Supreme Uprising

Chapter 1068 - Bringing Away The Mountain

Chapter 1068: Bringing Away The Mountain

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Even though just the word ‘break’ was spoken, it sounded like the beginning of everything.

When the word ‘break’ was heard, the five-colored palm that was grabbing the stone bracelet instantly shattered.

The stone bracelet was like a streak of lightning shooting strongly at the Supreme Divine Ancestor, who was shrouded in countless glowing lights. Even though the speed of this stone bracelet was level, it contained a might that seemed difficult to resist.


The Supreme Divine Ancestor shouted just as the stone bracelet was about to close in on him.

As he shouted, a five-colored palm once again condensed in the void. While it appeared slow, it still grabbed onto the stone bracelet once more.

Luo Yunyang fixed his gaze on that stone being as he quickly used the attribute regulator in his mind.

In just a moment, the stone being’s digits were displayed on Luo Yunyang’s attribute regulator.

However, Luo Yunyang frowned even more when he saw the stone being’s parameters. The attribute figures of the stone being were not overwhelming, but everything was blank when Luo Yunyang tried to view the stone being’s attributes via the attribute regulator.

Luo Yunyang immediately glanced over at the Supreme Divine Ancestor of the five sacred halls. He hoped that he would be able to see the attribute figures of this being.

However, the attributes of the Human Race’s Supreme Divine Ancestor were filled with a bunch of question marks too.

Luo Yunyang had experienced such circumstances before. This was a scenario that would happen when the disparity in strength was too great.

Even though the disparity between him and the stone being was huge, Luo Yunyang had never imagined that he wouldn’t be able to see his attribute figures.

This meant that it would be basically impossible to use the attribute regulator when he faced such a being.

As Luo Yunyang was speculating about the situation with the stone being and the Human Race’s Supreme Divine Ancestor, a crack suddenly appeared on the stone being’s face.

There hadn’t been any prelude or sign before this crack had appeared on the stone being’s face. The stone being didn’t seem too concerned about this crack, but the Ancient Six Families’ patriarchs all appeared worried.

‘It is a disadvantage to have an exchange with you when this land hasn’t yet reached its end.” The stone being’s voice rang out.

Then, the three-eyed stone being’s stiff arm made a cutting motion as he said, “I will redress today’s humiliation in the future.”

The stone being’s cutting motion had been performed very calmly. However, during this cutting motion, the huge Sacred Ancestor Mountain was split open.

Sacred Ancestor Mountain, which had stood tall and lofty for so many millennia, shrank rapidly. In the end, it was about the size of a palm.

Afterward, it landed in the hands of the stone being.

The stone being held Sacred Ancestor Mountain in his hands and took a step. This step made it seem as though he was appearing in another dimension.

Even though the stone being didn’t seem like it had left, in reality, it was no longer in this time and space.

“Protector, have mercy. Please bring us with you!” The Yun Family Patriarch yelled out frantically when he saw the stone being taking this stem.

He was already aware of what the stone being was going to do. If the three-eyed stone being left at will, then all the disciples of the Ancient Six Families would be completely wiped out.

No matter what, the Human Races’ five sacred halls wouldn’t let them live.

The stone being replied faintly when it heard what the Yun Family Patriarch had said. “Fine, since you guys have invited me over, bringing all of you along will be alright. You are just pieces of trash after all.”

Anyone would be displeased about being called trash, let alone someone of the Yun Family Patriarch’s stature.

However, right now, the Yun Family Patriarch’s priority was his own escape. He simply didn’t care about anything else.

When he relaxed after hearing what the three-eyed stone being had said, a wave of suctioning power surged towards the disciples of the Ancient Six Families.

The patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families were all peak Taichu Yuan Venerate entities. However, each of them couldn’t resist one bit in the face of this suctioning power. As a result, they flew towards Sacred Ancestor Mountain in the stone being’s hand.

As they landed on Sacred Ancestor Mountain, each of them looked even smaller than a mosquito. They couldn’t be seen at all after entering Sacred Ancestor Mountain.

After the last Ancient Six Families’ disciple had entered Sacred Ancestor Mountain, the stone being once again took a step and thoroughly disappeared from this void.

The stone bracelet that was being grabbed by the five-colored palm suddenly glowed brightly the instant the three-eyed stone being left.

As the five-colored palm crumbled, the Human Race’s Supreme Divine Ancestor didn’t react, thus allowing the bracelet to instantly rip the void and disappear.

