Supreme Uprising

Chapter 839 - Ascending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 839: Ascending the Nine Heavens

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The night was like water, and the stars were like rain!

However, the lamps lighting up Luo Yunyang’s temporary residence made the surrounding stars seem faded.

Countless Sacred Wyrm Tribespeople gathered from all over. At the moment, the majority of Sacred Wyrm beings had taken on a humanoid form.

This wasn’t just a show of respect to Hong Meng Sacred Hall powerhouse Luo Yunyang. It was also a sort of habit within the Human Race’s domain.

In the 36 Great Cosmoses, there were countless cosmoses and voids that were controlled by the Human Race. Thus, basically all the various tribes had already gotten used to appearing in human form.

All sorts of adornments required for a banquet filled up the grand hall within a large garden blooming with thousands of flowers.

It could be said that the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe attached great importance to this banquet.

What caught the eyes of most people weren’t the heaps of strange, fascinating treasures or the rare, priceless fruits, but rather the 10 famed Sacred Wyrm beauties chatting in the middle of the garden.

Their cultivations varied, but it was difficult to distinguish them in terms of beauty. One could say that their beauty could rival the luminescence of the moon.

“Princes Chiyun also came! How despicable!” A young Sacred Wyrm Tribe boy clenched his fists as he fumed.

The golden scale on his forehead seemed like a golden mystical eye that made people feel fearful.

This youth was a distinguished member of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s Golden Wyrm Branch. He had been born with a Universe-Grade cultivation base, and it was rumored that his gestational period within his mother’s womb had lasted 10,000 years. Now, he had already acquired a third-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base.

However, he was only considered a fifth-stage Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate.

This also meant that reaching the fifth-stage Origin Martial Heavenly Venerate boundary with his third-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base was a rather ordinary achievement.

Besides anger, he also felt a sense of powerlessness.

He was well aware of how difficult the sixth Origin Martial Stage was. Luo Yunyang was only a first-level Heavenly Venerate, yet he had already passed the sixth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages.

He definitely would be no match for Luo Yunyang in terms of martial abilities.

“I will definitely go to the Nine Heaven Falls this time. Nothing else matters. My priority is to let the Human Race’s Zongzi know that the Sacred Wyrm Tribe can still compare in some aspects.”

“Count me in!” As the golden-scaled youngster announced his decision to his companion, a man with a sky-blue scale on his forehead chimed in excitedly.

The golden-scaled youngster glared at the blue-scaled man with a hint of loathing at first. However, in the end, he said solemnly, “I never imagined that there would come a day when we would stand shoulder to shoulder and fight together.”

“I never imagined that either. Let’s compete the day after tomorrow and see who exactly can throw that brat further away!” As the sky-blue-scaled man gazed into the distance, a look of anguish appeared in his eyes when he saw a gentle lady.

Suddenly, the golden-scaled youngster patted his shoulder.

Many similar scenes took place at the banquet. Even some Sacred Wyrm Tribe elites that had entered the Dragon Transformation before started to get restless.

They had only one objective: To show this astounding individual from the Human Race that the Sacred Wyrm Tribespeople were no weaklings in their own domain.

Luo Yunyang was floating atop a raised platform, overlooking the splendor below. Beside him, Cen Tianlong was leisurely holding on to a wine cup.

“According to the information I have received, you have already basically become public enemy number one amongst the young generation of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.” Cen Tianlong jested.

Luo Yunyang replied coolly, “So what?”

“Those Sacred Wyrms are rather smart. By doing all this, they have riled up the fighting spirit of their young generation.” Cen Tianlong chuckled.

Cen Tianlong already had a complete understanding of the situation thanks to various sources of information. The big shots of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had used the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool as a catalyst to steer the fighting spirit of their young generation.

Cen Tianlong could see this but he couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

Even a human Yuan Venerate wouldn’t find anything wrong with this.

There were no problems with the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s etiquette. They had even convened all their tribe’s débutantes to try and instigate a marriage alliance, which showed their admiration for the Human Race.

A Yuan Venerate Almighty wouldn’t even attach any importance to the anger of the young generation of Sacred Wyrms.

The only one who might be unhappy was probably Luo Yunyang, who was being used as a grindstone for the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s young generation.

“Yunyang, the Sacred Wyrm Tribe has actually put on an elaborate act. In my opinion, you should take back all 10 débutantes and make them maids. Then, these scheming fellows will know what a double loss is like!”

Luo Yunyang was rather speechless as he heard Cen Tianlong’s rotten idea.

He smiled at Cen Tianlong and said, “Help me inform Aoyun Donghai. Just say that I’m not free and I won’t be attending the reception ceremony.”

