultivation at Yuan Tian Mystic Realm was over, he boarded a flying craft and left the space where the Sacred Wyrm Tribe was situated.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe hadn’t received Luo Yunyang in the end. The Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch, who had been a Yuan Venerate for many years, considered Luo Yunyang just a kid.

He could show goodwill and favor, but he couldn’t lower his status or be too proactive in interacting with Luo Yunyang.

Cen Tianlong watched enviously as Luo Yunyang entered his cultivation chamber. It could be said that he was the person who knew Luo Yunyang’s cultivation state the best.

Luo Yunyang had become a second-level Heavenly Venerate in just a hundred years after entering Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Such results were extremely rare in the history of all the Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Therefore, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe wanted to foster a good relationship with him. Cen Tianlong’s relationship with Luo Yunyang had also started to change.

In the past, Cen Tianlong would have instinctively looked down upon Luo Yunyang. However, he felt that he had to admire and revere Luo Yunyang now.

Although Cen Tianlong hid this well, hiding it didn’t mean this situation didn’t exist.

The results of Luo Yunyang’s cultivation during these 100 years were tremendous. However, Luo Yunyang’s choice to cultivate upon entering the ship made Cen Tianlong feel pressured.

While most of his own seclusive cultivation wasn’t of much use, not doing it would make it even more difficult to improve.

After handing control to the artificial intelligence of the ship, Cen Tianlong also went to cultivate.

Three months later, Luo Yunyang came out in glowing spirits.

“Yunyang, seems like you gained a lot from your recent seclusion,” Cen Tianlong said.

Luo Yunyang replied, “Just the occasional benefit!”

After chatting for a bit. Luo Yunyang casually said, “Brother Chen, how long till we return to Hong Meng Sacred Hall?”

“We arrived very quickly via a special means of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, it will take a long time to return. Furthermore, you consumed a lot of Hong Meng Points, so I made the decision to travel across space.”

“We will be arriving at the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos soon. It will be a year before we return to Hong Meng Sacred Hall.”

The Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos! As that thought filled his mind, the four walls of the huge ship showed the scenery outside.

This really was the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos!

Luo Yunyang looked at the surroundings, astonished to discover they were actually in the region where the Donghua Ancient Sect had been back when he had still been a part of it.

Luo Yunyang had led a rather good life back when he had been a member of the Donghua Ancient Sect. Although he had already forgotten some people, thinking of female Sect Master Yin Feihuan still brought back fond memories, not only because of her intelligence and beauty, but because of her dedication to the Donghua Ancient Sect.

However, what Luo Yunyang cared about was the heavenly tribulation of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Here, practically every boundary required a tribulation transcendence. Although this tribulation transcendence was very difficult and many people died trying it, the benefits of surviving it were clear.

When Luo Yunyang had first come to the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, he had survived a tribulation transcendence that had allowed his cultivation base to improve by leaps and bounds.

“I heard that the tribulation thunder here is not bad. I’m prepared to give it a try.” Luo Yunyang glanced at Cen Tianlong and asked, “That shouldn’t be a problem, right, Brother Cen?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall doesn’t encourage the various Zongzis to take risks during the initial period, you have already reached the sixth-level Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate boundary. Thus, you can experience the tribulation thunder in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos,” Cen Tianlong said without any hesitation.

Luo Yunyang smiled. “Thank you, Brother Cen.”

While the two of them were conversing, the huge ship had already traversed through thousands of miles of void. While travelling through the vast void, Luo Yunyang was about to return to seclusion via the reality simulation on the ship when he sensed a sword-light.

This sword-light belonged to a cultivation technique of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

The Donghua Ancient Sect had been just a place Luo Yunyang had passed by during his cultivation journey. However, when he saw that Donghua Ancient Sect cultivation technique, he couldn’t help feeling a little melancholic and expanding his consciousness towards the direction he had sensed it.

The spiritual energy in Huang Wu Star Domain was thin. On a decrepit planet, Chu Fan was fleeing frantically. Although blood was flowing constantly from her torso, she didn’t care at all.


Only by escaping over 300 miles to the ancient conveyor array would she be able to stay alive.

She couldn’t afford to die. She was one of the most important disciples of the Donghua Ancient Sect. Countless seniors had already died at the hands of the enemy in order to keep her alive.

I can’t afford to die. I mustn’t die. I definitely have to find the Ancestral Master. I absolutely have to find Heavenly Venerate Yunyang. Only he can save master!

Chu Fan felt unbearable pain when she recalled her master’s resolute gaze before she had escaped. She knew what her master wanted to do, as well as what would happen next.

It had already been three months ever since. Although she had not communicated with her sect master in three months, the number of people pursuing her had increased. As the sect seniors protecting her died one after another in combat, Chu Fan had a sense of foreboding.

“Chu Fan, you must definitely live!” These had been the last words one of the seniors protecting her had said just half a day ago.

After saying these words, the senior had rushed straight at an enemy at least a hundred times stronger.

Chu Fan hadn’t dared stay to see the fate of her Senior Brother. Although she was really reluctant, she couldn’t treat her senior brother’s sacrifice as though it was worthless.


A gray earthen python blocked her path. Chu Fan slashed without any hesitation. The earthen python, which was a peak Planet-Grade creature, was sliced in two.

However, Chu Fan did not look happy or relieved. After all, she saw many large beasts glaring at her with sinister eyes straight ahead.

Eight people were also standing and sitting on top of these beasts.

Chu Fan wasn’t unfamiliar with this eight. Half a day ago, her Senior Brother had charged over at these eight people.

“Little Miss can really run. Congratulations, you are the last survivor of the Donghua Ancient Sect. We will complete our task by capturing you,” an old man sitting in the most central position said, his voice laced with dense killing intent.

Chu Fan took a deep breath and raised the sword in her hand. “How is my master?”

“Your master? You mean Yin Feihuan? She isn’t dead yet. Soon, she will be put up for auction as one of the most charming beauties of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. Ha ha ha… I heard her value is rather high! After all, she is one of the top ten beauties!”

Her master, who had the grace and charm of a fairy, was actually going to be auctioned off. This made Chu Fan feel both infuriated and gloomy.

“Our Ancestral Master won’t let you get away!” Chu Fan cried out venomously.

“Ha ha ha! Where is your Ancestral Master? He already ran off a long time ago. He knew that he caused a calamity and run off to hide in some god-forsaken place.”

The old man roared with laughter. “He would have already been killed if he had dared to show himself!”

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