The Ancient Six Families were currently in complete disarray, not only because of the invasion of the five sacred halls but because of Sacred Ancestor Mountain’s disappearance. In reality, this domain, which was larger than some Great Cosmoses, had already become a wasteland.

Mountains crumbled and spiritual energy dissipated. Everything seemed as if it had gone through a massive calamity.

However, this battle wasn’t considered a complete victory for the five great sacred halls. At the very least, the elites of the Ancient Six Halls were still alive.

Sacred Ancestor Mountain existed. The protector too!

The Da Qian Master exchanged a glance with the others. He could see looks of joy on their faces. No matter what, they had obtained victory.

They had already made a rough estimation of what the Ancient Six Families were capable of. However, they realized that their estimations had been severely off when the three-eyed stone being had appeared.

If the Human Race’s Supreme Divine Ancestor that had been missing for so long hadn’t suddenly appeared, they wouldn’t have been able to live.

“Greetings, Divine Ancestor!” With the Da Qian Master taking the lead, everyone paid their respects to the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor.

The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor said, “No need for such formalities. You have all contributed considerably this time.”

At this point, the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor added, “Even though the Ancient Six Families’ foundation couldn’t be wiped out, breaching and invading the ancestral land where they have encamped for so long can also be considered to have dealt great harm to them.”

“The other supreme entities of their clans will need a much longer time if they wish to once again descend in this Great Era. You have all done well.”

The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor then said, “Unfortunately, my main body is cultivating a great technique, so I can’t come personally. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been that easy for that person to take away the Ancient Six Families’ Sacred Ancestor Mountain.”

This sentence thoroughly shocked the top brass of the five great sacred halls. They had never imagined that this Divine Ancestor would actually be just a clone embodiment.

“Divine Ancestor, the Ancient Six Families have left but they have always caused major trouble within the Human Race. Could you guide us on how we should completely exterminate the Ancient Six Families?” The Da Qian Master had become their leader after the previous Middle Hall Master had disappeared.

While his status wasn’t publicly recognized by all the sacred halls, he absolutely wasn’t going to pass off this chance to speak with the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor.

The Divine Ancestor replied casually. “Even I would find it tough to determine exactly where they have gone. After all, that person’s cultivation base isn’t weaker than mine.”

The Da Qian Master felt a little disappointed. Just as he was about to say something, the Battle Hall Master spoke first. “May I ask the Divine Ancestor who that person is?”

“I have only seen that entity in ancient records. I have no idea what his name is either. The only thing I know is that he was one of the most unparalleled existences of the Human Race back then. However, he relied on the Ancient Six Families to survive and exterminate eras.”

The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor spoke with a tinge of sorrow. Clearly, he felt somewhat aggrieved by this being’s betrayal of the Human Race.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Come with me!” The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor shot a glance at Luo Yunyang and the others.

Even though Luo Yunyang was Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s master, he was still a junior compared to the Da Qian Master and the others. Therefore, he didn’t have many opportunities to speak with the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor.

“Divine Ancestor, the Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race are invading the boundaries of our race. Shouldn’t we send assistance as soon as possible?” The Da Qian Master spoke up worriedly.

“You don’t have to worry. The Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race won’t bring out all their hidden powers until the very end.”

The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor waved his sleeves and immediately brought Luo Yunyang and the others into another void. Upon entering this void, Luo Yunyang felt that the energy all around was abundant.

Although there were surging mists and an energy similar to what could be found in the five sacred halls, they were much stronger here.

“You must be all curious about why I suddenly appeared here and why there was no news about me all these years, right?” The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor sat down on a green jade throne and spoke nonchalantly.

Even though Luo Yunyang and the others were all extremely curious about the Divine Ancestor’s experiences over all these years, nobody had dared to ask.

After all, this was the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor! A being who had created the five great sacred halls.

Every single one of them was a junior compared to this being. Who would dare speak rashly in front of such a being?

“Please enlighten us, Divine Ancestor,” the Da Qian Master said respectfully.

The Human Race’s Divine Ancestor glanced at Luo Yunyang and then finally said, “Alright. You have broken the Six Families’ Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array today, which is a great merit.”

“There isn’t too much time left for us, so I think it is time I explain this matter to all of you.”

Then, the Human Race’s Divine Ancestor said with a slight cough, “Actually, the space we are in isn’t within the 36 Great Cosmoses. One could even say that you are no longer in the dimension you are from!”

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