This attitude stunned Cen Tianlong a little. However, he soon burst into laughter. “Oh, you little… It’s as though you think you aren’t hated enough. You know, if your words spread out, the fellows hooting for your defeat at Nine Heaven Falls would become even crazier.”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly and then turned to return to the grand hall.

Although the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had no ill intentions, Luo Yunyang still felt rather unhappy about their methods.

Even though this unhappiness wouldn’t cause him to have a falling-out with the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, Luo Yunyang could still ignore this banquet if he chose to.

He couldn’t blame the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, but they wouldn’t be able to fault him either or say that Luo Yunyang’s choice not to attend the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s banquet was disrespectful to them.

Cen Tianlong didn’t object to Luo Yunyang’s decision. After watching Luo Yunyang enter the large hall, he went to inform Aoyun Donghai of Luo Yunyang’s attention.

Aoyun Donghai, who was a figure that wielded great authority in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, calmly accepted Luo Yunyang’s decision.

“Sir, Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Zongzi is simply insulting our Sacred Wyrm Tribe!” a Heavenly Venerate beside Aoyun Donghai exclaimed furiously.

Although the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had had no choice but to become a subsidiary tribe of the Human Race given their own power, a large majority of their martialists felt that being subsidiaries of the Human Race was simply humiliating.

Now, Luo Yunyang’s impudent decision made them feel even more humiliated.

Aoyun Dahai waved his hand. “He said he isn’t free. Are we going to forcefully bring him over? If so, you can go ahead!”

“Sir, should we tweak Luo Yunyang’s words?” the furious Heavenly Venerate asked somewhat unwillingly.

“No need. Just report the truth,” Aoyun Donghai said, “We should also let them know exactly what kind of difficulty the Sacred Wyrm Tribe is facing now.”

“Yes!” that Sacred Wyrm Tribe Heavenly Venerate replied.

Just as the Sacred Wyrm Tribe Heavenly Venerate had expected, when it was announced that Luo Yunyang wasn’t free to attend a banquet that had been prepared for him, many Sacred Wyrm youths saw red. A few of the ten debutantes were also furious.

“Chiming, you must not fall short!” Loud shouts echoed around Chiming and the others, who were all stirred-up and had resolute looks on their faces. They were shouldering a heavy responsibility!

The discussion platform in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s virtual realm was buzzing with passion. Many people were waiting for the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool to open and awaiting the challenge at the Nine Heaven Falls.

Time passed by really quickly!

The day the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool was due to open would be arriving soon. In the space where the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool was situated, many Sacred Wyrm Tribes people were gathered. Although many of them had never seen the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool and didn’t have the qualifications to enter, all of them were upset.

Chiming and the other elites became the focus of many people the moment they appeared. There were even cheers and shouts of encouragement for them.

Luo Yunyang was sitting calmly on a large Dragon Ship. By his side was a Sacred Wyrm martialist who was explaining to him the various ranks for entering the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool.

“Yunyang Zongzi, there are five methods for entering the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool. Now, we will be using the Nine Heaven Falls. The Nine Heaven Falls is a treasure that is symbiotic with the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool and can trigger One-Yuan Water from the depths of the chaotic void.”

“Only those going against the flow can enter the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool. According to our tribe’s agreement with the Hong Meng Sacred Hall of the Human Race, if you aren’t the first to enter the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool, then you won’t be able to enjoy the full Dragon Transformation Fluid of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool.”

The martialist’s voice got lower at this point. “I ought to wish you luck, but my heart won’t allow me to do so. More importantly, I feel that you don’t possess much of an advantage in this challenge that the Sacred Wyrm Tribe is adept at.”

There was a hint of a smile on Luo Yunyang’s face when he heard this. Although he didn’t reply, he looked at the gloomy region ahead.


A sound like splitting thunder reverberated. This loud boom was accompanied by what seemed like a jet of water that shot down from many thousand meters up in the void.

This flowing water, which seemed natural, split the void as it rushed down. The surging stream of water seemed as though it belonged to two different dimensions.

This stream could split the void, not because it possessed nomological laws, but because the weight of the water was too great.

It was so heavy that the void couldn’t bear it.

“The Nine Heaven Falls have already appeared. Everyone wanting to enter the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool, please grasp this opportunity. The challenge begins now!” Aoyun Donghai’s voice echoed over the sound of the roaring water.

As Aoyun Donghai said this, many huge wyrms that had returned to their true form surged towards the Nine Heaven Falls.

They wanted to push through the Nine Heaven Falls as soon as possible to attain victory!

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